Customs: Question about Tamiya Color Spray Can Paint!

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by OmarJT82, Aug 3, 2010.

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    When I visited my local Hobby Lobby store here in San Antonio, I saw that the Tamiya Color spray can paints that they had contained acetone, which is used to help dye Transformers plastic in RIT Color Dye ( and is found in Color Coat, Mar-Hyde, and PlasticKote Vinyl Dye spray can paints, which are used to dye Transformers plastic without dipping them in a heated RIT Dye/water/acetone bath to avoid the risk of warping the plastic (]).

    I was wondering:

    Since Tamiya Color spray can paint contains acetone, would it be just as effective in dyeing Transformers plastic without the use of a heated RIT Dye/water/acetone bath? :confused: 

    If so, which Tamiya Color spray can paint is better for this task: For Polycarbonate or For Plastic? :confused: 
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    Acetone is not a bonding agent, it's a cleaner/thinner and is probably applied to all those products to keep a certain necessary consistency, especially in spray can applications where the tip can get clogged. Probably one of the many reasons for shaking "rattle can" paint is to mix the acetone around in there to keep the right consistency for proper spray.


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