Pretender Convoy calls for Reinforcements from Dairycon!

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    Excelsior, Moo Believers!
    It's been revealed that Dairycon Staffers have recently revealed a juicy tidbit for their upcoming 2010 Dairycon Convention on April 9-10th!

    When asked, Dairycon Staffers confirmed that the REINFORCEMENTS FROM DAIRYCON assortment would contain a number of Dairycon-specific items and
    characters. This makes THREE sets, FIVE characters (so far!), and what more is yet to come? What are these "moo-points", and how will they come into play at this year's event? What characters can we expect to see in addition to the previously announced figures?! What's this about "Dairycon Skids" on the Moo-Point above? Stay tuned for more in the next few excruciating days!

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