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    This is just the start of a little story I've got lined up for a combiner team I cam up with a month ago. Let me know what you think.

    The bitter Siberian wind howled through the air as the plane landed into the disused airbase. As its rotors began to slow, the passenger door fell open. Out stepped a small number of uniformed soldiers, each one the epitome of the Soviet military; dedicated, strong and true believers in the might of Communism. They made a small walkway to protect the rest of the passengers from the brutal winds. Those passengers seemed to represent the Soviet intellect; two men in suits with long black coats and one in a white lab coat. With the soldiers acting as a wind shield, the group made their way across to the nearest hanger. Once they were inside, each of the suited men removed their coats. The scientist stood still, his eyes fixed on the contents of the hanger; a beige jeep.

    “We’re here as you requested,” said one of the suited men. His voice was as clear cut as the wind outside. “We’ve brought what you wanted. Now where is what you promised?” The jeep began to shudder. Its doors and wheels all shifted into a new configuration. It seemed to become like a man in figure, only much larger. Its purple optics twinkled for a moment before it spoke.

    “I don’t see the fuel with you. You wouldn’t be trying to make a fool out of Ol’ Swindle, would you?” it asked, crossing its arms in a superior manner. It was hard to tell, but it seemed to judge the men in the hanger as inferior to itself. The grin that had swept across its face vanished in a moment as it brought its arms down to its sides. “Well, where is it?” it demanded.

    “We have it outside,” calmly responded the other suited man, leisurely gesturing to the main hanger doors. “It would have been idiotic to bring them in. We realised that you must be pressed time so we thought it would be best to leave them where you could simply pick them up and go.” His voice seemed different to the other agent. Where the other sounded serious and cold, he possessed a pride that made him appear more comfortable in the situation. The mechanical man stared at the arrogant agent, unimpressed with his comment.

    “Fine then, here are your blueprints,” it responded removing a long canister from behind its back. It threw the flask at the scientist, almost falling over to catch it. The purple and beige android began to make its way to the doors, striding metres in a single step. “Good luck with your project. Do let me know how it goes. If you need anything, just ask Swindle. He’ll give you a good price.” A low chuckle echoed through the hanger as the robot swiftly opened and closed the doors. The scientist was once again frozen, by both the cold and the experience that had just happened to him. In the last two minutes, Gabriel had met and dealt with an extraterrestrial robot. He was returned to the real world when the serious suited man began to speak.

    “Do you think that you’ll be able to work out the schematics Doctor Orsk?” he asked. His words had lost their severity, seeming more desperate and pitiful than his physique would suggest. Gabriel corrected his glasses, bringing the man into better focus.

    “It shouldn’t take long to work them out. All of us in the Experimental Division have been waiting for an opportunity like this,” he responded. His words came out clearer than he thought they would. The wind had died down outside causing each word to echo through the hanger. Gabriel turned back to the agents as they all made their way back to the plane. “I wouldn’t worry Agent Grish, nor you Agent Burch. Project Red Star should be up and running within a matter of months.”

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