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    Art by Peter.


    Name: Ultra Impactor
    Allegiance: Autobot
    Function: Planetary Security Chief

    Quote: “Fight to live; not live to fight.”

    Profile. Ultra Impactor has battled endlessly, since his creation. Built to function as a warrior, he always performed his tasks perfectly, even though he proved himself willing to use force only for defence. To Ultra Impactor, a fight should only take place among equally matched warriors; anything else is just haughtiness, used to hide cowardice by those who are only capable of overcoming weaker people. As the MetaCycles progressed, Impactor’s bodyframe has been constantly upgraded, becoming larger and mightier every time. Now, his body mirrors his character: patient, unshakable, impassive and unstoppable. This corporeal evolution was accompanied by a constant ascent in Planetary Security’s hierarchy, due to the reliability and moral rectitude he was able to prove in every instant of his existence. The “Ultra” title, that was bestowed on him informally, has become part of his name. This symbolizes how highly he’s held in esteem by Cybertronians. His ethical rigour and his strong belief in the inviolability of every living being’s rights earned him Nova Prime’s hostility, because of his diametrically opposite politics.
    Now, with the coming of Sentinel Prime’s age, Ultra Impactor re-established the relationship of thrust and cooperation with Cybertronian High Offices that, in the last few hundreds Vorns had been deteriorating and had nearly been lost. Being finally able to lower his guard, he has realized that his “political” troubles in this period have taken a bigger toll than expected. A growing weariness has insinuated into him and now he prefers to sit in the second lines of his own profession, as he evaluates the opportunity to choose a successor among the many mechanoids (such as Magnus and Springer) that in the last Vorns have begun to grow under his guidance.
    But thinking that Impactor is done for would be a great mistake: the old lion may be ready to retire, but still possess enough strength to swing one last paw, that will be no less powerful than any of his youthful feats.

    Abilities. Ultra Impactor is a triplechanger, with two alternative modes: jet or augmented tank. They are both equipped with boundless defence/offense weaponry, that has been gathered during a lifetime of battles. His armour possesses smart molecular chains whose complexity is nearly unmatched on the entire planet: not only can they adapt to any type of attack, they also generate a dynamic structural integrity field that increases their endurance three-fold against a wide array of weapons. In robot mode, his forearms host an harpoon launcher and interference wave weapons, that can disrupt matter’s molecular oscillation.
    The cannons on his shoulders have the longest range and use different shell types, with a preference for chaos grenades, that explode causing a sensorial overload, neutralizing opponents from a long distance without causing permanent damages.
    On his right leg, three missile-launchers usually deploy explosive shells with concussive effect. On his right leg, two extensible staffs can be used in melee fight, thanks to their resonance generators that can disrupt any energy field created by a Cybertronian sword.

    Weaknesses. As a matchless warrior, Ultra Impactor is prone to fight alone, in order to prevent his subordinates to suffer damages that only he could sustain. His combat systems use up a great amount of energy.

    Text: Franco Villa
    Art: Peter Istyle
    Special thanks to: Zac DeBoard

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