Pretender Grimlock vs K-Mart Legends Grimlock identification?

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by TrueNomadSkies, Jul 25, 2011.

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    Apr 9, 2011
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    So I've had this little grimmy for quite a while now, but I can't figure out whether he came from the Grimlock + Pretender dude set or the individually packed Grimlock (without the shell) from the K-Mart legends.

    I looked at the resource pictures [here] & [here] to see if I could notice any differences such as the screws & pins, but they don't look to be any different. Along with that, both of them seem to be have been released in 89, and the fact that I don't have any of the parts that he came with (got him like this at a garage sale many years ago) means that I can't go from memory.

    That's why I'm curious if anyone on here has this toy (either one), and if you could tell me if yours has the same writing on the inside leg as mine does. Now, this isn't to say that I'd be all that surprised if the Grimlock portion is the exact same toy for both releases, but I'm still a little curious to see which one he came from if at all possible.

    ©1989 HASBRO.INC
    ©TAKARA 1989

    Thanks in advance

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