Prowl Alert Binaltech Hybrid

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by karamazov80, Jun 23, 2007.

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    Jun 23, 2007
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    I'm interested in buying a Binaltech Alert figure with a Prowl head (head could be from either Prowl's Binaltech or Alternator figure) if anyone has one and would be willing to sell. I would be willing to pay around 60-65 U.S. dollars for it, preferably through Paypal. The item should be in very good condition. If the reprolabel stickers are attached, that's great, though not required. If you also have the Prowl Binaltech body and the Alert head in good condition, I would pay an extra 25 dollars or so for that. I could also offer a Classics Starscream and Classics Reissue Toys R Us Soundwave, both still unopened in their boxes (which are slightly scuffed from being in the store), as an even trade if interested (though I don't have a history of trading here, I can refer you to my ebay feedback--username srobi1).

    Please, only make offers if you:

    1) have a feedback thread as a seller that I can view, where you have a modest level of positive feedback and no negative feedback;or

    2) want to send me a "buy it now" on ebay, and have a high positive feedback rating as a seller there.

    Thanks, and e-mail me with any questions/offers at

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