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    Art by Peter.

    Omega Supreme, as seen in our Mosaic "Bitter Harvest".


    Name: Omega Supreme
    Allegiance: Autobot
    Function: Supreme

    Quote: “Doubt is the key to understanding.”

    Profile. Solemn, hieratic and sometimes a bit detached, Omega Supreme wishes for the Cybertronian people an isolation from the rest of the galaxy, accompanied by a process of inner growth. It’s a politics that younger cybertronians, whose exuberance has not yet been mitigated by the sorrows of experience, find hard to understand and accept. Omega himself is unwilling to impose it, because he well understands their reaction: in his youth, he was a fervent patriot, a supporter of the cybertronian interventionist politics, thinking of his planet as the galaxy’s gendarme. Only after witnessing first hand the tragic results caused by this blind arrogance, Omega started to realize the huge, devastating potential hidden in the cybertronian species, and the dreadful effects it could have, if it were set free, without the restraints of even basic morality to direct it to constructive purposes.
    This intellectual enlightenment was not a transitory phase, but rather a permanent and fundamental change in his way of being, that Omega has pursued with the constancy and resoluteness that are typical to his disposition. This led him, during the course of Vorns, to become a guidance and a reference point to all Cybertronians. This spiritual growth reached its height with the appointment of the Supreme title, that Omega does not see as a privilege, but rather as a great responsibility, a boundless and constant duty to be performed in service of the people.

    Introspective and reflexive, sometimes Omega spends long time periods in a meditative state similar to Stasis Lock, disconnecting from surrounding reality and enquiring his own mind. Even if other people miss that, Omega has a tendency that has remained unchanged from the times of his self-assured youth to the current maturity: it’s a constant and unjustified need to direct everyone around him towards the right path, whether they be aliens or cybertronians. Omega realizes how this aptitude may be potentially dangerous and does everything he can to understand and keep it in check, but he also harbors the fear that it might prevail one day, and push him to make a fatally wrong decision for Cybertron, aside from any good intentions that might motivate it.

    Abilities. Omega Supreme transforms in a tank, as huge as he is in robot mode. It’s a legacy from his warrior past, remained unchanged until now. His armor is among the most impervious to any type of conventional explosive and energy beam.
    Even if currently Omega uses his vehicle mode only to travel across the planet, nearly all the original weaponry is still available to him: plasma cannons, laser cannons, cluster bombs, smart micro-warheads. Omega has at his disposal one of the most advanced structural analysis software, that he used to employ in battle to ascertain the enemy’s specifications, in order to incapacitate opponents rather than killing them.

    Weaknesses. Omega needs to believe that his philosophy and his example of life are able to persuade even the more fanatical opponents: a particularly devious enemy can hide his own true intentions to Omega, until it’s too late. Omega’s armor is relatively vulnerable to quantum physics based weapons.

    Text: Franco Villa
    Art: Peter Istyle
    Special thanks to Zac DeBoard
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    what is this thread for, exactly?

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