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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Jedi_Master_Ben, Jul 7, 2009.

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    Ok, I come to the experts here for some help and advice. I already have a project thread in development for a 1:18th scale (more like Joe scale than true 1:18th) Blackout movie Transformer. Here is the link:

    At this point in the build, I used foamboard to do scale conversion and test fit the pieces to the resin cast chest pieces. I intend on building most of the pieces via scratchbuilding rather than casting the whole figure since it would be too costly and labor intensive.

    This brings me to my question to the community, would gluing styrene sheet parts to the foam board be a sutiable method of building these parts?

    My theory is this, the styrene shell would provide the strength to with stand the weight of the figure while remaining light weight. From looking at other smaller scratchbuilt projects, its common to see multiple layers of styrene stacked and then formed to shape as the design is needed. But with a build at this scale, the multiple layers of styeren needed would make the figure very heavy and very costly. I think this is a good plan, but I wanted to hear your thoughts on this as well. Thanks


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    I've worked with both styrene and foam board and I don't see why this couldn't work for you. I use styrene on my TF kitbash projects and back in college (mid-90's), I used quite a bit of foam board for various art projects (I was an art major). So having spent some quality time with both, I can honestly say that this could work. And as you said, a straight-up styrene project would weigh quite a bit at that size.

    In the end, the artistic side of me says use whatever you can and whatever you have available. It's your project to do with as you see fit. So I say go for it. That's actually a pretty sweet idea for extremely large scale customs like yours (and using foam board to test pieces and sizes is genius). Good luck with Blackout, man! (it's looking pretty damn awesome so far--I joined the forums around the time you must have put this up originally and I missed out on it, so it's great to see what you've already done and I'm looking forward to seeing more).
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    i would agree....use what u can...this is ur prototype.........then of course apply the plaster or putty where needed......then make ur molds n cast the parts....
    but yea...whatever works ......

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