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    After reading all of the fan fiction, I am going to take a risk to see if anyone is interested in reading my fan fiction. If not, that's okay but here it goes. This is just Chapter One of the story Transformers-Objective: Prime One

    Chapter One

    "Where are we going, Spike?" the young woman asked anxiously putting her purse on the floor of his car, "I should be going to school right now."

    "I promised my cousin we would house sit her place until she got back from Belgium. She's an international star in the medical and computer fields."

    "I need to get to school. I don't have time to sit her apartment."

    "Not apartment. Condo." he said stopping in front of a gated community. The young man punched in a pass code at the gate and the gate moved forward slowly.

    "My dad is going to have my ass. This is not funny, Spike," the young woman sighed looking at the exquisite housing, "Your cousin lives here?"

    The car slowed to a stop as they both got out.

    "Let me guess, your cousin is rich."

    "You have no idea. Come on.."


    They opened the door and saw a perfectly beautiful and well equipped house with white walls and beautifully colored hard wood floors.

    "This place makes all those houses on MTV look like crap. She's got plasma TVs, computers, you name it. She's obscenely loaded with money."

    They both looked around as Spike gathered his cousin's mail outside from the mailbox.

    "She's busy all the time and always travels. Dad is worried about her traveling everywhere promoting this program that helps destroy cancer."

    "Why is your Dad worried about her?"

    "Her parents died young. Both were some kind of money investors..they were so well off, they had 5 houses all over the world, jets, you name it. Look at this," Spike said opening her bedroom door, "everything pristine."

    "It must be nice to have all of this money," Mikaela commented strolling her finger along the wood desk, "I bet she's got boyfriends all over like Paris Hilton."

    "No, she doesn't have the time for them, so she tells Dad. I don't think she's ever been out on a date. Hey, check this out. Looks like she's been waiting for us..she left us snacks."

    "That and a nice comfortable bed," she cooed putting her arms around Spike's neck, "I wonder if she minded if we stayed the night."

    "I don't know about that but since she's not here, I'm sure what she won't know won't hurt her."


    A young woman looked outside of the plane and down at the clouds.

    "Miss McLaughlin, call is for you," a gentleman said handing her a phone.
    "Thank you. Hello?...Hi Carl...yes, another one..I'm headed home for some rest and relaxation...not at this time, no..yes, the grant was substantial, didn't you get the note?...amazing..I'm almost home now, I'll give you a ring later on. Well, my cousin is house sitting until I get home..hope he's done a good job like he's always done...alright I'll catch you later."

    She hung up the phone and looked back out of the plane. There she silently took out the gold chain around her neck and held the item attached to the chain inside the palm of her hand quietly thinking.


    Spike and Mikaela were all over the couch watching Air Force One on TV.

    "This speaker system is righteous. It's Bose..the best out there."

    "I'm jealous of her already and I haven't even met her."

    "Oh she's cool," Spike reassured his girlfriend, "you two would become fast friends."

    "How old is she?"

    "About..what..ten, fifteen years older than me?"

    "Almost your Mom's age," the girlfriend teased.

    "She collects comic books and action figures too. She's not your typical womanly girl if you know what I mean."

    "Yea, she's a nerd."

    "A rich nerd. And very pretty too."

    "Kissing cousin pretty?"

    "Oh you know," Spike stated uncomfortable,"she's like my big sister. In fact, my parents were going to adopt her several times but it didn't pan out. Long story."

    "Oh do tell."

    "This scene is awesome! I love Harrison Ford."

    Mikaela got up and went in front of the TV.

    "I bet Harrison ford doesn't have a pair of these," she cooed seducing Sam with taking off of her shirt.

    "And I bet Harrison Ford wouldn't mind getting a better look at your chest either. Hello kids," the young woman stated closing the door," I see you all have kept the place orderly and upright while I was gone."

    Spike got up and picked up the bag of Doritos off the now crumb filled floor.


    "Hi sweetie," she said kissing her cousin on the cheek, "you know the rules about premarital sex. Have it in the other room, not where the neighbors can see it. They might want to join in."

    Mikaela quickly put back on her shirt and sat down embarrassed.

    "I'm beat. Who wants pizza?"

    "Myr, when did you get the Bose system? It wasn't here last time."

    "About a week ago. I was going to send it back or give it to your Dad. You like it?"

    "Yea. It fits the TV great."

    "Okay, I'll keep it. It's just that my eyes are going fuzzy a lot and I've got to make an appointment to go see the doctor-great system but it sucks if you can't watch the TV. You didn't go into THE room, did you?"

    "You're the only one who has a key."

    "Just checking your memory. Let me see how the room is."

    Spike followed her as she opened the door. He saw that his cousin wasn't happy with what she saw.

    "This isn't right."

    "I swear I didn't go in there, Myrren. I swear!"

    "It's too neat and clean for this room," she kidded.

    Sam and Mikaela gave Myrren the "deer in the head lights" look.

    "I'm kidding, kids. Relax. Have you called for pizza yet? Better yet, call your Dad and tell him you're staying the night over. I haven't had guests in ages and I really feel like having company."
    A dark and looming presence stared at the night skyline of lights in the distance. It shifted his balance as something small stood beside it, silent.
    "Your objective is clear. Retrieve the information for me immediately. If you have to kill, do it but be silent. We would not want anything disturbing the peace."
    The dark presence nodded and the small object whisked itself away into the dead of the night.
    "It is Mikaela, isn't it?" Myrren asked putting her clothes away, " It is really nice to meet you."

    "This place is beautiful. You see all of those wealthy people living in huge mansions with hired help on TV. You live here all by yourself?"

    "I do. I don't believe in hiring help if you can do things yourself. Hiring help is ludicrous-I believe having a big house is like having children-don't have them if you can't take care of them."

    "Interesting notion."

    "Thank you," Myrren said raising an eyebrow and folding some clothes, "Don't waste money just because you have it to spend."

    "So what do you do?"

    "Well," she said closing her underwear drawer, "I do a lot of things. What do you do?"

    "I'm going to school to be a nurse. I've dabbled in mechanics at my Dad's shop..but I wanted to do something else."

    "Nursing is a labor of love, pardon the pun," Myrren said putting her suitcases away in the closet, "My work is very..what is the word..multi faceted. It's complicated to tell you what all I do."

    " Wait a minute..I know you. You're the lady on TV getting all of those awards in science curing cancer or something like that. I knew I've seen you somewhere. My boss envies your work. In fact, that's all he talks about lately."

    Myrren smiled at Mikaela.

    "What I do is a labor of love as well, Mikaela. To me, there are two great occupations: the military and the medical field."

    "I love working with people," she said nervously looking at her fingernails.

    "I like're honest seem to be good for Spike from what I've observed so far."

    "I love him."

    "I know you do. One thing I can do is judge character or at least attempt it. If I know my cousin, he's tearing up the pepperoni right at this moment. Let's get going."

    "You know how I met Spike, right?"

    "No," Myrren said,"He never told me how you two met. But I'm a little curious how a lovely lady like you ended up with a roughhouse like Spike."

    "His car..and the other Transformers."

    Myrren gave her a funny look.

    "His car, I can understand. That Camaro is a woman magnet... but weren't the Transformers a cartoon show in the mid 1980's?"

    "No, these robots in disguise themselves as vehicles and transportation are real. The ones on TV like Star Scream and Optimus Prime. Those guys-one is a jet fighter and one is a huge Peter-built semi truck. You've seen them, haven't you?"

    Myrren looked at Mikaela blankly then shut her closet door.

    "Not lately," Myrren said thinking Spike's girlfriend was delusional, "I stopped watching TV a few years ago. Come on, let's eat."
    "Okay, you both can sleep in the spare bedroom. You know the rules in the house: everyone has to have fun and I need to hear giggling 15 minutes after the lights go out. Spike, don't you dare come in and sneak a pillow fight."

    "Aw Myr."

    "I mean it.." she smirked, "I know you."

    "You know I'm going to do it."

    "Yea, and I'll whoop your flat ass-"

    "Flat ass? Who you calling flat ass, Tire Thighs?"

    Myrren gave him that look of "you're pushing it."

    "I'm kidding. Go to bed you two. And Spike."


    "There is money in your wallet. Thank you for keeping the place in good shape."

    "Goodnight, Cous," he said kissing her cheek, "You're the best."

    They shut the door and Myrren turned into her bed as well.

    "Ghost stories. Give me ghost stories." she whispered turning on her XM radio, "Give it to me, Art baby! EVPs please.."

    After turning on the radio, she heard a distinct noise coming from her computer room.

    "What in the hell?" she said to herself as she slowly turned down the volume on her receiver. Then she heard what she thought was glass breaking.



    "You didn't bring any glassware into the room did you?"

    "No ma'am."

    "Okay. Goodnight you two."

    Spike opened the door with his shorts on.

    "What did you hear?"

    "I don't know," Myrren said grabbing her key, "I swear I heard glass breaking."
    She opened the door and entered the room. Then she turned on the lights and found the whole room turned upside down.

    "No," she said looking around, "Spike, call the cops. Now."

    "What are they after?" he said as Mikaela walked up in a nightgown.

    "Oh my gosh. What happened?"

    "What were they after, Myrren?"

    The young woman looked around then grabbed at the chain on her neck in fear.


    "My program. They were after my program."

    After the police left, Myrren picked up the room as best as she could. Spike and Mikaela helped her put things back to the way they were supposed to be.

    "No fingerprints, my ass," Myrren growled lifting up a computer desk, "this place can't be that clean."

    "I'm sure they'll find something."

    "Well, if they do, they'll be lucky."

    Mikaela went over to the window and looked at a piece of broken glass with a piece of metal lodged inside.

    "Myrren, did you catch this?"

    "Catch what?" Myrren said putting down the plastic bag. She walked over and looked at the window.

    "Sigh. Let's just patch it up really quickly. I don't know who could've broken in here and disabled the security system. You know what? Let's move everything out of this room and into my bedroom. I'm sorry, guys, I didn't want this."

    "It's no problem, Myr. The sooner we get this stuff moved in, the sooner we can get to giggling."
    Myrren tucked the kids in bed and went outside in the night air with a beer. She sat down on her patio furniture and took a drink.

    "There's Spike's car. I can see why Maxim cover girls would be drawn to it."

    And as she was looking at the car, the light blinked on as if it were winking. Myrren's head went back.

    "What in the hell," she said going down with her beer in tow, "I hope we don't have carjackers too." She walked down the steps slowly feeling her way and found her way to Spike's car.

    "Oh thank God," she said trying the door, "I'm going to talk about the security in this damn complex tomorrow. I've about had it with this place."

    She turns around and heads back but then hears something behind her. Myrren stops and turns around.

    "You know," she said stroking the car with her fingertips, "I think Bumblebee was the name of one of the Transformers from the cartoon. You're a Camaro though. Bumblebee, if I remember correctly, was a Volkswagen Bug. I like the Camaro idea gives you a shitload of sex appeal."

    She smiled to herself and went back inside to go to bed.

    Bumblebee changed into his humanoid alter ego and looked himself over in the patio window closely. He then looked in the direction of the front door and cocked his head.

    --Hope you like the story so far. Heather
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    Wow, that's pretty good. Keep up the good work.
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    Looks good so far... altho I hope you give at least *some* explanation why there was a cartoon that wasn't super-far off the mark from the "reality" about TFs, esp since they have the same names.

    But I'm liking - esp the parting shot about BB's alt.mode. :) 
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    Hi VA..this is only a work in progress. There will be an explanation about the cartoon in the rest of the story....this is still a big time work in progress. :) 

    Thanks for your input. Heather
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    Believe me.... the story Lady has written takes some interesting turns!!!
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    So this is taking place in a pseudo G1/movieverse since you mention Spike not Sam?

    Interesting so far Lady Prime. I wonder who that could be watching the house? And cute chapter ending with Bumblebee.
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    i think it was soundwave watching the house and sent of his minions in.. correct me if im wrong :p 
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    i read most of it,its really good,keep up the good work!

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