Customs: Questions concerning Animated Leader Megatron and BW II Galvatron

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Emperor Zarak, Aug 25, 2017.

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    Been debating on whether I should ask about this or not as these are not major things. Upon finally getting a decently tight jointed TFA leader Megs I noticed that he has what I can only describe as white scratch-like marks in not too destracting areas. (on the side of the right helicopter wing, the right side of his head, the inner part of his left shoulder, right below the red section on the under side [when mounted in robot mode] of his fusion cannon, and on the......(raised?) sections of his back legs that are right above his helicopter mode wheels.] As said, they're very small (or very tiny rather) and not that noticeable in either mode. Still, I'd like to know if they could be fixed via paint or whatever.

    As for the BW 2 Galvatron I was just wondering if his hip joints are always suppose to be rather buttery smooth. Again, I can still pose him and what not, they just don't seem to feel like typical ratchets so I was curious if I could apply pledge if I ever felt the need to.

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