Price Check on a G1 Whirl+Roadbuster

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Tyjos, Oct 16, 2010.

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    Well I got these recently [Right now waiting on the parts to arrive for them]

    Whirl will be pretty much complete I guess, he has no decals on him at all but has his rubsign.

    Roadbuster has some chipped paint on his legs [seems to be a common issue with him] and he is about maybe 65-70% Complete once all the parts arrive.

    I can't afford to spend more on parts since I just bought Macross Jets and Predaking so I'll be selling them once the parts all get in.

    Roadbuster cost me the most about $100 [Figure and gathering together parts] and Whirl cost me about $90 [Figure and the parts]

    So I want to know if I can get back what I spent on them?
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    Complete Whirl is around $60 shipped
    Transformers G1 Autobot WHIRL 100% - eBay (item 140461602419 end time Oct-06-10 16:20:02 PDT)
    G1 Transformers Lot Autobot WHIRL Complete !!!!!!!!! - eBay (item 260669887806 end time Oct-03-10 17:29:54 PDT)

    As mentioned in the other thread, this complete Roadbuster went for $133 shipped a few days ago:
    G1 Transformers Lot Deluxe Autobot ROADBUSTER Complete - eBay (item 110591457036 end time Oct-03-10 17:34:30 PDT)

    For future price inquiries, I suggest searching completed listings prior to posting a price check thread:
    How can I see how much an item sold for (search completed listings)?

    Just a friendly word of advice, it's not always worth buying incomplete pieces and then hunting down the parts.
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