Puma's Sales Thread! US/Japanese G1 to Current lines!

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    Hey Guys! I'm looking to mostly sell this stuff but i am open to trades if you have anything i want, we can easily/try to work something out! I've got stuff ranging from G1 to present! Check it out. I'll update below as often as i sell stuff and get new stuff in.

    Update 7/16/17 Major overhaul thanks to Photobucket breaking all my previous links. The items with pictures are very current/up to date. If no picture is next to the item, it is possibly old and outdated. Added all my modern figures and IDW TF comic books finally with some Japanese exclusive microns.

    Update 7/5/17 Starting to work on updating this thread again. i will be adding a lot of IDW trades, Takara exclusive Microns, and other Takara exclusive items only available from Japan. I also have some Vintage Diaclone and new Diaclone promo items coming too. For a current list of what i have available, please visit my ebay page for a more accurate depiction of what i have. Cleared out the SOLD! items from the last update i did in January. I've also added a few upcoming items i should have near the end of the month.

    Update 1/8/17 Added MP-10K Black Camo Bape exclusive, a huge load of Kre-O, some exclusive and hard to find Microns, Maketoys Battle Tanker, Maketoys Trash-Talk, and some Combiner Wars. Cleaned up more SOLD! items. I need to redo the G1/G2 parts sections and the Prime/Generations carded dude. Will hopefully tackle those this week.

    Here is my TFW2005 Feedback Thread. All positive so far and i would like to keep it that way!

    Here is my eBay Feedback as well. I've been on eBay since 1998 (man, thats a long time!) and have had a 100% rating all those years!

    I'm open to offers and negotiating! This stuff does me no good sitting around here in a box in my closet! So lets make a deal.

    Prices do not include shipping. When negotiating price WITH shipping included, please be respectful. Do not ask to buy a $5 item by itself with shipping included. I'm not giving items away for free! I always ship USPS. I ship items out as i expect (and hope) they would be shipped to me! I use bubble wrap on everything!

    I do ship internationally. USPS recently added Delivery Confirmation to their service for 26 countries. Shipping to those countries won't require the Registered Mail service unless the total is $150 or more. Then i'll be needing a signature. That list can be found here. Highlights from the list are Canada, the UK, and Singapore. Other shipping costs will be decided upon on a per transaction basis. Repeat customers will have relaxed requirements as the trust is built.

    I'm willing to accept a money order or a cashiers check from a bank if that helps me move product. If you plan on using paypal, I ask that you pay the fees. I will use Paypal Fee Calculator to figure out what the fee is and add it to the shipping. This way, you can send payment as a Payment through Paypal and be protected by Paypal.

    I generally travel for work so shipping quotes will have to wait until i'm home. I will alert you to my schedule and let you know when to expect a quote and shipping windows.

    Want List

    New stuff i'm currently looking for:

    G1 TF Victory Dinoking Box and Insert.
    G1 TF Headmasters Shuffler.

    The below is very outdated...

    Figures/sets wanted:
    Universe 1.0 Razorclaw (boxed)
    RID Side Swipe bot only, W.A.R.S. bot and gun, and Sky-byte (boxed)

    G1 Instructions: TM Scourge

    G1 Backer cards: Brawn, Cliffjumper, Windcharger, Powerglide, Seaspray, Windsweeper
    G1 Backer cards: Action Masters Jackpot, Devastator, Soundwave, Flattop, Roughstuff

    G1 Techs: TM Blurr, TM Scourge, Pretender Grimlock, Crossblades, Vroom, Thunderwing, Roadblock

    G1 Box: Micromasters Battlefield Headquarters

    G2 Parts: Snarl sword

    G2 packages: Ramjet, Starscream, Snarl, Grimlock

    TF Victory: Braver/Laster instructions and other paperwork.
    TF Victory: Landcross feedback card
    TF Masterforce: papers/box

    Takara WST Bumble MOSC (TRU JP exclusive) $40
    JP TRU exclusive Micron Shot $30
    MP-11NT Thrust complete/boxed $160
    G1 Road Caesar Laster with Brainmaster only $75
    G1 Road Caesar Braver with Brainmaster only $75
    G1 Road Caesar Blacker with Brainmaster only $75
    G1 Deathasaurus Bird Breastmaster part (no lasers) $75
    G1 Deathasaurus Lion Breastmaster part $100
    G1 Deathasaurus Mace Gun part $100
    Reissue Landcross Chase Black Complete $200
    G1 Overlord Leg Ramp $35
    G1 Overlord Radar $30
    G1 Overlord big Gun $30
    G1 C-370 Sixliner complete/boxed $250
    G1 C-330 Rocket Base (JP Countdown) complete/boxed $250
    G1 C-319 Landcross complete/boxed $250
    Micron Legend DVD Street Speed Stunt team set of 3 figures $100
    Diaclone Waruder Walking Insecter 1 incomplete $125
    Diaclone Waruder Walking Insecter 2 incomplete $125
    Diaclone JP show flyers of previews of the new sets. 3 to choose from. $15 each


    Japan Exclusives

    MP-10K Black Camo Bathing Ape (Bape) exclusive $400

    G1 Figures, Parts, Tech specs, and instructions

    D-341 Race Track Patrol $20
    C-332 Battle Patrol Team (yellow parts variant. No bubble) $25 SOLD!
    C-332 Battle Patrol Team (with bubble) $25
    C-334 Race Car Patrol (with bubble) $25
    C-335 Off Road Patrol (With bubble) $25

    Reissue Sixliner bots sealed in bags. $8 each
    Reissue Sixtrain bot sealed in bags. $8
    Reissue Sixbuilder bots $5 each for regulars, $10 for Chase green
    Reissue Sixturbo loose bot. $5 each
    Reissue Sixturbo Black Chase $15.

    G1 Freeway with Card $15

    G1 Pretender Skullgrin (shell, belt, inner bot) $18
    G1 Pretender Bugly (shell, belt, both antennas) $25 SOLD!
    Pretender Bomb Burst (outer shell (1 tab broken, inner robot, and 1 gun(discolored))) $15
    Pretender Cloudburst shell $5
    Pretender Iguanus front shell $3
    Pretender Vroom shell body $10 SOLD!
    Pretender Bumblebee shell $5
    Pretender Pincher shell $5 SOLD!
    Pretender Catilla shell $5 SOLD!
    Pretender Chainclaw inner bot $10 SOLD!
    Pretender Chainclaw shell (peg hole on top is cracked. Can still hold gun) $5 SOLD!
    Cloudburst shell $5
    Landmine inner bot $5 SOLD!
    Landmine back half of shell $2 SOLD!
    Octopunch inner bot $6
    Pretender Wildfly inner bot $5 SOLD!
    Doubleheader front shell $3

    Micromaster Tanker Transport with Pipeline/Gusher and both Ramps $40

    Action Masters Shockwave partner Fistfight (no arms) $1
    Action Masters Bumblebee Heli-Pack $4
    Action Masters Over-Run foot platform $3
    Action Masters Prowl cannon x3 $2 each
    Action Masters Axer cannon $4
    Action Masters Over-Run side cannon x3 $3 each
    Action Masters Devastator Gun x2 $4 each
    Action Masters Soundwave gun $4
    Action Masters Kick-Off gun $4 SOLD!
    Action Masters Skyfall gun $4

    Abominus Left and Right feet $8 pair SOLD!
    Trailbreaker laser/stack $4
    Trailbreaker left fist $5
    Bruticus helmet $5 SOLD!
    Bruticus Left and Right fist $8 pair SOLD!
    Brawl turret $5
    Headstrong gun $4
    Dreadwind guns $35 pair SOLD!
    Thrust left and right fists. $8 pair

    G1 Thunderclash missiles x5 $4 each SOLD OUT!

    G1 C-126/355 Getsuei/Raiden orange back part $20
    G1 C-327 Victory Leo Right small cannon $50 SOLD!
    G1 C-319 Landcross Waist Belt $20
    G1 C-348 Dai Atlas Orange Ramp $20 SOLD!
    G1 C-348 Dai Atlas Blue Ramp $15 SOLD!
    G1 Sixbuilder chest $20
    G1 Countdown small ramp $3
    G1 Onslaught chest shield $5
    G1 Wildrider vehicle blaster $5

    G1 Fireflight handgun $5
    G1 Bonecrusher handgun $5
    G1 Bomb-Burst gun $8
    G1 Powermaster Optimus Prime head $5 SOLD!

    Bonecrusher gun SOLD!, drill, Devastator left fist SOLD! $5 each
    Mixmaster twin drill, broken twin drill SOLD!, small drill SOLD!, Devastator gun SOLD! $5 each
    Hook gun x2 $5 x1 SOLD!
    Long Haul gun $5 SOLD!
    Scrapper gun $5 SOLD!
    Scavenger gun SOLD!, drill, right fist SOLD! $5 each

    Blades sticker sheet (missing 3 stickers) $5
    Sludge missile launcher $5
    Hound missile launcher $5 SOLD!
    Trailbreaker twin blaser $5
    Ratchet/ironhide trailer gun $5
    Tentakil right gun $4 SOLD!
    Roadbuster Small Right Wheel Cover $4 SOLD!
    Goove's gun $8
    Dirge missile x2 $8/pair SOLD!
    Hot Spot gun $4
    Strafe gun $8 SOLD!
    Ironhide/Ratchet missiles x3 $10/set of 3
    Topspin gun $3 SOLD!
    Kickback gun $3 SOLD!
    Optimus Prime missile $3

    Pretender Splashdown Helmet $5 SOLD!
    Pretender Spalshdown Belt $10 SOLD!
    Splashdown gun $10 SOLD!
    Landmine Sword $8 SOLD!
    Pretender Bomburst Belt $5
    Pretender Catilla Helmet $15
    Pretender Octopunch big gun $10

    Targetmaster Kup instructions $6
    Chromedome Instructions $8
    Groundshaker instructions $4
    Cloudburst Instructions $5
    Pretender Grimlock Instructions $5
    Downshift instructions $3
    Twin Twist instructions $1
    Topspin Instructions x2 $1 each

    Kickback instructions $3
    Shrapnel instructions x2 $3 each
    Bombshell instruction booklet $3
    Onslaught/Oslat international booklets (Legends?) $5
    Bomb-Burst Pretender instructions $4

    Quick Note about tech specs. Keep in mind, these were CUT from boxes 20-30 years ago but children. Being removed from the boxes (in my opinion) voids it from being able to be graded at all since they were removed after retail from their original state. If you are interested in specific condition, please ask and i can send you more pictures.

    G1 Guzzle tech spec $4
    Brawn techs x2 $2 each X1 SOLD!
    Powerglide techs x2 $2 each
    Warpath techs $2
    Optimus Prime techs x2 $4 each x1 SOLD!
    Ultra Magnus techs $3
    Seaspray techs $2
    Beachcomber techs $2
    Off Road Patrol techs x2 $2 each
    Race Car Patrol techs $2
    Chase techs $2
    Topspin (error) techs x2 $2 each
    Micromaster Groundshaker tech spec (rough) $1
    Cosmos techs $2
    Tracks techs $2
    Cloudburst tech $3
    Pretender Grimlock tech $3

    Pretender Iguanus techs $5
    Blitzwing techs $4
    Rampage techs (weird discoloration/stuff stuck on back) $2
    Flamefeather techs $2
    Skyhopper tech specs $3
    Rippersnapper tech spec $3
    Ravage Tech Spec $2 each
    Shrapnel techs $2 each
    Kickback Tech Specs x2 $2 each
    Bomb-burst tech $3
    Roadblock tech $5
    Spinister tech $5

    Monstructor cards (3 are international FYI) $5 each (Slog and Icepick SOLD!)

    Windcharger backer card $5
    Brawn backer card $5
    G1 Guzzle backer card (rough) $5
    G1 Fizzle backer card $10
    G1 Flamefeather backer card $10
    G1 Runabout backer card $10
    Action Master Rollout backer card $5
    Hook instructions $1
    Bonecrusher techs and Instructions $3
    Wildrider instructions/tech specs $2

    G1 Takara Collectors Edition 10 Inferno unsued sticker sheet, card, and instructions $5 SOLD!
    G1 Takara Collectors Edition 5 Alert unsued sticker sheet and instructions $5
    G1 Takara Collectors Edition 46 Hoist card $3
    TRU Commemorative Edition Hoist instructions $2

    G1 Box art cut outs: Brainstorm SOLD!, Powermaster Optimus Prime, Flywheels, and Astrotrain $2 each

    G2, Machine Wars Figures and Techs

    G2 Scavenger (complete with unused sticker sheet, backer card/combiner instructions. peg hold on forearm broken off.) $20
    G2 Mixmaster (with backer card/combiner instructions, missing handgun) $15
    G2 Bonecrusher (complete with backer card/combiner instructions) $20

    G2 Blast-Off complete. $20 SOLD!
    G2 Swindle body (with tech specs) $5

    G2 Inferno complete (with Instructions, portion of crane missing from passenger side. Very play worn.) $20
    G2 Jazz (removed from listing. see new listing above)

    G2 Skram (complete with instructions) $15 SOLD!
    G2 Strafe (complete with instructions. body parts are red and not blue. part swapped??) $8
    G2 Skyjack (complete with instructions) $13 SOLD!
    G2 Hooligan (complete with instructions) $13 SOLD!

    Space Case (Complete w tech specs(Previous owner painted bottom of feet)) $10
    Strafe (Complete w tech specs) $12 SOLD!

    Inferno (arms loose with 1 fist) $10 SOLD!
    Rapido (scratch over "Autobot" on windshield $5
    Leadfoot (no feet, w launcher) $8 SOLD!
    Leadfoot disk launcher $3 SOLD!
    Leadfoot front spolier $2

    G2 Jazz boddy (for parts) $5

    G2 Megatron missile $5 SOLD!
    G2 Starscream missile launcher $5 pair

    Drench water shooter $5
    Autobot cyberjet missiles(Strafe, Jetfire, or Air Raid) $3 each or $5 for the pair 2x SOLD!
    Leadfoot disk launcher $3 (same as above) SOLD!

    The G2 backer cards with the bubbles $5 each (Leadfoot and the Stormtrooper card SOLD!)

    G2 Backer Cards $3 each (Drench SOLD!)


    G2 instructions are $2 each
    G2 techs are $1 each

    Machine Wars

    Machine Wars Megatron backer card $5

    Beast Wars

    Drill Bit complete with Backer Card(no art on front) $10

    Korean Beast Wars 2 Starscream (with launchers, box, and tray insert) $5

    BW Neo D-26 Archadis gun $5
    Fox Kids TM Waspinator gun $3

    Tarantulas Rock Bubble card back $5

    Manterror Card Back $5
    Wolfang Card Back $6 SOLD

    Car Robots/R.I.D.

    KB Exclusive Clear Spy Changer Crosswise $5
    Tow-Line (missing grill) $2


    MyClone Optimus Prime Sealed w/ box x2 $17 x1 Sold!
    MyClone Optimus Prime Truck Sealed w/ box x2 $17
    MyClone Megatron Sealed w/ box x2 $14
    MyClone Starscream Sealed w/ box x2 $14 x1 Sold!
    MyClone Ultra Magnus Sealed w/ box x2 $14
    MyClone Arcee Sealed w/ box x2 $14
    MyClone Wreck-Gar loose $8
    MyClone Ultra Magnus loose $8
    MyClone Galvatron loose $8
    MyClone Galvatron sealed $12
    MyClone Starscream loose $8

    Energon/Super Link/Cybertron/Galaxy Force

    Super Link Micron Booster VER 2 SEALED Case of 12 $150 SOLD!
    Super Link Micron Booster VER 2 Rotor, Cluster, and Groove $40
    Super Link Micron Booster VER 2 Effect, Blitz, and Seeker $40
    Super Link Micron Booster VER 2 Damper, Brake, and Filter $40 SOLD!
    Super Link Micron Booster VER 2 Processor and Triac $25
    Super Link Micron Booster VER 2 Processor $15

    Microns 2.jpg

    Galaxy Force Police Type Gasket store giveaway $75
    Super Link Windcharger SEALED set of 3 $100
    Super Link Windcharger loose set of 3 $85
    Galaxy Force Platinum Microns SEALED set of 3 $100
    TRU Japan exclusive Land Military Team member Shot loose $25

    Microns 1.jpg

    White Destruction Team exclusives SEALED $70
    TRU Japan exclusive Land Military Team SEALED $70
    Air Defense Anime Team w/ CD $80
    Exclusive Megan ZigZag Micron SEALED $35
    Excsluvie Platinum Micron Factor or Material Micron SEALED $35each
    TF Adventure exclusive Hyper Shining Lancelon SEALED $20
    Arms Micron exclusive Sting SEALED $20


    SCF Clear Metroplex/Metroflex Right Leg $1

    Classics, Universe, Generations, and more!

    Unless otherwise stated, ALL figures in this section have been opened, displayed, and are complete with instructions!

    Generations FOC Air raid $13
    Generations FOC Frenzy and Ratbat $8
    Generations FOC Blaster $16
    Generations FOC Soundblaster $16
    Generations FOC Topspin $15
    Generations FOC Twintwist $15
    Generations FOC Onslaught $13 SOLD!
    Generations FOC Swindle $13 SOLD!
    Generations FOC Vortex $13
    TFSS FOC Fisitron $30 SOLD!
    Kabaya WFC Optimus $3

    Classics Cliffjumper MOSC $18
    Generations Nightbeat MOSC $12
    Generations GDO Wheelie $20
    Energon Saber MOSC $15
    Energon Sledge $9
    Energon Dustorm $9
    Energon Steamhammer $9
    Combiner Wars Off Road $20
    Takara Campaign exclusive microns set of 4 $50
    Generations Jetfire MISB $35
    IMG_4227 2.jpg

    Construct Bots Optimus VS Megatron MISB $10
    DOTM Cyberverse Autobot Ark $18
    DOTM Cyberverse Powerglide $5
    Powercore Combiners Crankcase $15
    Powercore Combiners Huffer $5
    Powercore Combiners Steelshot $5
    DOTM Human Alliance Icepick $5
    Animated Ultra Magnus $35
    IMG_4228 2.jpg

    RID Kup $10
    RID Rumble $10
    Beast Hunters Bulkhead $10
    Beast Hunters Knock Out MOSC $12
    RID Thundertron $15
    Cyberverse Smokescreen $6
    Cyberverse Skyquake $9
    Arms Micron Vol 1 Gashapon set (Optimus, Bumblebee...) $12
    Arms Micron Vol 2 Gashapon Set (Megatron, Bulkhead, Arcee (one leg broken)) $10
    Arms Micron Vol 3 Gashapon set (Wheeljack, Ratchet, Starscream...)$15
    Arms Micron Special Edition Autobot set (clear blue) $20
    IMG_4229 2.jpg

    FansProject Pterobot shell. $65
    Generations GDO Sandstorm $8
    Legends Tank Megatron $4
    Legends Starscream(w/ guns) MOSC $5
    Legends Optimus(w/ Sword) MOSC $5
    Legends Bumblebee $3
    Legends Gold Bumblebee $3
    Legends Sandstorm $3
    Legends Hoist $5
    Aerial Rivals 5 pack $30
    Special Teams Leaders (3/5) $15
    Universe Spychangers Hoist MOSC $6
    Universe Spychangers Wheeljack MOSC $12
    Universe Spychangers Optimus Prime MOSC $6
    Universe Spychangers Jazz MOSC $6
    Universe Spychangers Prowl MOSC $6
    RID KB Exclusive Clear Crosswise $4
    Kabaya Hot Spot $5
    IMG_4230 2.jpg

    Comic Books!

    All Transformers TPB are $10 each. Buy 3 or more and get free shipping here. All books were read once. They were shipped from Amazon so most books are not mint. Shipping will be in a padded envelope.

    IDW Transformers: Infiltration
    IDW Transformers: Escalation SOLD!
    IDW Transformers: Devastation SOLD!
    IDW Transformers: Spotlight Vol. 1
    IDW Transformers: Spotlight Vol. 2
    IDW Transformers: Spotlight Vol. 3
    IDW Transformers: Spotlight Vol. 4 Revelation
    IMG_4232 2.jpg

    IDW Transformers: All Hail Megatron Vol. 1 SOLD!
    IDW Transformers: All Hail Megatron Vol. 3
    IDW Transformers: All Hail Megatron Vol. 4
    IDW Transformers: Ongoing 1 For All Mankind
    IDW Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers (soft cover)
    IDW Transformers: Autocracy
    IDW Transformers: Monstrocity
    IMG_4231 2.jpg

    IDW Transformers: Dark Prelude
    IDW Transformers: Dark Cybertron Vol 1
    IDW Transformers: Dark Cybertron Vol 2
    IDW Transformers: Windblade
    IDW Transformers: Drift
    IDW Transformers: Bumblebee
    IMG_4233 2.jpg

    IDW Transformers: Movie Prequel
    IDW Transformers: Movie Adaptation
    IDW Transformers: ROTF Alliance
    IDW Transformers: ROTF Defiance
    IDW Transformers: ROTF Movie Adaptation
    IDW Transformers: ROTF Tales of the Fallen
    IDW Transformers: Nefarious
    IDW Transformers: Sector 7
    IMG_4235 2.jpg

    IDW Transformers: DOTM Rising Storm
    IDW Transformers: DOTM
    IDW Infestation Vol 1
    IDW Infestation Vol 2
    IDW Infestation 2
    IMG_4236 2.jpg

    IDW Transformers Prime: Rage of the Dinobots
    IDW Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Vol 1
    IDW Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Vol 2
    Transformers Generations 2011 Vol 1 $30
    Transformers Generations 2012 $30
    IMG_4234 2.jpg

    Watchmen TPB $12
    Heroes Reborn Captain America $15
    X-Men New AoA $7 SOLD!
    Astonishing X-Men Vol 1 $8
    Dr Horrible $5 SOLD!
    Hellboy mini book $5

    Star Wars Clone Wars mini books $13


    Entire lot for $35
    Brave Road Baron- black and white car with a 3 on the hood. Comes with the box and foam. missing the guns. Box is c-5/6 maybe.
    Brave Sky Baron- Blue and white jet with a 5 on it's nose. looks complete. Comes with the box and foam. missing the guns. Box is c-5/6 maybe.
    Brave Aqua Baron- Orange and black jet of the same team with a 4 on it's nose. also looks complete. With styrofoam.
    Brave Drill Baron's empty box. c-3. missing flaps.
    Brave Guard Fire figure $10
    Brave promo booklet $5

    Everything Else

    Marvel Legends Thor Sealed $15 SOLD!
    Marvel Legends Ultimate Captain America Sealed $15

    Marvel Universe 2009 Hulk Sealed $10 SOLD!
    Marvel Universe 2009 Iron Man Sealed $9
    Marvel Universe Captain America Sealed $10 SOLD!

    Marvel Universe 2010 Dark Hawkeye Sealed $9

    Marvel's The Avengers Ultimate Thor Sealed $9

    Storage Supplies

    Great for storing Basic sized or smaller TFs, 3 3/4in action figures, mini figures, or accessories. Made from an acid free plastic that will not decompose and ruin your figures!

    Great for Storing Deluxe sized TFs or 6in action figures! Made from an acid free plastic that will not decompose and ruin your figures!

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    Jun 2, 2011
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    (prices below may or may not reflect actual sold price)

    Sandstorm $8 SOLD!
    Whirl SOLD!
    Heavytread (opened, complete) $25 SOLD!
    Undertow(opened, complete) $20 SOLD!
    Bombshock (opened, complete) $20 SOLD!
    Skyhammer (opened, complete) $10SOLD!
    Leadfoot (opened, complete) $10 SOLD!
    TFCC G1 Breakdown $40 SOLD!
    Generations FOC Ultra Magnus $20 SOLD!
    HOC Dirge $5 SOLD!
    HOC Wheeljack (missing gun) $2 SOLD!
    HOC Bumblebee (missing Spike) $2 SOLD!
    HOC Spark Attack Powermaster Optimus Prime $5 SOLD!
    SCF Pewter Convoy with communicator $5 SOLD!
    SCF Rodimus with Matrix $5 SOLD!
    SCF Clear Metroplex/Metroflex Left Arm $3 SOLD!
    BW II D-21 God Neptune parts $20 SOLD!
    Sea Clamp launcher $4 SOLD!
    Razorbeast gun/Mane $5 SOLD!
    Fox Kids Rhinox tail/sword $3 SOLD!
    Fox Kids TM Rhinox horn/knife $3 SOLD!
    Fox Kids TM Cheetor tail $3 SOLD!
    Transquito missile $3 SOLD!
    Megatron missile $5 SOLD!
    Wolfang missiles x2 $4 each or $7 for both SOLD!
    Tarans/Tarantulas missiles $5 each or $12 for all 3 ALL SOLD!
    Blackarachnia missile launcher $5 SOLD!
    G2 Sideswipe $3 SOLD!
    G2 Sideswipe techs $2 SOLD!
    G2 Silverbolt $4 SOLD!
    G2 Starscream Instructions $5 SOLD!
    Turbofire Tech Spec $2 SOLD!
    Jetfire Tech Spec $2 SOLD!
    C-348 Dai Atlas Micromaster Speeder $60 SOLD!
    C-333 Super Car Patrol team (missing Gingham) $60 SOLD!
    C-333 Super Car Patrol team member Road Hugger(yellow car) x2 $15 each SOLD!
    C-332 Battle Patrol team member Powerbomb (blue version of Flak) $20 SOLD!
    Pretender Roadblock instructions $10 SOLD!
    Prowl techs $2 SOLD!
    Mirage techs $2 SOLD!
    Micromaster Countdown techs $3 SOLD!
    Sluggslinger tech spec $6 SOLD!
    Bumblebee tech spec $4 SOLD!
    Cliffjumper tech spec $4 SOLD!
    Rumble techs $2 SOLD!
    Ravage Tech Spec x2 $2 each x1 SOLD!
    Shrapnel techs x2 $2 each x1 SOLD!
    Kickback Tech Specs x3 $2 each x1 SOLD!
    Action Master Skyfall backer card $5 SOLD!
    Micromasters Construction Patrol Tech Spec and Instructions $3 SOLD!
    Long Haul techs and Instructions $3 SOLD!
    Scavenger techs and Instructions $3 SOLD!
    Scrapper techs and Instructions $3 SOLD!
    Masterforce D-318 King Poseidon giftset complete $550 SOLD!
    Hubcap/Bumblejumper Heads for Classics Bumblebee. $40 each BOTH SOLD!
    Gigantic Action Black Zarak MISB $260 SOLD!
    G1 Sixbuilder unused sticker sheet and instructions. $50 SOLD!
    Masterforce Hydra (complete, chrome wear on Godmaster engine, stress mark (very common) on tab) $150 SOLD!
    Red Alert (Complete with Techs) $50 SOLD!
    Black Zarak Rorichi arms $30 each x2 Both SOLD!
    Black Zarak Double barrels $20 each x3 X3 SOLD!
    Black Zarak Towers $30 each x4 All SOLD!
    Black Zarak Work arms $45 each x2 All SOLD!
    Black Zarak Elevator $90 SOLD!
    Black Zarak Face mask $75 SOLD!
    Encore reissue Metroplex $100 SOLD!
    Reissue Sixshot $80 SOLD!
    2010 Predaking reissue $90 SOLD!
    C-345 Landshaker instructions $15 SOLD
    SDCC Metroplex (Opened. Complete and in fantastic shape.) $250 SOLD!
    RM-08 Wingstun MIB (complete with all papers) $28 SOLD!
    Arms Micron Rainbow Shield Shining R.A. Green $25 SOLD!, Red $15 SOLD!, and Purple $15 SOLD!
    Hot Spot instructions $4 SOLD!
    Camshaft instructions $4 SOLD!
    Tracks Instructions $4 SOLD!
    Slag Instructions $4 SOLD!
    Brainstorm instructions x2 $4 each X2 SOLD!
    Mindwipe instructions $5 SOLD!
    Pounce and Wingspan instructions $5 SOLD!
    Sideswipe instructions $4 SOLD!
    D-63 Dinosaurer (Trypticon) complete and working! Box has fading in the sides and back. Instructions and other papers included. $425 SOLD!
    D-336 Deszaras(Deathsaurus) almost complete. missing 1 eagle gun. Box not in the best shape. $625SOLD!
    Grand Max (has minor yellowing on white, stress marks on jail door, dirty, cracked tab on the helipad, only comes with head.) $450 SOLD!
    European Action Master Tracks complete $225 SOLD!
    European Action Master Sideswipe with Partner (tree mark on partner's antenna and figure has paint wear) $100 SOLD!
    G1 C-307 Super Ginrai boxed/complete. (No papers. worn chrome. broken tab catch in legs) $110 SOLD!
    G1 D-304 Hydra complete(sort of) with box and papers. (box not in best of shape. Figure is in ok shape. God master belongs to Buster (still rare!)) $275 SOLD!
    G1 C-311 Grand Maximus small sword $50 SOLD!
    G1 C-310 Super God Ginrai (almost complete. missing God Bomber launcher and bombs. yellowing/sun burnt in some parts) $80 SOLD!
    Junker C-307 Super Ginrai $20 SOLD!
    G1 C-327 Victroy Leo upper torso for upgrade. Nice and white! $50 SOLD!
    G1 C-309 Godbomber 1(complete with box and all papers/bio card. Great Chrome. Missiles still attached to tree) $135 SOLD!
    G1 C-309 Godbomber 2(complete with box and instructions/pamphlet. Chrome wear) $110 SOLD!
    G1 C-371 Grandus Platforms $50 each SOLD!
    Fortress Maximus elevator ramps x2 (with stress marks) $20 each x2 SOLD!
    Diaclone Trainrobo NO 4 version of C-128/357 Suiken. Body with front train part $50 SOLD!
    G1 D-201 Blood (Bomb-Burst) Bio card $40 SOLD!
    DX Micromaster Landcross reissue 1, 4, 5, 6 boxed/sealed baggies, opened 3, and an opened Stealth 2. $100 for the set of 6 SOLD!
    DX Micromaster Landcross reissue loose Tacker $5 SOLD!
    Micromaster Skystalker complete (with instructions) $75 SOLD!
    Micromaster Tanker Transport Complete $85 SOLD!
    G1 Thunderclash cab and trailer (minor GPS damage to bottom of feet) $25 SOLD!
    G1 Doubleheader complete $95 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Pincher Complete $85 SOLD!
    G1 C-371 Grandus Body (missing arm, no parts. white chest!) $150 SOLD!
    G1 C-350 Rabbicrater sealed in baggie $225 SOLD!
    G1 C-372 Star Convoy (boxed with gun, 2 ramps, connector. Minor yellowing. hard to see) $100 SOLD!
    G1 C-310 Super God Ginrai Complete boxed (minor chrome wear (mostly on bombs). comes with god bomber instructions and Ginrai tech card) $200 SOLD!
    G1 Scorponok leg shields $20 for the pair SOLD!
    G1 Scorponok gun with cover $25 SOLD!
    G1 Scorponok Helmet $20 SOLD!
    G1 Scorponok headmaster $45 SOLD!
    G1 Scorponok dual blaster $10 G1 SOLD!
    G1 Snarl gun, launcher, and 3 missiles $15 SOLD!
    C-305 Ranger MIB almost complete with instructions and feedback card. Missing correct Godmaster. Comes with Powermaster Haywire from Joyride $340 SOLD!
    C-360 Sky Garry complete. $185 SOLD!
    G1 C-312 Sixknight Right gun $80 SOLD!
    G1 C-327 Victory Leo big cannon. $80 SOLD!
    C-348 Dai Atlas Micromaster Speeder $60 SOLD!
    C-349 Road Fire Micromaster Drillbuster $85 SOLD!
    C-333 Super Car Patrol team member Deadhour $18 SOLD!
    C-332 Battle Patrol team member Sidetrack $18 SOLD!
    C-332 Battle Patrol team (tank missing barrel and jet missing nose) $50 SOLD!
    Micromasters Race Car Patrol complete $12 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Longtooth (almost complete. Missing nose of vehicle) $95 SOLD!
    G1 Operation Combination TF-06 Spin Road VS Dark Jet Complete/boxed (Japanese versions of Euro Flash and Skydive) $120 SOLD!
    Predacons Rising Darksteel (opened complete with Deathsaurus Reprolabel sticker sheet) $20 SOLD!
    Sky Lynx box and insert $50 SOLD!
    Battletrap box only $15 SOLD!
    G1 Octopunch Complete $100 SOLD!
    G1 Splashdown complete $80 SOLD!
    Pretender Catilla inner bot $10 SOLD!
    Fansproject Assaulter (opened/displayed) $120 SOLD!
    G1 Masterforce C-305 Ranger Complete w/box and instructions (chrome wear on Godmaster) $375 SOLD!
    G1 Operation Combination TF-09 Mach Road vs Flare Jet MIB complete with papers. (Japanese versions of Euro Boss and Snare) $95 SOLD!
    G1 Transformers Zone C-348 Dai Atlas complete with box/instructions/empty sticker sheet. No cracked treads and working motor. (minor yellowing on Micromaster) $650 SOLD!
    G1 Star Convoy with box/instructions/used sticker sheet (missing all parts, very minor yellowing(mostly on hands)) $100 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Skyhigh complete $75 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Groundbreaker complete (inner bot has a crack on left arm shoulder. ask for pics) $70 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Splashdown complete $70 SOLD!
    Bumblejumper (Bumper) for parts. (has a bumblebee head?) $35 SOLD!
    Mp-19 Smokescreen MISB $70 SOLD!
    MP-18 Streak MISB $70 SOLD!
    G1 Victory Leo Instructions $35 SOLD!
    G1 Victory Leo box (left side flap is sun faded. Front is fine. can provide a lot more picks upon request) and foam (great shape) $75 SOLD!
    Galvatron box and insert $40 SOLD!
    G2 Silverbolt with instructions (missing 1 missiles) $40 SOLD!
    G2 Air Raid complete with backercard $15 SOLD!
    G2 Fireflight complete with backercard $15 SOLD!
    G2 Skydive complete $10 SOLD!
    G2 Leadfoot/Manta ray Disk $4 SOLD!
    G2 Sideswipe Instructions, 2 missiles, gun, and launcher $15 SOLD!
    Leader Megatron instruction booklet $5 SOLD!
    MMC R-03 Bovis MISB $95 SOLD!
    MMC R-05 Fortis MISB $95 SOLD!
    MP-17 Prowl (with coin and 2 launchers, MISB) $90 SOLD!
    MP-18 Streak (with coin, MISB) $80 SOLD!
    G1 Transformers Zone C-349 Road Fire complete with box/instructions $550 SOLD!
    MP-17 Prowl with Coin. MISB! $80 shipped SOLD!
    GO1 Zan (partner to G-01 Kenzan) $10 SOLD!
    GO3 Gan (partner to G-03 Ganoh) $10 SOLD!
    Classics Ultra Magnus VS Skywarp 2 pack MISB $90 SOLD!
    Japanese G1 Openeration Combination TF-07 Fire Road VS. Shadow Jet (aka Euro Scorch vs Falcon) Complete (2/3 jet missiles still on tree. Includes instructions) $85 SOLD!
    CA-04 Stormbomb (complete, opened, includes extra Thundershred weapons) $65 SOLD!
    CA-05 Backfiery (complete, opened) $65 SOLD!
    Arms Micron Shadow R. A. MISB $18 SOLD!
    Universe Air Raid and Wind Sheer (complete) $28 for the set SOLD!
    Micromasters Groundshaker (missing figure stand only. with instructions and techs) $35 SOLD!
    G1/G2 Euro/UK Hurricane (Broken peg on launcher. Minor yellowing on back of vehicle/legs. comes with 1 missile ) $28 SOLD!
    G1/G2 Euro/UK Flash (Complete. has play and sticker wear) $45 SOLD!
    G1/G2 Euro/UK Rotorstorm Right Launcher $10 SOLD!
    G1/G2 Euro/UK Falcon (complete, missile launcher's peg is broken, in Falcon hand) $35 SOLD!
    G1/G2 Euro/UK Flacon (body only, heavy wear) $7 SOLD!
    G1 Starscream (awesome shape!) (with instructions, missing left fist, landing gear, 4 missiles, and left rudder) $25 SOLD!
    Action Master Over-Run Complete $25 SOLD!
    Micromasters Countdown (Complete w box and instructions) $100 SOLD!
    Energon Omega Supreme (Complete with Instructions and bio card. Electronics work!) $70 SOLD!
    RM-08 Wingstun (missing trident, comes with gun and instructions) $14 SOLD!
    Kabaya Dai Atlas, Sonic Bomber, and Road Fire set of 3 $20 SOLD!
    Warbot Defender (Complete) $120 SOLD!
    Machine Wars Hoist (complete) $7 SOLD!
    Arms Micron 1x Gob (black)SOLD!, 1x Zad (Pink)SOLD! $5 each
    G1/G2 Euro/UK Boss missile launcher $10 SOLD!
    UK/Europe Snare (complete) $40 SOLD!
    UK/Europe Skydive (complete)$40 SOLD!
    UK/Europe Talon (has 3 missiles, missing launcher) $35 SOLD!
    Micromasters Ironworks Ramp $5 SOLD!
    G1/G2 Euro/UK Boss (complete with tech card) $50 SOLD!
    Skyquake/Stalker missiles $5 each SOLD!
    TFCC Classics Runamuck. Brand new in sealed bag! $65 SOLD!
    Kre-O Preview Full Set of 4. $25. SOLD OUT!
    Kre-O Preview Full Set of 6. $35. SOLD OUT!
    Action Masters Starscream (missing handgun. All other parts included. sticker wear) $30 SOLD!
    G1 Star Saber boxed (complete (all original accessories!) with instructions, and white body! $400 SOLD!
    Action Masters Rollout (Complete with all parts and techs. has paint wear) $18 SOLD!
    C-324 Star Saber Brainmaster "Brain of Courage" $65 SOLD!
    G1 Mega Pretender Thunderwing Shell and Inner Bot (inner bot as damage to inner thigh) $55 SOLD!
    Micromasters Battlefield Headquarters Full Barrel and Overflow (Full Barrel is broken/missing arms) $25 SOLD!
    Micromasters Skyhopper (missing plane, long gun, radar dish, and a fold out flap in base mode) $15 SOLD!
    Fangry (complete with box and instruction! Great looking set) $110 SOLD!
    Huffer with Tech Specs and Instructions $10 SOLD!
    G1 Shockwave for parts. (light in hand works. no sound. cracked hose) $20 SOLD!
    Shrapnel Complete (With instructions, techs, and unused stickers! MINT) $20 SOLD!
    Micromasters Air Strike Patrol (complete with techs) $13 SOLD!
    Micromasters Off Road Patrol complete $14 SOLD!
    Gobots Manowar $10 SOLD!
    Gobots Turbo $10 SOLD!
    G1 Afterburner (missing handgun) $15 SOLD!
    G1 Nosecone (missing handgun and 1 side blaster) $15 SOLD!
    G1 Punch/Counterpunch (body only, sticker wear) $15 SOLD!
    G1 Huffer (some chrome wear) $5 SOLD!
    G1 Scavenger (body only, sticker wear)) $8 SOLD!
    Ultra Magnus and trailer (rubber tires trailer) $25 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Stranglehold Complete $85 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Bumblebee complete $25 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Iguanus complete $75 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Finback complete $70 SOLD!
    First Aid (plastic) $8 SOLD!
    Streetwise body $8 SOLD!
    Drag Strip $8 (x2) SOLD!
    Swindle $8 (x2) SOLD!
    Wildrider (comes with cannon) $15 SOLD!
    Hook (legs NOT broken, crane missing hook, Chrome wear and loose) $10 SOLD!
    Galvatron (Electronics work. loose limbs) $20 SOLD!
    Kup $15 SOLD!
    Horri-Bull body $15 SOLD!
    Blitzwing $20 SOLD!
    Joyride $15 SOLD!
    Optimus Prime (cab only. Has chrome wear) $15 SOLD!
    Rodimus Prime $20 SOLD!
    Hubcap $15SOLD!
    Fastlane (With Spoiler. Stickers Unapplied. Tight Joints! Pretty much unplayed with) $20 SOLD!
    Mindwipe Complete (nothing broken, will include tech spec from below) $100 SOLD!
    G1 Siren (missing left small pistol. Blue is a little discolored on body) $60 SOLD!
    Hardhead Complete (will come with Instruction booklet, front chest NOT Broken!) $100 SOLD!
    Squeezeplay gun $25 SOLD!
    Hosehead Lug $30 SOLD!
    Brainstorm (missing an arm and right gun) $50 SOLD!
    Quickmix Complete $30 SOLD!
    Landfill Complete $30 SOLD!
    Targetmasters Hot Rod $55SOLD!
    Pounce and Wingspan Complete $60 (Pounce is loose)SOLD!
    Metroplex $70 (missing a few pieces, plastic tire) SOLD!
    Fortress Maximus Cerebros $225 SOLD!
    Fortress Maximus Spike $100 SOLD!
    Fortress Maximus Photon Rifle $75 SOLD!
    Crosshairs Pinpointer (broken peg) $10SOLD!
    Icepick inner body $10SOLD!
    Quake Heater (broken hinge/no barrel) $5SOLD!
    Motormaster gun $5 SOLD!
    Motormaster right fist $5 SOLD!
    Slag Missile(Heavy Chrome wear) $2 SOLD!
    RID Crosswise Gun $1 SOLD!
    Grimlock $25 SOLD!
    Slag $25 SOLD!
    Jetfire (yellowing and loose. for parts or customs) $10 SOLD!
    Optimus Prime with Trailer (both fists) $40 SOLD!
    Blaster (working tape deck) $30 SOLD!
    Blurr (with shield. I think shield goes to TM Blurr. (doesn't fit in this one's hand)) $20 SOLD!
    Rumble $10 SOLD!
    Frenzy $10 SOLD!
    Ratbat (no ears) $10 SOLD!
    Squalktalk $10 SOLD!
    Eject $10 SOLD!
    Rewind (no Head) $5 SOLD!
    Ramhorn $10 SOLD!
    Steeljaw $10 SOLD!
    Dirge main body $5 SOLD!
    Blades (missing handgun, plastic version) $15 SOLD!
    Sixshot $40 SOLD!
    Pointblank complete (no stickers, arms/wrist loose) $55 SOLD!
    Hardhead Duros $35 SOLD!
    Sandstorm (complete, plastic toes, legs are loose and slides down a little) $40 SOLD!
    Mindwipe/Amnesiak box (very rough shape, missing plastic window) $10 SOLD!
    Needlenose 2 (body only, right leg is crummy, some discoloring) $5 SOLD!
    Skywarp (With techs and instructions. missing 1 launcher, right fist, all 4 missiles) $30 SOLD!
    Fangry Brisko $35 SOLD!
    Doubledealer Skar $20 SOLD!
    Darkwing Throttle $35 SOLD!
    Quickmix Ricochet $10 SOLD!
    Mixmaster small drill $5 SOLD!
    Long Haul Wing/Waistplate $3 SOLD!
    Wheeljack Right Wing $15 SOLD!
    Ultra Magnus $5 (cab only YELLOWED) SOLD!
    Optimus Prime missile $2 SOLD!
    Eject/Rewind gun(chrome wear) $2 SOLD!
    Scavenger right forearm $5 SOLD!
    Doublecross (works) $15 SOLD!
    Grotusque (works) $15 SOLD!
    Scorponok body $50 SOLD
    Scorponok big orange gun $20 SOLD
    Mindwipe with Vorath (right fist tab broken) $60 SOLD!
    Apeface (with shield) $55 SOLD!
    Action Master Prowl motorcylce $10 SOLD!
    Scoop Holepunch $15 SOLD!
    Quake body $7 SOLD!
    Brainstorm with Arcana(missing right gun) $85 SOLD!
    Action Master Wheeljack Turboracer $25 (complete) SOLD!
    Lightspeed backer card $5 SOLD!
    Action Master Snarl Complete (Tyrannitron & Gun. Has paint wear) $12 SOLD!
    Fireflight backer card $4 SOLD!
    Eject and Ramhorn backer card $5 SOLD!
    Motormaster Instruction Booklet (heavy wear and pages torn. nothing missing) $3 SOLD!
    Sureshot Instruction Booklet (Multilingual/French Canadian) $5 SOLD!
    Crosshairs Instruction Booklet (Multilingual/French Canadian) $5 SOLD!
    Starscream Tech Spec $3 SOLD!
    Ironhide Tech Spec $3 SOLD
    Sludge tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Rampage Tech Spec $2 SOLD!
    Razorclaw Tech Spec $2 SOLD!
    Starscream Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Megatron Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Shockwave Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Omega Supreme Tech Spec $5 SOLD!
    Jazz Tech Spec $2 SOLD!
    Mindwipe Tech spec $3 SOLD!
    First Aid Tech Spec $2 SOLD!
    Mirage Tech Spec (with red decoder taped to front) $2 SOLD!
    Bluestreak Tech Spec $2 SOLD!
    Jazz Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Grapple Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Sideswipe Tech Spec $2 SOLD!
    Red Alert Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Hound Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Huffer Tech Spec $2 SOLD!
    Gears Tech Spec $2SOLD!
    Seawing Tech Spec (Canadian) $2 SOLD!
    Prowl Tech Spec $2 SOLD!
    Fizzle Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Action Masters Wheeljack techs $3 SOLD!
    Scattershot instruction booklet $3 SOLD!
    Gnaw International instruction book $5 SOLD!
    Groundshaker instruction booklet SOLD!
    Shrapnel instruction booklet $3 SOLD!
    Jetfire Tech Spec $4 SOLD!
    Sludge Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Snarl Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Ratchet Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Optimus Prime Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Apeface International Tech Spec $2 SOLD!
    Gnaw International tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Gnaw tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Dirge Tech Spec $2 SOLD!
    Kickback Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Sinnertwin Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Shrapnel Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Ransack Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Predaking Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Ramhorn Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Omega Supreme Tech spec $4 SOLD!
    Metroplex Tech spec $4 SOLD
    Hubcap Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Warpath Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Huffer Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Sky Lynx Tech spec $3 SOLD!
    Sky Lynx with points Tech spec $3 SOLD!
    Chop Shop Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Doubledealer Tech spec $3 SOLD!
    Buzzsaw Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Rumble Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Overkill Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    G1 Air Strike Patrol techs $2 SOLD!
    Thundercracker techs $2 SOLD!
    Onslaught techs $2 SOLD!
    Optimus Prime techs $3 SOLD!
    Hot Spot techs $2 SOLD!
    G1 Topsin techs $2 SOLD!
    G1 Snarl Techs $3 SOLD!
    G1 Sideswipe techs $3 SOLD!
    Skids techs $2 SOLD!
    Jetfire techs $3 SOLD!
    Brainstorm techs $3 SOLD!
    Afterburner techs $2 SOLD!
    Micromaster Erector techs $2 SOLD!
    Action Masters Blaster tech/power plant card $3 SOLD!
    Laserbeak techs $2 SOLD!
    Gnaw techs $3 SOLD!
    G1 Snapdragon techs $3 SOLD!
    Submarauder techs $3 SOLD!
    Bomb-Burst techs $3 SOLD!
    Skullgrin techs $3 SOLD!
    Horri-bull techs $3 SOLD!
    Roadgrabber techs $3 SOLD!
    Beastbox techs $2 SOLD!
    Seawing techs $2 SOLD!
    Overbite techs $2 SOLD!
    Tracks techs $3 SOLD!
    Trailbreaker techs $3 SOLD!
    Slag techs $3 SOLD!
    Sludge techs $3 x2 SOLD!
    Twin Twist (error) techs $2 SOLD!
    G1 Punce/Wingspan techs $5 SOLD!
    Squaktalk/Beastbox Tech spec $3 SOLD!
    Snaptrap Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Razorclaw Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Divebomb Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Scavenger Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Scrapper Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Swindle Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Blast Off Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Brawl Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Blurr tech spec $3 SOLD!
    Hook Tech Spec and Instructions $5 1x SOLD!
    Fizzle backer card $3 SOLD!
    Crankstart backer card $3 SOLD!
    Groove Foreign backer card $5 SOLD!
    Micromasters Race Car Patrol $4 SOLD!
    Micromaster Combiners Astro Squad $5 SOLD!
    Breakdown Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Onslaught Tech spec $2 SOLD!
    Laser Rod Optimus Prime $40 (1 missile, Electronics work) SOLD!
    Seaspray $10 SOLD!
    Sideswipe missile $2 SOLD!
    G2 Jazz (missing handgun and 1 missile) $15 SOLD!
    Combat Hero Megatron (no parts) $10 SOLD!
    Mixmaster (complete. Chrome wear on missile. Upper body leans/bent forward a little) $15 SOLD!
    Green Slag (no parts. Right side of leg missing cap) $15 SOLD!
    Ramjet (body and a handful of parts) $10 SOLD!
    Deluge (junker. clip arm bent so arms don't stay attached.) $3 SOLD!
    G2 Beachcomber $5 on hold
    Rapido (Complete with tech specs) $17 SOLD!
    Rapido Tech Spec $2 SOLD!
    Eagle Eye (no Gun, with instructions) $10 SOLD!
    Terradive (no Gun, with instructions) $10 SOLD!
    Afterbuner (complete) $15 SOLD!
    Machine Wars Starscream missiles (6 left.) $2.50 SOLD!
    Devastator/Constructions $55 (Hook NOT broken, missing small guns and chrome drills, chrome wear) SOLD!
    Terradive Tech Spec $3 SOLD!
    Megabolt Megatron complete $10SOLD!
    TM Scavenger (Complete with box) $15 SOLD!
    Beast Wars Scorponok $45 SOLD!
    Torca (complete) $10 SOLD!
    TM Airazor (complete) $10 SOLD!
    Fox Kids TM Airazor (complete) $10 SOLD!
    Fox Kids TM Rattrap (complete) $10 SOLD!
    Snarl (complete) $8 SOLD!
    Jetstorm (complete with backer card) $20 SOLD!
    Terragator (complete) $8 SOLD!
    TM2 Optimus Minor (complete) $8 SOLD!
    Lazorbeak body only $5 SOLD!
    Takara D-4 Tarans (rope cut/no missiles. launcher is here) $5 SOLD!
    K9 missiles x2 $4 each or $7 for both SOLD
    TM Scourge complete (lots of wear on the foil) $5 SOLD!
    Geckobot complete $5 SOLD!
    Longhorn complete $5 SOLD!
    RM-20 Delta Seeker vs X-Gunner (missing 1 missile) $30 on hold
    Transformers Prime Bumblebee Vs Starscream Entertainment Pack with Silas and MECH Soldier MISB $45 SOLD!
    Universe Space Case and Soundwave (complete with instructions) $35 for the set SOLD!
    Kabaya Fort Max 1x Set 1 (Windcharger)SOLD! 1x Set 3 (Powerglide) $10 eachSOLD!
    Robot Masters Star Saber KO MOSC $5 SOLD!
    Robot Masters Victory Leo KO MOSC $5 SOLD!
    Square Enix Play Arts Kingdom Hearts Axel MISB $20 SOLD!
    Preview Wave Galvatron $4 SOLD!
    Tripredacus Cicadacon (missing missiles)$8 SOLD!
    TM2 Iguanus (complete with package. Bubble has tape holding it to package) $13 SOLD!
    Tripredacus Ramhorn (complete) $8 SOLD!
    G2 Laser Rod Volt (complete. no batteries. battery chamber does look to have battery leakage) $30 SOLD!
    G2 Deluge (complete with instructions) $20 SOLD!
    G2 Deluge (complete color change wear) $15 SOLD!
    Blackarachnia complete $10 SOLD!
    Strika complete $5 SOLD!
    Jetstorm (missing missiles) $5 SOLD!
    Blastcharge (missing missiles) $5 SOLD!
    Triceradon (missing 1 missile and front legs are loose) $5 SOLD!
    Striker complete (broken peg on beast side panel) $5 SOLD!
    Optimus Primal green Throwing Star $1 SOLD!
    Che sled repaint (missing missiles) $3 SOLD!
    Volume 1 1x Optimus Prime SOLD!, 1x Zad (Black) SOLD! $5 each
    Volume 2 1x Arcee Blade $4 SOLD!
    Volume 3 Starscream Boomerang $5 SOLD!
    Kabaya Set Series 6 Dai Atlas, Sonic Bomber, and Road Fire $20 SOLD!
    Kabaya Deszaras (built and complete) $4 SOLD!
    Red Bumblebee card backer x2 $5 each Both SOLD!
    Cartoon Network Samurai Jack Complete series on DVD. Season 1 is opened while Season 2, 3, and 4 are Sealed. $85 SOLD!
    Cartoon Network Justice League Season 1 and 2. Season 1 is opened while Season 2 is sealed. (pretty sure i only watched half of disc 1) $40 SOLD!
    Cartoon Network Justice League Unlimited Season 1 and 2. sealed. $40 SOLD!
    Halo ODST ONI Operative Dare Gamestop Exclusive no helmet Sealed $25 SOLD!
    Halo Reach Jet Pack ODST trooper with jetpack, pistol, and pouch. $10 SOLD!
    Marvel Legends clear stand $3 SOLD!
    Kre-o Microchanger Trailcutter $5 SOLD!
    Perfect Effect PE 01F and PE 01R (Complete. 01R has two Right hands) $40 for the pair SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Submarauder complete $40 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Bomb-Burst complete (one gun is discolored) $35 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Skullgrin Complete $35 SOLD!
    G2 Megatron (comes with 1 missile) $15 SOLD!
    Action Master Sprocket body (has paint wear) $8 SOLD!
    Octane instructions and techs $7 SOLD!
    G1 Astrotrain techs $4 SOLD!
    Micro-Changers Dragon Assault set MISB (with Trailbreaker) $5 SOLD!
    Complete set of 12 Kreons from Series 1 Sealed $40 SOLD!
    iGear Veer (brand new, never opened) $40 SOLD!
    Legends Class Sky Claw vehicle with Smokescreen MISB $15 SOLD!
    Soundwave battery cover $5 SOLD!
    Ravage missiles (Left side has broken fin) $5 for pair SOLD!
    Overbite gun $4 SOLD!
    Power Master Optimus Prime Black Gun x2 $4 each BOTH SOLD!
    Power Master Optimus Prime Grey shoulder gun $4 SOLD!
    Thrust right wing $5 SOLD!
    Trailbreaker radar(chrome worn) $2 SOLD!
    Pretender Bumblebee Helmet $7 x1 SOLD!
    Nightbeat helmet/seat $15 SOLD!
    AM Prowl missile $3 SOLD!
    Mixmaster Tech Spec and Instructions $4 SOLD!
    Long Haul Tech Spec and Instructions $4 SOLD!
    Left and Right cannons $100 SOLD!
    Big Cannon $75 SOLD!
    Body (both landing gear in chest are broken $100 SOLD!
    MP-17 Prowl MISB (with 2 Launchers $100)
    Scourge instructions $5 SOLD!
    Gears techs and instructions $2 SOLD!
    Micromasters Off-Road Patrol member MudslingerSOLD! and Powertrain (loose at waist) $4 each SOLD!
    Micromasters Hot Rod Patrol member Big Daddy (loose arms) $4 SOLD!
    Nightbeat (only missing right small laser. will include a pair of repros that work great in vehicle mode) $65 SOLD!
    G2 Laser Rod Jolt (complete with working light!) $30 SOLD!
    Micromasters Greasepit (Complete with instructions and techs) $33 SOLD!
    Micromasters Ironworks (Complete with Instructions and techs) $33 SOLD!
    Micromasters Hot House (complete, no stickers applied) $25 SOLD!
    G2 Hero Optimus Prime complete $25 SOLD!
    Legends Commander Class Trailcutter MOSC $10 SOLD!
    G1 Victory Leo Box and Foam $115 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Groundreaker complete (comes with techs) $85 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Octopunch (shell, helmet, inner bot) $25 SOLD!
    G1 Dead End body only (wear on rub sign. Still works) $5 SOLD!
    G2 Slingshot with backercard (broken. could be glued together to form a limb) $10 SOLD!
    Wedge complete $5 SOLD!
    Heavyload complete $5 SOLD!
    RID Crosswise Gun $1 SOLD!
    G2 Slag complete $25
    Kre-O Micro-Changers Series 4 set of 12 $40 SOLD!
    Micromaster Construction Patrol member Neutro $4 SOLD!
    Micromaster Construction Patrol member Takedown $4 SOLD!
    Micromaster Construction Patrol member Crumble $4 SOLD!
    Guzzle (sparks work) $12 SOLD!
    Guzzle (sparks still work) $10 SOLD!
    Action Masters Axer (Complete with all parts, instructions, and techs) $25 SOLD!
    Action Master Blaster gun $4 SOLD!
    Rampage Instructions $3 SOLD!
    Sizzle body (missing engine, 1 hinge on hood broken, still sparks) $5 SOLD!
    Pretender Doubleheader inner bot $8 SOLD!
    G1 Targetmaster Scourge body with head laser $40 SOLD!
    Needlenose (with both Targetmasters, unbroken legs, no yellowing. missing fin) $25 SOLD!
    Takara DA-15 Jetwing Prime MISB $150 SOLD!
    G2 Blast off Complete $20 SOLD!
    G2 Brawl Complete $18 SOLD!
    G2 Vortex (missing 2 guns, color faded on front of vehicle/feet, with rotor blades and backer card) $20 SOLD!
    G2 Swindle (missing small gun) $10 SOLD!
    Halo 3 Master Chief with sniper rifle (one of the bi-pod legs broke) and spike grenade $6 SOLD!
    Halo Wars Sergeant Forge with shotgun, pistol, and 2 grenades $8 SOLD!
    Micromasters Airwave base (missing ramp and jet, but includes instructions and missiles) $20 SOLD!
    Micromasters Battlefield Headquarters Trucker base (has some yellowing in various places, one of the headlights is bent in and chrome worn) $20 SOLD!
    Micromasters Hot House base $5 SOLD!
    Micromasters Battle Patrol (Complete with backer card) $18 SOLD!
    Micromaster Roughstuff complete $14 SOLD!
    Micromaster Erector cab $4 SOLD!
    Groundshaker parts lot $20 SOLD!
    Skyhopper jet $10 SOLD!
    G1 Air Strike Patrol member Whisper $3 SOLD!
    G1 Roughstuff trailer and cab $10 SOLD!
    Micromasters Construction Patrol members Takedown and Neutro SOLD! $5 each
    Micromasters Astro Squad members Phaser/Blast Master $12 SOLD!
    Micromasters Astro Squad members Moonrock/Missile Master(missing missile and ramp) $8 SOLD!
    Micromasters Rescue Patrol member Fixit $3 SOLD!
    Micromasters Sports Car Patrol members Hyperdrive(loose) SOLD! and Road Hugger SOLD! $3 each
    Micromasters Off Road Patrol complete $11 SOLD!
    Micromasters Constructor Squad complete $25 SOLD!
    Micromasters Air Patrol member Treadbolt $3 each SOLD!
    Micromasters Rescue Patrol member Seawatch $3 SOLD!
    Micromasters Off Road Patrol member Mudslinger and Tote $3 each SOLD!
    Micromasters Cannon Transport squad members Cement Head and Terror Tread $20 SOLD!
    Micromasters Missile Transport squad members Retro and Surge (Retro missing crane) $15 SOLD!
    Micromasters Hot Rod Patrol Big Daddy SOLD!, Greaser SOLD!, and Hubs SOLD! $5 each
    Micromasters Metro Squad members Oiler and Slide $10 SOLD!
    Micromasters Air Patrol member Eagle Eye (bent wing) SOLD!, and Sky High SOLD! $3 each
    Micromasters Skystalker car $10 SOLD!
    Micromasters Battle Squad complete $25 SOLD!
    Micromasters Sports Car Patrol complete $12 SOLD!
    Micromasters Off Road Patrol members Mudslinger $4 SOLD!
    Rescue Patrol complete $12 SOLD!
    Race Car Patrol (complete) $12 SOLD!
    Race Track Patrol member Motorhead $5 SOLD! $5
    Sports Car Patrol member Blackjack $4SOLD!
    Rescue Patrol (Fire Engine crane has a crack near the end, complete) $9 SOLD!
    Air Patrol members Eagle Eye and Sky High $3 each BOTH SOLD!
    Battle Patrol member Sunrunner $4 each SOLD!
    Military Patrol member Tracer with helicopter blade $8 SOLD!
    Air Strike Patrol members NightflightSOLD!, Tailwind SOLD!, and WhisperSOLD! $3 each
    Roughstuff cab $3 SOLD!
    Micromasters Air Strike Patrol member Storm CloudSOLD! $3
    Micromasters Air Patrol members Eagle Eye SOLD! and Treadbolt SOLD! $3 each
    Micromasters Battle Patrol members Sidetrack and Flak $4 each SOLD!
    Micromasters Off-Road Patrol member Mudslinger (rough) $3 SOLD!
    Micromasters Race Track Patrol member Roller Force $5 SOLD!
    Micromasters Flattop (plane only) $5 SOLD!
    Micromasters Skyhopper (plane only) $5 COLOR="Red"]SOLD![/COLOR]
    Micromasters Anti-Aircraft Base member Blackout $5 SOLD!
    Micromasters Constructor Squad member ExcavatorSOLD! $4 each
    G1 Pretender Grimlock inner bot $5 SOLD!
    G1 Skywarp body and rudders. (no stickers at all. very clean) $15 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Skullgrin Complete $40 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Stranglehold Complete $85 SOLD!
    G1 Kup body (broken tab from plate behind cab. Included) $7 SOLD!
    Pounce gun $4 SOLD!
    Rampage gun $4 SOLD!
    G1 Sideswipe gun, launcher, and 3 missiles $15 SOLD!
    G1 Dogfight $15 SOLD!
    G1 Windsweeper $15 SOLD!
    G1 Override $15 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Waverider complete $30 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Cloudburst complete $35 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Landmine complete (inner bot right arm is loose) $35 SOLD!
    G1 Bludgeon Complete $175 SOLD!
    G1 Transformers Zone C-347 Sonic Bomber complete with box/instructions (minor yellowing on Sonic Bomber and Micromaster) $550 SOLD!
    G1 Octopunch Complete $100 SOLD!
    G1 Stranglehold Complete $85 SOLD!
    G2 Jazz Complete $25 SOLD!
    Gobots Jigsaw (minor discoloration) $5 SOLD!
    Dirtbag (no missiles/gimmick works) $5 SOLD!
    Machine Wars Sandstorm (missing rotor blades) $8 SOLD!
    G2 Laser Rod Optimus Prime instruction booklet (not sure if legit or not. Its not glossy like every other instruction booklet ever) $1 SOLD!
    Deluxe Optimus Prime Over-Run minicon $5 SOLD!
    Deluxe Optimus Prime smokestack $5 SOLD!
    Universe Micromaster Combiner series 4 Silverbolt $5 SOLD!
    Universe Micromaster Combiner series 4 Air Raid $5 SOLD!
    Sealed Convoy in vehicle mode $10 SOLD!
    G1 Motormaster instructions $4 SOLD!
    G1 Barrage instructions $4 SOLD!
    G1 Thrust instructions $4 SOLD!
    G1 Iguanus instructions $6 SOLD!
    G1 Battle Trap instructions $4 SOLD!
    G1 Fangry Instructions $10 SOLD!
    G1 Ultra Magnus instructions $5 SOLD!
    G1 Powermaster Optimus Prime instructions $5 SOLD!
    G1 Targetmaster Kup instructions $6 SOLD!
    G1 Grotusque instructions $6 SOLD!
    G1 Joyride instructions $5 SOLD!
    G1 Wreck-gar instructions $4 SOLD!
    G1 Landmine instructions $5 SOLD!
    G1 Groundshaker instructions $4 SOLD!
    Optimus Prime Instructions $5 SOLD!
    Thundercracker Instructions $4 SOLD!
    Sludge Instructions $4 SOLD!
    Twintwist Instructions $3 SOLD!
    Camshaft instructions $4 SOLD!
    Downshift instructions $4 SOLD!
    Hot Rod Instructions (wrinkled/worn) $3 SOLD!
    Red Alert instructions $4 SOLD!
    Apeface Instructions $5 SOLD!
    Snapdragon Instructions $5 SOLD!
    Higbrow Instructions $5 SOLD!
    Car Powerdasher instructions $5 SOLD!
    Cloudburst whip $10 SOLD!
    Pretender Iguanus Belt $15 SOLD!
    Pretender Bumblebee Small gun $7 SOLD!
    Pretender Stranglehold gun $28 SOLD!
    Landmine belt $8 SOLD!
    Finback gun (x2) $10 each BOTH SOLD!
    Pretender Jazz gun $10 SOLD!
    Slog/Monstructor gun $8 SOLD!
    Pretender Stranglehold Small Gun $25 SOLD!
    G1 Powermaster Optimus Prime guns x2 $8/pair SOLD!
    Thrust missile launcher $5 SOLD!
    Lightspeed gun $5 SOLD!
    Action Masters Shockwave partner Fistfight (with arms) $5 SOLD!
    Action Masters Krok partner Gatoraider $4 SOLD!
    Action Masters Axer red missile x3 $3 each 2X SOLD!
    Action Masters Rollout partner glitch guns. $6 for pair or $4 each PAIR SOLD!
    Micromaster Anti-Aircraft Base parts $15 SOLD!
    Micromasters Off Road Patrol complete $14 SOLD!
    Arms Micron Weapon Ciel C.L. Gr AMW-04 $6 2 available. BOTH SOLD!
    G2 Ramjet Left and Right Fists $12 for pair SOLD!
    G2 Ramjet Left and Right Rudders $12 for pair SOLD!
    G1 C-309 Godbomber 2(with box and instructions. missing 1 missile. Chrome wear) $95 SOLD!
    Uranos complete w/ Wings of Uranos. (Wings of Uranos Sealed. 5 Bots opened/displayed. QC issue on Harrier jet. Left bot arm was misassembled. Also an over tightened screw cracked some plastic. Can supply pics) $475 SOLD!
    Kabaya Road Cesar (both boxes) $18 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Roadgrabber complete Rust marks on shell. ask for pics) $35 SOLD!
    G2 Afterburner complete (with Instructions) $17 SOLD!
    G2 Skram complete (with Instructions) $15 SOLD!
    G2 Windbreaker complete $15 SOLD!
    G2 Powerdive with launcher (missing all rotors/blade) $8 SOLD!
    KB Exclusive Clear Spy Changer WARS $5 SOLD!
    KB Exclusive Clear Spy Changer REV $5 SOLD!
    Mass Effect 2 Shepard action figure Sealed $20 SOLD!
    Micromasters Air Strike Patrol members WhisperSOLD! $3 each
    Micromaster Battle Patrol members FlakSOLD!, Big ShotSOLD!, and SidetrackSOLD! $3 each
    Micromasters Race Car Patrol members TailspinSOLD! and RoadhandlerSOLD! $3 each
    Micromaster Construction Patrol Takedown $4 SOLD!
    Micromaster Cannon Transport members Cement Head and Terror Tread $20 SOLD!
    Micromasters Race Track Patrol member Ground Hog $4 SOLD!
    Micromaster Monster Truck Patrol Hydraulic $4 SOLD!
    Micromaster Military Patrol member Dropshot (rusty all around) $2 SOLD!
    Micromaster Hot House jet $5 SOLD!
    Micromaster Battle Patrol complete $14 SOLD!
    Mega SCF Armada Convoy (boxed, missing Micron) $10 SOLD!
    Mega SCF Armada Megatron (boxed, missing Micron) $10 SOLD!
    Kre-O 40 Singe (Turbomaster Scorch) x2 $3 x1 SOLD!
    Kre-O 42 Springer x3 $3 X3 SOLD!
    Kre-O 43 Warpath x3 $3 X3 SOLD!
    Kre-O 44 Quickslinger x2 (Slingshot) $3 x2 SOLD!
    Kre-O 45 Rampage $3 x2 x2 SOLD!
    Kre-O 47 Blast off $3 x2 x2 SOLD!
    Kre-O 48 Hook $3 SOLD!
    Kre-O 50 Airachnid $3 SOLD!
    Kre-O 51 Bludgeon $3 SOLD!
    D-336 Deathsaurus/Deszaras bot $175 SOLD!
    D-336 Deszaras mace gun $125 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Doubleheader complete $100 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Thunderwing complete $200 SOLD!
    WST Prowl $10 SOLD!
    WST Alert $10 SOLD!
    G2 Sideswipe MOSC $15 SOLD!
    G2 Mirage MOSC $15 SOLD!
    G2 Gobots (color changer) body $5 SOLD!
    Gobots Cy-Kill engine part $5 SOLD!
    SDCC Exclusive Thor and Captain America MOSC $30 each BOTH SOLD!
    RM-06 Air Hunter MISB $30 SOLD!
    SDCC Avengers Mini Muggs set MISB $50 SOLD!
    Jusco Exclusive Super Indy Heat (missing half of gun) $35 SOLD!
    G2 Jazz (great shape. comes with gun, 1 missile, and instruction booklet) $20 SOLD!
    G2 Scrapper (body only. includes canopy and combiner instructions) $8 SOLD!
    G2 Hook (Unbroken with Devastator head and mostly unused sticker sheet and combiner instructions. missing sticker is on Mixmaster) $15 SOLD!
    G2 Combat Hero Megatron (missing handgun) $25 SOLD!
    TRU Japan exclusive Astrotrain clear micron x16 $25 SOLD OUT!
    TF Expo Legends LC-02 Beast Convoy $55 SOLD!
    Steelcore (opened/complete) $130 SOLD!
    Perfect Effect Rewind(opened) and Eject(opened) $60/pairSOLD
    Hexatron opened/complete $140 x10 SOLD!
    Chaos Paladin opened/complete $90 SOLD!
    Grind Rod (has the box), Aurora, and Trace(both side view mirrors broke off :/) $165 SOLD!
    Demolition Crue Apex and Geminus. Opened/complete. $70 SOLD!
    Botcon 2013 Custom Class Shawke and Pawe UNUSED! DVD and iPhone case are also included. DVD is sealed. $140 SOLD!
    Classics Grimlock $15 SOLD!
    Classics Bumblebee $15 SOLD!
    Classics Astrotrain $20 SOLD!
    Classics Mirage $25 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Tankor (Octane) $20 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Ironhide $25 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Ratchet $30 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Sidswipe $25 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Hot Shot $25 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Galvatron $20 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Hound $30 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Prowl $20 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Silverstreak $20 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Smokescreen $25 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Cyclonus $15 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Sunstreaker $20 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Acid Storm $25 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Starscream $25 SOLD!
    Generations WFC Bumblebee $20 x10 SOLD!
    Generations WFC Cliffjumper $20 x10 SOLD!
    Generations WFC Soundwave $15 SOLD!
    Generations WFC Megatron $30 x10 SOLD!
    Generations Scourge $15 SOLD!
    Generations Junkheap $10 SOLD!
    Generations Red Alert $15 SOLD!
    Generations Blurr $20 SOLD!
    Generations Drift $30 SOLD!
    Generations Wheeljack $15 x10 SOLD!
    Generations Junkheap SEALED $15 SOLD!
    Generations GDO Swerve Import release $25 SOLD!
    Generations GDO Springer Import release $15 SOLD!
    Generations GDO Cliffjumper Import release $10 SOLD!
    Reveal The Shield Perceptor $15 SOLD!
    Reveal The Shield Bumblebee $15 SOLD!
    Reveal The Shield Wreck- Gar $15 SOLD!
    RTS Solar Storm Grappel Sealed $30 x10 SOLD!
    RTS Solar Storm Grappel $20 SOLD!
    HFTD Sea Spray $20 x10 SOLD!
    GDO Powerdive $20 SOLD!
    GDO G2 Megatron $20 x10 SOLD!
    GDO Hot Spot $20 SOLD!
    Generations FOC Grimlock $20 SOLD!
    Classics Jetfire $35 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Inferno $50 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Silverbolt $20 x10 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Powerglide $20 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Onslaught $20 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Hardhead loose/no instructions(i think) $20 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Overkill $20 SOLD!
    Universe 2.0 Dragstrip $20 SOLD!
    IDW Generations Hoist $15 SOLD!
    IDW Generations Trailcutter $15 x10 SOLD!
    IDW Generations Megatron $15 x10 SOLD!
    IDW Generations Goldfire $10 x10 SOLD!
    Generations Doubledealer SEALED $20 x10 SOLD!
    Mega SCF Armada Hot Rod (Hot Shot) (open, complete) $15 SOLD!
    Mega SCF Armada Convoy Normal Mode (Optimus Prime) (open, complete) $15 SOLD!
    Mega SCF Armada Convoy Super Mode (Optimus Prime) (open, complete) $15 SOLD!
    Mega SCF Armada Ironhide (Demolishor) (open, complete) $15 SOLD!
    Mega SCF Armada Starscream (open, complete) $15 SOLD!
    Mega SCF Armada Megatron (open, complete) $15 SOLD!
    Mega SCF Armada Ironhide (Demolishor) (boxed, missing Micron) $8 SOLD!
    Mega SCF Armada Hot Rod (Hot Shot) (open, complete) $12 SOLD!
    Go! G-17 Gaidora Sealed $25 SOLD!
    Botcon 2010 Boxset $265 SOLD!
    Botcon 2012 Boxset $350 SOLD!
    Botcon 2010 Scorch(opened) and Doublepunch(sealed) $140 SOLD!
    Botcon 2010 Rapido(opened) $50 SOLD!
    Botcon 2014 Pouce(opened) and Wingspan(opened) $70 SOLD!
    2010 Club Figure Dion Sealed $35 SOLD!
    2012 Botcon Attendee Straxus SOLD!
    2012 Club Figure Shattered Glass Drift (with correct guns) $75 SOLD!
    2007 Club Figure Airazor $45 SOLD!
    Thrustinator $45 SOLD!
    Animated Jackpot $35 SOLD!
    Robot Masters Convoy gun $5 SOLD!
    Robot Masters Reverse Convoy missile rack $10 SOLD!
    MP-01 Megatron gun $15 SOLD!
    Kabaya Star Saber and Victory Leo complete. loose $40 SOLD!
    Kabaya Ginrai and Godbomber complete. loose $50 SOLD!
    Kabaya Starscream MISB $15 SOLD!
    IDW Generations FOC Thundercracker Sealed $25 SOLD!
    Generations FOC Starscream $20 SOLD!
    Generations FOC Kickback $20 SOLD!
    Generations FOC Shockwave $15 SOLD!
    DOTM Legends Bumblebee New $10 SOLD!
    Backfire $8 SOLD!
    Thundershred $8 SOLD!
    Half-Track $8 SOLD!
    Drag Strip $8 SOLD!
    Reverb $8 SOLD!
    Tailpipe $8SOLD!
    Sledge (opened, complete) $10 SOLD!
    Smolder (opened, complete) $10 SOLD!
    Windburn(opened, complete) $10 SOLD!
    Abominus Giftset Sealed $15 SOLD!
    Beast Fire Predaking Sealed. $30 SOLD!
    Beast Hunters Soundwave (minus Ravage) $10 SOLD!
    Beast Hunters Wheeljack (opened/complete) $15 SOLD!
    Dark Energon Bumblebee (opened/complete) $15 SOLD!
    Dark Energon Knock Out (opened/complete) $15 SOLD!
    Dark Energon Optimus Prime (opened/complete) $25 SOLD!
    Dark Energon Megatron (opened/complete) $25 SOLD!
    Voyager Megatron (opened/complete) $40 SOLD!
    Voyager Ultra Magnus (opened/No Weapons) $10 SOLD!
    Cyberverse Megatron (opened/complete) $10 SOLD!
    Cyberverse Bulkhead (opened/complete) $10 SOLD!
    Cyberverse Starscream (opened/complete) $10 SOLD!
    Cyberverse Beast Hunters Bulkhead (opened/complete) $10 SOLD!
    Cyberverse Arcee (opened/complete) $6 SOLD!
    Cyberverse Breakdown (opened/complete) $6 SOLD!
    Cyberverse Evac (opened/complete) $6 SOLD!
    Cyberverse Vehicon sealed $6 SOLD!
    Cyberverse Vehicon (opened/complete) $6 SOLD!
    Cyberverse Knock Out Energon Driller $20 SOLD!
    Cyberverse Wheeljack Star Hammer $15 SOLD!
    Legion Jet Vehicon Sealed $7 SOLD!
    Gundam Converge 16 set of 7 figures. (includes chase) $40 SOLD!
    Walmart Marvel Legends Avengers set of 5 (3/5 Sealed) $150 SOLD!
    Captain America 2 Marvel Legends Captain America Sealed $20 SOLD!
    Captain America 2 Marvel Legends Black Widow Sealed $25 SOLD!
    Marvel Legends Steve Rogers Opened/complete $20 SOLD!
    Spider-Man classics Superposeable Spider-man opened/complete $200 SOLD!
    NYCC Maximum Carnage Mini Muggs set MISB $50 SOLD!
    Target Exclusive Star Wars Mini Muggs MISB $20 SOLD!
    SquareEnix Play Arts Kai Mass Effect 3 Ashley Williams figure (for parts or customs. Comes with extra hands. Came from factory with 2 right arms) $20 SOLD!
    Tf Expo Exclusive MP-12 Lambor (Diaclone version without Autobot hood tampo) $110 SOLD!
    Beast Wars II C-24 Motorarm (bot only) $20 SOLD!
    Voyager Prime $20 SOLD!
    Go! G-17 Starscream Sealed $25 SOLD!
    Kre-O MEGA Lot $200 SOLD!
    SDCC GIJOE/Transformers Crossover sets. 2011, 2012, 2013. all MISB $425 SOLD!
    G2 Superion MISB $60 SOLD!
    G2 Menasor MISB $60 SOLD!
    Combiner Wars Legends Powerglide $8 SOLD!
    Combiner Wars Legends Groove $8 SOLD!
    Combiner Wars Legends Hot Rod $5 SOLD!
    Combiner Wars Legends Blackjack MOSC $8 SOLD!

    IDW Generations Bumblebee $15 SOLD!

    IDW Generations Tankor $10 SOLD!
    IDW Generations Armada Starscream $10 SOLD!
    IDW Generations Minicon Team $10 SOLD!

    SC-17 Wing Saber (Opened, Complete) $90 SOLD!

    Pretender Birdbrain inner body $5 SOLD!

    Pretender Icepick inner body $5 SOLD!
    Pretender Wildfly inner body $5 SOLD!
    Targetmaster Quake Body (sticker wear) $6 SOLD!
    G1 Overbite body $5 SOLD!
    G1 Tailgate (chrome wear) $5 SOLD!
    Micron Legend DVD Air Defense Anime Microns $60 SOLD
    G1 Metrotitan micro Metrobomb $85 SOLD
    C-350 Rabbicrater with VHS loose $150 SOLD
    D-332 Jaruga breast partner $70 SOLD
    MT-01 Microtrailer $30 SOLD
    MT-04 Microtrailer $30 SOLD
    Gundam Wing EW Altron Nataku P-Bandai exclusive $130 SOLD
    MakeToys Battle Tanker (first release w/ Drift Sword) and Optimus $90 SOLD
    MakeToys Trash-Talk and Cogwheel with My First Blaster $60 SOLD
    Operation Combination SixBuilder (Complete) $300 SOLD
    G1 Pretender Octopunch (missing crab arms.) $25 SOLD!
    G1 Pretender Octopunch (missing 1 crab arm and small gun.) $45 SOLD!
    Pretender Bludgeon tank top $25 SOLD!
    G1 C-312 Sixknight body $100 (in ok shape with sticker/play wear. Head has a crack near chin) SOLD
    G1 C-340 Skywave (Japanese Flattop) complete/boxed. no insert or papers. $40 SOLD
    Pretender Bludgeon shell $18 SOLD!
    G1 Doubleheader (missing small gun and wings) $40 SOLD!
    G1 Sizzle in great shape. $10 SOLD!
    Fizzle body (no sparks, great body) $5 SOLD!
    G1 Cindersaur SOLD!
    G1 Flamefeather SOLD!
    G1 Sparkstalker SOLD!
    G1 Sizzle (missing engine) SOLD!
    Micromasters Anti-Aircraft base Complete (Comes with tech specs) $60 SOLD!
    Micromaster Airwave complete (with instructions, techs, art cut out) $35 SOLD!
    Hot house complete (with instructions, techs, art cut out) $35 SOLD!
    Micromasters Airwave (Complete) $30 SOLD!
    Micromasters Hot House (complete, has sticker wear and paint wear on Hot House plane. Base Looks great!) $25 SOLD!
    Micromasters Cannon Transport tank halves $10 SOLD!
    Micromasters Military Patrol complete $20 SOLD!
    Action Master Skyfall (w/ partner. both discolored) $10 SOLD!
    Action Master Rollout complete (discolored) $ 15 SOLD!
    Micromasters Construction Patrol complete $15 SOLD!
    Micromasters Air Strike Patrol complete $15 SOLD!
    Micromasters Tank Truck Transport members Pipeline and Gusher $25 SOLD!
    Micromasters Off Road Patrol complete (poor condition all around) $11 SOLD!
    G2 Ramjet right wing $5 SOLD!
    G2 Ramjet Left and Right fists $12 SOLD!
    G2 Ramjet Missile Launcher x2 $3 SOLD OUT!
    G2 Ramjet Missile x3 $3 SOLD OUT!
    G2 Ramjet/Starscream landing gear $8 SOLD!
    G2 Ramjet instructions $5 SOLD!

    Beast Wars K-9 (Complete)
    $15 SOLD!
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    bump 2. updated want list.
  4. puma

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    Jun 2, 2011
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    Bump 3. added a ton of G1 parts and pieces! I'll add some Beast Wars, Beast Machines, and other stuff tomorrow.
  5. puma

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    Jun 2, 2011
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    Replied to some PMs
  6. bumbleblogn

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    Dec 16, 2011
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    What is the condition on blitzwing ? Is it complete ?

    Please LMK

  7. puma

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    Jun 2, 2011
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    PM'ed everyone and placed a few items on hold.

    Added Beast Wars figures!
  8. Verno

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    May 31, 2009
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    I think your BW Retrax is missing its Chest Piece. It should cover the robot head in Beast Mode.
  9. puma

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    Jun 2, 2011
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    Updated On Hold items

    Shit. I though it was complete. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. puma

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    Jun 2, 2011
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    updated holds and added Beast Machines, RID, Beast Wars, Universe 1.0, and other stuff. removed solds
  11. puma

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    Evening bump.
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    8. Bumping threads is limited to one per day (24 Hours)
    We realize the traffic that goes through the forum and the desire to stay on the first page but bumping threads is limited to one bump per day in a 24 hour period. Bumping is getting out of hand and we want everyone to have an equal shot of displaying their items.
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    daily bump.
  14. puma

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    1 bump a day.
  15. puma

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    Jun 2, 2011
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    updated thread with a few more pieces. G1, G2, and Beast Machines.
  16. puma

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    Jun 2, 2011
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  17. puma

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    Jun 2, 2011
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    special deal for Fort Max parts!
  18. OptimistPrime*

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    Apr 25, 2008
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    Free Bump...thanks for sale

    Money has been sent
    Thanks for the sale...items can be taken off hold

  19. puma

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    Jun 2, 2011
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    update for the day!
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