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    If there is another thread on this, then you know what to do.

    Okay, so I recently purchased a Wave 2 RTS Optimus Prime. Its a great mold except for the size class. But while fiddling around with it I noticed that on the inside of the Driver-side leg it has a copyright date of 2009. When I saw this I was kinda of surprised by this because we have been expecting this toy's release since 4th quarter 2010. I would have expected this toy and others like it have been produced in 2010 as well, along with a 2010 date on it. But is it possible that with a 2009 date on it that it was made prior to 2010?

    Now I understand that if it was designed in 2009 it is likely to have been mass produced in 2010. But I can't get the idea out of my head that there is a warehouse full of new unreleased toys in china collecting dust until the powers that be decide to release them.

    Can anyone offer insight into the timeframe that these toys are: 1. Designed, 2. Produced, and 3. Distributed.

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