Powercore combiner sale

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    All figures are MISB or MOSC

    Huffer with Cabiburst (yellow hood)
    Huffer with Cabiburst (orange hood)
    Searchlight with Backwind
    Smolder with Chopster
    Sledge with Throttler
    Leadfoot with Pinpoint
    Icepick with Chainclaw
    Steelshot with Beacon
    Windburn with Darkrat
    Darkstream with Razorbeam
    Skyhammer w/ Airlift
    Undertow w/ Waterlog
    Salvage w/ Bombburst
    Heavytread w/ Groundspike

    Aerialbots w/ Skyburst
    Combaticons w/ Bombshock
    Destructicons w/ Mudslinger
    Rallybots w/ Double Clutch
    Protectobots w/ Stakeout
    Destrons w/ Crankcase
    Dinobots w/ Grimstone
    Constructicons w/ Steamhammer
    Stunticons w/ Over-run

    Pm ME

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