Prime toyline - Budget cuts?

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    I was looking at the instructions for FE starscream, And I noticed that the toy in instructions had translucent plastic and possible light piping but the actual figure did not. Then we got the recent picture of RID deluxe/revealer knock out, And compared to the Prototype pic we got before it looks as if a lot of of the translucent plastic in the arms have been excluded as well. Then there's the lack of paint apps on a lot of what weve seen in RID Line. Has Hasbro been experiencing budget cuts? If so, then why?

    Another thing, Ive been passing by a couple nearby toy retailers here and I noticed that mostly DOTM toys are on display. As in and three shelves completely dominated by Dark of the moon toys. And the only TFP figures around being Arcee and Starscream, and they're right behind five rows of DOTM voyager Optimus. Not sure if this is the case elsewhere but did DOTM sell as well as hasbro hoped? Could that be the reason for apparent budget cuts? Am I just an idiot typing on a computer?

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