Fan Art: Pretender Dirge - Digibash Request

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Chosen, Apr 13, 2008.

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    I'm not going to deny it, I love Buzzclaw. I love that figure enough to have two of the original BW version and every single redeco that exists of it, enough to ultimately destroy a Botcon Dirge just to perfect the head-mod to fix the Frito Bandito mandible error... yeah.

    So when the April Fool's Day gag for Botcon included the odd-looking Dirge, I was thrilled and intrigued. I couldn't even tell he was supposed to be a Pretender from the small image, but still... neat. Now I'm really wondering how those colors would turn out on the mold itself. Could be a possible custom to consider getting much later on, when I have money for that sort of thing.

    So go ahead, have at it! I've attached the original page from the Botcon site with Dirge on it. Not like I had much choice in the matter. I'll thank in advance whoever decides to give it a shot. :D 

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