preview: the transformers in, the ancient world

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    tis the year 15,000 b.c., it is dusk near a settlement. a group of hunters see something, a giant metal ship, flying in the air. it than crashed in the nearby ocean. sudenly, a figure rose out if the water. he was about 15 ft high and shined in the moonlight, it seemed to be wearing a sort of alien wheelchair or a sort of device to act as legs while the actual legs were damaged, this, to the untrained eye would look like a fish-like tail. the figure also had a sort of insignia on it's chest resembling a red humanoid face. the figure than scanned the hunters with a red lightbeam, reading there memory. the figure, know with knowledge of language said "greetings, my name in my native toungh is dekvpalwmroegdbnaumhet, but in your primitive language, my name to you would be "oceanus", i am here to help you."

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