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    my ex said we couldnt watch twilight or have dinner cuz her new mate wouldnt like her seein an ex, but she likes how we can still talk on face book.

    i'm 31, I was 23 when we met and she was 19....

    That song Flightless Bird Wedding Version from breakin dawn reminds me of her, the toy part, the cut my baby hair part, the cats n blunts part....
    Last nite I felt like I was dancin with her in another time even though we cant be together when this song came on....
    I think I will have to sell my collection now on here or eby...
    I just cant do it, it doesnt feel like its wht people would want for me right now...
    Its like she dancin with me in a white dress with her head on my arm an a short haircut to her neck like when we met......
    but it can only be in the mind, an I cant tell her cause I dont wanna make her sad or think Im tryna push things...
    So just gotta be happy for her an let it go.
    Breaking Dawn reminds me of Predaking if you mix it up.
    And Nicki Minaj looks like "Nick Im an AJ"
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