questions about armada and energon series saber minicon teams strengths and firepower

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    i know that there were several team characters made for the dark saber, blizzard saber(which i am proud to own) the famous energon saber team, and the fire saber...and the star saber

    But what my question do/did these rate in terms of strength/power in the armada/energon series tv shows?

    having never seen all of energon or armada...i have watched parts of the series...i have never come across any definitions of which team is the most powerful.

    just curious...if one transformer used one saber team against another saber team in battle...would it be a draw or would one particular team clean the other teams collective clocks?
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    The only ones to show up in the series were the Energon Saber and the Star Saber. Technically there was also the Vorpal Saber used by the Nemesis Prime, but that was as much a part of him as it was an actual weapon.

    The Star Saber was written as the most powerful. It was able to cleave through other Transformers, and its power was enough that it could make up for any lack of skill from the wielder (as seen in Scavenger's first appearance)

    The Energon Saber was just treated as a group of Mini-cons who happened to form a sword, it did not seem to have the same special properties as the Star Saber.

    Also, if you go by the comics, the Star Saber was directly linked to the power of the one that wielded it. If someone like Megatron used it, his strength could push them to new levels of power, but also corrupt them into the Dark Saber.

    So by all accounts, the Star Saber is the most powerful of the bunch. Granted, we never got to see the Energon Saber in the comics or got a profile book entry for it - I'd imagine it would have been just as powerful, if not even more powerful.

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