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    OK, I'm a Tekken junkie. From the first time I walked into the mall and spotted a Tekken game in the arcade up to date where we own Tekken through Tekken 5 for the various Playstation incarnations, and having once spent an entire sixteen hours locked on the console to unlock all characters and features of Tekken 3 for my wife (yeah, that's right, for my wife), I know that I'm hooked on it. I always have been, and always will be.

    I'm no hardcore gamer, but something about that fighting format just gets me riled up and I can't stop.

    But lately I'd been feeling a bit lackluster with Tekken 5. Part of it is my wife forbid me from going through the story battles without her there, and she only plays the game with me once, maybe twice a week.

    Enter Tekken: Dark Resurrection on the PSP. I doubt she'll be playing the PSP. And even if she would, I'll just nab her her own memory card and she can do her own saves. HA!

    Anyway, I played it for the first time last night. For about four hours. Until almost 2:30 AM. I haven't played a game until that late at night in years. What hooked me?

    The Dojo/Ghost system. Something about that tournament system, the ranking tournaments, and getting told "You are now ranked #2 in the Earth Dojo" just got me all fired up and I couldn't stop. Tekken 5 on the PS2 sort of bored me because, while you can play, and play, and play, and gain "ranks," the ranks don't really feel like they hold any importance. But, with the dojo system, achieving a better rank puts you in position to enter the ranking tournament. Win the ranking tournament, and you get to see/goto other dojos. That makes it feel like it matters. It's almost like good wrestling booking. Make the fight matter, or people just plain won't care.

    Anybody else out there love Tekken: Dark Resurrection and sharing ghosts on the Internet? My only real disappointment with Tekken DR is that you can't jump on a server and share combat with people across the web. You have to basically be "local" to do so. Which kind of sucks when you don't know anybody else for a few hundred miles around you that owns a PSP.

    I've unlocked a few of the special games so far as well. Kinda dig the gold rush, though it's a lot more difficult than the other fights I've had so far. Can't wait to get the bowling thing unlocked that's pictured on the back of the package.

    So, am I alone in my Tekken obsession? Who's with me?

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