2D Artwork: Post Beast machines Razorblade

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Art' started by The_Ovlar, Oct 28, 2009.

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    Hey all,

    I've been working on a story line for a Post Beast machines idea I've been throwing around for a while (well actually, ever since beast machines ended :p ) and while working on a character called Razorblade, I just cant come up with a good colour pallet for her. Any ideas would be great, I slapped on some quick colours that I had gone with but I still don't like em very much. Also she doesn't have legs yet (obviously) they're coming in the mail ;) .

    Also, if your wondering about the quirkiness of the design the idea is; after cybertron was reformatted all the transformers did not get beast modes, rather organic elements were worked straight into their superstructure down to the cellular level. This gave them the durability and immorality of machines and the survivability of a living creature. As civilization rebuilt itself, transformers were issued alt modes based on their job and rank in society (these would be vehicle alt modes for the most part, as i don't see how turning into a tiger or fish could possibly help in in day to day life). More on this whole techno-organic cybertron later, what i need now is ideas for colours!

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    What if you did mostly tones of gray with just hints of a color, maybe purple or the light green that your working with?? I like where your going with this!!

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