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    Hello, I thought I would add some useful tips to this thread as I have found some little things that have helped me immensely over the past few years with getting stuff to where it needs to go....

    First, I would advise everyone who is sending a big and or heavy item using Parcel Post to tape every square inch of the box. Seems crazy but I do it and it really strengthens the box significantly, and also makes it more tear resistant. A friend of mine that works for the post office told me the same exact things I have read here and about how packages get caught in machines and get ripped open all the time and that's why I started going crazy with the tape. I'm happy to say that so far I have not had any complaints of damaged or ripped packages from my customers.

    Second, if you do have a large package I would suggest to put two shipping labels on it, one on each side. I asked my mail clerk if that is allowed and they said it doesn't hurt and there is no penalty for it. So I figure why not? If one gets ripped off then at least there is another one on there. I also go so far as to write the send and return address in marker underneath the label or somewhere else on the package just in case. Remember, this is also because I tape every square inch of the box.

    Third, even though I have good luck using parcel post, priority mail is great! If you do not use eBay labels you should get into it for your customers sake. I have found that many times eBay labels will give me Priority Mail for the same price as parcel post, and you can really wow your customers by letting them know that you upgraded their shipping for them. It makes all the difference in the transaction when you can tell a customer that they will be getting their package ahead of time. This has led to a lot of very good and positive feedback for me.

    Fourth, it goes without saying but yes you should absolutely write Fragile on your packages if you don't want stuff to get broken, but I go so far as to write Fragile on every side of the box. I also Circle the signature confirmation words on my shipping label with red marker and write a small note to the carrier asking them to please get the signature and write thank you as well. In the past many of my packages have had missed scans so I started doing this and have not had a problem since.

    This is all just some food for thought and merely my experience, I hope that any of my advice will serve you folks well.
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    jesus.... USPS is soo much better then canada post its stupid

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