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Discussion in 'TFW2005 Tech Support' started by RedAlert Rescue, Aug 13, 2012.

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    I was just reading the rules on the Sale and Trade forum and wanted to request some clarification about the part highlighted in red.

    I can see how they would apply in a situation where someone paid and the goods seemed to have never been sent.

    But I was thinking there must be a lots of situations where the buyer could be dissatisfied like with missing mail or people who failed to change their address on their paypal account so give the wrong delivery address all kinds of things that can go wrong with no bad intentions.

    Or what if the seller complains someone does not want to pay but the buyer is being asked to only pay from a balance as a gift after the transaction discussions start (and they have no funds balance) or don't want to send money as a gift for safety reasons. What if someone agrees to buy and sell but the person has not given the correct country so the shipping costs are all wrong so the transaction falls through due to arguments of an increased shipping cost.

    That was the kind of situations I was wondering about.

    Could you or would you take feedback on both the Junkion Forums and on Ebay into consideration - if say the claimant appeared to have a legit concern but they accuse the seller of being a crook but the seller has high feedback on ebay and many completed transaction on the board and or Ebay. but the complainant has a mess of bad ebay feedback.... the situation might look bad for the seller but other facts could support either side.

    So I was wondering if there can be some clarification of what specific circumstances would fall fowl of the red part of the above quote ?

    What for example is meant by "Failure to pay" what stage of discussion of buying an item must be passed to be considered a failed payer ? and not just some one asking to hold something while you talk about the specific costs like say International shipping costs (for example).

    I can just see a situation where people might fail to agree about postage costs and a transaction fail for that reason even at quite a late stage.

    I'd welcome some additional comment on these points please. I hope asking a question like this here isn't in itself an infraction if it is them please delete the question.
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    The purpose of the statement is: If you scam a member of these boards you will be banned.

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