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    So, here it is... i was really bored and I am nowhere near a writer as anyone else, but like i said, i was really bored. I came up with this little sketch about Prime and Arcee...

    Act one starts off with Prime, Megs, Starscream and Jazz standing around having a nice can of oil. (Whatever cybertrons version of human beer is.) Our heroes/villians are taking a day off from the war to share a few cans of Oil light.
    (Picture the original vocal actors doing each of the voices. Welker on Megs, Cullen for Optimus.)

    Optimus Prime: "Yup."

    Starscream: "Uhuh."

    Megs: "...yes"

    Starscream: "So, Optimus..."

    Optimus Prime: "Yeah?"

    Starscream: "How was your date with Arcee last night?"

    Optimus Prime: "Wha... umm... what date?" (Signaling with his hand to cut off the new topic of conversation.)

    Megs: "Wha..."

    Starscream: "The one you had with Arcee la.... oh, I get it. You mean the mighty Megatron doesn't know that you're dating his girlfriend?!"

    Megs: "What date?! You're dating my girlfriend?!!!" (Megs crushes the can of oil and he looks towards Optimus)

    Optimus Prime: "Date? Umm, no. We were, umm..."

    Megs: "You were what?!"

    Starscream: "This is freaking awesome!"

    Optimus Prime: "No, we were reading books and discussing the future of Cybertron... you know, Cybertron's future is really important to us."

    Starscream: "Sure..."

    Megs: "Really? What books?"

    Starscream: " Did you exchange lubricants with her?!"

    Optimus Prime: "Shutup starscream! No, like i said, we were reading books and talking about the future of Cybertron...oh, what do you know... umm, hold on guys... i've got a call.." (Optimus voices a ringtone to pretend his cell phone is ringing) "Yeah, this is Optimus... what? Uhuh... no, we're right around the corner... oh... ok... I'll be right there. Yeah, what? Oh... I can't... He's right here... Ok, bye."

    Jazz: "What was that all about Optimus?"

    Starscream: "He's trying to avoid you Megatron!"

    Megs: "Shutup Starscream! Optimus, if you so much as touched Arcee... I will rip out your optics!!!!!!!!"

    Optimus Prime: "Well, that was Ironhide... Bumblebee got into another bar fight with Ratchet..."

    Jazz: "Not again."

    "Optimus Prime: "Yeah, it sounds pretty ugly.... He cut off Bumblebees legs again."

    Megs: "SO! What about last night huh? You and Arcee, my girlfriend?!"

    Optimus Prime: "Umm... we were reading books... I really have to go guys. From what Arcee...I mean, Ironhide said, it's getting really ugly. Bumblebee lubricated on Ironhide from the table..."

    Jazz: "He was dancing on the table again, wasn't he?"

    Optimus Prime: "Yup. Gotta go. Jazz, let's roll out!"

    (Optimus and Jazz transform and take off in a hurry)

    Starscream: "You're not going to do anything? The mighty Megatron is going to stand there while his Nemesis Optimus Prime dates his girlfriend?!"

    Megs: "Shut up you stupid fool!!" (Megs backhands Starscream, knocking him into a Cybertronian building. )

    Megs: "We shall see Prime, this shall not go without punishment!!" (Megatron clinches his fists as he vows revenge on Optimus Prime.)

    End Act 1.
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    LOL... this is great! I would to see what happens next.
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    ho ho ho that is great, two thumbs up

    i laughed :lolol  , i cried :cry  , but mostly did this

    :lolol  :lolol  :lolol  :lolol 
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    omg keep it up!
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    More i liked it!

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