Prime Time Act 2

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    Ok, so i wanted to get a take on what some of you thought. Glad some of you like it.

    Our second act starts out the next day outside a Cybertronian factory. Optimus, Jazz, Starscream and unknowingly Soundwave with his cohorts. Op, Jazz and Starscream are having a few cans of oil.

    Optimus Prime: "Yep."

    Jazz: "Ooh Yeah."

    Starscream: "So, Optimus..."

    Optimus Prime: "Yeah?"

    Starscream: "What really happened that night you went out with Arcee? I mean, Megatron isn't here today so there's no use in lying."

    Jazz: "Common Starscream?! Don't you have a spark?!"

    Starscream: "What? Can't a bot be curious about a fellow comrade's love life?"

    Optimus Prime: "Well... we're autobots. You're a decepticon."

    Starscream: "Oh, right."

    Jazz: "Idiot."

    Optimus Prime: "No, it's alright Jazz. I guess I've felt kind of ashamed for dating Megatron's girlfriend."

    Starscream: "It was just one night, right?"

    Optimus Prime: "Umm... yeah... one night." (Optimus starts to drink his can of Oil Light quickly.)

    (While Optimus, Jazz and Starscream are discussing the oily details of Optimus' date with Arcee, Soundwave hides behind a large boulder spying on the entire conversation.)

    Soundwave: "Ravage... Laserbeak... Rumble... Deploy. Operation 'Home wrecker."

    Starscream: "umm..."

    (Jazz sighs)

    Soundwave: "Lord Megatron, I have deployed Ravage, Laserbeak and Rumble."

    (Over Soundwave's com device, the voice of Megatron is heard saying, "Good...")

    Starscream: "Oh common!

    (Starscream throws his hands up in the air in anger, dropping his can of Oil Light on Ravage.)

    Starscream: "Soundwave, we all know you're standing behind us!"

    (Optimus rolls his eyes and turns around)

    Optimus Prime: "Yeah, i mean common, you are always so obvious!"

    Soundwave: "I..."

    Starscream: "You know, you suck for a decepticon spy. I'm sorry, it's the truth!"

    (Optimus, Jazz and Starscream shake their heads in disbelief)

    Jazz: "Maybe you should be a Go-Bot."

    Soundwave: "What is that supposed to mean?"

    Jazz: "I'm just sayin..."

    Starscream: "I never thought i'd say this... but the autobot has a point Soundwave. Maybe you should consider some other line of work. I don't think you're cut out to be a spy."

    Jazz: "Yeah man. I heard you a mile away. And plus, how many tape recorders have we brought outside with us while we have a few Oil Lights?"

    Soundwave: "Lord Megatron... I have been detected."

    Optimus Prime: "Don't take it personal Soundwave. You'll find some work along the line that will suit you."

    (Optimus, Jazz and Starscream all turn around and continue drinking their cans of oil.)

    Starscream: "Pull!"

    (Optimus Grabs Laserbeak and tosses him up in the air while Starscream takes a shot from his cannons.)

    Optimus Prime: "So, like i said. We were reading books and discussing the future of Cybertron."

    Act 2 ends as Optimus, Jazz and Starscream finish their cans of oil and head back to their respective bases as Soundwave stands in the background shaking his head at his failure.
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    omg this is great make more
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    oh my god i was in hysterics made me laugh i think thats was so funny well done please keep it up.

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