Prepping for the smallest transformers year in a LONG TIME!!!

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by MegaHavok, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. MegaHavok

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    Jul 12, 2002
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    As Toyfair looms just around the corner I can feel the vibe of various fans have their hopes rise with the promise of a new Generations line, a full swing Prime toy line, oh and movie toys too...

    However, as I sit her feeling very melancholy I can't help but get the feeling none of this is going to be as big or exciting as we hope it will be. I have this sick and twisted feeling Transformers is going so far on the back burner it might as well not even be in the kitchen.

    Why you say? Because we lost our movie hype machine. 2012 is prepping to be a huge year for Hasbro. They are in a position to have 3 of the hottest action figure lines this year all supported by major motion pictures. The Phantom Menace is back in theaters with a huge star wars toy push. The Avengers will be a huge smash and blow marvel stock up. GI Joe has gotten alot of its cred back with just a trailer. 3 major Hasbro toy-lines that will be the focus of retailers, marketers, even manufacturing, and shipping. Whether we like it or not film is what drives the action figure line now.

    We have already seen DOTM cut short, Prime postponed. generations in limbo and on clearance. There is limited news about when already seen molds will be released. Bot-con has already been bumped for joe con. Store resets are already slashing shelf space for TFs. On and on the signs keep coming.

    For those that think i'm crazy keep in mind that Hasbro has already shown that they are slashing new tooling and figures for their Clone Wars line to almost nothing. Obviously this was done to refocus that money on phantom menace figures but it sets a precedent that they will cut back on strong sellers to support something new or potentially more popular. Of course we already have experienced this from having animated and universe cut for movie lines.

    Now my goal is not to be all doom and gloom. We all know this is a temporary situation and Transformers is still a major player. I'm sure the line will be back full swing by Christmas 2012. However, I do feel that some of you need a little mental preparation for an extremely light toyfair and those figures your dying to get (mirage, leadfoot, blah blah.) taking even longer to get.

    So whats a Fanboy to do this spring and summer:

    1.Take a look at your collection and figure out what you've been missing and go hunt it.

    2. prep for the 3rd party onslaught that's coming to fill the gap in new tfs

    3. spend money on better ways to display your collection

    4. Buy The Rock and John Mclaine in Gi Joe form!!!

    5. Go Outside???

    In the long run i'm sure my post will be long forgotten before toyfair but i'm bored and felt like ranting
  2. barrelks

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    Apr 20, 2008
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    I will probably try to finish up my MPs/Henkei that I am missing this year (after paying for what I can get from Botcon), finishing budgeting for the third party stuff I havent budgeted for, and start paying down my financial aid a bit faster. After that, with any luck, my money will be going to the ladies.
  3. Ironhide1706

    Ironhide1706 Elessar Telcontar

    Mar 11, 2011
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    Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis GI JOE figures FTW!
  4. Superquad7

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    May 19, 2003
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    I will be doing 1-3 as it relates to my TF hobby.
  5. masishadow

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    Jul 8, 2009
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    I took a major break from TF collecting last year and slashed my collection to a few small pieces. Now that I'm financially on good ground it's time to play catch up as well as make the tough decisions on what 3rd party I'm purchasing and what's going on the wish list.
  6. SydneyY

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    Mar 29, 2005
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    I hope TFP will make me happy and busy, and I might want to hunt down some older TFs.
    Otherwise I think Joes will suck me in again this 1 and 4.
  7. Star Saber

    Star Saber Cybertron 5th Commander

    Sep 22, 2002
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    Definitely going to get some TFP stuff, Takara Voyager Optimus being top of that list.

    Might probably go buy some Joes again if the toys are good. RoC was pretty sucky.
  8. flamepanther

    flamepanther Interested, but not really

    Oct 10, 2005
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    They're slashing Clone Wars toys to focus on other Star Wars lines, not to focus on completely separate brands. Similarly, we can expect the Transformers line to gradually move away from the movieverse, but there's no reason to think the brand will get less focus than it did during Beast Wars or Cybertron, if it gets less focus at all..

    You could be right, but I don't see any point in worrying about it until after both Toyfair and Botcon are over.
  9. brr-icy

    brr-icy G1 Collector

    Feb 7, 2008
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    i think it's going to be a bigger year than last year for me, mainly because the main line interests me this time
  10. Astronut

    Astronut Well-Known Member

    Dec 14, 2009
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    between the movie trilogy line, Prime, FoC, possible generations, Encore, MP and third party, I'm sure there will be enough for anyone.
  11. Scantron

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    Oct 3, 2004
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    I see absolutely no evidence that DotM is being "cut short", as it's intended to get 6 waves of Deluxes (one of which has yet to be released) before switching over to Movie Trilogy labeling. That's exactly the same number of waves as TFTM got before switching to Allspark Power labeling and as RotF got before switching to NEST Alliance or whatever that subline was called. I also see no evidence that Prime was "postponed", as there's nothing to indicate there was ever any plan for the First Editions to be released before November 2011 and/or for the full line to roll out before Spring 2012. Generations going on hiatus is nothing unusual either, since that's what both of the previous Classics-style lines have each done after about a year. And I haven't seen Generations on 'clearance', just those sales on TF Deluxes around Christmas; since then, Generations has been back to regular price everywhere I check.

    We're just in a bit of a lull right now because it's after Christmas and retailers aren't ordering anything...same as what happens every year. Doesn't mean the whole year is going to be light. Prime will roll out in full in the Spring and the Movie trilogy line will probably start around the same time. And we already have confirmation of a Fall of Cybertron subline, so that brings us to three concurrently running main TF lines, which is about where things have been for quite awhile now. Yes, TFs aren't going to have quite the same amount of space in toy aisles as they do in a Movie year, but there's still plenty coming out.
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  12. flamepanther

    flamepanther Interested, but not really

    Oct 10, 2005
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    A guy at the nearest TRU told me today when to expect the first post-Christmas truck :) 
  13. Batman

    Batman The Dark Knight TFW2005 Supporter

    Dec 20, 2006
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    Fortunately for me 2012 is a big Batman year :D 
  14. lars573

    lars573 Well-Known Member

    Mar 29, 2007
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    I think your being Chicken little. DOTM hasn't been cut short, and I'm not being blindly positive here. I see no evidence of it. So wave 6 didn't make it out before X-mas, big fucking deal. That means nothing more than it didn't leave the factory in time to make it into the pre Christmas push. And given that Mattel has been having issues with shipping from China. Who's to say that the reason wave 6 isn't out yet is not for the same delays in leaving China. And that in your paniced state your confusing production and distribution problems for retailer apathy. And Prime hasn't been pushed back. It was always coming in March/Spring reset of 2012. The first edition stuff is 2 voyagers that were hustled up for release, the actual Prime preview pack (the entertainment pack), and like 3 waves of former Generations deluxes. Prime had such a strong showing they pushed toys out sooner, NOT pushed them back.

    Ofcourse TF's are losing shelf space to Joe, Marvel, and the wars. They've all got major movie stuff coming this year. Tf's don't. It's such a no shit-sherlock situation I'm astounded your even bringing it up. I mean Wal-Marts are turfing Cap and Thor movie lines. And I will be shocked if the 1/18th Spidey line doesn't get chucked for the ASM movie line too. Truely I will not be suprised if Generations is done, and that classic-y stuff is roled into a movie/classics line for Fall of Cybertron next fall.

    And you won't be able to buy Rock and John McClain action figures. I heard that in a QnA Hasbro said they aren't going to license actors likeness. But I never bothered chasing that down and it could in fact be horse-shit. Still something to think about.
  15. Transbot90210

    Transbot90210 Banned

    Jul 1, 2002
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    I didn't read the thread but I disagree with the OP. The movies may have increased TF popularity but TF did an awesome job promoting itself without the movies. If not for the movies we would have still had Animated for at least another season , but I digress.

    I don't see how this year will be a thin one unless you are a movie only collector. Let me share a list with you all.

    Prime toys, you know there will be at least a dozen new toys this year and I'm sure I am low balling that number.
    Generation, it is coming back and from what we know we are getting Trailbreaker and Hoist. From what I know we are getting more. figures.
    Fall of Cybertron, and IIRC it will have more figures backing the line than WfC did.

    MP Startscream
    MP Megatron
    MP Galvatron
    MP Ultra Magnus
    MP- slipping my mind right now but I'm pretty sure the list went to 15 without counting other seekers.

    It is coming back, remember those old 80's commercials Takara updated their site with? Remember when that update was posted here guessign that it may be Takara giving out a clue?
    Remember when a MOD closed the thread stating his insider (who is a mere merchant) said this was no clue and the thread got locked? Well ..... it was a clue a big clue to awesome figures.

    3rd party
    MMC HoS Shockwave
    DIS HoS Starscream
    DIS HoS Insectitrain
    FP Menasor
    FP Broadwise
    FP Junkion (this and Broadwise are not confirmed but names attached to insider info stating that two figures will be put out before Menasor)
    FP Heart Master
    MT Giant
    MT MP Dinobots minus Grimlock
    iGear Dinobots (not MP)
    iGear Sharkticon
    iGear Ratchet and Ironhide

    I can go on but I'm sure you get the point.

    This year will actually turn out to be one of the heaviest years everfor me personally.
  16. Ribieconvoy

    Ribieconvoy It's pronounced "ribby"

    Sep 29, 2010
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    Only hunting TF: Prime this summer, one of each character in one scale (unless voyager screamer is really good). I went and made a list of every toy I'm buying in 2012 based on what's been revealed, and came up with this

    Prime Legion Arcee
    Prime Deluxe Soundwave
    Prime Deluxe Wheeljack
    Prime Deluxe Knock Out
    Prime Deluxe Ratchet
    Prime Voyager Optimus
    Prime Voyager Bulkhead
    Prime Voyager Skyquake
    Prime Voyager Starscream (depends on whether or not the production version looks nicer than the deluxe)
    SHF Wild Tiger
    SHF Barnaby Brooks Jr.

    Considering I just scored a preorder for the last two this week, I won't have a lot of hunting to do. Assuming I find everything at retail, my list only costs about 250 bucks, only 130 on transformers: one of my least expensive years ever. The only other stuff I'll buy is, of course, more Prime toys as they get revealed, as well as a Legion version of Dino or Wheeljack, assuming they get made, and any miscellaneous classics that pique my interest.
  17. Boy Blunder

    Boy Blunder Hasbrown'd

    Apr 11, 2009
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    Personally, I think this is gonna be one of the biggest TF years in a while. We've still got movie heat, the Prime line is making its debut, Fall of Cybertron, and then there's whatever Generations-style toys they decide to release. If anything, I'm girding up to lose so much money.

  18. MegaHavok

    MegaHavok Well-Known Member

    Jul 12, 2002
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    Well somebody is a cranky pants today. I don't see how i'm being chicken little when I specifically said this will be a temporary situatation.

    Dotm wave 6 isn't just delayed, it's missing. If the cases were sitting on a on a dock or boat somewhere we already would have preorders or case breakdowns or something. We got nothing, in other words Hasbro isn't selling these yet despite telling people at conventions all Dotm product would be out by christmas.

    Prime has most definitely been pushed back. Prime was intended to be integrated in to Generations but was cut off to make room for the movie. The first edition waves were intended to be mass released in october

    Then they changed it to December

    Now it's 2012 and we have only seen the deluxe at U.S. retail and only at one chain. Will the toys be out? Sure, but it doesn't seam like retailers are fighting to get these on shelves.

    It maybe a no shit-sherlock situation to you but alot of fans don't understand or keep track how other toylines affect when or how much TF product ships. Now who needs a hug??
  19. Mr. Chaos

    Mr. Chaos Force Ghost

    Jun 8, 2009
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    Exactly. In fact, this is going to be a good year to experiment and find new lines to enjoy. I mainly collect Movie Figures, but I love the Tron-style WFC figures and so I am thrilled at FOC. And to tide me over, I am grabbing Generations figures that fit the WFC vibe, like Warpath, Wreck-Gar and Scrapheap.
  20. Grandum

    Grandum Well-Known Member

    Feb 2, 2011
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    The transformers have been doing just fine for decades before the movies, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. If you would have said that movie verse is going so far on the back burner it might as well not even be in the kitchen - then I might be more inclined to agree, but we will still get our transformers.

    Speaking of the movies though, I'm pretty sure the last wave of DOTM was due to shipping problems rather than being cut short, but even so I have a theory as to why it would make sense to switch focus from the movies to other series - Character fatigue: There are more movie bumblebees than there are Ultras/Voyagers/Deluxes in Classics, Universe 2.0, Generations, Botcon exclusives, OTCC exclusives, SDCC exclusives, HTS exclusives and RTS combined:

    1 -Acid Storm - Repaint: Starscream
    2 -Astrotrain
    3 -Blurr - (Generations - w/remold head) Repaint: Drift
    4 -Breakdown - (Botcon 2010 w/remold head) Repaint: Sideswipe
    5 -Bugbite - (Botcon 2007) Repaint: Bumblebee
    6 -Bumblebee
    7 -Bumblebee, movie black stripes - (RTS)
    8 -Cheetor
    9 -Cliffjumper
    10 -Cyclonus w/ Nightstick
    11 -Cyclonus w/ Nightstick - (Universe - "Challenge at Cybertron", 3-pack: exclusive) Cartoon accurate colors
    12 -Cyclonus w/ Nightstick - (RTS - "Battle in Space", 2-pack: exclusive w/Matrix) Same as "Challenge at Cybertron" Cyclonus except w/ 'heat-sensitive shield' decal
    13 -Cyclonus w/ Krunix, SG - (OTCC)
    14 -Darkmount (Straxus)
    15 -Dinobot
    16 -Dion - (OTCC) Repaint: Hot Shot
    17 -Dirge - (Botcon 2007) Repaint: Ramjet
    18 -Dirge - (Generations) Repaint: Gentei Exclusive (NOTE: version w/ incorrect Decepticon logo on wings initially released)
    19 -Drag Strip - (HTS exclusive) Repaint: Mirage
    20 -Drift
    21 -Drift, SG - (OTCC w/Drift's swords & Blurr's guns in a Deadpool color scheme)
    22 -Fracture - (TFTM: Walmart exclusive) Repaint: Mirage
    23 -Galvatron
    24 -Galvatron - (Universe - "Challenge at Cybertron", 3-pack: exclusive) Cartoon accurate colors
    25 -Grimlock
    26 -Grimlock, SG - (Botcon 2008)
    27 -Hot Shot w/ Jolt
    28 -Hound w/ Ravage
    29 -Ironhide
    30 -Jazz
    31 -Junkheap - (Generations w/remold head) Repaint: Wreck-Gar
    32 -Kup
    33 -Megatron, green
    34 -Megatron, silver - (HTS exclusive)
    35 -Mirage
    36 -Mirage, clear blue - (Botcon 2007)
    37 -Optimus Prime
    38 -Optimus Prime - (HTS exclusive) Repaint: Optimus Prime
    39 -Optimus Prime - (G2, Laser Optimus Prime - homage)
    40 -Overkill - (HTS exclusive) Repaint: Grimlock
    41 -Overkill - (Botcon 2007 - Custom Class Figure) Repaint: Grimlock
    42 -Perceptor
    43 -Prowl
    44 -Punch/Counterpunch - (OTCC w/remold head) Repaint: Sideswipe
    45 -Rapido - (Botcon 2010 w/remold head) Repaint: Silverstreak
    46 -Ramjet
    47 -Ramjet, G2 - (OTCC) Repaint: Classics Ramjet
    48 -Ratchet
    49 -Red Alert - (Generations w/remold emergency lights) Repaint: Henkei Red Alert
    50 -Rodimus
    51 -Rodimus - (Universe - "Challenge at Cybertron", 3-pack: exclusive) Cartoon accurate colors
    52 -Rodimus - (RTS - "Battle in Space", 2-pack: exclusive w/Matrix) Same as "Challenge at Cybertron" Rodimus except w/ 'heat-sensitive shield' decal
    53 -Rodimus, SG - (Botcon 2008)
    54 -Runabout - (OTCC w/remold head) Repaint: Wheeljack
    55 -Runamuck - (OTCC w/remold head) Repaint: Wheeljack
    56 -Scorch w/Ravage, SG - (Botcon 2010) Repaint: Hound w/Ravage
    57 -Scourge
    58 -Sideburn - (OTCC) Repaint: Rodimus
    59 -Sideswipe
    60 -Sideswipe, G2 - (Botcon 2010 - Custom Class Figure) Repaint: Sideswipe
    61 -Silverstreak
    62 -Skullgrin - (Generations w/remold head) Repaint: Darkmount
    63 -Sky Shadow - (Generations w/remold head) Repaint: Thunderwing
    64 -Skywarp
    65 -Smokescreen
    66 -Starscream, gray - (Classics 1.0)
    67 -Starscream, white - (Universe 2.0)
    68 -Streetstar/Streetwise - (Botcon 2010) Repaint: Prowl
    69 -Sunstreaker
    70 -Tankor
    71 -Thrust - (Botcon 2007)
    72 -Thrust - (Generations) Repaint: Gentei Exclusive
    73 -Thundercracker - (Botcon 2007)
    74 -Thundercracker - (Generations)
    75 -Thundercracker, SG - (Botcon 2011 Action Master homage)
    76 -Thunderwing
    77 -Tracks
    78 -Warpath
    79 -Wheeljack
    80 -Wreck-Gar
    81 -Clench - (Botcon 2010 w/remold head) Repaint: Onslaught
    82 -Darkwind - Repaint: Silverbolt
    83 -Hardhead - Repaint: Onslaught
    84 -Onslaught
    85 -Powerglide, White
    86 -Powerglide, Red
    87 -Silverbolt
    88 -Skyfall - Repaint: Silverbolt
    89 -Stormcloud - Repaint: Powerglide
    90 -Deep Dive - (RTS) Repaint: Sea Spray
    91 -Dreadwind - (Botcon 2007 w/remold head) Repaint: Jetfire
    92 -Grapple - (RTS w/with new crane & feet) Repaint: Inferno
    93 -Inferno
    94 -Jetfire
    95 -Lugnut - (RTS)
    96 -Megatron
    97 -Nemesis Prime - (SDCC exclusive) Repaint: Optimus Prime
    98 -Optimus Prime
    99 -Optimus Prime, SG - (Botcon 2008)
    100 -Spark/Pyro - (Botocon 2010) Repaint: Inferno
    101 -Treadbolt - Repaint: Jetfire
    102 -Ultra Magnus - Repaint: Optimus Prime

    1 Movie Bumblebee (2007)
    2 Legends Bumblebee (2007)
    3 Cyber Slammers Bumblebee (2007)
    4 Camaro Concept Bumblebee (2007)
    5 Evolution of a Hero 76 Camaro Bumblebee (2007)
    6 Evolution of a Hero Camaro Concept Bumblebee (2007)
    7 Plasma Punch Bumblebee (2007)
    8 Cyber Stompin' Bumblebee (2007)
    9 Cyber Slammers Camaro Concept Bumblebee (2007)
    10 Ultimate Bumblebee (2007)
    11 EZ Collection Scanning Version Bumblebee (2007, Japan)
    12 EZ Collection Metallic Bumblebee (2007, Japan)
    13 Lawson Metallic Bumblebee (2007, Japan)
    14 Screen Battles Capture of Bumblebee Bumblebee (2007)
    15 Screen Battles Final Stand Bumblebee (2007)
    16 Allspark Power Bumblebee (2007)
    17 Robot Replica Bumblebee (2007)
    18 Titanium Movie Bumblebee (2007)
    19 Radio Shack Bumblebee (2007)
    20 Unleashed Bumblebee (2007)
    21 Robot Heroes Bumblebee (2007)
    22 Robot Heroes Armored Bumblebee (2007)
    23 Lunchables Bumblebee (2007)
    24 Burger King Bumblebee (2007)
    25 Keychain Bumblebee (2007)
    26 Stealth Bumblebee (2008)
    27 Rally Rocket Bumblebee (2008)
    28 Trans-Scanning Bumblebee (2008, Japan)
    29 Robot Heroes Allspark Bumblebee (2008)
    30 Legends Battle Damaged Bumblebee (2008)
    31 Premium Bumblebee (2008)
    32 Revenge of the Fallen Bumblebee (2009)
    33 Gravity Bots Bumblebee (2009)
    34 Robot Heroes Revenge of the Fallen Bumblebee (2009)
    35 RPMs Bumblebee (2009)
    36 Legends Revenge of the Fallen Bumblebee (2009)
    37 Cannon Bumblebee (2009)
    38 Ultimate Battle Charged Bumblebee (2009)
    39 Pulse Blast Bumblebee (2009)
    40 Robot Replicas Revenge of the Fallen Bumblebee (2009)
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    42 Human Alliance Bumblebee (2009)
    43 Revenge of the Fallen Burger King Bumblebee (2009)
    44 Battle Chargers Bumblebee (2009)
    45 Robot Heroes Vehicle Mode Bumblebee (2009)
    46 Legends Recon Bumblebee (2009)
    47 Gravity Bots Bolt Bumblebee (2009)
    48 RPMs Battle Series Bumblebee (2009)
    49 EZ Collection Clear Bumblebee (2009, Japan)
    50 Battle Chargers Stealth Bumblebee (2009)
    51 Power Bots Bumblebee (2009)
    52 RPMs Speed Series Bumblebee (2009)
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    54 N.E.S.T. Battlefield Bumblebee (2010)
    55 Legends N.E.S.T. Bumblebee (2010)
    56 Legends Stealth Bumblebee (2010)
    57 Battle Blade Bumblebee (2010)
    58 Cyberfire Bumblebee (2010)
    59 Activators Movie Bumblebee (2010)
    60 Speed Stars N.E.S.T. Bumblebee (2010)
    61 Speed Stars Metal Heroes Bumblebee (2010)
    62 Crash Landing Attack Bumblebee (2010)
    63 Bombing Run Battle Bumblebee (2010)
    64 Speed Stars Nightwatch Bumblebee (2010)
    65 Speed Stars Cyber Hunt Bumblebee (2010)
    66 Speed Stars Stunticon Series Bumblebee (2010)
    67 Hunt for the Decepticons Human Alliance Bumblebee (2010)
    68 Battle Ops Bumblebee (2010)
    69 Power Bots Stealth Bumblebee (2010)
    70 Speed Stars Revealers Bumblebee (2010)
    71 Rampage Among the Ruins Bumblebee (2010)
    72 Costco Battle Ops Bumblebee (2010)
    73 Speed Stars Track Set Bumblebee (2010)
    74 McDonald's Revenge of the Fallen Bumblebee (2010)
    75 Stealth Force Bumblebee (2010)
    76 Lights & Sounds Bumblebee (2010)
    77 Stealth Force Lights & Sounds Bumblebee (2010)
    78 Activators Rally Rumble Bumblebee (2011)
    79 Reveal the Shield Stealth Force Bumblebee (2011)
    80 Dark of the Moon Bumblebee (2011)
    81 Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Legion Bumblebee (2011)
    82 Wal*Mart Cyberverse Bumblebee (2011)
    83 Dark of the Moon Leader Class Bumblebee (2011)
    84 Dark of the Moon Activators Bumblebee (2011)
    85 Dark of the Moon Human Alliance Bumblebee (2011)
    86 Bash Bots Bumblebee (2011)
    87 Dark of the Moon Go-Bots Bumblebee (2011)
    88 Robo Fighters Bumblebee (2011)
    89 Revving Robots Bumblebee (2011)
    90 Mobile Battle Bunker Bumblebee (2011)
    91 Cyberverse Legion "Bolt" Bumblebee (2011)
    92 Toys R Us Legion Bumblebee (2011)
    93 Toys R Us Cybertronian Legion Bumblebee (2011)
    94 Mission Earth: The Scan Series Bumblebee (2011)
    95 Nitro Bumblebee (2011)
    96 Target Legion Bumblebee (2011)
    97 Wal*Mart Dark of the Moon Bumblebee (2011)
    98 Target Dark of the Moon Bumblebee (2011)
    99 Autobot Daredevil Squad Bumblebee (2011)
    100 Cybertronian Warriors Bumblebee (2011)
    101 Cyberverse Legion Stealth Bumblebee (2011)
    102 Dark of the Moon Cyberfire Bumblebee (2011)
    103 Dark of the Moon Activators Recon Bumblebee (2011)
    104 Streetside Bot Brawl Bumblebee (2011)
    105 Ultimate Gift Set Bumblebee (2011)

    So I think that shifting focus from the movieverse toys to something else might just be a good thing, it will take away the "but you allready got one of those" argument that so many parants use as an excuse for not buying a kid another version of a movie bumblebee - there is no doubt in my mind that the transformers will be one of Hasbros best selling brands in 2012.

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