2D Artwork: PUFFER: Rust Case Scanario.

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Art' started by Anthony _aggro, Jun 23, 2010.

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    Had an urge to paint today, but then ended up drawing some morbid, demented, fan art instead....

    Based upon one of the rare variants of the mini cars called "Puffer".

    "Puffer" came about when some factories, instead of using the new retooled Pipes mold, just recolored the Huffer mold blue and essentially put Blue Huffers in the packaging for Pipes, thus creating "Puffer". From what I have read up on this figure, it is way more rare than Bumblejumper.

    I saw one on ebay once, but I have not seen one since.

    My version of Puffer is Huffers body with Pipes arms. I gave him a different head and made him crazy and start attacking his fellow Autobots. Poor Gears, but alas, he can be repaired. Ratchet is a great medic.

    This was a quick drawing, using a 6B pencil, in a small 5.5" x 8" sketchbook. The color was lightly applied in photoshop, but is nothing I can't easily do with some colored pencils in real life.

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    should make him a chain smoker as well

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