Preorder: Korean BraveToys, Gosaurer, TF Toys, Gransazer Gun Caesar

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Might Gaine, Jul 19, 2009.

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  1. Might Gaine

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    Apr 16, 2003
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    I'm going to be importing some transforming robot toys from Korea next weekend (around July 25), which should arrive here in about 1-2 weeks from then. If anyone wants anything, let me know this week, and payment won't be due until I actually get the toys in stock.

    Here's what I can get:

    Eldran toys:

    $65 + shipping: Gosaurer (no chrome version; tends to have a little rubbing on the chest jewel due to how it's packaged)
    (This is the stego/pteradactyl/brontosaurus combiner, not the triceratops and T-rex)

    DX Brave Police toys:

    $80 + shipping: J-Decker w/ Gun Max
    $50 + shipping: Duke Fire
    $35 + shipping: Gun Max
    $40 + shipping: Super Build Tiger (has no electronics)
    (The Korean Brave Police toys use different logo than the Japanese version; the "BP" is replaced with a ying-yang symbol)

    DX Goldran toys:

    $60 + shipping: Goldran
    $60 + shipping: Leon Kaiser
    $30 + shipping: Sorokage (tends to have a little rubbing on the chest jewel due to how it's packaged)
    $50 + shipping: Captain Shark (silver box version; note: I've heard this version has a messed up smile from mold degredation)
    $40 + shipping: Death Garry Gun (The Sky Garry repaint)

    STD/roleplay/etc. toys:

    $40 + shipping: STD Fire J-Decker Max Cannon Mode
    $20 + shipping: Brave Police Electronic Badge/Communicator thing
    $20 + shipping: STD Fighbird
    $25 + shipping: STD Goldran
    $30 + shipping: STD Leonkaiser w/ Sorokage
    $25 + shipping: STD Liner Dagwon

    Misc. Transformers Toys:

    $35 + shipping: BW II Megastorm (G2 Tank Megatron repaint)
    $45 + shipping: TF Galaxy Force Wing Saber
    $45 + shipping: TF Galaxy Force Voyager Starscream
    $55 + shipping: TF Galaxy Force Liger Jack / Leobreaker

    Misc. Other toys:

    $20 + shipping: Gransazer Gun Caesar (original Japanese toy with some Korean import stickers on the box)
    Here's a picture of the Japanese box:

    Give me a PM if you're interested in anything.
  2. Liokaiser

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    Sorry board rules. When you get your stock in, please feel feel to start up another sell thread. Thanks!!!!

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    You may only sell items for things in YOUR possesion. Offering a pre-sale for an item before you have it is not allowed. If your friend wants to sell here, he can sign up. Registration is FREE. Selling for banned members is extremely prohibited! You will automatically be banned for doing so.
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