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    Hey, Im hoping this is in the right section. I only saw a toy discussion where prices could be discussed, didnt see one about video games & similar. So I thought this was the logical section. Anyway, Im selling my PS2 (slim, one controller, 2 memory cards, bunch of games) & want some advice on the subject. Im selling it on eBay first of all & went over some sold auctions to see what a good range would be. My conclusion was, considering the things with it & its condition, $55 - $75 was fair. Here are my questions:

    Does having memory cards up the auctions value?
    Should I erase the cards B4 selling?
    Does it need to be packed specially?

    Hope some ppl can help with my questions, thanks guys!:D 
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    Well the value for that lot will depend greatly on what games your selling with the PS2, it sounds as if you are selling it as a lot , so please correct if i am wrong.

    That said to my knowledge there aren't many rare and in demand PS2 games.

    As for the memory cards , given the fact they are both readily available on Amazon and cheap i would say they would not add a lot of value but id think maybe $5 to $10 depending on size of the memory cards.

    All told unless you have a highly sought after and hard to find game id say your price is fair.

    Also fire it up and test not only the system but also the controller, games and memory card to make sure they are all in working order. That way you know it was working when you sent it.

    as for packing pad the games and system more heavily than the rest and should be find so long as everything is packed so they can't much.

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