Punisher War Journal (massive spoilers inside)

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    The newest issue is pretty shocking. If the title didn't warn you enough already. Massive spoilers below. If you haven't read it, you should seriously stop reading now.

    We've had in one issue.
    Rhino teaming up with Frank
    Frank chopping down the brooklyn bridge
    Frank spares Jigsaw when he's given a free and clear chance to do him in and escape but instead turns himself in to SHIELD.

    And lastly. Jigsaw is dead. The only nemesis the Punisher couldn't put down, is done in by one of his own henchmen in a SHIELD prison cell.

    Frank admits he can't even remember his wife's face.

    Ever since the end of Civil War I've been seeing this change in the Punisher coming. He's softened up a bit and starting to work more on heart than cold purpose. It's not quite as good as the "Goin' out west" storyline was, but it's all part of a bigger change I see coming in his character. Still a killer but not quite so cold blooded about it.

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