Minor/Repaint: Punch/Counterpunch thigh fix

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by dragonflye18, Nov 6, 2018.

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    after thinking about it this is what i did because my Punch/Counterpunch thighs were so tight they would not turn what i did was the mold line was raised all the way around the mushroom peg hole after carfully poping it out and i used a sharp small screwdriver like the ones that come in those kits of tiny screwdrivers i used one of the smaller flat bladed ones to knock it down all the way around inside it worked for my copy of him. it works loads better .and taking the peg out was not to bad . i just used my little screw driver and worked it out from the top prying ever so gently and working it out a little at a time and she came out no problem . the right side on my figuer actuly moves so good now that if i move it back and forth to far and hard the peg walks out but you really have to go crazy for it to start walking out . i have a few other figuers that they do that straght from the store .. and i did nothing to the peg it was the peg scocket on the leg it self that i cleand the mold lines up and it works so much better now thumbnail.jpg thumbnail2.jpg .
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