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    Just like with the first Prime Effect, I am reposting the Prime Effect 2 story. Making sure that each chapter is in it's own post and not all joined together in one big post (like I did previously). I have also updated the chapters to be more in line with how I have written the later stories, but I have not completely redone them (like changing what I wrote), for I wanted them to stay pretty much like I had first written them.

    And my latest version of Prime Effect 2 will start on the second page of this thread.

    Enjoy and thank you for reading.
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    Pretty intense...I feel sorry for Arcee. :( 
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    Chapter two is up.

    Enjoy :) 
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    Chapter 3 is now up

    Enjoy :) 
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    Chapter 4 is now up

    Enjoy :) 
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    Chapter 5 is now up

    Enjoy :) 

    and let me know what you think.

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    Chapter 6 is now up

    enjoy :) 
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    Chapter 7 is now up

    enjoy :) 
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    Chapter 8 is now up.

    enjoy :) 
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    bumping to keep track of it
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    A/N: Well here is the sequel, I hope you enjoy it.



    In a large dark room, the only illumination coming from a grouping of orange holographic screens in its center. A Caucasian man in his late fifties stood there and was monitoring each screen intently. On the screens were numerous videos and images of the star ship Normandy, Commander Darby and his team mates. Other images included Sovereign and Saren. He stared at the screens for what seemed forever until his attention was caught by the sounds of footsteps behind him.

    "Your late agent Lawson". he said in a calm stoic manner.

    "My apologies Director, but it would appear that the target was harder to track than we originally thought." a young woman replied as she stood beside him. He did not even acknowledge her as he continued to watch the footage playing on the screens.

    "Well, it would seem that you still accomplished the task." he replied pointing at screen showing the target's current position.

    "Yes, we have a vessel shadowing them as we speak, here is the latest Intel we have acquired." she replied as she held out a data pad. The old man just waved his hand over it and the data then transferred to one of the screens. He then looked at it intently before smiling.

    "Interesting, tell our vessel to keep transmitting data back to me for as long as they are able."

    The young woman nodded before she turned away and looked around the barren room, it looked like it was made of mirrors as the walls, floor and ceiling all reflected their image back with the orange hue of the screens behind them. The man looked over to her, noticing her tense posture.

    "What's the matter Miranda?" he asked, his tone shifting to an almost caring one. She then crossed her arms and looked over her shoulder to him.

    "It's just that Jack Darby did everything right. He saved the galaxy from Sovereign and the Geth and now humanity's place among the galactic community is stronger than ever."

    The Director looked back at a screen with the young Prime's image on it.

    "Yes, he certainly proved his worth when it counted didn't he." he replied while enlarging one screen showing footage of the Prime hacking down Saren from the Citadel security feed.

    "And yet it is still not enough..." she sighed.

    "...While he is out there searching, the Council is busy sweeping the entire affair under the rug. They are even secretly clogging up the Alliance with red tape, stopping them from helping in the search." the Agent continued, as her voice showed signs of annoyance.

    The Director picked up a glass from a stand on his right and took a sip of the liquid inside.

    "I know, the council would rather blame the whole ordeal on Saren and the Geth. Not wanting to believe in myths and legends, but we know what the real threat is."

    The young woman then turned around and looked at the older man. "Yes, the Reapers are still out there." she replied as the Director then waved his free hand over one of the screen's, making it swap places with another.

    "And now it is up to us to stop them." he said as he looked over an image of Sovereign. Miranda shook her head.

    "Unfortunately no one will trust MECH. Even after all these years. They still believe we are the terrorist organisation that we were during the war."

    She then looked away from the Director, as a slight smile graced her lips.

    "But Darby, they will listen to him. He is a hero, the first Human Prime." she said with admiration that did not go unnoticed by the older man who coughed into his hand, gaining her attention. This snapped her out of it, her posture and face becoming serious again.

    "But he is only a man. If anything happens to him, I believe that we will all lose." she said honestly as the Director turned and looked directly at her. She could not see his face as the light from holo-screens shone behind him, but she could see that his yellow optics narrowed at her.

    "Then see to it that we don't lose him." he answered before taking another sip from his glass. Miranda then nodded before turning around and leaving the room. Once again leaving the Director alone as he studied the screens in quiet.


    Meanwhile across the other side of the galaxy, the Normandy dropped out of hyperspace as it's hull shimmered softly while passing a barren rocky planet. In the CIC the crew were going about their duties as Commander Jack Darby and his pilot, the Autobot Hotrod were talking in the cockpit.

    "We have entered the Amada system and the stealth mode is engaged." the pilot said before turning to Jack.

    "So we have been searching the Omega Nebula for a means to defeat the Reapers for the last two weeks, hoping to find a super weapon or something to use against them, but have found nothing. A big fat zero." he continued irritably.

    Jack looked down at the screen in front of him, reading the information that was appearing on it.

    "Never said it was going to be easy Hotrod. Besides we still have the rest of the galaxy to search. We check out any lead, any trail that might lead us to something that we can use."

    Hotrod shrugged and then looked back at his console. "Well the sooner we find something the better. I hear the new Blasto movie is showing at theaters now, and I don't want to miss it."

    Jack, knowing where this conversation would lead decided to leave before being dragged into another movie talk, so he patted Hotrod on the shoulder before turning around and walking away.

    "I'll be in my quarters if anything should happen." he said as Hotrod lean out looking back at him smirking.

    "Is Arcee there too?" he jokingly asked. But Jack being the man he was chose to ignore it.

    "As you were Hotrod." he answered stoically, to which the pilot chuckled before turning back round to his controls.

    "Aye Aye sir."

    As Jack entered their quarters, funny it used to be his quarters. But since he and Arcee had begun a relationship only a few weeks previously, she had spent more time in his quarters so he asked her to move in. He looked around the room to find that she was already claiming it by having more of her belongings on show than his own. The Commander didn't mind though, he would do anything for her. As he sat down at the desk and activated the console, he heard the shower running and smiled.

    'She really does love that shower' he thought as he looked through the numerous daily reports and messages that had filled up his inbox. One was from Tali who had just gotten Engineering just the way she wanted it. The other was from Garrus and he was complaining that the crew's constant messing with the weapon systems was interfering with his calibrations. There was a message was from Wrex asking him to join the Krogan for a drink in the common room which made the Prime chuckle.

    Jack then turned off the console when he heard the shower turn off, and turned to see Arcee stepping out of the bathroom with a blue towel wrapped around her figure.

    "Nice." he said with a big grin. The femme smiled back at him with slightly red cheeks.

    "Thanks." she replied, a little taken back. He then stood up and walked over to her.

    "So I guess your shift is over now?" she asked as he put an arm around her back and pulled her close.

    "I am all yours for the next few hours." he replied as he started to kiss her neck. A sweet moan escaped her as she closed her eyes, enjoying his lips on her skin.

    "Whatever am I going to do with you?" she said before Jack looked back to her and then pressed his lips against hers. They tasted just as sweet and succulent now as they did the first time he kissed her. She suddenly surprised him by pushing him onto the bed and climbed on top of him as her towel fell off, exposing her athletic figure. Then for one moment they just looked into each others eyes as they smiled at each other lovingly.

    "Lights off." Arcee said as she bent down and kissed her lover passionately while the room went dark around them.


    It was late when Jack woke up lying on their bed with the sheets half covering him. He looked to his side to see Arcee lying next to him, smiling back.

    "Do you realise that you snore in your sleep." she said gently. Jack looked back horrified.

    "Why did you have to tell me that." he replied as he placed his hands on his face in shame. The femme chuckled as she got on to her side facing him.

    "It wasn't bad, it was soft and faint. I thought it was cute." she teased as she gently pulled his hands away. He looked back at her and saw nothing but love in her eyes and found himself relaxing as she then moved in close and rested her head on his chest as he started stroking her blue hair.

    "Jack do you ever think about the future?" she asked softly.

    "What do you mean?" he replied curious to why she had just brought it up. The femme then looked up at him.

    "I mean us, our future."

    The Prime looked back at the femme and saw that something had been weighing on her mind.

    "Yes I do, I mean I know that we have the Reapers to deal with first but I have found myself thinking more about what we would do after." he replied which made her spark warm. She then took a breath before speaking again.

    "Well there was something I wanted to ask you" she said, her voice sounding nervous. Jack looked at her.

    "Well ask, you know you can talk to me about anything." he replied gently. Arcee sighed as she recognized the caring tone in his voice.

    "Well first, what do you know of sparkm…" but she was cut off mid sentence by the intercom activating.

    "Commander, you and Arcee are needed in the CIC." Hotrod's voice echoed throughout the room.

    Jack looked back at his love as she looked at him disappointed.

    "I tell you what, we take care of whatever it is that they need. And then we come back up here and you tell me what is on you mind." he said with a warm smile as she closed the distance and relaxed into a deep kiss with him, holding it for several seconds before separating.

    "Okay, lets get this done quickly then." she replied.

    As they entered the bridge, everyone was hurrying about as the atmosphere felt tense. The two walked up to Hotrod.

    "What's the situation." Jack asked.

    The pilot looked over to them.

    "Commander we have an unidentified ship approaching us on a intercept trajectory." he replied, worry was evident in his voice.

    "But I thought stealth mode was active." Arcee observed while looking over the readouts on a screen next to her.

    "Yeah it is, so whatever this ship is, it has sensors that are strong enough to detect us." he said as Jack looked over at Arcee's screen.

    "Can you show us it?" he asked as Hotrod then transferred a picture of it to their console.

    "Here you go, it's the first scan I took of it."

    They both looked at the image on screen. The alien ship at a cylinder like shape with numerous sections sticking out while it spun on its axis. If Jack were to describe it, he would say that it looked somewhat like a corkscrew. He looked over to Hotrod as the young bot's face went white.

    "By Primus, they are targeting us and powering weapons." he said, fear taking over.

    "Evasive action and raise shields." The Commander ordered as Hotrod too control and veered the ship to the right as the massive cruiser fired an yellow energy beam that narrowly missed them.

    "Hail them" the Prime ordered as Arcee worked the console in front of her.

    "No response" she replied as the enemy ship fired again scraping the Alliance ship, causing numerous explosions on all decks.

    "We have a hull breach on deck four. And we are leaking atmosphere." Arcee stated as Hotrod managed to turn the ship just in time before the yellow energy beam hit again.

    "Tell everyone to switch to breather helmets, and get damage control teams down there to seal the breach." Jack replied before turning back to Hotrod who had just put on his own breather helmet.

    "Okay, enough with playing nice, arm weapons and take us at them."

    The Autobot nodded and swung the ship around and flew directly at the cruiser as it's beam hit the Normandy again, causing the ship to shake against the impact.

    "Fire" Jack shouted as the Normandy fired everything from torpedoes, to its cannons at the unknown ship.

    "No effect" Hotrod replied just as the bridge was rocked by the enemy firing on the Alliance ship and slicing off the port-side wing, making it spin uncontrollably.

    "We have lost our starboard engine, I am trying to stabilise her with thrusters." The pilot said as he franticly worked at the controls. Jack looked at Arcee who too was now wearing her breather helmet as she looked back at him, it was as if they were both thinking the same thing.

    "What's the damage report?" he asked hesitantly. The femme flipped through the screens.

    "We have hull breaches on decks four, five and one. Main power is off across most of the ship." she replied.

    Jack then turned back to Hotrod and activated the intercom.

    "This is the Commander, all hands abandon ship, I repeat all hands abandon ship." Arcee and Hotrod looked at each other worriedly before looking back to the Prime. Then the intercom activated again.

    "This is Tali, we have crew trapped down here in Engineering and cannot make it to the escape pods. We need assistance." she called as both Jack and his XO started to head to the elevator. Jack turned to Hotrod.

    "Try to keep that ship from getting a target lock on us, we will go down to deck four and help Tali." he said as they then walked off.

    "Will do Commander." he pilot replied as he kept his attention on evading the unknown adversary.

    Once they got out from the elevator they were met with flames and smoke as the corridors were lit in the red emergency lighting.

    "I think you should suit up Jack." Arcee said. The Prime nodded and removed a dark grey octagonal disc that had the silver Autobot symbol on it's topside. He then placed it on his chest and it activated, unfolding and spreading out along the Commander's body before taking the shape of the Prime armour, the autobot symbol on his right chest plate shining for a second before fading. "Lets go" Jack said as they both headed down towards engineering.


    Once they arrived at the entrance to Engineering, both of them saw the problem.

    "Tali, its Jack, we are outside now. It seems that part of the ceiling has fallen down and blocked off the door." he said into his com link.

    "Just stay calm as I cut through it." he then activated his energy blade and swung at the debris, slicing it in two. They then cleared out the pieces and entered the room. Jack went over to Tali who was sitting against a control station while his partner helped up the other crewmen.

    "Are you ok Tali?" he asked as the Quarian held her arm.

    "I had a suit puncture that I have just repaired but I am now running a fever from exposure to something in the air." she said as the ship was rocked by another impact from the enemy's weapon. Jack helped his friend up and motioned the femme over to them.

    "Arcee, I need you to get Tali and these crewmen into the nearest escape pod." he said as he then saw the surprise in her face.

    "But what about you?" she replied.

    "I am going back up to the cockpit to get Hotrod, I'll be right behind you." he replied confidently. But Arcee was not having any of it.

    "We can do this together, I am not leaving your side." she said adamantly. Jack then placed his hands on both of her shoulders and looked into her eyes. I need you to help Tali and these crewmen. I will activate the distress beacon from here and will get into the nearest escape pod with Hotrod. We will be right behind you." he said, his voice remaining calm despite the worsening situation around them.

    The femme just looked at him for a moment, before accepting defeat.

    "You better be right behind us." she replied as she turned away only to have Jack stop her and hold his hand to her face to stroke her cheek.

    "Don't worry, you are not going to lose me that easily."

    He then placed something in her hand. She looked down to see his dog tags. She looked back up to him to see him smiling at her.

    "And I will want those back." he replied gently before being cut off by another hit to the ship making the room shake.

    "Now go." he said as Arcee helped Tali and the others out of Engineering. Jack then turned to the control console and activated the distress beacon, which dropped out of the underbelly of the ship as it drifted near a blue planet with the unknown enemy closing in.

    Arcee and the group made it to the escape pod as she hit the activation pad, making the pod open up in front of them.

    "Okay, everyone in." she said as Tali and the crewmen climbed in and sat down in the empty seats. The femme then activated her com link.

    "Arcee to Garrus and Wrex, come in." she called out, hoping to get an answer.

    "Garrus here, Wrex and myself are just directing crewmen into the escape pods." the Turian replied.

    "Me too, also I have Tali here." she said as the corridor filled with more smoke from the growing fires.

    "Is she alright? What about Jack, is he with you?" he asked.

    "Yes she is fine, but Jack is heading back to the cockpit for Hotrod." as she looked down at her lover's dog tags in her hand.

    "Hey Jack will be fine, he will get Hotrod off the ship before anything happens. We should go now though." he answered over the com link.

    "Okay, launching escape pods now" she answered as she entered the pod, the hatch closing behind her. Then as the Normandy continued to drift, its thrusters barely keeping it stable. Parts of the hull folded out to reveal the escape pods which then launched out into space.

    Jack climbed up through the service ducts to reach the CIC, not even attempting to use the elevator considering how badly damaged the Normandy would be by now. He reached the top when the ship shook severally from another attack. It felt like an earthquake as he barely managed to hold on to the ladder.

    'That one felt too close.' he thought as he reached up to the hatch and attempted to open it, but it would not budge. He activated his holo-tool and brought up a scan of the ship, looking at the area he was about to enter. It was flashing red as Jack realised the only reason that it would be doing that.

    'There's a hull breach in CIC.' he thought. He then concentrated and his armour responded with his breather helmet unfolding around his head from out from within itself. He then heard his own breathing as he then activated the manual release and opened the hatch, the oxygen in the service duct being pulled out into the vacuum of space. He then climbed out to see that the CIC had a hull breach that covered what used to be the ceiling. He looked up to see a blue planet and the stars overhead as well as the attacking ship closing. He then walked slowly towards the cockpit, as he pushed floating chairs and dead crewman out of the way as he got closer to Hotrod who was still at his station, trying to keep the ship moving.

    "Hotrod we have to abandon ship." he said while the Autobot kept trying to control the ship.

    "No I won't leave, I can still get the ship to safety." he defiantly replied as he tried to retain control of the Normandy. Jack leaned over Hotrod trying to press the issue.

    "The Normandy is going to be destroyed, going down with her won't change that."

    Hotrod's face suddenly looked lost as he realised the futile nature of what he was trying to achieve.

    "….Yeah...okay." he replied sadly.

    The pilot then got out of the chair before noticing some information appear on his screen that caused his spark's beat to quicken.

    "They are coming around for another attack." he warned Jack as the enemy ship fired on the defenceless and heavily damaged Normandy again, rocking the ship even harder. The Prime then grabbed the bot by the arm and pulled him away from the cockpit.

    "Okay, I'm moving." he replied as Jack opened the escape pod's hatch and the young Autobot got inside and fastened himself into one of the chairs there. Jack was about to climb in himself when suddenly the hull behind him disintegrated revealing open space. Another explosion knocked the Commander away from the pod and back into the quickly disintegrating cockpit. The energy beam broke through and blocked him off from the escape pod as Hotrod watched helplessly from his seat.

    "Commander!" he shouted to Jack who grabbed onto the railing on the wall near the pod. Knowing that there was no other way, he took one last look at his pilot and then hit the pod's activation panel next to him.

    "PRIME!" Hotrod screamed as the escape pod sealed itself and launched into space, away from the ship. Jack then let go of the railing and let himself float in the middle of the room. Another shot from the cruiser hit a power cable near him, causing it to explode and send him flying out of the wreck and into open space.

    He watched his ship break up as the enemy fired again, cutting through the ship like a knife through butter, making the Normandy explode. The shockwave from the blast knocked the Prime further away.

    Then over the sounds of his own heavy breathing, he heard a hissing noise coming from inside his own suit and realised that his oxygen supply had been damaged from the shockwave. He franticly reached behind his neck to the breach in his helmet, trying desperately to stop all his oxygen from flowing out into space. But the oxygen supply emptied quickly, as he felt his lungs collapse.

    The air that had inhabited them being forcibly sucked out by the vacuum. He was consumed by a white hot pain across hi entire body as his organs turned to mush and he lost consciousness just as his heart stopped beating. His lifeless body then drifted into the planet's atmosphere.

    From where she was sitting in the escape pod, Arcee watched helplessly as the Normandy was no more but debris drifting in space. A million thoughts ran through her mind as she fumbled for her com link.

    "Jack, Hotrod. Are either of you there?" she called out, her voice nearly breaking. Then there was silence for a long moment before Hotrod's voice came through.

    "Arcee…" he answered hesitantly gaining her attention, as she got off her seat and stood at the window looking out at the destroyed ship.

    "Hotrod, is Jack with you? Is he alright?" she replied as she tried to keep a grip of her emotions.

    "Arcee….I am sorry." he answered shakily. Her eyes widened and her mouth parted as his words sunk in.

    "Jack got me into the escape pod, but he didn't make it. He was still onboard when the Normandy exploded." The young Autobot answered, his voice filled with guilt and regret. The femme then collapsed to her knees, tears streamed down her face as the control she had over her emotions broke down. She let herself fall into grief as her eyes stung from the tears welling up in them. She looked out into space and placed a hand on the window.

    'No Jack, you wouldn't leave me…Jack!' she thought as she gripped his dog tags tightly. Tali looked away from the grieving femme and muttered a prayer for her fallen friend as their escape pod and the others drifted away to safety.

    A/N: Well I hoped you enjoyed that. Let me know your views and thoughts on this chapter through reviews or private messages. Thank you for reading.

    Next Chapter: After two years Jack awakens to find that the world he knew has changed, and that the people who brought him back are the ones he least expected.
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    Jack found himself surrounded by a warm white light. It was so bright that he could not see anything around him, yet the brightness did not hurt his eyes. But wherever he was he felt calm, peaceful, done. Somehow he knew everything was alright, that everyone he knew was okay.

    Most importantly he knew Arcee was safe and that in itself made him feel tranquil. Time now had no meaning to him as he floated there in the light. But as he relaxed his attention was drawn to a black spot that had appeared in front of him. He reached out with his hand to the spot and found the area around it to be ice cold, making he draw his hand back as his mind was suddenly given a glimpse of something. It was something that he had forgotten, that caused him great pain.

    Before he could remember it fully he tried to move away, make some distance from it. But then the spot expanded around him, making him shiver from the extreme cold that emanated from it. He then started to remember, the cold, the fire, and suddenly there was a sharp pain in his chest, then it struck again and again. The warm bright light had faded as the darkness surrounded him.

    He clutched his chest as the pain became unbearable as he felt his heart beat again repeatedly. He also felt something against his back, cold and metallic. He couldn't move as if he was strapped down to it. He then opened his mouth and took a deep breath, his lungs filling with oxygen as his chest expanded with each breath there after. He then heard voices around him, one sounded female while the other was unmistakably male.

    "Something is wrong Miranda, he is coming too." the male said as Jack tried to open his eyes, the darkness being banished by light as his eyes refocused to see the ceiling above him. He tried to look around but found that his vision was still slightly blurry.

    "It's too soon Wilson." the female voice replied irritably. As Jack looked back to the ceiling the female then stood over him. She had long brown hair just past her shoulders and looked down to him before looking back at the male.

    "Give him the sedative now." she said as the male came into view above Jack. He then felt a prick to his arm and a liquid then entering his body, making him slip back into unconsciousness again as the woman looked back down to him.

    "Everything is alright Jack, sleep for now."

    Then the darkness returned around him as his mind was filled with images of his last moments, the pain he felt as his life slipped away. It was all to much for him and he fought to rid himself of those memories that threatened to tear him apart, then suddenly he opened his eyes and awakened.

    Jack rose up from the berth quickly in shock as he breathed heavily. His entire body throbbing, proving that he was alive again. He had no idea how it happened though. He looked around almost like he was panicking, eyes darting all around the place. He still felt the pain in his chest as he looked down to his body and saw that the matrix was still hanging around his neck. But then he noticed something else, he looked past the crystal to what appeared to be scarring on his chest. He then looked over his arms to find more of scarring.

    'What the hell happened to me?' he thought as he got off the berth and saw a mirror on the wall in front of him. He walked over to it, his muscles aching like they were not used to being this active. He then examined his face to see the same scarring was present there too, if only slightly fainter. As he looked over the scars on his body and face, thoughts of how and why he was back suddenly plagued his mind before the intercom activated.

    "Jackson Prime, your finally awake and not a moment to soon." a familiar female voice spoke gaining the man's attention.

    "What's going on here, why I am back?" he asked.

    "I can't answer those questions right now, all I can tell you right now is that your life is in danger." she replied.

    "Why, what is going on?" he asked as he looked around the room, clearly it was some sort of lab, but he couldn't see anything of use in it.

    "The station's supply of security droids have gone haywire and are killing off the crew, but they seem to be converging on your position from all over the station. I can get you out of here, but you have to follow my instructions."

    Jack knew the likely hood of him getting out of here without help was not good especially since he had no idea where he was, so he nodded in agreement.

    "Okay, what do you want me to do." he replied reluctantly.

    "First in the cupboard to your left you should find your armour, I think you will need it. And then in the next room you will find a mattock ninety-six assault rifle with ammo."

    The Prime went over to the cupboard and opened it to find the octagonal disc of his and he slapped it onto his chest. Within seconds his Prime armour was his body again as he left the room and found the weapon on the table like the woman had told him. He picked it up and headed over to the lab's exit.

    "Okay I am ready, what our next move?" he said. He peeked around the door to look down the grey metallic corridor outside, not seeing any movement there.

    "Okay, head down that corridor and take a right, before coming to a junction. Once there go left and you should reach at catwalk. I be able to give you more instructions then."

    Jack then walked out of the room and followed the woman's instructions as he made his way down the corridors. He then heard mechanical sounds and footsteps around the corner of the left corridor joining the one he was in and took cover behind a cargo container as two droids stepped out with their weapons raised. Their red optics scanning the area, as they searched for any organic life signs. Jack held his weapon steady and then stepped out and fired at both droids, riddling their metallic bodies with bullets as they fell down to ground. He looked down at his new weapon and smiled.

    'Where have you been all my life.' he thought as he then ran past them and around the corner.

    "Are you there, I just ran into a two of the droids you mentioned." he said aloud as he carried on down the next corridor.

    "Sorry….I….not….signal…..jammed…" she said as interference crackled over the intercom before it finally went offline.

    "Wait, I didn't get that last part, you still there?" he replied before realising that her signal was gone. He sighed as he came to the conclusion that he was again alone. Well he might as well see where she was leading him.


    When he got to the catwalk the woman had mentioned he noticed a human female fighting off a group of droids, she was wearing black armour with purple neon lights covering her athletic figure and was using a pair of escrima sticks which crackled with electricity as she brought one down on the body of a droid that was lying on the floor, making it shake and smoke before off lining.

    She then looked up to see another enemy approach her and she thrust the other stick into its chest before ripping the first one out of the dead body and shoving it into the attacker's head, making it explode. But as she regrouped she had not seen a droid appear behind her and it lunged at the woman, only for a gunshot to echo around her as the droid fell to the ground. She looked down at it confused, as smoke rose from the bullet hole in its head. She then heard footsteps behind her and spun around with her weapons ready to see Jack, with his rifle aimed at her.

    "Jack?" the woman asked surprised as Jack got a good look at the female in front of him.

    She had pale soft skin and raven black coloured hair that was stylized into a pixie cut. He then noticed her eyes, they were a vibrant purple. A smile appeared on her lips as it dawned on Jack who was.

    "Thanks for the assist Jack?" she said coyly as he raised his weapon at her which surprised the woman.

    "Airachnid, I thought you were dead?" he bit back at her as the femme looked at him confused.

    "Jack lower the rifle, I am here to help you." she said in a calm tone that caught the Prime off guard.

    "What, the last time we met you tried to kill me and Arcee and now your making out you're here to help. What planet do you think I was born on?" he asked sarcastically which made her chuckle, confusing him even more.

    "Well I would love to go through twenty questions with you, but right now we have a dozen droids between us and the shuttle bay so I think we should put this on hold, okay?" she said in an none threatening tone.

    "Alright but if you try anything, I will put a bullet through your spark chamber." he warned but she just shrugged it off.

    "No worries, now lets get out of here." she replied as they both made their way over the catwalk and into another part of the facility. As they moved through the corridors, they could hear screams and gunfire echo around them. Airachnid looked back to Jack and saw what he was thinking.

    "Don't even think about it Jack, we have to get you out of here, everyone else is expendable." she said in the cold tone that Jack recognised.

    "We can't just leave them?" he pleaded with her, but she just looked ahead. He then remembered the woman from earlier.

    "Well what about the woman that was helping me over the intercom?"

    This caught the femme's attention as she stopped and looked back at him.

    "What woman, you mean Miranda?" she asked while Jack nodded back. Airachnid smiled back at him.

    "She will be fine, I wouldn't be surprised if she isn't already waiting for us." she replied as Jack looked back at her curiously.

    "How are you involved in this anyway, in fact how did you survive the war?" he asked. Airachnid looked back at him as they carried on down the hallway.

    "Jack I promise I will answer all of your questions once we are off this station." she replied in a gentle tone that again knocked Jack for a loop.

    'Who is this? Because it's certainly not the Airachnid I remember.' he thought as they entered a large room. He could see the shuttle in the adjourning room but there was one problem, the room they both occupied was full of security droids. Jack and Airachnid took cover behind some large containers as the Prime looked out at the enemies ahead of them.

    "Well this could be a problem." the femme said making Jack smirk.

    "Nah, I have faced far worse odds than this before."

    She smiled at his comment.

    "I heard, it is quite impressive I must say Jack." she replied. Jack looked back at her still confused by the former con.

    "So you going to show me what you can do?" she said in an almost flirty tone. Jack looked back out at the droids and couldn't help but smile. He then took a breath before charging round from the cover and firing a burst of bullets that brought down the first droid, as he then ran the droid next to it through with his energy blade. He then dived into a roll behind cover as two more turned and fired at him.

    As he hid there, he didn't see Airachnid jump between the two, jamming her escrima sticks into the central processors of both droids, putting them out of commission. Then Jack got up and fired at the two droids standing far to the right as the femme threw a energy grenade at a group of droids approaching from the far left, trying to surround the two. The two of them then fought back to back as the droids continued to coming at them.

    Once the smoke cleared and all the droids were down, Jack and Airachnid stood in the middle of the mess they had created while panting slightly. He looked over to the her and recognised the look on femme's face. Airachnid face had a fierce look that he knew only to well. His staring did not go unnoticed by the femme though. Who took a deep breath, her face becoming calm before smiling back at him.

    "Nice moves there Jack, good to see that two years out of commission hasn't slowed you down."

    Jack's eyes widened and his mouth parted.

    "Two years, I have been gone that long?" he asked, shocked at the femme's comments. Airachnid merely shrugged before motioning Jack to follow her, not wanting to stay on the station a moment longer. As they made their way to the shuttle bay a gunshot rang out, making them run to the door. They opened it to find a dead man lying on the floor with a bullet hole in his head and a human woman standing above him, she was holding a pistol at the man's head. Jack looked at the woman who he recognised despite this being the first time he saw her properly. Airachnid ran up to the woman.

    "What in the All-spark happened?" she asked as Jack joined the two.

    "Well I found out that Wilson had reprogrammed the droids to kill everyone on the station, and then saw him here preparing the shuttle via the security cams. So I made sure he did not live long enough to escape in our only shuttle." she said stoically, as the femme looked down at Wilson's body.

    "Why did he betray MECH like that?" Airachnid asked which made Jack's eyes widen as he then raised his weapon at both of them.

    "MECH, I knew you weren't actually helping me Airachnid, just delivering me into their hands." he said angrily. Both women looked at him confused.

    "Jackson Prime, Airachnid helped us retrieve your body so that we could bring you back." Miranda replied while the femme nodded in agreement. Jack couldn't believe what he was hearing but then he noticed Airachnid giving him a gentle smile, and didn't know why but found himself lowering his weapon.

    "Why would MECH need my help?" he asked hesitantly.

    "I am not at liberty to say, the Director would like to tell you in person." Miranda replied, her face still stoic like. Jack looked around when they heard more droids approaching.

    "Okay lets go, it sounds like the droids have finished off the station's crew and are now coming this way." he said as Miranda used her holo-tool to open the shuttle's hatch and motioned them inside.

    "I wouldn't worry about the droids Darby, I have set the station's self destruct to activate once we are a safe distance away." she replied as she got into the pilot's seat with both Jack and Airachnid standing behind her. She then closed the hatch and flew the shuttle out of the station and away before the now derelict MECH base exploded. The shuttle then jumped into hyperspace.


    As the shuttle jumped back into normal space it approached another large space station, the symbol of MECH, clearly seen on the hull. Once the shuttle had landed, Airachnid had left Jack and Miranda as the latter led the Prime to stairway and motion him down it. "The Director will see you now."

    The woman then walked away, leaving Jack to head down the stairs alone. Once at the bottom he entered a small low lit room. He saw a large circle engraved into the ground and walked into it as a large humming sounded around him. Suddenly an energy wave scanned his entire body as the room changed around him. Once the transformation had finished he found he was standing in a large dark room, the only light coming from an orange holographic globe in its center.

    "Welcome Jackson Prime." a voice spoke making Jack turn in its direction. He saw the silhouette of man with bright yellow optics staring back at him. But he could not tell what the man looked like due to the low light, his voice though was familiar.

    "So you are the Director, not too enigmatic a title is it?" Jack replied sarcastically. The Director just looked at Jack before taking a sip from the glass in his hand.

    "Well MECH has many enemies, so having an anonymous title like that insures security you understand." he replied calmly as Jack crossed his arms and just looked at the man, tying to guess who he is.

    "Look, Miranda told me that you need my help, so lets not beat around the bush. Why did you bring me back?" Jack said coldly.

    "Well, its nice to know that being dead for so long didn't leave you without that insolent tongue of your's Jack." the man replied, anger brewing in his voice. Then it dawned on the Prime who the Director was, as by instinct he equipped his weapon and pointed at the man.

    "Silas!" he said angrily as the Director stepped out of the shadows and revealed himself.

    "Well done Jack, its good to see your memory is still intact." he replied. Jack looked at the MECH leader. He appeared human, except for the yellow optics he had for eyes, but Jack could tell it was a pretender body that Silas was inhabiting.

    "How did you survive the war? Last thing I remember hearing of you was when Wheeljack and Smokescreen stopped you from killing Raf, Miko, Fowler and myself. But then you retreated and were never seen again." Jack said as he lowered his weapon.

    "Ah yes, you see MECH managed to hook my body up to a cybertronian corpse that was once Breakdown. I then tried to join the Decepticons but Megatron betrayed me and I was left in the sadistic hands of their doctor, the Con called Knockout. For the time since then I was dissected and probed, tortured. All so that the Decepticons could find out how mere humans could use their technology so efficiently." Silas replied while not taking his optics off the Prime.

    "I have been through many trials in my life, but what that so called doctor put me through was like hell itself. Fortunately that came to an end the day that your Optimus Prime brought the Nemesis down with the, what was it called….ah yes the star saber. I managed to escape from my cell and take certain technology, technology that insures MECH's superiority over everyone else." he added, his face remaining stoic as he recalled the events.

    "How did you manage to use a Pretender body, they are not exactly compatible with humans?" Jack asked. Silas smiled at Jack's curiosity.

    "As I said, during my escape I managed to take certain tech including a Pretender body and I utilised it to my needs. By having my brain and certain organs replacing the synthetic ones in the pretender, I managed to circumvent the tech's need for a spark. Unfortunately the eyes were incompatible, so optics were used instead." he answered while gesturing to the yellow lights he had for eyes. His face then turned serious.

    "I learned from my time with the Decepticons that the transformers will never be our allies, not completely and will always be a potential threat. Even now they supervise everything that we do, treating us like children. MECH is here to give humanity it's independence back and ensure that we stand above everyone else in the galaxy."

    Jack looked at him and then faked a yawn. "Okay, you can quit with the pitch there, I am not buying it. So are you going to tell me how and why you brought me back?" he asked getting annoyed with Silas.

    "Of course down to business." the leader said, trying to not to sound too aggravated by Jack's insolence.

    "You are the result of Project: Rebirth, the infusion of pretender and synthetic tech into what remained of your body. It took two years to rebuild and revive you but we need you exactly as you were. The man that defeated the Reaper Sovereign."

    Jack listened to every word that Silas said, before answering.

    "So it's the Reapers, what are they doing?"

    Silas then walked closer to Jack, stopping just outside the circle that the Prime was standing in.

    "No one wants to admit it, but we are at war. While you were gone entire human settlements have gone missing. I believe that it is someone working for the Reapers, just as Saren and Geth were before you stopped them. That's another reason why we need you."

    Jack thought over what Silas told him, the MECH leader noticing this.

    "You are still wondering why we need you. You are more than just a soldier or a Prime, you have become a symbol. A symbol that humanity and the galaxy need at this moment in time. I don't know what the Reapers fear, but you killed one. That should at least warrant respect and caution from them." he said as Jack mulled over all that was happening at that time.

    "If what you are saying is true, then.." he bit his lip at the next thing he had to say, knowing that he would be crossing a line by helping them.

    "..I would consider helping you." he answered. Silas smiled before waving his hand to the right, making a screen activate in front of Jack. "What you are seeing here is the latest colony to be attacked, it was called Freedom's Progress. Miranda and Arachnid who has been hired to help us, retrieved this footage from the colony's security cams."

    Jack watched the footage and his eyes widened when he saw the creatures that attacked the colony.

    "I have seen these before, in a vision that I was given from a Lithone beacon."

    Silas nodded in agreement.

    "Yes, the beacon on Virmire. But I can save you the guessing game, they are called Quintessons."

    Jack looked back at the MECH leader.

    "Quintessons, I have never heard of them."

    Silas then activated another screen which Jack looked at.

    "They have only appeared in the Terminus systems in recent years, trading their technology for samples and trinkets Coming and going through the Omega four subspace rift, an anomaly that we believe used to be an active space bridge. The bridge itself was destroyed but the connection it made remains intact, unfortunately every ship that has passed through it has never returned."

    Jack continued to look at the information that was on the screen before looking back to Silas.

    "And your saying these attacks only happened after I defeated Sovereign." Jack replied.

    "Yes, as you can see the connections are there. We just need more evidence to prove it. Therefore I have had a ship built for you and a crew to man it. I have also compiled a list of scientists, soldiers and Mercenaries for you to build your team." Silas replied while transferring information from his screen to Jack's holo-tool.

    "You will be in command of the ship and I only have one order for you." Silas said, making Jack raise an eye brow in response.

    "An order?" The Prime replied.

    "I haven't agreed to help you yet, do you think that after everything you did in the past that I would just say yes?"

    Silas stood there and looked at Jack, his yellow optics never betraying his stoic expression.

    "Of course not Prime. I know that you are distrustful of me and MECH and that distrust is rightfully placed. But as of right now MECH are the only ones willing to do anything to stop the Quintessons and the Reapers."

    "But what about the Alliance, surely I can get their help?" Jack tried to argue.

    "The Alliance declared you KIA two years ago. Your rank of Commander is no longer viable. Plus the Council have put down all the talk of the Reapers as just nonsense that ended when Saren and the Geth were stopped. All of your former team mates have moved on too, their locations unknown at this time, except for Wrex who is back on Tuchanka trying to rally the clans behind one banner."

    Jack looked away from Silas and thought for a moment. This was a difficult decision for him to make, to work with a known enemy of the Autobots. He then thought of Optimus Prime.

    "Well, I want to speak to Optimus first."

    "Well you can, here is the com link for you." Silas replied as a set holo-controls appeared next to the Prime, Jack was about to activate the link when Silas spoke again.

    "But you do realize that you are wasting time, time that would be better spent out there." he said as he pointed away from himself to the space outside the station.

    "Because two years have past and the Quintessons have gone about unchallenged in that time. Do you really want to waste more time, when I am offering you all the resources and help you will need to stop them now?"

    Jack once again found himself at odds with his thoughts. He knew that something had to be done, though working with MECH left a nasty feeling in his heart. But he was still a Prime and it was his duty to protect the galaxy from any threat, even if it meant using unorthodox methods to achieve it.

    "Alright, I will help you." Jack replied sheepishly.

    "But I am not working for you, your people are working for me. Is that understood? he carried on as he stood firm and stoic.

    Silas smiled at the Prime and the thought of having him work with MECH, hell he thought it was poetic.

    "Of course, everyone on the ship is under orders to help you any way they can. But before you start, I do have a suggestion."

    Jack crossed his arms and looked at the Director with a knowing look, but Silas was left unfazed.

    "First head for the Omega station, there you will find the Spymaster and the mercenary that are on the list. The spymaster should be able to help you discover more information on the Quintessons." Silas replied as he took another sip from his drink.

    "By the way I have chosen a pilot that you know well."

    The Director then placed his drink back on the stand next to him, he then looked back at Jack.

    "I brought you back Jackson Prime, it is up to you to do what needs to be done. Silas out." he finished as the room around Jack changed back to the low lit small room he had been in all along.

    "Hey Prime, its been a long time." a familiar voice said making Jack look around in surprise.


    Jack walked out with Hotrod beside him, both men smiling.

    "I can't believe its you Hotrod." Jack exclaimed as they walked through a room full MECH officers.

    "Same here Prime, the last time I saw you, the Normandy exploded with you still on board."

    Jack looked away, trying to banish those thoughts from his mind.

    "I got lucky, but with a lot of strings attached." he replied as they walked up a flight of stairs.

    "Well I am glad you are back sir. It all fell apart after you died, everyone was reassigned or removed and I was grounded. The Council took almost complete control of the Alliance and put a stop to everything that you started." Hotrod replied while giving Jack a sorrowful look.

    "Still it's the first time I have heard of an Autobot joining MECH." Jack answered back.

    "Yeah well, the Council took away everything that I cared about in the Alliance. So hell yeah I joined MECH." the Autobot said determined.

    "You cant seriously trust Silas?" Jack asked earning a curious look from the pilot.

    "Silas is the director!" he answered before looking away for a moment.

    "It doesn't matter, he told me that he could bring you back and let me fly again, and he kept his word on both counts."

    They both stopped at a large glass window and looked out into the darkness that inhabited the room ahead.

    "Then there is also this." Hotrod said as he pointed at the window.

    "I was told about it two nights a go."

    They both looked out of the window to see the room light up showing them a ship that looked almost the same as the Normandy, but larger and more streamlined. It was also decorated in the colours of MECH, mainly black with gold and green highlights. Jack smiled at what he saw. Hotrod patted the Prime on the shoulder.

    "She is a beauty isn't she Prime. You want to call her the Normandy again?" he asked smiling. Jack shook his head as his smile grew larger.

    "No I have a better name for her." he said gaining a curious look from Hotrod.

    The launch bay doors opened as the ship started to power up, the lights activating in the hanger to show the name DEFIANT printed on its hull in white bold lettering. Once the doors were fully opened, the ships engines fired and the Defiant flew out of the station's launch bay and into the space beyond, only jumping into hyperspace once it was a long enough distance away.

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    Next Chapter: The Defiant arrives at the Omega station as Jack gains assitance from a former con, while an old friend needs his help against the very mercenary that Jack is there to enlist.
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    Jack entered the CIC with Miranda and looked around, it looked almost the same as the Normandy's CIC but far more advanced. He walked round the to the end of the Galaxy map table as a holographic model of the Defiant appeared.

    "Welcome aboard the Defiant, Jackson Prime." she said as he continued to look around. Then an African American man stood beside Miranda and she motioned him to the Prime.

    "This is Jacob Taylor, he is the ship's security chief and he also runs our armoury."

    Jacob then offered his hand to Jack who excepted it.

    "It's a great honour to meet you Prime." he said as Jack smiled back.

    "Good to have you on the team Jacob." Jack replied.

    He then turned back to Miranda.

    "So who else is there for me to meet?"

    Miranda looked over back to the elevator.

    "Well you have already met Airachnid, she too is on this team. But she likes to remain alone on the lowest level of this ship."

    Jacob crossed his arms and nodded in agreement.

    "Yeah she isn't very social Prime, that's for sure." the operative added. Jack looked over to the elevator.

    "I'm not sure what to make of her, she is certainly not acting at all like the Airachnid I remember..."

    He then looked back to the others.

    "...So anyone else?"

    Miranda looked back at Jack.

    "There is also Doctor Chakwas, she too joined MECH with Hotrod and asked for you to see her when you have a free moment."

    Jack nodded and looked toward the Galaxy map.

    "So what is our first move?" he asked. Then a synthetic voice spoke around them.

    "I believe that locating the spymaster would be our best option."

    Jack looked around.

    "Who said that?" he asked as a yellow holographic sphere appeared on the galaxy map table.

    "My name is Teletraan, and I am the Defiant's A.I ." it answered back. Jack crossed his arms and shook his head.

    "Pilots don't like it when a computer takes control of their ship. Especially Hotrod." he replied.

    "I do not pilot the ship, I only control the ship's defence and weapon systems while also advising the crew. And I know Hotrod quite well."

    Jack looked towards the cockpit, to see the Autobot waving back,

    "Yeah, I met an early version of Teletraan when it was installed on the Xantium. It was the ship that Optimus Prime and his team used to arrive on Earth."

    The three humans walked up to the pilot as Teletraan appeared next to him.

    "How did MECH get their hands on it then?" Jack asked.

    "MECH managed to recover me when they found the Xantium buried in the side of a dormant volcano. After fifteen years of researching my program, they then updated me and installed me into the Defiant as the Director believed that I would be of best use on this mission." it finished as it disappeared. Jack turned to Hotrod.

    "Set course for the Omega station, we will go and recruit the spymaster and the mercenary." he said as Hotrod saluted and took control of the ship, as Jack and the others walked away.

    "It will take a few hours for us to reach our destination, I would suggest you get some rest before we arrive." Miranda said noticing the Prime's fatigue.

    "Yeah okay, let me know if anything happens." He said as he walked to the elevator and left them.


    Jack found himself surrounded by darkness as he felt the agonizing pain in his chest again, when suddenly a blazing fire appeared around him. He panicked as looked for a way out, but found the fire was surrounding him in a circle. He then felt the air go cold, sub zero cold as the feel of it on his skin made his muscles ache causing him to fall to his knees. Then he heard footsteps approach him and he looked up to see Miko, Kaidan and Wheeljack standing above him, looking down at the Prime with hate in their eyes.

    "Why did you leave us to die?" Kaidan spat at him.

    "Why did you get this second chance friend." Wheeljack asked, not sounding anything like the Autobot Jack remembered. Miko then bent down to look at Jack, blood and burns covering her face.

    "You know in your 'heart' that you don't deserve to be a Prime, so let me rid you of it." she said gritting her teeth before plunging her hand into Jack's chest and pulling out his still beating heart, blood spilling out of his wound as he gasped before falling to the ground. He looked up with his dying breath, seeing the three smiling down at him, revelling in what they had done before everything faded to black.

    Jack screamed as he rose out of the bed clutching his chest, looking around frantically and breathing heavily. When he saw that he was in his quarters with no light other than the low illumination from the star field that could be seen from the skylight above him, he calmed and looked down at himself. He was covered in sweat and as was his bed sheets. He got up and went into the bathroom, before activating the sink and splashing cold water on his face. He then looked at his reflection in the mirror and noticed a single tear running down his cheek. Before he could dwell on the nightmare he had, the intercom activated.

    "Prime, it is Miranda. We are approaching Omega." she said causing Jack to turn off the tap and walk back to his bed before getting changed.

    In the middle of a large asteroid field was the Omega Station. It was built into an fully mined out metallic asteroid and a red illumination glowed from the energy ring that surrounded the outer edges of the station. The Defiant flew up to it as it evaded the numerous random rocks that littered the field as it pulled into one of the many docking ports that the station had.

    At the docking bay Jack, Miranda and Jacob exited the airlock and looked around. The station had a dirty brown colour scheme and the whole station had a rank stench to it. As they walked into a narrow corridor Jack's com link activated.

    "Prime, Teletraan here. I have completed a scan of the station and believe that you will only find the spymaster when he wants you to find him."

    Jack smirked at the A.I's honesty.

    "Okay, what about Zaeed Massani?" he replied.

    "I have scanned the information streams on the station's network and apparently he is here with the Blue Suns trying to kill another mercenary called Archangel. He is currently in the starboard section of the station." Teletraan said before cutting the link. Jack then looked back to the others.

    "Okay we'll head over there now and get Zaeed." he said, the others nodded and they walked over to the nearest cab. But unbeknownst to them a biomechanical black Condor was sitting upon an antenna high above and was watching them curiously before taking flight and following the cab they had just got into.

    The cab landed in an a rundown part of the station though Jack had noticed the whole station had looked run down. They got out of the cab to hear gunfire just up the street and ran toward it. They turned a corner to find a group of Blue suns mercs firing at an apartment balcony across the street from them. Jack looked out at the layout of the street and noticed that it had nearly no real cover spots. He then looked back to his team who were waiting beside him.

    "It looks like Archangel is a sniper." he observed, making Jacob look at him confused.

    "How did you work that out Prime?"

    Jack motioned him to look out at the street's layout.

    "You see how much open space is between here and the apartment building, there is no cover and the balcony that the sniper is at gives him perfect view of anyone trying to reach him."

    As Jack was giving the operative a lesson in sniping, one of the blue suns tried to get closer to the block of apartments.

    "Hey one is trying to get closer." Miranda observed as Jack and Jacob looked around the corner with her. The merc ran across the street to the other side trying to reach the doorway and use it as cover but before he made it half way across, his head suddenly exploded and his body fell to the floor.

    "You fucking idiots, don't attack until I tell you to attack." came a grizzled voice as Jack and the others looked across to left hand side of the street to see an older man wearing worn out yellow and black armour yelling at his men while they hid in the alley way adjacent to the one Jack was in. Jack could see that the man had a scar on his face and that his right eye was blinded, the man then looked right at them.

    "Hey you, get over here right now." he yelled.

    Jack shrugged at Miranda and Jacob and the three sprinted across the open street to the other side.

    Unbeknownst to them, Archangel had them in his sights. But when he saw the man with the specialized armour on, he suddenly froze. It was like he recognized the Man and so let him and the ones with him pass. Jack stopped when he got up to the older man.

    "So who are you then and why would you be sneaking around this neighborhood?" he asked.

    "My name is Jackson Prime and I am looking for Zaeed Masani?" he said stoically. The older man just looked at him, not very impressed.

    "Well you found me…..wait your with MECH aren't ya." he replied as he looked over to Miranda and Jacob.

    "Yeah I remember now, you want me to join your little mission to save the galaxy." he laughed as another blue sun merc poked his head around the corner, only to get it blown off. Zaeed then turned angry and looked at the man standing next to him.

    "Vido, I told the men not to fucking move, now you better make sure they listen or I will have to find myself a new SIC. One that can actually follow fucking orders." he barked at the younger man, who nodded. But as Zaeed then turned back to the newcomers, Jack noticed that Vido then looked back at his boss with daggers before he turned round and scolded the men behind them.

    "So I will join your team for the fee that your Director and I have agreed, but only after I have dealt with this matter." he gestured to the apartment block. Jack looked back at it curiously.

    "What did this Archangel do to piss you off?" the Prime asked, gaining an angry look from the merc.

    "He has been killing my men since we got here. No one attacks the Blue Suns and gets away with it." He ranted as Jack looked away suddenly remembering his last encounter with the same group on the Citadel two years prior. Zaeed looked at Jack while the Prime was reminiscing.

    "Hey, what is it?" he snapped, bringint Jack back to the moment.

    "Oh…what, nothing. Look, let us help." he asked as he gestured back to the street.

    "If you hadn't noticed when we crossed that street, he did not take a single shot at us." Jack observed gaining a curious look from Zaeed.

    "Yeah, I did notice that." he said slyly.

    "Okay, you three keep him occupied while me and my boys take the back of the building. The slippery bastard blocked off the rear entrance, but while I had a few of my men keeping him distracted here. The rest were laying explosives to make us a hole we could get through."

    Jack nodded and gestured back to Miranda and Jacob to head back to the street as Zaeed pushed Vido and lead the mercs around the other way.

    "Do we really have time for this Prime?" Miranda asked with an agitated tone.

    "We are only here to get Zaeed and the spymaster, we aren't here to do this merc's dirty work." she said coldly.

    "I know, but I want to know why this Archangel didn't take the shot when he had the chance earlier." he answered back.

    "Your thinking of recruiting him Prime?" Jacob asked intrigued by Jack.

    "You know Zaeed might not like that?".

    Jack smirked at him.

    "One thing at a time Jacob. Now lets move." he said as the three of them entered the street. They tried to keep to whatever cover they could find, but they knew that they were easy targets for this Archangel. But yet he still did not fire at them. Jack was starting to get really confused by this as they made it to the apartment block entrance and then entered the building. There was no real light in there as they moved quietly with their weapons armed.

    Jack was using his new favourite weapon, the mattock assault rifle. Jacob was using the rather rare Geth shotgun, Jack really should ask him about that weapon after the mission. Miranda was using a pair of SMG's which then had Jack thinking of Arcee. It was easy for him to let his mind wander whenever he thought of her. What she had been doing for the last two years, how his death had effected her. He hoped that she hadn't just shut herself off from everybody like she had after what happened to Cliffjumper, he would never want her to do that.

    But he was suddenly brought back out of his thoughts at the sound of a sniper rifle being loaded. The three of them had now reached the same floor that the shooter was on and entered the apartment. They made their way, weapons ready to the balcony where they saw what looked like someone in Turian blue armour, with his face hidden under a helmet, while he hid behind the balcony wall. He saw the three of them and signalled them to stop before peeking over the wall and shooting another merc straight in the face. He then relaxed as he got up and walked back over to them before taking his helmet off. Jack's face lit up when he recognised who it was.

    "Jack, I thought you were dead." a familiar voice spoke. Jack's smile went from ear to ear as he walked up to the sniper.

    "Garrus, what are you doing here?" he asked happily. The Turian sighed as he placed his rifle against the wall.

    "I'm just keeping my self busy, using these mercs for a little target practice." he replied. He looked at Jack's companions.

    "Who are these two then?" he asked as the MECH officers looked at the two old friends.

    "This is Miranda Lawson and Jacob Taylor, their with MECH. I am helping them on an important mission." Jack replied, gaining a look of surprise from the Turian.

    "MECH, why are you….never mind, you can fill me in later. Now since there are four of us here, I suggest we take the offensive and get out of this dump." he replied gaining a nod of approval from Jacob. Jack though shook his head.

    "Can't do Garrus, not without Zaeed." he replied as they all walked back into the apartment.

    The Turian sported a confused look towards the Prime.

    "The Blue Suns leader, why?"

    "We are here to recruit him for our mission, I didn't even know you were here." Jack replied, as Miranda looked at the Turian.

    "Aren't you trying to kill him?" she asked, as Garrus looked back at her.

    "What, no. I was just killing his men."

    Jacob gave him a knowing look as he crossed his arms.

    "So that part of what Zaeed said was true then." he said as he looked towards Jack.

    "Yes, but only because his men were killing innocent people here. I'm actually after his SIC, Vido. He is the one who has been giving those particular orders to the rest of that group."

    Jack then looked back out of the doorway before motioning the rest of them to him.

    "Well we better get moving, they thought that we would keep you busy while they come in through the back."

    Garrus forced a laugh at the comment.

    "Ha, I don't think so, not since I sealed that entrance when I got here."

    Suddenly an explosion shook the place as Jack looked back at Garrus and sighed,

    "Well it is not sealed anymore, better get ready." he replied as mercs stormed into the room and surrounded them, followed momentarily by Zaeed and Vido. The former looking enraged that the sniper wasn't dead.

    "What the hell, I thought this bastard would be dead by now." He spat at Jack and the others while Vido and the mercs kept their weapons trained on them. Jack stepped forward.

    "Zaeed, did you order your men to attack innocent people here on the station?" he asked. The merc leader looked at him confused.

    "What are you talking about, I would never give such an order, not even if it was part of a job." he exclaimed honestly.

    "I know, it was your SIC who did it." Garrus jumped in, staring daggers at the man standing next to the older man. But Zaeed laughed.

    "Vido, why would you think….." he was cut off by sound of a gun being powered up and he turned to see Vido aiming it at his head.

    "Vido, what the hell are you doing?" Zaeed questioned as the younger merc gave him a smirk.

    "...After everything I did for you." the older man finished.

    "Well, lets just say that there are many of us who are tired of being led by an old fool like you. It's time the Blue Suns took control of our own future." Vido replied, as Zaeed gritted his teeth and let his anger go into meltdown.

    "OLD FOOL! I'll show you who the fool is you little slimy git." he spat as he knocked the gun out of the traitor's hand and slammed his fist into Vido's face, knocking him into the wall behind him. Jack and his team suddenly raised their weapons and fired at the other shocked mercs, each falling to their gunfire.

    With the blue sun mercs lying dead at their feet, Jack and Garrus walked over to Zaeed who picked up Vido by the neck and slammed him into the wall.

    "Well now, isn't this a funny turn of events." he said as glared at the man now squirming in his grip.

    "Ugh…. Zaeed, maybe we can talk about this." Vido pleaded as the older man equipped his pistol and placed it's barrel against the traitor's head.

    "I don't think so. You know me Vido, you know how much I hate back-stabbing bastards." he said as his finger squeezed the trigger slowly. He then felt a hand on his shoulder and looked back to see Jack.

    "Zaeed don't do this." the Prime reasoned. Zaeed gave Jack a surprised but angry look.

    "Why the hell not, after all I have done for this bastard. He tried to stab me in the back."

    Jack kept his calm, his face stoic as he carried on.

    "It's just that it sounds like you two are close."

    The older man looked back at Vido, his face a mixture of emotions.

    "Yeah, I found him on the street as a child, raised him like my own flesh and blood."

    Jack then stepped around to stand almost between the two.

    "So if you kill him now, you may think that it is right thing to do. But it will haunt you for the rest of your life." he replied. Zaeed then looked down at the ground for a moment as he withdrew his pistol.

    "You're right Prime."

    He then pulled the man from the wall and threw him to the ground in front of Garrus.

    "He's all yours Archangel, show the little shit what happens to murderers."

    Garrus looked at the older man confused before looking down at Vido who was almost cowering on the floor.

    "Doesn't seem to be your day does it." he said casually as he equipped his pistol and pointed it down at the traitor.

    "This is for all those innocents lives you have taken here."

    Vido though didn't flinch as he smiled back at the Turian.

    "Go to hell, all of you!" he spat as Jack noticed him pulling a grenade from his utility belt.

    "Everybody down!" Jack shouted as Vido pressed down on the trigger before it exploded sending everyone in to the walls as the room collapsed in on itself.

    As the dust settled and the room was no more, Jack woke up with his ears ringing from the blast. He shook his head to rid himself of it as he looked around the room.

    "Is everyone alright?" he said aloud as a number of grunts got his attention as Zaeed pushed a piece of rubble off of himself.

    "I'm fine Prime." Zaeed replied as he and Jack looked back to see Jacob, helping Miranda up, both of them had some cuts and bruises.

    "We are alright too, nothing the doctor cant fix." Jacob replied. But as Jack got up he looked around the room. First at the spot where Vido once was, nothing more than a large blood stain that carpeted the ground and the wall next to it. But then another body got his attention and it was pinned down by a large piece of concrete.

    "Garrus" Jack shouted as he ran over to his friend and knelt down beside him.

    "Garrus you okay, answer me mate?" he said as Zaeed came round and with Jack, they lifted off the concrete revealing the Turian lying on the floor. Jack got back down and looked closely at his friend. Garrus opened his eyes and coughed as blood dripped onto the floor, as he then started to breath heavily.

    "Garrus, we'll get you out of here." Jack answered back, his voice breaking as he fumbled his com link.

    "Defiant. This is Prime, we need a medical team over here immediately." he said as the team surrounded the wounded Turian.


    Back on the Defiant, Jack and Jacob were talking in the briefing room. Jack was looking concerned as the operative told him the news, the operative's face looking grim.

    "It was a close call Prime, but the Doctor was able to save Garrus. She used surgical procedures and some synthetics to repair the damage. According to her report he should have full functionality, but still…" the security chief was cut of when the door opened and Garrus strolled in like nothing had happened. Both men looked stunned as the Turian entered the room. You could see the scarring on the right side of his face and the bandages that covered some of it.

    "Jack" he said casually. Jacob just chuckled in reaction to the sight in front of him.

    "Tough son of bitch, didn't think he would be up yet." he said as Jack turned and smiled at his friend. Garrus joined them at the table.

    "No one will hand me a mirror, tell me honestly. How bad does it look?" he asked gesturing to his face, Jack though just grinned at him.

    "Garrus you were never a looker, just slap some face paint there and no one will notice."

    The Turian chuckled at the comment before placing his hand over his jaw in slight pain.

    "awwgh, don't make me laugh. My face is barely healed as it is. But then again I have heard some women like facial scars, unfortunately most of them are Krogan."

    Jack shook his head and chuckled before looking back at him.

    "What about Tali, I thought you two were getting along great." he replied.

    "Really… I hadn't noticed, besides I haven't seen her since she returned to the flotilla just a few weeks after the destruction of the Normandy." the Turian said. Jacob then saluted Jack and left the two alone, Garrus watching him leave before turning back to the Prime. His face becoming serious.

    "I'm actually more worried about you, I've heard things about MECH over the last two years, none of them good.

    Jack leaned back against the table and relaxed.

    "Well that's why I'm glad you are here Garrus. If I am heading into hell, I want a friend at my side."

    The Turian looked back at Jack and cocked his head.

    "You do realise that this has me going into hell too..." he then chuckled.

    "...Just like old times. I am ready to join your team if you want me."

    Jack walked up to him and slapped him on he shoulder.

    "You never needed to ask Garrus." he answered smiling at him. They then both walked out of the briefing room and back into the CIC.

    "Well then, I better make myself at home then. I will head down and see what I can do with your ship's weapon systems." Garrus replied as he headed off to the elevator. Jack was about to walk up to the cockpit when Miranda stopped him.

    "Prime we are receiving a signal from the station. It's of Decepticon origin." she replied as Jack looked at the red blip that had appeared on the holographic model of the station in front of them.

    "Well then I guess we should take a look, don't you?" he replied as Miranda nodded in agreement and they both walked to the elevator.

    In the depths of the Omega station, Jack and Miranda had been following the signal for the last twenty minutes. They were in the middle of a cramped corridor when the officer stopped Jack.

    "The signal stops directly 20 feet in front of us." she said looking down to the map on the holo-tool. Jack nodded in acknowledgement as they both equipped their weapons and carried on moving, exiting the corridor and entering a large open space where they could see a view of the station's asteroid that it was connected to. They both looked around them but saw nothing.

    "I don't get it, the signal stops right here." Miranda said annoyed as Jack kept his guard up. There attention was suddenly caught by a growling that could be heard in a shadowed area to their right. They both turned and pointed their guns as a panther, baring its fangs and starring at them with its bright yellow eyes.

    Jack's attention though was caught by the sight of a black condor flying low toward them. It flew over and the Prime watched it as it landed on the outstretched arm of a thin Caucasian man with brown clean tidy hair and wearing dark blue armour with purple neon lights. His face was completely emotionless as he stared back at the two humans.

    "Soundwave." Jack observed, the former con nodded back in return.

    "So I guess that is Laserbeak and the big cat over there is Ravage." Jack said as the Panther stopped growling, and cocked its head in response, looking confused.

    The spymaster nodded again, making Jack sigh.

    "You still don't talk do you?" he asked slightly annoyed, yet Soundwave just stood there and looked at him. Jack suddenly felt the need to move things along.

    "So Soundwave, we are here to recruit you for a dangerous mission. Have you heard of the Quintessons?" Jack asked gaining a nod from the spymaster.

    "Will you help us?" Jack asked as he approached the former con. Soundwave just stared at him before his attention was caught by Laserbeak squawking as it looked up to the level above. Both Jack and Miranda looked up too as Ravage sniffed the air before growling up to the spot they were all looking at.

    Suddenly a loud high pitch sound echoed through the area making Jack and Miranda grab at their ears in pain as they fell to the ground. A figure then jumped down and attacked Soundwave. Laserbeak flew at the mystery attacker but was swatted away easily as Ravage pounced at him. But the man just turned to look at it and the panther fell to the ground in a heap as it's sound attack pierced its ears, incapacitating it.

    The mystery attacker then turned his attention to Soundwave as the others were recovering from the sonic attack. He pulled out a blade and swung at the former con, but Soundwave caught the blade easily and knocked it away, forcing the attacker to use the sonic attack on him. But it did not faze Soundwave as he walked up to the man and grabbed him by the throat. Jack looked up to see this and suddenly heard a recording of Megatron's voice play which made him almost jump out his skin.

    "Frenzy!" Soundwave played the clip before throwing the attacker to the ground. Jack and Miranda recovered and aimed their weapons at the man on the floor. They now had a good look at him, they saw that he was wearing a bright blue armour.

    "Frenzy?, I haven't seen him since the end of the war." Jack said as Soundwave bent down next to Frenzy.

    "You must die, my master calls for it." the former con admitted as Soundwave held a hand over his face. Small tentacles slid out of each of his fingers and latched onto Frenzy's face. He then started to fidget and shake as the spymaster started to probe his mind. Jack and Miranda watched in stunned silence as Ravage joined them with Laserbeak on its back. After a moment Soundwave detached from Frenzy and stood above him. Jack looked at the former con's face and could of sworn that he could almost see sadness in his face.

    "You will not escape your fate, and neither will your former mini-cons." Frenzy said sounding cryptic before his eyes went dead and his body fell limp on the ground. Ravage went over to the body and hung its head over it, mourning it's former comrade. Jack walked over to Soundwave and placed a sympathetic hand on the spymaster's shoulder.

    "I'm sorry Soundwave, if you join my team and help us fight the Quintessons,then I give you my word that we will help you find out who has done this." Jack said in calm, stoic manner. Soundwave looked back at Jack and nodded, his face as stoic as ever. Jack then placed his hand to his com link.

    "Hotrod, we are on our way back."

    Then the three humanoids and the two mini-cons left the area and back to the Defiant.

    N/A: Hoped you enjoyed that chapter. As always, let me know what you thought of it with reviews and PMs and thank you for reading.

    Next chapter: The Quintessons attack the colony on the planet of Horizon as Arcee finds herself outnumbered. Can Jack and the Defiant save her and the colonists in time.
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    Jack woke suddenly to find himself soaked in sweat again for the fifth night in a row since they picked up Zaeed and Soundwave from Omega. He got up and looked out of the window to the stars as they zipped past while the Defiant travelled in hyperspace. It had been the same nightmare, he could not help but think about what he had seen. He wondered why he had been brought back, why he deserved this second chance and not his friends who had given their lives in the fight against Sovereign. He couldn't help but feel that he shouldn't be there, that his time had passed. He sighed as he turned and went into the bathroom and cleaned himself up before getting dressed.

    'Since I cant get any sleep, might as well go for a walk.' he thought.

    The elevator opened on the Engineering deck as Jack stepped out and looked down the corridor. He had not been on this deck yet since he had come aboard and decided to take a look around, see if that could get his mind off of the thoughts that had been plaguing his mind lately. He entered engineering and saw only a handful of crewmen going about their duties.

    'Must be the night shift.' he thought as took note of the time on his holo-tool. It was still early in the morning (earth time) and he walked back out of the room to find a staircase leading to the bottom level of the ship. Jack walked down, just a little curious to see what was down there. When he reached the bottom a familiar voice caught his attention.

    "Can't sleep Jack?"

    He looked to find Airachnid lying on her berth, looking at him in a way that still baffled him.

    "What makes you say that?" he replied as she sat up, looking him up and down.

    "Well here you are walking around the ship at just past three o'clock in the morning, and by the look of your eyes, this isn't the first time either. Am I right?" she asked in a gentle tone.

    "Look I'm sorry for waking you, I'll be going." he said as he turned to leave, feeling like he needed to get out of there quick.

    "What's the rush Jack?" she asked back casually. He turned round and looked back at her.

    "What is going on, why are you acting like this around me?" she continued, getting slightly annoyed by the Prime's behaviour.

    Jack looked at her confused by the question, before his face suddenly became serious.

    "Well for one, the last time I saw you. You tried to kill me and my mom, then after that you tried to Arcee god knows how many times." he said with anger building in his voice. Airachnid just looked at the ground in response to Jack, her face a mixture of emotions that Jack could not believe he was seeing. She looked shocked and hurt. The Prime now felt a little guilty despite it being for someone that a number of years ago had been trying to kill him, so he walked over to her and sat beside her on her berth.

    "I'm sorry." he said sheepishly. She looked back at him, then nodded in appreciation.

    "It's my fault, I should have known you would act like this even after all this time." she replied.

    "What do you mean? Airachnid don't take this the wrong way, but you are confusing the hell out of me right now."

    She then looked ahead for a moment before sighing and looking back at the Prime.

    "Let's just say I am not the same Airachnid that you knew."

    Jack was now more confused than ever.

    "What do you mean?" he asked.

    "I mean that I….." she was cut off by Hotrod's voice coming over Jack's com link.

    "Sorry if I woke you Prime, but I have the Director on the line. He says it's urgent." the Autobot said. Jack tapped his com link and answered.

    "Okay I am on my way, Prime out." he replied before looking back at the femme sitting beside him.

    "Back on the MECH station, you said you would tell me everything, I am going to hold you to that." he said, gaining a nod from her as he stood up and walked back to the stairs.

    "But Jack, I want something in return." she answered, making him look back at her.

    "What's that?" he asked.

    "You tell me what has you walking around at this time of the morning." she said. Jack looked away for a moment, mulling over what she had just asked. He didn't know why, but he felt he could trust this version of the femme if that was the best way to describe her. He also knew that the best way to deal with the nightmares he was having was to talk about them, and for some strange reason he felt that she maybe the best one to talk too on the Defiant. He looked back at her and a gentle smile appeared on his face.

    "Alright then, I guess I'll speak to you later then." he answered before turning and leaving the area. Airachnid then just sat there, a smile gracing her lips as she thought about what had just transpired. She knew that Jack would be hesitant to trust her at first considering their history, but maybe if he knew the truth about her then maybe that would change.

    Silas stood, basking in the illumination of the orange holo-globe as he waited for a call. Then Jackson Prime appeared as a hologram just behind the him.

    "Prime, I think we finally have them." he said as the orange orb took on the look of a planet.

    "The former Alliance colony on Horizon just went silent. If they are not under attack, they soon will be. Has Soundwave found anything that could help us from all the data MECH has on the Quintessons?"

    Jack crossed his arms and looked back a little disappointed.

    "Not yet, he as been at it for the last five days."

    Silas turned around and looked at Jack, his yellow optics glowing brightly.

    "Well since he used to work for Megatron, he should know how to work well under pressure. Also there is something you should know. A member of your former crew is on Horizon, the Autobot called Arcee."

    Jack's eyes widened at the mention of her name.

    "Why would she be at the colony?" he asked, trying to hide the worry in his voice.

    "It seems that she was sent to the colony to oversee the refit of its defences. Sort of an olive branch to the colonists by the Alliance, since the colony broke away due to the Council taking control of them." He then saw the worry that Jack was trying hard not to show.

    "But what I am more interested in is why the Quintessons would choose to attack a planet, knowing your former team mate is there."

    Jack's face then became serious.

    "I think that is way beyond coincidence. We'll head there now." he answered stoically.

    "Just make sure you stop them, because this is the most warning we have ever had Prime." Silas said as Jack's hologram then ended and left the Director on his own again.

    Jack walked into the science lab and was immediately met by Ravage who stood in his way, growling at him. Jack though had no time for this and walked straight past it, making it look at him confused while the Prime carried on towards the spymaster who was typing at a console with Laserbeak perched on his shoulder.

    "Soundwave do you have anything that can help us, because we are about to have a run in with the Quintessons." Jack asked, the only reaction the former con showed was to point to another screen. Jack walked over and looked at the data on it. After a moment of reading, a smile appeared on his face.

    "Do you really think this will work?" he asked and Soundwave turned and faced the Prime, his face still emotionless as he nodded back.


    At the colony two women were walking past one of the grey, simple looking buildings. One was a Caucasian woman with long brown hair and the other was Arcee in her blue and black armour.

    "How is refit going?" the woman asked. The femme sighed before looking back to the Human.

    "Not well, we are still having trouble with the guidance systems. Jessica, it would help if some of the colony's engineers would lend a hand." she answered irritably.

    Jessica just shrugged.

    "Sorry, but the others just want you and the Alliance engineers gone. They just don't trust them anymore."

    Arcee looked at her disappointed.

    "That is understandable, even I don't like all the rules and procedures that the Council has put in place since the Alliance joined them. I just know things would be different if only…" she stopped as she looked out over the to the mountainous region that surrounded the south west area of the colony, she held the dog tags that she was wearing around her neck tightly. This did not go unnoticed by Jessica.

    "Your thinking about Jack again aren't you?" Jessica decided to ask seeing the pain that the Autobot was trying to hide. Arcee just ignored her and looked away, but that wasn't going to stop the human who pushed on.

    "You have been here for the last six months helping us refit, and I have never seen you take off those dog tags."

    Arcee looked down at them as she held them in her hands, she saw the name inscribed on them and all the memories came flooding back. A single tear rolled down her cheek as Jessica placed a hand on her shoulder.

    "You know you can talk to me Arcee, we are friends after all." she said in a gentle sympathetic tone. The femme wiped the tear away before looking back at the Human woman.

    "I know and thank you, but I am alright." she replied trying to smile back at her friend.

    "Arcee I know you loved him, but it has been two years, surely its time to let go. I don't think Jack would want you to do this to yourself for the rest of your life." she replied. Arcee's face became stoic as she looked at Jessica.

    "No, I cant. You see the last thing I was about to speak to Jack about before the Normandy was attacked…" she took a breath before continuing.

    "…was about bonding, becoming spark mates."

    Jessica looked at the femme thoughtfully.

    "Is that like getting married?"

    Arcee continued to look at Jessica, but then shook her head in response.

    "No, its more than that. When two cybertronians become spark mates, its not just their love that binds them together but also their loyalty. They have to stay loyal to each other, even after one of them dies."

    Jessica looked at Arcee, shock evident on her face.

    "Wow, that's a big step..." she then looked away before looking back.

    "...I don't know if I could make a decision like that."

    Arcee smiled at her.

    "If you met the one, then you would know with absolute certainty. Just like I did with Jack." she said with a slight smile as she remembered him. Jessica was going to reply but then noticed the sound of thunder in the distance. They both looked around confused as dark clouds appeared on the horizon.

    "I thought the weather report was clear skies today." Jessica observed as the sky continued to darken.

    "That was what I heard too." the femme replied as they noticed that everyone around them was looking towards the storm clouds that were closing in. Arcee stood up and looked up to see something in the clouds and getting larger.

    "What is that?" Jessica asked as a giant ship dropped below the clouds and hovered over the colony.

    "Get all the colonists into the safe house now!" she urged Jessica as she equipped her SMG's. Jessica nodded before running over to a group of colonists and ushering them away. Then Arcee's eyes went wide when she saw a group of colonists disappear in a green flash of light. Then as Arcee noticed more of the colonists vanish, she suddenly thought of her friend and ran back.

    "Jessica, Jessica!" she shouted as the colonists who had noticed the others vanishing had started to panic and run amok as the colony descended into chaos. The femme then spotted her friend near the colony's square.

    "Jessica." Arcee called out gaining the Human woman's attention. Then suddenly as Jessica looked back at the femme, she became engulfed in green light before she disappeared right before Arcee's eyes. She stood there completely shocked before being snapped out of it by a gunshot going straight by her head. She then dived behind cover as another one went right over her as she hid. She peeked over to see what had shot at her. It had green and purple metal armour and spikes on it shoulder pads, its face was covered by a green visor that had two horns, one either side of its head.

    The only feature of it's face that could be seen was it's bright red optics as it stared in her direction. Arcee then noticed two others join it as they moved close to her position. The femme then took a deep breath before firing on the three as more of the colonists were teleported away and more enemies appeared on the ground was the mysterious ship remained above the colony.

    The Defiant jumped out of hyperspace above the planet as the shuttle bay opened and a shuttle left the ship and descended into the atmosphere. Onboard was Jack in his Prime armour along with Garrus and Jacob who performing final checks on their weapons.

    "Defiant to shuttle one, we have activated the teleport disrupter that Soundwave attached to our sensor grid. It should stop the Quintessons from teleporting any more of the colonists, as long as the Defiant remains in range of the colony." Hotrod said over the com link.

    "And with the their cruiser hovering over the colony, we have to find a way to make it land so we can extract the colonists it has already taken." Jack replied.

    "Yes, the colony has a population of fifteen thousand colonists, but we are only detecting six thousand and two hundred still down there. Do you want the Defiant to try and bring it down?" the pilot asked.

    "No, keep the ship where it is. Can't risk anything happening to the Defiant while it keeps their teleporters offline, plus with what happened to the Normandy I think it's best to play it safe. Maybe we can use the colony's defence cannon emplacements against the cruiser, that's what they are there for."

    Jack then heard Teletraan over the com link.

    "My scanners show that the defence cannon guidance systems are not operating efficiently. If you can make it to the control console and give myself a direct link. The I believe that I can correct it."

    Jack nodded in acknowledgement.

    "Okay then that is the plan, landing team out." he answered as he turned to Jacob and Garrus.

    "Right the here is the plan, we have detected that the Quintessons have soldiers on the ground, so we land and make our way to the defence network and turn it on the enemy cruiser. Understood?"

    Both nodded back as Jack turned to the window and watched as the shuttle hit the atmosphere.


    At the colony, Arcee found her self besieged by more of the enemy soldiers as they had her trapped in one of the supply buildings, she had to dive in there to get out of the line of fire since more of the enemies had appeared. Then as a group of them kept her busy, the rest are rounding up the remaining colonists and escorting them back to the ship which had landed at the edge of the colony. She wanted to try and help them but she could not get out of this damn building. She peek out from behind the cargo container she was using as cover to see one soldier at the west side window, and one at the north side entrance and one more at the east side window. She knew there were two more soldiers about, but did not know their locations. She then thought she heard the distinct sound of a sonic boom in the sky.

    'Sounds like a ship breaking through the atmosphere at speed...' she thought.

    '...Could it be help, I don't see how, I never had the chance to send a distress signal.'

    She then heard the ship fly over the building towards the north end of the colony as gunfire followed, the soldiers outside firing at it, taking their attention away from her.

    'This is my chance.' she thought as she ran out from cover and fired both her SMG's at both soldiers to her left and right, killing them instantly. She then equipped her arm blades as she pounced at the soldier at the door and slashed at it as they fell through the entrance and onto the ground outside. As it lied dead, she then rolled onto her back and fired her weapons at the two soldiers who were hidden to her before, but she could see them clearly on the building's roof. She then stood up and looked toward where the shuttle had headed as the two bodies landed on the ground either side of her. She then took off in that direction, hoping to meet up with whoever the newcomers were.

    The shuttle landed on the ground and as the several Quintessons gathered near the shuttle's hatch, it suddenly sprang open and Jack, Garrus and Jacob rushed out, guns blazing as the enemies had not time to react as one after the other, they fell. As soon as they had the immediate area cleared, the shuttle took off and headed back out into the sky. Jack looked out over the colony and saw the Quintesson cruiser on the ground on the other side.

    "Well that has made things easier, don't you think?" Garrus observed as Jack nodded.

    "Yes, but we can still use the cannons to make sure it stays down. Now we know why they have feet on the ground, its so they can grab the remaining colonists."

    He then looked back at both his team mates.

    "We have to hurry!"

    They then ran into the Colony grounds as they made their way to the Colony's defence mainframe. They came across many of the Quintessons as they worked their way through the colony, but each and every time the enemy fell to team as Jack lead the way, taking out enemies at range with his mattock rifle or cutting down any who got to close with his energy blade. Garrus used his sniper rifle to blow the heads off any Quintessons who tried to flank them from the distance. And Jacob used his shotgun to scatter the enemy's insides out on to the ground behind them.

    It was at that moment that Jack caught the attention of a group of Quintessons escorting some colonists to their ship. The Enemy instantly fired on the would be rescuers who dived behind the nearest cover as the colonists watched in fearful hope.

    "Careful with your shots, we have friendlies mixed with hostiles." Jack observed, the others nodded. Jack looked to his right and saw a path littered by cargo containers that he could use to sneak behind the enemies.

    "You two, keep their attention on yourselves while I sneak behind them."

    Garrus smiled back at Jack.

    "Do you want me to show them my scars while we are at it?" he replied jokingly.

    "We don't want to scare them off Garrus." the Prime chuckled.

    "Very funny Jack." the Turian replied. Jacob looked back at Jack.

    "We've got this, go Prime."

    Jack acknowledged and started to move along the cover, staying low so that the Quintessons would not notice him. The colonists cowered as the enemy surrounded them, continuing to exchange fire with the two newcomers. One was a small child who was being cradled in the arms of his mother.

    "I'm scared mommy." he cried as she held him close.

    "Everything's going to be alright." she replied, her voice trying to hide the fear she had for her child, it was at that moment she saw something in the corner of her eye. A figure sneaking up behind one of her captors, he looked somehow familiar as he then stabbed one enemy in the back, making it spasm as the others turned to face him. The man then used the body he was holding as a shield as they fired their weapons at him. He fired back with his own, taking out another one as two of the others were shot through the back of their heads by the two attackers hiding behind cover. The last Quintesson then charged at the man who threw the corpse he had been using as a shield to the ground and swung his energy blade at the enemy's throat, slicing it's head off as it bounced along the grassy floor.

    With the Quintessons dead, the colonists stood up and looked at their rescuers. Jack stood in the middle of the group as the mother looked up at him.

    "It's alright, you are safe now." Jack said to the group as Garrus and Jacob joined them. They then ushered the group into one of the empty buildings as the mother and child looked at Jack.

    "Who are you?" the mother asked.

    "I am Jackson Prime." Jack answered gaining a lot of gasps and talking through out the group.

    "That's the first Human Prime, I thought he was dead."

    The mother smiled back before turning away, Jack then noticed the child in her arms wave back at him.

    "Hey, guess who has a new fan." Garrus observed, gaining a chuckle from Jacob. Jack though looked back to the defence mainframe, his face reaming stoic.

    "None of this will matter if we can not get the defence systems on-line. Lets go!"

    When they made it to the Defence mainframe, they found that the console was out in the open with only a scattering of possible cover around it. Jack moved over to the control console and immediately accessed his holo-tool.

    "Teletraan I am connecting an uplink between the colony's cannons and your systems. How long will it take for you to correct the errors in their sub routines?" he asked as his team mates kept an eye out.

    "It should take a few minutes for me to alter the code and then power up the cannons…you should take cover and prepare to defend your position, I have detected a large number of Quintessons approaching you from all directions."

    Jack the gestured to Garrus and Jacob to take positions on either side of the console as he saw the enemies approaching.

    "Okay we just need to hold them off until Teletraan has control of the defences. Choose your targets and make each hit count."

    They then crouched behind their respective cover and held their weapons ready. The enemy troops then charge into the area.

    "Open Fire!" Jack shouted as the three of them fired at the Quintessons who fired back as their ran towards them. One after one, the emery fell as Jack and his team held them off. It was like this for a number of minutes, longer than Teletraan had told them.

    "I though it would be done by now, I am running low on ammo." Garrus said he took down another Quintesson with a head shot.

    "We just need to hold on a little longer." Jack called back as he shot the legs from under one enemy as it fell to the ground before having its head riddled with bullets from Jack who turned his attention to another which was charging at him from his left.

    "I am nearly out." Jacob exclaimed as the enemy forces began to surround the team. Jack took a quick glance at his weapon's ammo read out and shook his head gently while still firing at the enemy.

    'This will be cutting it close.' he thought just as, like something had answered his prays the giant cannons, that surrounded the colony turned towards the Quintesson cruiser and opened fire on it. The ships hull was covered in explosions from the impacts upon its hull. The enemy troops stopped and looked back before falling dead to the ground.

    Jack and his team then felt a rumble along the ground as the Cruiser's engines activated and the ship lifted off the ground while still taking a pummelling from the colony's defence cannons. They watched as the cruiser then turned and flew back out into space leaving the colony behind.

    Jack then turned back to Jacob.

    "Go and make sure the colonists back there are alright."

    The operative nodded and ran back the way the team had came.

    "Jack, come here and look at this." the Turian called to the Prime.

    Jack turned around to see Garrus kneeling down and examining one of the Quintesson corpses.

    "What have you found?" he asked as Garrus scanned it with his holo-tool. He then looked back at Jack, his face surprised by what he saw.

    "Jack, these things are just drones. They are completely synthetic, not even alive."

    Jack looked down at the body.

    "Still doesn't tell us what they are doing abducting human colonies, but at least we stopped them this time."

    Garrus nodded as Jack's com link activated.

    "Prime, thought you would like to know the cruiser has jumped away, didn't even say hello to us." Hotrod answered.

    "Be thankful it didn't. Not quite ready to lose another ship just yet."

    "Not to worry, I wouldn't let them sucker punch us again like last time." the pilot chuckled.

    "So how much of the colony have saved?" Jack asked.

    "Well the number of life signs at the colony is less than seven thousand, so the Quintessons still managed to get away with at least half of the colonists."

    Jack's face went sombre at that comment as Garrus stood beside him.

    "Jack, its better than the whole colony." he said sympathetically.

    The Prime sighed heavily, knowing that his friend was right. He then placed his hand to his com link in his right ear, he was about to speak when…

    "Jack?" a voice that he knew only too well spoke behind him. Jack's eyes widened and his body went stiff for a moment before he slowly turned to face a woman with blue hair and electric blue eyes staring back at him in shock. For a long moment the two just stared at each other in silence before the Prime decided to speak first.

    "Yes Arcee, it's me." he answered, his voice a little shaky. The femme walked over to Jack and placed a hand on his cheek, as if to check that he was in fact real. Then suddenly she jumped him and wrapped her arms around his torso in a tight embrace as she buried her face in his neck. Jack returned the embrace as he felt tears wet the skin of his neck as Arcee gently cried. He could not explain how good it felt to have his lover in his arms. He felt complete again.

    "I cant believe it, your back. But I saw the Normandy blow up." she said in disbelief as she looked back at Jack who wiped away the wet streaks on her face, making her blush slightly.

    "I did die, but I have been given a second chance." he replied, gaining a confused look from his lover.

    "What do you mean, what happened to you?" she asked.

    "It's a long story and I want to tell you everything but we should get back to the ship, we can talk more there." he replied. Jack knew that his resurrection and who he is working with now would be a dangerous topic to speak to her about, but he had faith that if there was one person in his life that would stand beside him, it would be her. He smiled at her and she returned it in kind as they held each other for a little while longer.

    "Prime the rest of the colonists are fine and they send their thanks." Jacob called to the Prime as he approached the group. Arcee looked at the man coming towards them.

    "Who is that?" she asked curiously.

    "His name is Jacob and he is a member of my crew." Jack replied somewhat sheepishly, noticing her face go stern as she looked the newcomer up and down. Her eyes then arrowed and focused on the symbol that was on his chest. Her eyes suddenly looked angry when she recognised it and pulled one of her SMG's out and aimed it a Jacob who looked back in shock. She was about to pull the trigger when Jack pulled the gun away from the operative, making Arcee look back at him in angry confusion as they separated.

    "He is with MECH, why in the pits of Kaon is MECH here." she shouted at Jack as he tried to remain calm.

    "Arcee, it was MECH that brought me back." he answered, Arcee looking back at him confused.

    "They brought you back." she replied as she looked at Jacob with daggers before looking back at her lover.

    "Yes, and in return I am helping them to stop the Quintessons from attacking any more Human colonies. That's who the aliens were that attacked this planet."

    Arcee just looked at Jack.

    "Quintessons? I thought they were a just some old legend." she said.

    "They are working for the Reapers, Arcee." the Prime continued.

    Arcee looked back at Jack and crossed her arms.

    "And how do you know that Jack, I mean how do you know that MECH aren't messing with your head to make you believe that it is the Reapers?"

    Jack's face became stoic as he stood in front of her.

    "Because I saw them in the vision that the beacon at Virmire gave me. There is no way that Silas would be able to gain that information." he replied, which made Arcee's eyes widen in shock.

    "SILAS, he is alive!, why in the all-spark would you work with the man who tried to kill you, me and your mother. Do you remember what he did during the war, and yet you can still work with him." she snapped, her voice filled with anger.

    "Arcee, I don't have choice here." he replied as he tried to get his point across.

    "Of course you do. don't give me that scrap." she bit back, as Jack became more anxious.

    "No I don't. I am a Prime remember, and it is my duty to protect this galaxy from any threat, even if that means that I to choose a side to do it." he bit back, making the femme lose some of the anger she was showing as she started to close the distance between the two of them.

    "But Jack, you said they brought you back. Isn't it possible that they could have altered you in some way, so that you would be willing to help them."

    Jack's eyes widened at the comment.

    "How can you say that?" he replied in shock.

    Arcee though tried to stay calm.

    "It's just that the Jack I remember, the man I fell in love with. Would never work with a monster like Silas."

    Jack looked away for a moment and thought about her words. It was true, before he had died he never would have considered working with MECH after everything that he had seen them do. So why was he now so willing to help. He was snapped out of his thoughts by Arcee placing a finger on his chin, bring his attention back to her.

    "I am that same person Arcee. It's just that with the Alliance unable to do anything because of the Council's inability to believe in the threat posed by the Reapers, I have to work with the ones that are willing to do something about it."

    The femme's eyes widened as she pulled herself from him, backing away slowly .Her mouth hung open slightly at the shock of his words.

    "I can't believe I just heard you say that." she answered, her voice becoming angry, but also with a sadness to it.

    Garrus decided to jump in to Jack's defence.

    "Arcee, believe me it is Jack, we…" he said before being cut of by the femme.

    "Garrus don't, you don't know what MECH are like. Not like I do..." she answered back before looking directly at Jack again.

    "... and like you do."

    Jack could feel that he was losing her and so stepped forward and held out his hand to her. She looked down at it for a moment before her eyes met his again.

    "Arcee, please come with me, I need you." he said gently as he saw the internal struggle that she was fighting but trying to hide.

    "I cant do this without you." he finished as she looked back at him. A single tear running down her cheek. She then shook her head and stepped back, increasing the distance between them.

    "I can't, you might be able to put the past behind you for the sake of the mission, but I cant. Not like this, I cant be with you while you are with them. I am sorry." she replied her voice breaking as she looked at him one last time before turning around and walking away from the Jack who suddenly found himself very lost as she gripped his dog tags tightly. He just stood there and watched as the woman he loved left him behind. He felt like his heart had just been shattered into a million pieces by the one he cared about the most. Garrus stood beside his friend and placed a hand on Jack's shoulder sympathetically, as Jacob kept his distance, mentally kicking himself for what just happened. Jack then sighed heavily as he reached up to his com link.

    "Hotrod send the shuttle, I have had enough of this place."

    A/N: I hoped you enjoyed this chapter and please let me know what you thought of it with Reviews or PMs. Thank you for reading.

    Next Chapter: While Jack is in pain for Arcee leaving him, He is forced to put it aside when Airachnid asks for his help on a personal mission. This will lead the two of them back to Cybertron, where the ghosts of her past are to be revealed.
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    He walked about the ship in almost a trance, trying to put his thoughts in order. He had just come back from the debriefing with Silas, and the Director was lucky that he had not really in the same room as Jack. He had made the mistake of asking the Prime if he had put his relationship with Arcee behind him, but the pain he felt from their separation was still raw and being questioned like that had felt like someone had grabbed his heart and squeezed it until there was nothing but mushy paste left. Jack still couldn't believe that Arcee wouldn't even hear him out.

    He thought back to all the times during the twilight years that he and the femme had talked about the loss of her partners and her need to avenge their deaths. Earlier in their partnership she had jumped at the chance at killing the ones who were responsible, and yet he felt that he was finally getting through to her after she captured Airachnid and then not even attempting to finish her off when she was in stasis at the silo. She even let Starscream live when she had the opportunity, and stopped her team mates when they were in similar situations.

    She had looked like someone who had finally put the past behind her, but yet she could not give him the benefit of the doubt when he told her he was working with MECH. He could understand her reasons, such as what they put himself and his mother through and the numerous other times they tried to kill the bots for their tech.

    He was so caught up in his own thoughts that he did not notice someone was following him.

    "Jack" a female voice called to him. The Prime ignored it and continued to walk down the corridor until he felt a hand on his shoulder. His eyes widened and a rage came over him as he spun around and grabbed the person by the throat and pinned them to the wall. He was so full of rage that could not see who it was.

    ", its….me, Airachnid."

    Jack just stared at the femme, not even acknowledging her, which earned him a punch to the face as he was forced back against the wall by the impact and fell on his ass. He shook his head as the punch had snapped him out of his thoughts and he looked up to see Airachnid standing over him, her face was looking back sternly.

    "Jack, if I hadn't heard what had happened down there, I would tear you in two for that." she answered, trying to keep her rising anger in check. Jack just looked up at her suddenly feeling very guilty and embarrassed.

    "I'm sorry..." he then looked back down at the floor, feeling defeated.

    "...I just…I"

    Airachnid's expression changed as she looked at the fallen Prime, his world had just been shattered mere hours earlier by the woman he loved. And yet she felt that there was more to his pain than that, and that she knew what he was feeling. Jack looked up to see her hold out a hand to him, her expression was gentle and sympathetic. He took her hand and she helped him back to his feet, before looking around to see if anyone had witnessed their exchange. Satisfied that no one was around she motioned Jack into the nearest room.

    "Come on, lets talk in here." she said.

    They entered the room and sat on the chairs there facing each other. Jack just looked at the femme, still not used to this new Airachnid, unsure whether she had told him the truth earlier.

    "I am sorry for what happened between you and Arcee, I understand what your feeling right now."

    Jack 's expression changed from confusion to unbelieving.

    "No offence Airachnid, but I find it hard to believe that you of all people could understand."

    The femme looked at Jack, trying to hide the hurt she felt from his comment and failing, so she looked away at the wall.

    "Jack, like I said earlier I'm.." Jack cut her off before she could finish.

    "Your not the same Airachnid I know, are you going to explain that one to me anytime soon." he answered trying to change the subject. She just looked back at him, before sighing in defeat.

    "Alright, like I said I am not the same Airachnid you remember. It all kind of changed when my spark was transferred to this pretender body." she replied a she gestured to her form.

    "How did you get a pretender body, in fact how did you even escape the silo all those years ago."

    Airachnid looked away as she remembered that day.

    "It was in the final days of the war, when Megatron found out the location of your base and launched an all out attack. He sent in Dreadwing and a battalion of Vehicons as the Nemesis fired on the mountain. You were all so busy either evacuating the base or fighting, that you hadn't noticed when the mountain started to cave in, one of the boulders damaged the stasis pod I was in. I managed to get out and found myself trapped in the room by the cave in..." she said as she remembered those events.

    "...But I easily drilled my way out and back up to the surface. Once there, I realised that I did not have enough energon to last in a fight, especially against the Autobots and Decepticons. So I fled, but not before seeing Prime use the Star saber to bring down the Nemesis."

    Jack remembered that day too, the bots had no idea how Megatron managed to find their base, but thankfully their ranks had been increased with Smokescreen, who had matured a lot under Prime's and Arcee's guidance. Then there were the Dinobots, Jack had thought that the Wreckers were the experts at destruction.

    Well no one had told that to Grimlock and his team, and when you see a bunch of robotic dinosaurs charging through an entire army of vehicons, you then had a new appreciation for their style of fighting. Luckily before the battle Optimus had managed to repair the Star saber with the Matrix of leadership and the Forge of Solus Prime that Smokescreen and Arcee managed to steal back from the Nemesis. Seeing the Prime wield the saber and bring down Megatron's flagship was a sight that he would never forget.

    "So how did you get the pretender body, I'm guessing you stole it since neither side liked you very much." Jack asked, trying to make the last part not sound so nasty.

    "Yes I did, I saw where things were heading with the energon problem before anyone else and so broke into one of the Decepticon auxiliary bases that Megatron had scattered around the planet. I found an unused pretender and transferred my own spark into it."

    Jack looked at her in shock.

    "You did it all by yourself, I'm no expert, but I was under the impression that it was something that needed the assistance of others, since it is a very delicate and dangerous procedure. Considering that it has you removing your own spark." he replied as he remembered the day he watched Arcee go through the procedure.

    Airachnid found a slight smile appear on her face at Jack's sudden concern for her.

    "Yes I did and it wasn't a painless procedure by any means, I am guessing that's how I ended up being myself again and not how you would remember me." she replied sheepishly.

    She then stood up and looked out of the window, which was quite large. They must have been in the port observation room, the view was quite stunning. Had to give MECH credit when it came to ship building. Jack stood up and joined her by the window.

    "So now I am up to speed on how you gained that body, what do you mean by not being the Airachnid I remember?" he asked gently. The femme crossed her arms, looking a little uncomfortable with the situation.

    "Well what I….ARRRRRRGGGGHHHH!" Airachnid screamed as she held her head in her hands and fell to her knees in pain. Jack stood and watched in shock before taking action and grabbing hold of the femme.

    "Airachnid, what is wrong?" he pleaded as she fell unconscious in his arms. He frantically tapped at his com link.

    "Prime to Chakwas, medical emergency in port observation room."

    In the Medical Bay, Airachnid was lying unconscious on the bed as Chakwas was running scans on her with her holo-tool while Jack was standing at the side, looking down at the helpless femme with concern. He was confused though with why he was showing concern for her in the first place, after all this was the femme that tried to kill him twice and his friends on several occasions. But she was acting like a completely different person since he met her again and that did throw him for a loop.

    "How is she Doctor?"

    Chakwas completed her scans and turned to the Prime.

    "Well, it seems that she had a reaction to her internal subspace receiver having a powerful signal transmitted to it. The signal was meant for a cybertronian's original body. The pretender bodies can not process that kind of power, so it shut her down into stasis."

    Jack looked down at Airachnid's peaceful looking form and found it hard to believe that the femme would be capable of such a look.

    "So is she alright?"

    The Doctor used her holo-tool and brought the former Decepticon out of stasis, before walking back to her station.

    "Ask her yourself, she should be coming around any moment now."

    Airachnid opened her eyes, the purple vibrancy of them glowed for a moment as they looked around the room before stopping on the Prime looking down to her.

    "You okay?" he asked in a gentle, concerned tone. She looked back a little confused before sitting up and facing him.

    "I think so, I haven't had that happen to me for a long time."

    Airachnid moved a little to the side to let Jack sit next to her and to her surprise he did.

    "When was the last time it happened?"

    The femme looked ahead as Jack watched her intently.

    "The last time was millennia ago by your time frame. My first days as a Decepticon during the early days of the war." she replied stoically.

    "What happened?" Jack asked. Airachnid got off the table and turned to him, her face remaining stoic.

    "I can't tell you now, but if you come with me then I will tell you everything." she answered honestly.

    "What ,why?" the Prime asked back, suddenly confused, and not for the first time with this femme.

    "Because I know where the signal originated from…Cybertron."

    Jack's eyes widened.

    "Cybertron, are you sure?"

    Airachnid nodded in return.

    "Will you come with me Jack, I will need your help?" she looked to him.

    "Why me, what do you expect to find there?" he asked still confused by this whole situation.

    The femme looked out the medical bay's window to the crew walking past, she then looked back to the Prime.

    "Jack, I don't know what I will find there, but I don't want to do it alone."

    Jack looked into the femmes eyes, she was looking at him almost pleading. The Prime nodded to her, her posture and face looking relieved.

    "I'll get Hotrod to set course for Cybertron immediately and I'll have one of the others join us."

    The femme looked at him in shock.

    "No, we have to go in a shuttle. Just you and me." she replied. Jack thought about arguing his point but then consigned himself to defeat and nodded back to her.

    "Okay, I'll leave Miranda in charge and we will take the shuttle. Meet me down there in thirty minutes." he replied in a calm manner as he placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. Airachnid nodded as she felt somewhat better and walked out of the medical bay, Jack then turned around to see Chakwas smiling at him.

    "What?" he asked back, unsure to why the doctor was smiling. She merely shrugged.

    "Oh, nothing really. It's just that I have been observing her while she has been on board. The young lady seems to have a lot of issues preying on her mind, and I believe that having you help her will do a lot to ease whatever burdens she has been carrying."

    Jack dwelled on her words before nodding back to her.

    "I hope so too Doctor, because I need everyone at hundred percent, considering we still have the Quintessons to deal with." he replied before leaving the room.


    The Defiant floated in the blackness of space as its shuttle bay door opened, allowing shuttle one to fly out and away from the ship before the space bridge next to them activated and it flew into it's giant green vortex. Only seconds past before the shuttle exited the connected space bridge to be greeted by the sight of the devastated planet of Cybertron. Airachnid looked at her dead home world and Jack looked over to see sadness and guilt in her face.

    "It has been a very long time since I laid eyes on Cybertron." she said, gaining Jack's full attention as he piloted the shuttle.

    "Was this you before the other you took over?" he asked, hoping he phrased the question right despite what little information she had given him. She nodded before continuing, letting the memories flood her mind as she thought back.

    "It was during the early days of the war, I was with my spark mate Esmeral. We were among the first cybertronians to join the Autobots after Megatron started the war by attacking Crystal City. Esmeral always said that Megatron would be trouble." she remembered fondly. Jack raised an eyebrow to that last comment.

    "She?, Esmeral was a femme?" he asked surprised. Airachnid replied by giving him a stern look.

    "And, what's wrong with that?" she answered, annoyed with the human Prime's ignorance.

    "Nothing, nothing at all, just did didn't expect that." he replied suddenly finding himself embarrassed. A smirk grew on the femme's face. She found the sight of Jack squirming under her gaze quite humorous. When she was satisfied that he wouldn't interrupt anymore she carried on. She thought back to that day in Crystal City all those eons ago.

    'As she moved among the large crystalline structures, now visually tarnished by the damage caused during the last attack. Airachnid took cover behind a large pile of rubble, she looked back to see her partner, her spark mate following the same path she had taken. The femme had a white and red colour scheme and bright green optics.

    "Esmeral over here now." Airachnid said, trying to keep the volume down as she heard a large rumbling in the distance. The femme got in close to her partner as the rumbling got even closer.

    "Well Air, seems like this patrol isn't going to be as uneventful as you thought." Esmeral said with a smirk. It was a smirk that always warmed Airachnid's spark.

    "Okay, you were right, but I don't fancy the odds that are approaching us." she replied hesitantly as she peeked over the rubble to see a large Decepticon force entering the area. She then got back down and looked at her partner.

    "I think we should double back and get back to base and report to Hauler that more Con forces have entered the city's northern side." she said before Esmeral stroked the femme's face with her servo.

    "And then we may be able to get some downtime together Air." she replied in a gentle and loving tone. Airachnid smiled back, enjoying the touch and feeling it brought to her spark.

    "Well first things first."

    Esmeral nodded and the two started to slowly head back the way they had come, making sure not to make any noise as the enemy force was nearly on top of them. Airachnid then noticed the first enemy soldiers appearing over the rubble pile that they were just at and before any of them could spot the two femmes, she grabbed Esmeral by the hand and pulled her into an alleyway. They both hid behind a damaged cargo container, Airachnid holding Esmeral close to her. They stayed there very quiet for what appeared to be the longest time as the Decepticon force marched past them.

    The force was made up of Vehicons mainly, basic soldier models. These were cybertronians who had their sparks transferred into these protoforms. The cons say that they volunteered but there is a belief among the Autobots that Megatron has cybertronians rounded up and reprogrammed. The very thought sickened Airachnid as she watched the last of the Decepticons leave their sight, waiting just long enough to hear their marching faintly in the distance. The two femmes then stood up and headed further down the alleyway ,hoping that they wouldn't come across any more trouble.

    "Come on, we can cut through here and then go three streets down to reach the EZ." Airachnid said as the two came out into another street to be greeted by a group of Cybertronians. From the look of them, they were seekers. The one on the right had a black and purple colour scheme, while the one on the left was blue. But the one in the centre was silver with red trimmings.

    "Now what do we have here my friends, but two little Autobots who have lost their way." he answered slyly, an sinister grin on his face.

    Both femmes trained their weapons on the seekers, who in turn raised their own.

    "I think they want to fight us Commander." the blue con said as Starscream continued to grin.

    "I can see that Thundercracker, but befo…." he was cut off by Airachnid and Esmeral firing at them as the seekers suddenly transformed into jet modes and evaded the femmes fire.

    "Thundercracker, Skywarp, keep them occupied." Starscream ordered as he flew away. Both Seekers veered around and fired down on the bots as they ran for cover.

    "Watch out for the one that is up itself, I think he will be back." Airachnid said as her partner went back to back with her, continuing to fire on the other two.

    "That's Starscream, I heard that is his favourite manoeuvre."

    Then Airachnid spotted the silver cybertronian jet flying just outside of their firing range, moving in and out of the crystal buildings.

    "I've got him, okay we'll ignore him until he is right on us." she said confidently.

    Esmeral smiled back at her.

    "He wont know what hit him." she replied as both femmes turned their attention on the others.

    Starscream flew round and spotted the bots and noticed them battling his team mates.

    'Ha, I knew they would fall for it.' he thought as he veered back round and started his attack run on the pair.

    Airachnid could feel that the seeker was nearing and just as he powered up his weapons, ready to take the shot.

    "Now!" she cried out as both femmes turned and fired at Starscream, making several direct hits. He could no longer keep control as he spiralled down and crash landed just feet from them. Thundercracker and Skywarp saw this and flew down and transformed next to him.

    "Starscream, you okay." Skywarp asked as Thundercracker kept firing at the bots.

    "Just get me out of here you fools." the commander screeched as his team mate helped him up.

    Esmeral then rolled to the left and fired a perfect shot, damaging Thundercracker's weapon.

    "Going somewhere boys?" she asked coyly as she and Airachnid had them dead to rights.

    The three seekers raised their hands, surrendering to the Autobot femmes.

    "I think we should call this in Esmeral." Airachnid said smirking at their new prisoners.

    Esmeral smiled back before activating her com link, while keeping her weapon trained on the seekers.

    "Commander Hauler, this is patrol 30.…Arrrgggh" she cried out as she was shot in the back.

    "Esmeral!" Airachnid called back in shock before being hit in the back too, her body falling to the ground and the last thing her optics saw before going into stasis was Esmeral's unconscious form lying next to her. Starscream and the others looked up to where the shots had come from and saw a purple and light blue seeker staring down at them, smirking devilishly.

    "Well I guess it just goes to show that you three do need a femme's touch every now and again."

    Starscream suddenly feeling confident pushed his team mates aside and stepped forward to greet her.

    "Slipstream, that worked out just like I had planned. Well done, your service to me will not be forgotten." he said as the Skywarp and Thundercracker looked at each other confused. Slipstream jumped down from her perch and rolled her optics at the commander.

    "What ever you say Scream. Now what do you want done with these stinking bots?" she said as the four of them surrounded the downed femmes. The commander looked down at them and smiled.

    "I think we have should deliver these two to Lord Megatron as a gift." he said slyly.

    "What to make up for your failed attack on the Autobot base earlier." she replied dryly. Starscream turned at her angrily.

    "That wasn't my fault, blame remains solely with the Combaticons." he then waved her off as he started marching away.

    "Pick them up and follow me to the dropship."

    They merely shrugged before picking up the unconscious prisoners and following their leader.

    When Airachnid came too, she found that her hands were bound and she was on her knees. She looked around at her surroundings. The room was darkly lit, with dark purple neon lighting around the room. She also saw a number of vehicons standing to attention. She then instantly looked to her right to find Esmeral in similar bindings.

    "Hey Air, when I said I wanted some downtime with you, this wasn't what I had in mind." she coyly said, before she was kicked in the back.

    "Silence Autobot scum." Starscream ordered from behind them.

    "Do you not know who you are kneeling before."

    Both femmes then looked up to see Megatron, Lord of the Decepticons standing before them. His blood red optics glaring down at them before looking back at Starscream.

    "What is the meaning of this Starscream." he spat, making the commander squirm under his gaze. "Do you bring me Autobot prisoners just to make up for your defeat at Crystal City."

    The Con looked back at him shocked and appalled.

    "My Lord, you know I am only here to serve you, but it was the comb.." he was cut off by the Decepticon Lord.

    "Spare me your prattle, Onslaught has already returned from the mission and brought me Hauler's head as a trophy."

    Airachnid and Esmeral felt their sparks sink at the revelation. Starscream fearing for his safety suddenly, tried to get Megatron's attention elsewhere.

    "Lord Megatron, I thought you may want to torture these two Autobots for whatever secrets they hold."

    The Con leader just looked away disinterested.

    "I have enough on my plate right now with Zeta Prime's continued resistance, to be bothered with such a lowly task." he then looked away for a moment before a dark smile crossed his face.

    "I think they would be much better suited in Shockwave's care, don't you." he said glaring down at the seeker, making Starscream visibly shake.

    "Of course my Lord." he replied hesitantly. Soundwave then walked up and joined Megatron where he stood, the lord acknowledging him.

    "Well take them to Shockwave then, now get out of my sight."

    Starscream bowed awkwardly before gesturing to two vehicons who lifted the prisoners to their feet and escorted them out of the chamber.'

    Airachnid was brought out of her memories by Jack who placed a hand on her shoulder in support when he noticed that she had gone quiet all of a sudden.

    "Hey, you okay?" he asked gently, she then nodded and looked out of the window to see that they were now flying between the damaged and derelict buildings that littered Cybertron's surface.

    "Yeah, just bad memories." she replied softly as she closed her optics briefly. Jack wanted to say something but felt it might be better to keep quiet about what she had told him, for now anyway. He looked back ahead as the scanner on his controls beeped.

    "Looks like we are closing on the source of the signal." he said as Airachnid's expression turned stoic and she checked her weapons.

    "Good, because I want to know who would call me back here."

    After leaving the shuttle with their breathers on, the two stood before a dark tower that Airachnid recognised instantly.

    "That's Shockwave's research facility."

    Jack looked over to her in surprise.

    "Shockwave, do you think it was him that signalled you?"

    The femme shook her head in disagreement.

    "No, he died during the battle on Earth. It couldn't be him." she answered, a little unsurely. Jack then equipped his mattock rifle and gestured to the former con.

    "Well I guess we will find out soon enough, lets move."

    Airachnid nodded and the two entered the facility.

    They had been searching through the facility's titan sized rooms for what felt like forever and yet had found nothing, but damaged eons old equipment. But then they entered one room that was larger than the others and Airachnid's eyes widened a little, gaining Jack's attention as he saw that she knew this particular room.

    "Airachnid what is it?" he asked as she just stood and looked around.

    "This was the room where….." she stopped talking when she saw a cybertronian body lying on the floor. It looked like it had been there forever, but then Jack heard the femme whimper as tears ran down her face as she ran over to the body before falling to her knees and crying over it. Jack walked over quietly and placed his hand on her shoulder sympathetically. He felt her shiver under his hand as she cried, but then he was suddenly surprised when he felt her hand on top of his. He then bent down to her level.

    "Is this…" he asked before she cut him off.

    "Yes…. this is Esmeral." she nodded in return as tears continued to flow from her eyes. Jack looked at the bot's body. If he was to make a guess It looked like it was torn apart by an Insecticon, he then looked back to the femme.

    "I'm very sorry Airachnid." Jack said in sympathetic tone as she continued to hold his hand on her shoulder.

    "Thank you Jack." she replied gently as she looked up into his eyes, her own still welled up with tears yet to be shed. Jack knew he would be walking a minefield by asking this next question, but he knew that it was the only way to help her through this.

    "What happened here Airachnid?" he asked, gaining a look from her that he could not read.

    "If you don't want to, I'll understand." he said while she continued to stare, before she suddenly sighed and looked back at her spark mate's body.

    "No, I want… I have to tell you Jack, to lay it out in front of me." she replied as she wiped her face clean of the tear stains. She then let her memories over flow her again.

    'Airachnid and Esmeral were escorted into the large room, which held many berths in an almost vertical position. There was also numerous tables that had many monstrous looking blades and devices on them. The vehicons then tied the femmes to their own individual berths as a large Decepticon entered the room. His colour scheme was dark purple and his left arm was a massive cannon. But the thing that caught the bot's real attention was the one solitary optic he had, which glowed a blood red as he looked at them.

    "I see Lord Megatron has given me more test subjects." he then pointed over to the corpses lying in a pile in the corner of the room.

    "You see the others didn't survive but I have high hopes that you will, considering that I have learned from the mistakes I made earlier." he added before one of the vehicons decided to speak up.

    "Sir, it was Commander Starscream who delivered these two to you." he said in a confident manner. Shockwave just looked back at him.

    "So it was Megatron then, leave us alone ST3V3. I would like to be alone with my guests."

    The two soldiers left the room as the scientist walked over to one of the tables and picked up a device. He then walked over to Airachnid and looked her up and down.

    "Well you are an interesting one aren't you, I know exactly what upgrades I will make for you. After I re-educate you of course." he said as he moved the device closer to her face.

    "Leave her alone you one eyed freak." Esmeral spat at him as she struggled against her bindings. He looked over at her, his emotions unreadable due to the one optic that made up his face.

    "Stay silent, you'll have your turn soon enough."

    Airachnid tried to move but found that her bindings were just too strong as she caught view of a screen behind Shockwave, showing a strange creature with two little arms, a long tail and a large head with strong sharp teeth. Shockwave noticed her attention was elsewhere and looked to see what she was looking at.

    "Ah I see you have found my little hobby. I have found the most interesting planet recently with one of my probes. It has the most diverse number of creatures on it. I thought that perhaps if I could harness their power and give it to our troops. It would give Lord Megatron an even greater advantage over the Autobots, but sadly I have yet to find a suitable test subject for that particular creature design."

    He then shifted through the images of various alien creatures until he came across one that made Airachnid look away in revulsion.

    "Ah, I see you like this one. I have to say it is very striking and I believe it would fit you perfectly. Why don't we begin." he said sinisterly as the last thing Airachnid saw was the image on the screen of an eight legged creature before everything went black as he placed her in stasis.

    Over the next few cycles, Airachnid felt agonising pain as Shockwave experimented on and ripped apart her body, only to add new body parts and upgrades to it. She couldn't see anything due to him deactivating her optics, but she could hear Esmeral's pleas and cries of defiance.

    "I swear to the all-spark, I will kill you if you…" she was cut off by a large smack to the face.

    "I said silence, cant you see I am working here. You would be in on the fun too, if you were compatible with any of my designs that is." he said before continuing his work on Airachnid's body, the pain recurring as she felt his tools violating her inner workings.

    After another cycle, he stopped and chuckled to himself as Esmeral gasped.

    "I have to say I really do a satisfactory job. Now only one last thing to do."

    Airachnid then felt something sharp pierce the back of her head as suddenly all her thoughts were dulled and pushed away. She found that she could no longer move her own body, it was as if she was being locked out of her own systems. All she could do was listen as she heard Esmeral's whimpers as she watched helplessly.

    Suddenly Airachnid's optics came on-line and she looked around the room before coming to a stop in front of Shockwave.

    "Do you know who I am?" he asked stoically.

    "Yes you are Shockwave, lead scientist to Lord Megatron." she answered.

    "And who is he to you?" he said, his optic staring at her.

    "He is my master, I live to serve the Decepticon cause." she answered unwavering. Shockwave nodded in acknowledgement.

    "Good, it seems the reprogramming has worked, but we should test it on…."

    He looked back at Esmeral and if he could smile he would have, as he unlocked the restraints on Airachnid's berth allowing her to step down from it. He then pointed over to the Autobot.

    "Airachnid, I want you to kill, no... rip apart that Autobot scum."

    An evil smile grew on the femme's face as she looked at Esmeral.

    "It would be my pleasure." she answered as she walked over to the femme who just looked at her spark-mate in utter confusion.

    "Airachnid it is me Esmeral, don't you remember?" she pleaded, gaining a momentary pause from her lover. Shockwave noticed this and readied his weapon just in case. Esmeral looked at her spark mate, at the confused look on her face before it changed back to the evil grin she bore before. The new Decepticon shrugged.

    "I'm sorry, but I don't know you Autobot slag." she answered as she grabbed the bot by the throat, released her restraints and threw Esmeral to the floor in the middle of the room. The bot tried to get up only for her hand to be pinned down by a strange, horrible looking appendage that had appeared from behind Airachnid's back. She then looked up in horror, her optics widened fully as 3 more appendages grew out of her back and readied themselves to strike.

    "Airachnid, you have to remember who you are. Please, I love you!" Esmeral pleaded as she looked the femme in the optics. But the con just shook her head.

    "I am flattered really, but you are not my type." she answered coldly before launching the other appendages at the bots chest, clawing it open and spilling energon everywhere. As Araichnid sliced and clawed her way through the bots inner workings, Esmeral had a look of utter defeat on her face as she reached up with her right hand, trying to reach her lost lover's face before her optics went dark and her hand fell to the ground.

    Airachnid stood before the shredded corpse of the bot and smiled. Shockwave stood beside her.

    "Very impressive Airachnid, Lord Megatron will be most pleased." he answered as the spider-bot stood looking down at the mess she had made. But inside her mind a voice screamed out, a voice that no longer had control of her own body. The voice was filled with guilt, sadness and anger.

    "ESMERAL!" she screamed into the darkness that surrounded her.'

    Jack looked at Airachnid, his eyes completely wide and his mouth hung open in shock of what she had just told him, a single tear slid down his cheek. Everything he knew about her was completely wrong.

    "I' am so sorry Arachnid, I had no idea, god all the things that you've…" he found himself completely lost in thought at all the evil deeds that she had done, but now knowing that it wasn't really her. "You remember everything."

    Airachnid slowly nodded.

    "Yes, I remember ever spark I destroyed, every life that I hunted down and killed, simply for the pleasure of killing."

    She then looked directly at Jack.

    "I also remember torturing Arcee and killing Tailgate. I spent everyday screaming at the sights I saw, hoping that if I tried hard enough that I might finally be able to break free and gain control of myself." she replied as the tears starting flowing freely again.

    "But it never happened." she said as she looked at Esmeral's face, frozen in the same defeated expression that had been seared into her mind.

    "Then I remember coming across you. And I cheered when you defeated me with Arcee. The first one who managed to defend themselves and not become one of my victims. And then you did it again when I tried to kill you and your mother. But apart from those two moments, everything else was a nightmare that would never stop."

    She then looked down to the ground and took a deep breath before carrying on.

    "The only solace I found was when Arcee managed to trap me in a stasis chamber. I was still burdened with the memories of everything that I saw myself destroy, but I was comforted by the fact that I wouldn't hurt anyone else."

    Jack took one of Airachnid's hands in his own. She looked up to see him looking back at her, forgiveness in his eyes.

    "None of this is your fault, you are a victim of the Decepticons, just as much as Arcee was. You carried this guilt on your shoulders for too long. Let me help you, because…" Jack trailed off as he looked away and thought about his own demons. Arachnid noticed this and placed a finger on his chin and brought his eyes back to her.

    "Jack, thank you. I never thought that anyone would ever be able to forgive me for what I have done. But you can't help me, because unlike me your guilt is misplaced."

    Jack just watched her as she started to gain control over her emotions.

    "I read about what happened on Virmire. It wasn't your fault what happened to your friends and you shouldn't feel guilty for being brought back to life either."

    Jack pondered on her words, but then decided to counter argue her point.

    "The same goes for you." he replied gaining a look of confusion from the femme.

    "When you transferred your spark into your pretender body, you regained control of your life. Don't you think Esmeral would want you to make the most of it. Because I seriously doubt that she holds any grievance against you, because she loved you all the way till the very end." he replied as he held both of her hands in his gently. She looked down at them before nodding.

    "Your saying that I can find redemption?" she asked hesitantly. Jack looked at her, his face remaining calm.

    "I know after everything you have told me that you don't need to think like that, but if it helps then yes. You have already started by helping me. Focus on that, on helping people. And maybe one day you will be able to forgive yourself."

    Airachnid started to calm down as she looked down on Esmeral's still form.

    "I love you Esmeral." she said quietly.

    "Well isn't this a touching scene!" a voice spoke aloud, making both Jack and Arachnid turn their heads in the direction it had come from. They both looked towards a doorway, nothing but darkness inside apart from one solitary red light. They both readied their weapons as the light moved closer towards them until a figure that towered over them stepped out from the shadows.

    "It can't be" Airachnid muttered as Jack looked over to her.

    "Airachnid…" he said before Shockwave cut him off as he stood before them.

    "So you have returned. When I sent that signal, I was hoping that some of my children would be drawn home, but I never expected you. Aside from the Constructicons,Combaticons and other experiments that I do not wish to divulge at this time, you are my most successful experiment. An Autobot turned Decepticon assassin."

    He then looked down at the former con.

    "Though I see that you like the rest of our people have taken to the sub-par pretender bodies. They were never meant for extended use and not worthy of our greatness." he said before extending an arm to her.

    "Come to me and I will give you a new body. One worthy of a Decepticon such as yourself."

    Airachnid kept her weapon trained on him as she took a step back and shook her head, as Shockwave started to walk towards her.

    "No I will not, and I am an Autobot." she replied defiantly as Jack stood beside her.

    "You heard the femme Shockwave, your reprogramming no longer has a hold over her." Jack answered, gaining the Con's attention.

    "And who in the Allspark are you?" he spat back, before focusing his vision on the Autobot crest on the Human's chest plate.

    "Do you think I care what a Human thinks, Prime..." he spat as he raised his cannon at the pair.

    "...She will join me in my mission."

    The two looked at him confused.

    "What mission would that be, because if you hadn't noticed the war has been over for nearly two decades." Jack replied sarcastically. Shockwave just looked down at them both, again his expression unreadable.

    "My mission was given to me by Lord Megatron himself. He recognised the futile nature of our race's survival due to the diminishing energon supply. So after Knockout successfully figured out what the substance that enhanced your medic's abilities was." he said as Jack's eyes widened.

    "Synthetic energon!" he said, making Shockwave nod in agreement.

    "Wait a minute, that event was a good couple of years before the war ended, why did it take so long for Knockout to realise what it was?" Jack asked curiously.

    "It pains me to say it but Knockout is not much of a scientist, not compared to myself or your Autobot medic." Shockwave replied.

    "Anyway, I was ordered to return here and research the synthergon. But it took too long to figure out the complete formula."

    Arachnid then nudged Jack's shoulder, gaining his attention while Shockwave continued to speak.

    "You see his optic, notice the green hue that is mixed in with its blood red."

    Jack looked up and noticed it too. The green was in the outer edges of his eye and glowing strongly.

    "Your using the synthergon as it is. Don't you realise how dangerous that is?" Jack said surprised by the Scientist's lack of caution. Shockwave raised his fist and clenched it.

    "What danger, I have never felt as strong as I do now. And this is a strength I want to share with all Cybertronians. With this power I can bring about the future that Megatron himself dreamed of seeing. The galaxy in the grip of the Decepticons, reborn!"

    Jack's face became stoic as he aimed for Con's optic.

    "I'll send you to the pit first Shockwave." The Prime warned as Airachnid copied his stance, waiting for Shockwave to make his move.

    "Very well Prime, lets see what you have got." he answered back as he fired his cannon, causing the two to dive out of the way in opposite directions. Jack rolled into the dive, finishing in a kneeling position as he then fired a burst of bullets right at the Con's optic, but they bounced right off harmlessly.

    "Nice attempt Prime, but that trick will not work twice. Not since the Autobot slag, Arcee did it before."

    Jack gritted his teeth at that comment as Shockwave turned his attention to Airachnid who was firing at him from behind cover. He fired his cannon at her spot, the impact sending her sprawling onto the ground several feet away. He then caught sight of Jack charging at him with his energy blade and fired at the ground just in front of the Prime, the blast it caused sending him into the wall and left him lying on the ground.

    "Is this the best you have got, because I am not impressed." Shockwave said as he turned back to the femme who was still recovering from his last attack. He aimed his weapon at her as Jack lifted his head to see her trying to get up.

    "It is such a shame you became this pitiful excuse of a femme Airachnid, you were capable of being so much more."

    He then charged his weapon as Jack pulled himself to his feet, everything felt like it was in slow motion as he ran over to her. Just as Shockwave fired a bolt of energy at the femme, she in return closed her eyes and waited for her imminent death.

    "No!" Jack shouted as he stood in between her and the incoming energy. The blast hit Jack and the room filled with a blinding light, then there was silence. Shockwave looked down at the ground where Jack stood and saw nothing but smoke and dust that the blast had caused. But when it settled, the Con's optic brightened in shock at what he saw.

    "Impossible!" he exclaimed as Airachnid opened her eyes, they widened at the sight in front of her. She saw Jack standing in front of her with his right arm held out with a circular energy shield emanating from his fore arm. Arachnid gasped as she recognised it.

    "The skyboom shield."

    Shockwave then noticed the Prime's left hand, where his energy blade was, but it had now changed too. The blade was much longer and looked exactly like the star blade Optimus Prime wields. Jack and Arachnid both looked at it as a smirk grew on the Prime's face. The blade started to glow as he lifted it above his head. Shockwave charged his cannon again as the Prime ran towards the titan, then swung the blade around and around before letting loose an energy wave that knocked the Con off his feet and into the synthergon tanks behind him.

    The liquid from the damaged tanks covered Shockwave as he began to pick himself up from busted tanks, his optic then narrowed at the sight of Arachnid aiming her gun at the exposed synthergon. She smiled as she fired one shot which caused the liquid to explode, engulfing Shockwave in a fireball which expanded out at Arachnid and Jack. The Prime grabbed her and pulled her close, causing her to gasp in surprise as he brought up skyboom shield in front of them.

    The blast hitting it and passing round them harmlessly, they could both feel the heat of the fireball around them as it burned for several seconds before dissipating. When it ended, Jack collapsed to his knees, his breathing became heavy as Airachnid knelt beside him.

    "Jack, are you alright?" she asked, not even attempting to hide the concern in her voice. Jack looked at her while panting heavily.

    "It takes a lot out of you when using the saber like that." he panted as she smiled back at him. She then did something that Jack did not expect, she leaned in close and pressed her lips to his gently for a second before parting. Jack looked back at her surprised.

    "Thank you Jack?" she said gently before getting to her feet and walking over to the giant burnt out corpse that was once Shockwave. His head had fallen away from his body and the blood red optic was flickering before she aimed her gun at it and fired a burst of bullets into it, deactivating it for good.

    "That was for Esmeral, you piece of scrap." she answered as she felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see that Jack had recovered.

    "You going to be alright Arachnid?" he asked. She answered him by putting her arms around his torso and hugging him.

    "I'd like to leave now." she said softly into his ear.

    He looked at her sympathetically.

    "You sure, I would understand if you wanted to stay a little longer." he said in an understanding and gentle tone. The femme shook her head slightly as a single tear running down her cheek.

    "No, I have said my goodbyes Jack. There is nothing here for me now." she said sadly, as she let go of Jack and looked at him, a sad smile on her face.

    "But thank you for understanding." she replied as the two of them turned and headed for the exit. She then stopped and took one more look at the corpse of her spark mate, before walking out of the room, Jack at her side.

    A/N: Now that is an eye opener. I hope you liked that chapter and I would love to hear your thoughts on it, so please either review or send me a PM. And thank you for reading.

    Next Chapter: Jack has to answer to Optimus and the Council for his working with MECH and after that Silas informs jack of a derelict Quintesson Cruiser that he wants the Prime to investigate.
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    Jack walked into his quarters and just sat down on the bed in his armour, he had only just returned from Cybertron with Airachnid. She had told him that she wanted to be alone and think about had happened there and so returned to her area at the bottom of the ship. Jack though was still feeling the effects from using the star saber on Shockwave earlier, though he was feeling much more stronger than he did then. He wondered if that was going to happen every time he used the weapon or if he would get used to it in time. As he sat there he couldn't help but let his thoughts dwell on the kiss that Airachnid had given him.

    It had been a long time….for him anyway, since he last felt comfort that personal with another someone. It had been Arcee originally, but the femme though had pushed him away and yet he still loved her. But now there was Airachnid and after everything that he had learnt about her down on Cybertron, he had found that she was no different to Arcee. He shook his head as he tried to rid himself of such thoughts, he still had a job to do and so would concentrate on it and not on the loneliness he was feeling. His com link activated, gaining his full attention.

    "Prime we have an incoming signal from the Citadel." the Autobot pilot informed him. Jack took a deep breath before he stood up and walked over to his desk.

    "I'll take it in here Hotrod."

    Jack then sat down and used the console so that the wall facing him activated showing the face of Optimus Prime staring back, surprise in his eyes.

    "Jackson….. it is very good to see you again, after what happened to the Normandy. We all mourned your passing, so to see you here now fills my spark with joy." the elder Prime said happily, which made Jack relax a little.

    "It's good to be back Optimus..." Jack replied, he hadn't felt like that comment was really true until recently, thanks to his talk with Airachnid on Cybertron. He had started to feel a little better about himself.

    "...I just wish that it was under better circumstances."

    Optimus nodded as his face became more serious.

    "Yes, it is most disturbing to hear that MECH brought you back and that you are working for them." The Prime replied.

    "I'm not working for them Optimus, I am working with them. Who told you that?"

    Optimus's eyes closed for a moment.

    "Arcee told us in her debriefing." he answered sadly.

    Jack looked down at the desk as he thought back to the last time they saw each other. He could not help but feel bad for the way it had played out, but she should have trusted him. She had told him that she did before, so what had changed.

    "How is she?" he asked as he looked back at the Autobot leader. Optimus could see the sincerity and pain in Jack's eyes as he spoke about her.

    "She…..isn't taking it well Jackson. She doesn't believe that it is really you."

    Jack's heart took another hit as he felt like sinking into his chair but kept himself from doing so while he had Optimus looking back at him.

    "I'm sorry to hear that, I tried to explain to her…" Jack said before the elder Prime cut him off.

    "We can talk more after but in the mean time, the Council would like to speak to you."

    Jack then saw Optimus stand aside as the four Councillors stood before him.

    "Jackson Prime I would like to say that it is good to see you again.." Perceptor said before he was cut off by Sparatus.

    "But we have heard some rather unsettling news on how you were brought back and who you are working for." he cut in, his voice tinged with anger. Tevlos then stood forward in a stoic manner.

    "We have called this meeting so that you can explain your actions, we do owe you that much. You did save the Citadel and our lives from Saren and the Geth army he had under his control." she answered calmly.

    "Councillors, I was brought back by MECH because they needed my help in discovering who has been abducting Human colonies in the Terminus systems over the last two years." he then took a breath before continuing.

    "We have found out that it is the Quintessons and that they are also working with the Reapers." Jack answered in calm manner, though he had an idea on how this conversation may turn out. If the way Sparatus was looking at him was any indication.

    "The Terminus systems are outside our jurisdiction, your colonists knew this when they left Alliance and Council space." he replied while glaring at Jack.

    Optimus decided to speak up for the young Prime and stepped forward.

    "But you are missing the point Councillor, the Reapers are involved in what has been happening in the Terminus systems in recent years." He spoke stoically.

    Sparatus just shook his head before glaring between the elder Prime and the one on their screen.

    "Ah yes, 'Reapers'. The nightmare biomechanical monsters that hide in dark space waiting for the right time to destroy us all." He then waved his arm in disgust. "We have already dismissed that claim."

    Optimus turned to Jack's image on the monitor.

    "Jackson, unfortunately no one has been able to speak to the hologram on Ilos. And you and your team were the only ones ever to speak to Sovereign." Optimus then gave Jack a slight smile.

    "I believe you, but as there is no direct evidence to support you, the others will always believe that Saren was behind the attack."

    Jack looked back at the council, his face as stoic as the elder Prime.

    "Why would the Geth follow Saren, he was not a synthetic. They only listened to him because he was Sovereign's puppet." he answered back. But Tevlos shook her head in response.

    "Saren was a highly charismatic and compelling man. He convinced the Geth that the Reapers were real as well as making you believe in them too." she replied.

    "It was part of his plan to attack the Citadel. The Reapers are just a fairy tale, but one that you keep on reciprocating." Sparatus carried on.

    "We believe that you think they are real. But we do not and that is the end of it."

    Jack took a breath as he sighed.

    "Just speak to Arblus on Ilos or better yet examine the remains of Sovereign, it is obviously not Geth technology since it is much more advanced."

    The Councillors though just looked at Jack, their annoyance with the Prime growing.

    "The Geth are capable of remarkable advances in technology, which is why Saren obviously recruited them. As for the VI on Ilos, it does not appear to function any more." Tevlos replied.

    "This all proves your Reaper theory is flawed and just how gullible you really are. You were manipulated by Saren and now by MECH." Sparatus spat at the young Prime. Jack could feel his anger starting to boil as he clenched his fists.

    "I cant believe this, after I stopped Saren from destroying the Citadel while losing friends and allies along the way. This is the thanks I get." he replied, trying to keep a lid on his anger.

    "But you are leaving us in a difficult position Jackson Prime. You are now working with MECH, a terrorist organisation and an enemy of this council. That is treason under our laws."

    Optimus was about to step forward when Perceptor suddenly found his voice.

    "That is going too far, Jackson Darby is a Prime and it is his duty to protect this galaxy no matter what obstacles lie in his way. I am on this council too and will not allow you to sully his name anymore."

    The other councillors looked at Perceptor dumbstruck by his outburst, Tevlos regained her composure and looked back at Jack.

    "Well maybe we can come to a compromise, not a public acknowledgement considering your close ties with MECH. But something that shows that we support you personally." She answered before looking to Sparatus who then spoke.

    "Jackson Prime, if you keep your activities to the Terminus systems. We will have the Alliance reinstate your rank of Commander."

    Jack thought for a second as he looked away before looking back at the councillors.

    "Perceptor, thank you for your support and know that I am in no way disrespecting you with what I am about to say." Jack told him in a stoic manner. He then looked back at the other councillors.

    "I decline your offer. I did not need your help when I saved this Council from Sovereign and I don't need it now. Because you are all too stupid and scared to see the truth." Jack answered defiantly. He then saw the utter dumbstruck looks on the councillors faces except for Sparatus, who just let his anger boil over.

    "Right, I should have known that this would happen, you cannot trust Humans even now. So we will warn you only once 'Prime'. If your ship so much as enters either Council or Alliance space, even for a second, then it will be captured or destroyed. You have been warned." he fumed as the Turian stormed out of the room as the other councillors followed. Perceptor stayed behind and joined Optimus's side. The elder Prime had a worried look on his face.

    "Well, that could have gone a little better."

    Jack shrugged as his expression became more casual.

    "Politicians and bureaucrats are not going to stop the Reapers when they finally arrive. And also if I had said yes, they would have found a way to tie my hands behind my back, like they have done with the Alliance."

    The elder Prime nodded in agreement as he sighed.

    "That is true, do not worry about the Council. Perceptor and myself will find someway to keep them off your back. As long as you stay in the areas that the Council has no reach." he replied as Perceptor nodded to Jack. The young Prime then looked at Optimus a little confused.

    "I thought you would be against my working with MECH?" he asked.

    "Well I am not happy about it, not for a moment. But Perceptor is right about what it means to be a Prime, and I would be a hypocrite if I had sided with the Council on this. Especially since it was I who accepted an alliance with Megatron, many years ago when Unicron posed a threat to Earth."

    Jack smiled and nodded back to the elder Prime. The Autobot councillor then said his goodbyes while offering Jack his best before leaving the room. Just Optimus was left who then turned back to the screen.

    "Well Jackson I would like to speak to you more, but I have a feeling that our com link is about to be cut."

    Jack gave Optimus a lop sided grin.

    "Yeah I have that feeling too."

    The Autobot leader gave Jack a warm smile.

    "Well in that case Jackson Prime, I want to wish you good luck on your mission. But be mindful of your position with MECH, they can not be trusted."

    Jack nodded in return.

    "I will Optimus and thank you. Until next we meet." he replied.

    "Farewell my friend." Optimus finished as the screen deactivated, leaving Jack to his thoughts.


    Jack was walking toward the common room when Airachnid walked into him.

    "Oh hi Jack." she said a little embarrassed as she smiled at him.

    "Sorry about that." she carried on sheepishly.

    "No need to apologise, that was my fault." he replied as he scratched the back of his head in equal embarrassment.

    "I should have been looking where I was going."

    The femme looked at him observantly.

    "Have a lot on your mind?" she asked knowingly.

    Jack didn't know how she could tell but he could see in her expression that she was just concerned for him. Funny that many years ago he had thought of her as a sadistic monster, but now that he knew the truth about her past. He couldn't help but feel like he knew her in a much better way now, though for the life of him he didn't know how.

    "Want to talk about it?" she asked while looking over to the common room. Jack smiled in return.

    "Sure, I was on my way there anyway."

    She smiled back, not knowing that her smile had made Jack feel a little better inside at that moment.

    "Well I haven't been in there yet, so this might interesting." she replied.

    "Well no one on this ship really knows you Airachnid." Jack said in return.

    She looked back at him, that knowing smile again gracing her lips.

    "Well not like you do Jack."

    Jack then placed a hand out In front of her.

    "After you." he said to her in a polite manner.

    "Thank you." she replied as she walked into the common room with him following behind her. They then collected their drinks and sat at the table at the far side of the room, facing each other. There were a number of crewmen relaxing in the room, though if any of them had noticed Airachnid, they didn't show it. The femme took a sip from her drink, and noticed Jack eyeing it curiously.

    "What are you drinking?"

    She placed the glass on the table and licked the traces of it off her lips.

    "I believe you call it prune juice."

    Jack tried his best not to look squeamish, but failed.

    "What?" she replied a little disturbed by the Prime's expression.

    "Well, I'm not really a fan of it, it's too thick and sweet for my tastes. But if you like it." he said, as she then looked down at his drink.

    "Well, what are you drinking?" she asked trying to sound annoyed. Jack stirred his mug's contents with a tea spoon as hot steam rose from the brown liquid.

    "Just coffee." he answered as he took the spoon out and took a sip before pulling back suddenly not realising how piping hot it still was, wincing in the process. Airachnid chuckled.

    "Hot is it?" she asked with a grin.

    "Yeah, it is." Jack replied, still wincing from slightly burned lips as he placed the mug on the table and started stirring it again.

    "So are you going to tell me what's on your mind?" she asked. Jack gave her a lop sided grin.

    "You first."

    She raised an eye brow at the Prime evading her question, but shrugged.

    "Okay then, ask away." she answered.

    "When we got back you said you wanted to be alone, so why were you up here?" he asked curiously as Airachnid looked down at her drink.

    "I thought I did want to be alone down there, but once I was I realised you were right. Esmeral wouldn't want me to be like that and be keep everyone at arms distance, so I came up here." she answered truthfully.

    "But you were just hanging around outside still." Jack replied observantly. Airachnid sighed and looked away, before looking back at the Prime with her purple eyes.

    "I guess I didn't want to go in alone." The femme replied as she smiled back at him.

    Jack returned the smile.

    "I'm happy I could help."

    For a moment they just smiled at one another, before Jack broke eye contact so that he could take a sip from his drink, though this time he didn't nearly burn his lips off.

    "So, now it's your turn." Airachnid said gaining the Prime's attention as he put his mug down again, he then sighed and started talking. He told her about his talk with Optimus and the Council and how he turned away from them. The femme's expression changed to concern as she placed a hand gently on to Jack's.

    "I'm sorry, they never really believed you about the Reapers did they."

    She could see a tinge of anger on Jack's face.

    "No and worse, they were actively trying to keep it all quiet. That's why I knew that I couldn't trust them to let me get on with my mission. If I had rejoined them, they would just try to slow me down." he replied sadly. Airachnid didn't realise it, but she had started to stroke Jack's hand with her thumb as she kept her hand over his. This hadn't gone unnoticed by Jack, who quietly enjoyed the comfort it was giving him.

    "I know what you mean Jack. When the thirteen were created by Primus to combat Unicron, not all of them believed the danger he posed to the galaxy."

    Jack looked at her curiously.

    "Wait how do you know about that?"

    She took a sip from her drink before continuing.

    "Esmeral used to tell me, she was a historian before the war. Her favourite subject was the war between the thirteen primes and the chaos bringer." she said with affection in her voice for her sparkmate.

    "Tell me about her?" Jack asked, gaining another smile from the femme as she looked away and remembered.

    "Well, most nights I would return to our home in Crystal City and sit on our balcony and look out at he city skyline. Our system's star would just start to set as its light would reflect off he crystalline buildings giving the city this warm glow. Esmeral would then get back from her caste duties and sit with me, placing an arm around me and we would talk about how our days went. She would tell me everything that she researched or learnt. Esmeral could make anything sound interesting, she was that passionate about it." Arachnid replied.

    "She sounds like a wonderful person, wish I could have met her." The Prime said, earning a smile from Arachnid.

    "Yeah, she would have loved Earth. Especially your history, you know for a species that has barely lived a fraction of ours. You certainly have a rich past."

    They then took a sip of heir drinks when they were suddenly interrupted.

    "Oh, there you are."

    They both looked up to see Garrus looking at them.

    "Hey Airachnid, it's nice to see that you're up and around with the rest of us."

    Airachnid smirked at the Turian's comment.

    "Thank you, it's nice to be here."

    Jack gave Garrus a lopsided grin.

    "Same could be said of you Garrus, since you spend most of each day calibrating the weapons." Jack said back with a tinge of sarcasm.

    "What can I say, you can never be too careful. Plus we do end up in combat situations more times than I would like." Garrus shrugged as Jack pulled a chair out and gestured to the Turian to sit. His friend smiled back and joined them at the table before looking at their drinks.

    "So, what are you two drinking?"

    Airachnid finished off her drink before speaking.

    "Well I just had a prune juice while Jack was burning his lips on a boiling mug of coffee." she finished with a chuckle. Garrus then looked over to the drinks counter and sighed.

    "Damn, looks like chef hasn't restocked the dextro-protein drinks, oh well I have plenty in my quarters." he said disappointedly before turning back to Jack and Airachnid.

    "So what are we talking about?"

    The other two looked at each other for a second before being interrupted by Hotrod's voice over the inter com.

    "Prime, we have an incoming call from the Director. He says it's urgent."

    Jack sighed as he tapped his con link.

    "Copy Hotrod, I'll take it in the briefing room." he replied before looking back to his friends.

    "Sorry but duty calls, it was nice talking with you Airachnid." he replied warmly to the femme who smiled back with the same affection.

    "Likewise Jack, we should do it again sometime."

    Jack nodded in return before heading out of the common room, as Garrus smiled at the femme.

    "So, what's new?" he asked curiously.

    Silas stood in front of a hologram of the Quintesson cruiser, made up from the scans that Teletraan had taken when the Defiant was in orbit over Horizon. He looked over the ship as he admired the technical marvel that it was. Then Jackson prime appeared in the room via the holo-communicator. Slias turned to him, looking at the Prime with his yellow optics.

    "Prime, I think we caught a break. I intercepted a distress call from an Asari patrol. They had a run in with a Quintesson cruiser. The patrol was destroyed but not before crippling the cruiser." He said before picking up his drink from the stand next to him and taking a sip.

    "How did an Asari patrol manage to disable a Quintesson ship?"

    Silas then pressed a finger against the Quintesson ship's image and it changed to a screen showing its location on the galaxy map.

    "I'm not sure, but this might be our best chance to gain Intel on the Quintessons. Especially on how they manage to use the Omega four subspace rift to reach their home world. I want you to take the Defiant to these coordinates and board the cruiser and allow teletraan access to its computer core."

    Jack cocked his head and gave the director a sceptical look before pointing toward the map.

    "I don't know if your aware but neither myself or my ship is exactly welcome in Council space."

    Silas gave Jack a stoic look.

    "I know what happened during your meeting with the Council. Everything that goes on in 'my ship' is reported back to me."

    Jack crossed his arms and gave the director a stern look.

    "I don't like being spied on Silas."

    Silas ignored the Prime's look and took another drink from his glass.

    "Don't think of it as spying, more like keeping an eye on my investment. We share the same goals here after all. And I need to know that you and your team will be ready when the time is right."

    Jack looked away and wondered what else Silas had seen while spying on him. Did he know what Jack did for Airachnid earlier. But then the Director spoke and that brought Jack back to his attention.

    "Prime, time is precious. The Quintessons are obviously either repairing the cruiser or sending another ship to help. The Asari too will send another patrol to find out what happened. And I know you will not want to be around when they show up."

    Jack nodded as he knew that after how his meeting with the council had gone, they would more likely shoot the Defiant out of the sky as soon as they saw them.

    "Alright send me the coordinates, we will head there immediately."

    The Briefing room changed back to its original look as the holo-communicator deactivated.

    "Prime to Hotrod, did you receive the coordinates?" He asked as he started for the exit to the CIC.

    "Sure did, lets go find us a Quintesson ship." Hotrod answered.


    In the middle of nowhere, the Quinesson cruiser drifted through the vast void of space as the Defiant appeared out of hyperspace and flew past the debris that was once the Asari patrol and toward it's target.

    "God look at the size of it." Hotrod exclaimed as he looked out at the colossus in front of them. Jack stood beside him in his armour with his arms crossed as he looked at it too.

    "Teletraan, what can you tell us?" he asked as Hotrod nervously piloted the ship closer.

    "I have ran a scan on the cruiser Jackson Prime, its power core is offline and I am not detecting any life signs on board, organic or synthetic."

    Jack placed a hand on his pilot's shoulder.

    "Hey, its going to be alright Hotrod." he said reassuringly.

    The Autobot looked up at him.

    "Sorry, I just had a moment of déjà vu from the last time I piloted a ship against that thing." he answered hesitantly.

    Jack gave him a supportive smile before turning around and heading to the elevator.

    As the Defiant got within a couple hundred meters of the cruiser's hull. The shuttle bay door opened and shuttle one flew out and toward the Quintesson's ship. The shuttle then spotted an opening in the hull, obviously created by the damage done by the Asari. The shuttle then flew in and landed on the other side.

    The hatch opened and Jack, Miranda and Soundwave exited the craft and entered the surroundings of the Quintesson cruiser. All three were wearing their breather helmets. All three had their weapons ready as they started down into the metallic corridors. Jack couldn't help but notice how much the décor looked like Cybertronian architecture. He looked back to see Soundwave just as in awe of it.

    "Soundwave, you alright?" Jack asked. The spymaster simply nodded in return, as Jack turned back to Miranda.

    "So have any idea where to start?"

    Miranda activated her holo-tool and brought up a map of the cruiser.

    "According to scans taken by Teletraan, the computer core is only a short distance away, once there we can have it connect with the core and download the information we need."

    She then deactivated it and looked back at Jack.

    "Sounds like a plan, lets get moving." the Prime replied.

    The three then walked deeper into the ship.

    After several minutes of searching through the corridors Jack and his team entered a large room filled with pods, each pod was the basic height of a humanoid. Jack looked closely at one of the pods as his mind came to a terrible conclusion.

    "Could it be possible that this ship is the same one that attacked Horizon?" he asked as he looked at his team mates.

    Soundwave looked back at Jack, his face completely blank. While Miranda looked at her holo-tool. Suddenly Jack's com link activated.

    "Jackson Prime, I have been monitoring your team and in response I ran a scan of the ship and compared it to the scans I performed to the ship that attacked Horizon. They are an exact match." Teletraan said in a direct manner.

    Jack eyes widened at the comment.

    "Well it looks like our mission objectives have just changed. We have to see if the colonists who were taken are here and rescue them if we can."

    Both his team mates looked away for a second as Teletraan spoke again.

    "Prime, as I said earlier, I have detected no life signs. If I was to make a thesis, it would be that this cruiser transported the colonists to their home world and then came back to attack another colony, only for the ship to come under attack by the Asari patrol."

    Jack looked down to the ground as he felt his heart sink at the realisation that the colonists were gone.

    "Okay then lets carry on with our original mission." he said before noticing Soundwave pointing to the left. Jack turned round and saw another pod hooked up to what looked like a computer console. As the three walked over to get a closer look, they saw that one of the Quintesson drones was inside.

    "Were they experimenting on their own?" Miranda questioned as Jack connected Teletraan to the computer via his holo-tool.

    "I am going through their data files now. It would appear that they were trying to compare the human physiology with their own." the AI stated.

    Jack looked over the data that had appeared on his holo-tool while Teletraan had been speaking.

    "Why, the Quintessons are obviously synthetic. Why bother?

    Soundwave and Miranda kept an eye out as Jack continued to look at the body in the pod.

    " I do not have enough data to make an accurate assessment. But I have ran their DNA pattern against all other races in our database and only one match was found." the AI replied.

    "Okay what is it then? Jack asked, his curiosity peaked.

    "It is of a race long since thought dead, purged by the Reapers."

    Jack's eyes widened and his mouth slightly open at Teletraan's words as his vision from two years previously now made perfect sense.

    "My god..." he said gaining the attention of Miranda and Soundwave.

    "...The Lithone weren't wiped out, they are just working for the Reapers now."

    Miranda looked down at the body and then at Jack in total shock.

    "Are you sure?" she asked before Teletraan spoke again.

    "It would appear that the Reapers could not harvest them like the strongest races of previous cycles so made use of them in another capacity."

    Jack looked away from the body as he thought on what he would say in return.

    "Is there anyway we can help them?" he asked, a slight pleading tone in his voice.

    "Unfortunately the Reapers have made to many changes to the Lithone, both mentally and physically. They no longer have any of the traits or attributes that we would expect the Lithone to have. They are merely shadows of their former selves."

    Jack looked down at the Quintesson body and felt sorry for it.

    "That is a terrible fate for anyone to have to endure, but they are now working for the Reapers. Which means that we have to stop them." he said to his team.

    "The computer core is at the far end of another large room that spans most of the length of the ship. The entrance is at the north end of the room you are in now." the AI responded.

    "Thanks Teletraan, Prime out." Jack replied before closing the com link and headed in the direction of the computer core with Miranda and Soundwave following.

    They then entered the larger room and were floored by the sight before them. The room was like a gigantic tunnel, and the walls were covered in pods.

    "They could take all the humans in the Terminus systems and still have plenty of room for more." Miranda stated as she looked at the sight around her.

    "They are going for Earth." Jack replied as he saw what looked like the control centre up ahead. He gestured the others to follow him as Hotrod's voice came over the con link.

    "Prime, I had a thought and asked Teletraan to match up the scans we have now with the ones that the Normandy made two year ago. They are an exact match."

    Jack stopped in his tracks and looked back at the others who were listening in.

    "Wait are you saying that this ship has been shadowing me for two years, that seems way to much to be a coincidence." Jack replied.

    "Yeah, something doesn't add up, just watch your back okay." Hotrod finished as the team made their way to the heart of the ship. There was just a large slab in the middle of the room with a computer screen in its center. Jack walked up to it and immediately set up a link with Teletraan on his holo-tool. The holo-image of it appearing on the screen.

    "I am searching through their database now." the AI said as Jack and the others kept an eye out on their surroundings.

    "Ever get the feeling you are being watched?" Miranda mentioned to Soundwave who nodded back. He then tapped what looked like a metallic cylinder that was on his back. It opened up to reveal Laserbeak as it spread its wings and took flight above them, searching the area around them.

    "I have found the information we are looking for and downloaded additional data."

    Jack smiled at the image of Teletraan.

    "Good work, we'll make our way back now." he replied.

    "Wait, I have run into a problem, my connection is being terminated I….." the com link died and Teletraan disappeared as a shot was fired which ripped through Laserbeak. The bird fell to the ground and Soundwave ran over and scooped up his friend in his arms. Miranda and Jack both readied their weapons. The sound of something powering up could be heard as the room began to shake.

    "Prime, Teletraan has been shut out of the system and I am picking up a power signature from the Cruiser, looks like it is coming online, you should head back to the shuttle." Hotrod warned over the com link. Jack then looked at Soundwave, who's expression changed from sadness to anger.

    "We have to go Soundwave." he said as the former con nodded and equipped his sonic blaster. The three then backed out of the control-center before a voice boomed around them.

    "You are not going anywhere!" a monstrous voice called out. The team turned around to see a figure crawl out from the shadows into view. It had the body of a snake and numerous tentacles for arms, and its head was inside a helmet that looked like a serpent's head. It opened its mouth to reveal a face, its bright green eyes staring at the Prime.

    "You fell for our trap, our master will be pleased." it gloated as its face shifted from angry to happy, before switching to a blank expression.

    "Who are you?" Jack asked while keeping his weapon aimed at the creature.

    "I am Alpha Q and I control the Quintessons for my master." the creature replied. Miranda and Soundwave noticed Quintesson drones appear from the shadows around them.

    "Let me guess, your masters are the Reapers."

    Alpha Q's face shifted to happy again as it laughed.

    "No, No. Our master is called Harbinger, we have no other masters." It said. Jack looked behind him to see that the exit was only guarded by two drones, before looking back to Alpha Q. He noticed that it was standing in front of what looked like fuel tanks.

    "Well, thanks for the Intel and you have been a wonderful host. But we should be making tracks." Jack replied. The Quintesson leader's face shifted to angry again.

    "Like I said before, you are not going anywhere!" It spat back. Jack though winked at it confidently.

    "We'll see about that." he replied before firing a burst of bullets that narrowly missed Alpha Q before impacting the tanks. The Quintesson looked back at the Prime.

    "You have pathetic aim, Prime." he gloated back with his happy face. Jack though just smirked back at him.

    "I wasn't aiming at you." he answered sarcastically. Alpha Q's face shifted again to shocked as it turned round just in time for the tanks to explode, knocking it to the ground. The Drones then began firing on the group, Jack bringing up the Skyboom shield to cover his team mates who provided covering fire while he fired on the two drones guarding the exit.

    "We are clear, make a run for the shuttle." he shouted as they ran out of the control centre and made their way back to the shuttle with more drones closing on them from behind. As they ran and fired back at the Quintessons chasing them, Jack activated his com link.

    "Hotrod, I hope you have the engines fired because we will be coming in hot." Jack said as he fired back at the enemy, taking three more down as Soundwave knocked another into the wall with his sonic blaster.

    "We are already waiting for you with Shuttle bay doors open. Just make it quick, because the cruiser is powering up quickly." the Autobot pleaded as Jack used the Skyboom shield to protect Miranda who was reloading her SMG.

    "Roger that, we are nearly there." Jack answered back as Miranda gave the Prime a thankful smile for the assist. The three had finally reached the area where the shuttle was as legions of Drones were now on their tail. Jack covered the others who entered the shuttle's hatch before he too climbed in and closed it behind them. The drones fired on the shuttle as it took off and flew out of the ship and towards the Defiant. The Quintesson Cruiser started to light up as the shuttle entered the Defiant's shuttle bay which closed behind them.

    "We are aboard, now go!" Jack said over the comm as Hotrod pulled the ship away, just as the cruiser powered up its main cannon which fired a powerful yellow beam at the frigate which evaded it by spinning around it and veering away.

    "Activating the hyper-drive in five, four, three, two, one…" Hotrod said as the Defiant Jumped away just as the Quintesson ship fired again, hitting nothing but open space.

    Jack and the others exited the shuttle as he noticed Soundwave looking down at the corpse of Laserbeak in his hands.

    "I'm sorry Soundwave." Jack said sadly as he looked at the spymaster. The former Con looked up from Laserbeak to Jack and nodded before walking toward the elevator. Jack then turned to Miranda.

    "Is it just me or did the Quintessons stage that whole thing." he asked in a sarcastic manner.

    Miranda looked back at him.

    "Yes, but I doubt the Director would have known about it, otherwise he would not have sent us on such a mission." she replied honestly.

    "You sure about that, because the Silas I know would have no qualms about sending people on such missions." Jack responded in a matter of fact tone which made Miranda look away.

    "No he wouldn't do that, not to me." she said, catching Jack off guard.

    "What do you mean?" he asked curiously. But Miranda waved him off.

    "Nothing Prime, I am kind of tired. Can we do this later." she asked in a evading way. Jack simply nodded and she left for the elevator. Jack though just stood there for a moment before he activated his com link.

    "Teletraan, can you look into the Asari distress signal for me?" he asked.

    "Of course Prime, but what do you hope to find? The AI asked curiously.

    "I'm not sure, just let me know what you find when you are finished." he replied as he then entered the elevator after it returned his floor.

    "Very well." Teletraan responded.

    Once he was back in the CIC, Jack walked up to the cockpit to see a smiling Hotrod looking back.

    "Now how was that for an escape?" he asked happily. Jack stood beside him patted the Autobot's shoulder.

    "Great flying Hotrod, what is our current status?"

    The pilot looked at his screen as he kept his hands on the controls.

    "We are about to enter the space bridge and leave Council space. You will be glad to hear that no council ships detected us while we were trespassing."

    Jack looked down at his friend with a troubled expression.

    "Yeah about that Hotrod…" he said before being interrupted by the pilot who gave him a warm smile.

    "Don't worry about it Prime. I trust your judgement and plus those Councillors, not including Perceptor of course. Are a bunch of idiots for not taking you seriously about the Reapers, so I say good riddance."

    Jack smiled back at Hotrod as he felt much better.

    "Thanks I appreciate that." he replied as they both looked ahead to see the vortex of the space bridge surround their ship as they entered it.

    Jack turned away and was about to leave when teletraan's holo-form appeared next to him.

    "Prime, I have found something that I find quite disturbing if I am to be frank about it."

    Jack looked at Teletraan, crossing his arms in process.

    "Why, what did you find?" he asked curiously.

    "Well, after looking through all the code that made up the distress signal I found several anomalies that I identified as Quintesson in nature."

    Jack nodded at the AI.

    "So the Quintessons manufactured the message to set a trap up for us." he replied.

    "Yes, but what puzzles me is that the Director should have spotted it."

    Jack's eyes widened at the comment.

    "What are you saying Teletraan?" he asked, feeling anger building up inside.

    "MECH uses highly advanced decoding software in its communication and intelligence gathering programs. The Director would have given the distress signal a complete scan and would have seen that it was a fake."

    Jack clenched his fists as he started to breath a little heavier.

    "So you are saying that Silas sent us on that mission, knowing fully well that it was a trap." he said.

    "That is the only conclusion that I can come up with that would explain this whole situation. Though you expected me to find this didn't you, why else would you ask me to check the signal?" the AI said.

    "I had a hunch, kind of hoped that it would not be true. But anyway thank you for looking Teletraan." Jack replied looking at the AI.

    "You are welcome Jackson Prime." it responded before shutting down its holo-form. Hotrod though had been eves dropping on their conversation, and now turned to look at the Prime.

    "And wouldn't you know it, the Director is calling right now for your report on the mission."

    Jack turned to the pilot and gave him a stoic expression, trying to hide the building in anger within himself.

    "Well then, lets not keep him waiting." he replied as he walked off towards the briefing room. Hotrod smiled as he turned back to his station, knowing that for Silas, the shit had just hit the fan.

    A/N: Well I hoped you liked that chapter, and please let me know what you thought of it with reviews and PMs. Thank you for reading it.

    Next chapter: Jack confronts Silas over why he led them into a trap, and then Soundwave asks for the Prime's help when the spymaster discovers a a terrible secret on the planet of Tuchunka.
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    As he walked into the briefing room, Jack could feel his blood begin to boil. He stepped onto the holo-communicator pad and let it scan his body as it made a connection to the Silas's unknown location. Silas himself was overlooking the information that Jack's team had procured from the Quintesson ship as the Prime appeared before him.

    "Prime, I believe we have hit gold, the information that Teletraan downloaded…." he spoke as Jack cut him off angrily.

    "Can it, I knew you would show your true colours, it was just a matter of time."

    The Director looked at the Prime confused.

    "I beg your pardon?"

    The young Prime stared daggers at him.

    "Teletraan just confirmed what I was already suspecting since the mission. The Quintessons were waiting for us on that ship. The distress signal was a trap and you knew about it." Jack spat at him as Silas's expression changed from confusion to anger.

    "We are at war. The Quintessons are abducting humans and every second we waste is one more we give the enemy to prepare." he spat back as his yellow optics narrowed at the Prime, but Jack was not impressed.

    "I know the stakes, but we are supposed to be allies and yet I can't trust you."

    Slias crossed his arms as the Prime spoke, his optics never looking away from him.

    "Look, without that information we don't reach the Quintesson home world and you and every other Human may as well be dead." he then walked closer to Jack.

    "It was trap, but I was confident that you and your crew could handle the situation." Silas said as Jack looked over to the screen beside the Director.

    "You could have told me the truth. You say I am important but sure have a funny way of showing it." Jack replied coldly.

    "I needed the Quintessons to think that they had you fooled. If I had informed you of their intentions, it could have tipped them off in any number of ways." Silas countered.

    "I don't risk people, there is always another way." Jack replied defiantly.

    Silas shook his head gently as he looked away.

    "You didn't like being kept in the dark, truth be told neither would I. But the facts are with me. There are always difficult decisions to be made, ones that we cannot avoid. But fortunately….this time it paid off."

    Silas then activated a screen beside him, which in turn made a screen appear next to Jack.

    "What's this?" he asked as he glanced down at it, wondering if this was the Director's attempt at changing the subject.

    "The data Teletraan downloaded confirmed my suspicions. The Reaper and Quintesson ships use an advanced IFF (Identify Friend/Foe system) that sends a signal through the rift and allows safe travel for them. We just need to get our hands on one of those IFF's."

    "Well if you told us what you knew before hand, we may have been able to grab the one on the Cruiser." Jack replied.

    Silas shook his head again as he deactivated the screen, making both disappear.

    "You didn't exactly have enough time to retrieve it, though your confidence is commendable. I have a few ideas about where we can find one, but it will take a little time for me to find out which is most viable option to go for. I will send you the information on the target and its coordinates when I have them finalised."

    Jack crossed his arms.

    "So you want us to sit and twiddle our thumbs in the mean time?"

    Silas picked up the glass from the stand behind him and took a sip of the liquid inside before looking back to the Prime.

    "It can't be helped. But in the meantime I suggest that you do not tell the crew about what I did. They have enough on their plates without the extra crap that this situation could cause. It will make things easier going forward." He said as he tapped another screen next to him, ending the transmission.

    Jack found himself standing in the briefing room again. He thought about what Silas had said but felt that his team deserved to know the truth. He wasn't going to be told by someone light years away to cover their ass for them and lie to the crew. He activated his com link.

    "Teletraan, ask everyone to join me here in the briefing room please." he asked in stoic tone.

    "Of course Prime." the AI responded.

    A few minutes later and Jack and his team were standing around the conference table. Garrus, Jacob, Zaeed and Soundwave on one side and on the other was Airachnid, Jackson Prime and Miranda. The young Prime had just informed them of his talk with Silas and what the Director had kept back from them during the last mission. Everyone's faces were a mixture of shock and anger except for Soundwave who just looked blankly at everyone. Zaeed was the first to speak.

    "So that bastard left us out there with no bloody clue. When I see him, I'll show him what I think of him hoarding his fucking secrets." he ranted as Jack looked to his left to see Miranda, her face was one more of shock and sadness than anything else.

    "Well it wouldn't be the way I would of handled it, but we did get the information we needed." Garrus spoke, trying to be the voice of reason. Jack reluctantly nodded in agreement.

    "Yeah, I just hope that this IFF is worth it."

    Teletraan's holo-form appeared on the table.

    "With the information we obtained from the Quintesson vessel, I have come to the conclusion that the IFF will allow us safe passage through the rift. I have also recovered coordinates from their navigational system to pinpoint the exact location of the their home world."

    The AI's image then disappeared as a model of the galaxy appeared in its place and a cross-hair appeared on it and moved around the galaxy before stopping at its center. Miranda was brought out of her thoughts as she stared at the image in front of her.

    "That can't be right" she said in a curious tone. Jack though looked convinced enough.

    "That has to be right. The Quintesson home-world is somewhere in the galactic core."

    Jacob shook his head in defiance.

    "The core is full of exploding stars and black holes. There are no habitable planets there."

    Garrus decided to speak again.

    "Maybe it's a space station then, I mean these guys used to be the Lithone…"

    The Turian looked at Jack who carried on.

    "And they now work for the Reapers, our true enemy. Remember they created the Citadel after all, so who's to say that they can't build a station surrounded by collapsing stars."

    Teletraan reappeared next to the galaxy image.

    "It would be safe to assume that there is a safe zone surrounding the station and that there is also a satellite on their side of the rift that when given the correct code, stabilises the anomaly for safe passage. Any ships travelling through without an IFF would either be torn apart by the subspace fluctuations or thrown out beyond the safe zone and destroyed by the gravitational fields created by the black holes."

    As the AI spoke, Jack looked over to Airachnid and noticed that she had been watching him intently. He decided to act like he had not noticed which made a slight smile appear on her face as she looked away. He then looked back at the team.

    "Well all of this means nothing until we get the location of an IFF from Silas. So in the mean time I want this ship to be ready for anything, ok dismissed." he said as the others nodded and left the room, one after the other. Miranda made her way past Jack as he stopped her suddenly.

    "Miranda, can you wait. I would like to speak to you." he asked in a gentle voice, which surprised her.

    "Of course." she said, unsure of what he was going to ask. As Airachnid walked out of the room, she looked back to see Jack and Miranda talking and watched them for a second before leaving. The MECH Agent looked uncomfortable as she leaned back against the table, Jack had just dropped a bombshell on her and he needed to know how she felt about that and most importantly, if he could even trust her. Because she was Silas's best agent.

    "Miranda, what did you mean earlier when you said that Silas wouldn't place you in danger, because we both know now that he did." Jack asked as Miranda looked down to the ground. "Miranda, since we started this mission, I haven't kept anything back from you. So I would appreciate the same curtsy."

    Miranda looked up at Jack and sighed.

    "It's personal Prime?" she answered back hesitantly as she raked her fingers through her hair, not wanting to continue this conversation. Jack though did not budge and just stared at her stoically before his expression calmed.

    "Call me Jack" he replied gaining a look of surprise from the agent.

    "Talk to me, why is it personal. Who is he to you?" he asked again gently.

    "Jack." she said in a uncertain tone. "He is my father."

    Jack's calm expression turned to one of shock as he looked dumbfounded at the woman in front of him.

    "Your father….but his surname is Bishop, whiles your is Lawson." Jack replied confused.

    "He didn't raise me, you see my father and mother always wanted a son, but when I was born he gave me up for adoption without a second look." she replied as her eyes started to well up. "Do you have any idea how it feels to know, that from the moment you were born that your parents never wanted you." she said as tears started to run down her cheeks. Jack leaned his back against the table next to her and placed his hand on hers sympathetically.

    "Actually I do know what that's like in part." he replied. Miranda looked at him as she wiped the tears from her cheeks.

    "My father walked out on me and my mom when I was very young. I can't even remember his face, not that I would want too. But I can't believe that 'a couple' would turn away their own child just because it didn't turn out the way they had wanted." He looked away and sighed before looking back at her.

    "I am sorry. I would understand if you didn't want to talk about it now."

    Miranda though gave him a sad smile.

    "No, its funny but talking about it seems to help. I have spent most of my adult life bottling up my feelings and just focusing on what I had to do, but now that I am talking about it. It feels like a weight has been lifted off me and I can finally breath..." she answered honestly.

    "...You see after they left me, I was soon given to loving family that went by the surname Lawson. I had a very happy childhood and did exceptionally well at school. Wanting to be the very best I could be, but then came the day when my parents told me that they were not my real parents. I became angry at them and told them I hated them."

    Jack looked at her with a confused expression.

    "Why, I mean they obviously loved you very much and probably felt that they were protecting you from the truth." Jack replied in a reasoning tone.

    "I eventually saw it that way, but back then I was young and naïve. I felt that they were keeping me from my real mother and father. After a while though I did calm down and make up with my adoptive parents. But I still wanted to know who my birth parents were. So when I graduated from high school, I started to look for them. It took a while but I managed to track my father down after a year or so."

    Jack looked at her surprised.

    "That's impressive, you managed to find a man who prides himself with staying ahead of enemies and allies alike. On being a shadow as it were." Jack replied.

    "I know, I started by going through the records of the orphanage where they dropped me off, the names were fake but I did find patterns in the data that allowed me trace them. And so I followed the trail to each dead end, finding more traces that I tracked until the day came where I was standing in front of my father." she said as she remembered that day.

    "How did that go?" Jack asked curiously.

    "Not well, Silas openly told me that he and my mother didn't want me, because I was not the son they wanted."

    Jack looked at her shocked again.

    "What, he just came out and said that?" he asked in a disbelieving tone.

    Miranda nodded and sighed.

    "Yes, not the best way to patch up a relationship, but he was extremely impressed with how I managed to track him down, considering that he was former black ops and made it his job to cover his tracks at every turn. So he offered me a job." she answered.

    "And you just accepted it, considering that he didn't want you as his daughter?" he asked again, his curiosity peaked. Miranda chuckled softly as she stroked her hair.

    "Well it was good money and it allowed me to be close to my Father. I still felt like I had to try and be a part of his life, to get his approval. And I did, after a few years of training and a lot of successful ops. He started to warm to me and I believed that he started to see me as his daughter. That's when I started to trust him."

    Jack then had a troubling thought appear in his mind.

    "Wait, what about your mother. Where was she?"

    Miranda looked away, a troubled expression forming on her face.

    "She had died a few years earlier… My father killed her." she replied.

    Jack again was shocked by what he had heard.

    "Why, what did she do to deserve that?" he asked.

    The agent looked back at Jack.

    "He told me that she had betrayed him to an enemy during what was supposed to be a easy op. It turned into a blood bath and he lost a lot of soldiers. So he then hunted her down and killed her. He said that he did not take betrayal lightly." she replied, the last part in an almost frightened tone. Jack looked to the wall in front of him as he dwelled on what she had told him. He then looked back at her.

    "I guess you believed him about that."

    She nodded slowly and sighed.

    "Yes, I believed everything he told me, but after what happened today. I don't know."

    Jack stood up and turned to face her, his expression sympathetic.

    "Miranda, I am sorry you had to find out about your father the way you did. I…" he was then cut off by her standing up and leaning in close until she kissed him on the cheek. When she pulled back, Jack looked at her with a mixture of confusion and surprise. She just smiled warmly back to him.

    "Thank you Jack. You have no idea how good it feels to talk and get all of this out in the open."

    Jack smiled back.

    "You're a member of my crew, Miranda and I consider you a friend."

    "I appreciate that." she replied as she turned and started to leave as Jack followed her. They then stopped next to the door as she turned back to him.

    "I have to think long and hard about my future with MECH and my father, but it can wait until the end of our mission." she said as she opened the door and walked out.

    "Tell me something..." he asked, making her stop and look back.

    "Are you still in contact with your adopted parents?"

    Miranda smiled back as she answered him.

    "Yes, and though they don't know the job that I do, they are extremely proud of me." her expression then became thoughtful as she looked back at the Prime.

    "Even though Silas is my father, I will always consider them my parents." she answered back honestly. Jack merely nodded back as a smile appeared on his face. She then turned around and walked into the CIC. Jack was about to walk there himself when his com link activated.

    "Prime, Soundwave would like to 'speak' to you in the science lab." Hotrod said. Jack acknowledged his pilot and walked off to meet with the spymaster.


    Soundwave was working at a console with Ravage lying at his feet when Jack entered the room and stopped next to the former con.

    "You wanted to see me Soundwave?" the Prime asked and Soundwave pointed at the console next to him. Jack looked at the information on the screen.

    "You want to go to Tuchunka, why?" he asked. The former con simply pointed back at the screen which then showed Frenzy's schematics and a location appear on the map of the planet.

    "You think whoever turned Frenzy against you back on Omega is at Tuchunka?"

    Soundwave merely nodded as Jack's face looked troubled as he remembered what Wrex had told him two years earlier. He then looked back at the spymaster, who's face looked as blank as ever.

    "Okay, I'll have Hotrod set a course. But I'll have to warn you, I know one of the Krogan there and he told me the part you played in the creation of the genophage. Now if we go, you will have to keep a low profile and pray that no one recognises you. Now I know that because you are now in a pretender body that the chances are unlikely but still." Jack said in a stoic tone. Soundwave's face started to change as he looked unsure, but he merely nodded in return. Jack then left the science lab and headed for the cockpit.

    The Defiant jumped out of hyperspace and entered orbit around the brown planet of Tuchunka, home world of the Krogan race. The ship's shuttle bay door opened and shuttle one flew out and down to the planet below. Onboard the shuttle was Jack, Soundwave, Airachnid and Garrus. Jack was looking out of the of the window, while the spymaster was seated in silence. The Turian was chatting to the former spider-bot, but did not notice that Airachnid was taking sneak looks at the Prime as he stood there all stoic like.

    "We will be touching down in five minutes Prime." the shuttle pilot informed him as Jack turned around to look at his team.

    "Okay, We will seek a meeting with the leader of clan Urdnot."

    Garrus put his hand up, gaining the Prime's attention.

    "Who is the clan-leader Jack?"

    Jack smiled back at his friend.

    "Our old team-mate Wrex, he has brought together a number of the other clans in an attempt to unify the race."

    The Turian grinned at the news.

    "Wrex, I haven't seen him in two years. Never would have thought of him as a leader mind you. But it will be good to see him again."

    Jack then gave Soundwave a knowing look, to which the spymaster simply nodded in return.

    "So the four of us will go in, speak to Wrex and gather Intel for Soundwave."

    Airachnid and Soundwave glanced at each other before nodding at the Prime. Jack noticed this and had known that since both had been aboard the Defiant, neither had even spoken to each other. Jack didn't know what the problem between them was and this certainly wasn't the time to ask.

    The shuttle flew through the sand storm that battered the remains of what was once a great City and entered a stone building that looked a little like a bunker, through the opening in it's roof and landed on a make shift landing pad. The hatch then opened and the team were met by a group of Krogan who immediately approached Jack.

    The group's leader stomped up to the Prime and attempted to stare him down but Jack did not flinch. Airachnid could not help but smile at the Human Prime. The Krogan in front of him must have been double his size, but Jack took it in his stride. As he was being rebuilt by MECH, She had read all about what Jack had achieved before his premature death as he went from soldier to a Prime. And having served with him on the Defiant, had witnessed first hand the man he had grown into. She had to admit, she liked it a lot.

    "Human, what are you doing here?" the Krogan growled as he looked at Jack.

    "We are here to meet with Urdnot Wrex." he replied stoically.

    The Krogan took a sniff of the air between the two of them and shook his head.

    "Urdnot Wrex is busy. He will not see anyone else." he replied.

    "I know he will make an exception for me." Jack said back.

    The Krogan then looked Jack up and down.

    "I don't see anything special about you Human." he spat back.

    Jack though smirked at the Krogan.

    "That's because you're a dumb-ass who has all the skill and smarts of a pyjak."

    The Krogan then roared at the Prime before throwing a punch which Jack blocked easily countered, palming his attacker in the face and then kicking at his leg, knocking the Krogan to the ground and then while still holding his arm, twisted it until everyone there heard a bone crack. Making his attacker yelp in pain.

    "Okay, okay you win, let go of my arm.."

    Jack threw the Krogan's arm down, stood up and noticed Airachnid looking at him in awe, a large smile on her face. Jack nearly blushed, but managed to keep it under control as he winked at her before turning to the other Krogan who had took a step back.

    "Right, can I now see Urdnot Wrex or do I have to beat you all down too?" he asked as the other Krogan looked at each other, afraid to speak up.

    "Yes go on through." the beaten one on the ground said while grimacing in pain.

    After walking through a long tunnel, the group came up to a large room that had numerous Krogan working around the area. Jack looked up to a part of the room that had been risen up and saw Wrex standing there and arguing with another Krogan who was wearing grey armour with blue neon patterns on it.

    "You are making too many reforms Wrex, when you should be responding in force. That is what tradition demands. The other clans will not tolerate this kind of action from you as it will make you look weak." The other Krogan spoke with disdain towards Wrex who looked like he had had enough before he noticed a friend he thought he would never see again.

    "Jack!.." he shouted happily before pushing the Krogan out of the way and walking down to meet the Prime.

    " friend."

    They shook hands as Jack smiled at Wrex, while Airachnid and Soundwave looked on bemused.

    "I should have known that death wouldn't be able to keep a hold on you Jack." he smiled.

    "And you made chief. That's a hell of a promotion from mercenary, Wrex." Jack replied.

    Wrex chuckled at the comment.

    "Yeah well travelling around the galaxy with you opened my eyes, Especially at Virmire. I used Saren's failed attempts to control the Krogan to unify the clans under Urdnot, but not everyone was happy about it."

    The other Krogan stepped beside Wrex.

    "You have abandoned many traditions to get your way and that is very dangerous."

    Wrex then turned to the Krogan and head butted him.

    "Speak when spoken to Uvenk, I'll drag your clan to glory, whether it likes it or not."

    He then walked away as Jack followed, ignoring Uvenk who stood at the side wincing.

    "So Jack what can I do for you?" Wrex asked as he sat down on what appeared to be a throne.

    "I have a friend with me who needs.." he was stopped by a hand on his shoulder.

    "Jackson Prime, please let me ask him." Soundwave spoke, which left Jack, Airachnid and Garrus shocked, but Wrex looked at them confused.

    "Who is this Jack?"

    The Prime looked at Soundwave, a concerned look on his face.

    "You sure about this?"

    The spymaster merely nodded. Jack then sighed and stepped out of his way.

    "Alright then."

    Wrex looked more confused as he stared down at the human in dark blue armour before him.

    "Who are you?" he asked.

    The spymaster remained quiet for a moment, his face blank. He then looked up at Wrex.

    "My name is Soundwave and I require your assistance." he spoke in a calm and civilized manner.

    Wrex looked at the former con standing before him, still confused. But then the spymaster's words hit home and the Krogan leader remembered as his eyes narrowed and he bared his teeth before launching himself at Soundwave, roaring in rage.


    A/N: I hope you liked this chapter and I apologize if it didn't turn out exactly like I said it would at the end of chapter 6, but I really wanted to look back into Miranda's relationship with Silas and so that took up the majority of this chapter. Please let me know what you thought of it with either reviews or PMs. Your response would be greatly appreciated. And thank you for reading.

    Next Chapter: Jack has to stop Wrex from killing Soundwave and get them to work together, as an old enemy plans to enslave the Krogan race for his masters.

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