Minor/Repaint: Powerup Prime minus jetfire legs

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by amd098, Nov 1, 2009.

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    I got sick of how jetfires legs prevent prime's leg articulation, so i went ahead and separated jetfires legs from his body

    the way jetfire is made, he has a front torso, that his arms and prime's upper body attach to, and a back torso, that hangs down and primes legs connect to

    those are held by one peice of plastic [well two, technically], and the wires that run thru it, so i removed it

    however, i did cut thru the wires, so no more light up eyes, and i always remove the damn batteries, so no more 'jetfires me name'

    this way prime can stand on his legs w/o jetfires feet, and jetfire's robot and jet mode are still the same
    his robot mode everything fits together with pegs, and same for his alt mode

    however, primes ankle joints are slightly loose, and they need to be tightened, right now he can only stand with jetfires gun to counterbalance the jetkibble, due to the way i position it all over his back
    i will also give prime a larger heel so he can stand better, but i believe its the ankle that causes him to topple over more than the lack of a heel

    if anyones interested on how i did this, i can post a tutorial later tonight.

    and the first picture is just me being crazy, i put the half of jetfire that doesnt combine over primes shoulders, making him even more top heavy, but still balancing with the gun in his hand

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