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Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Fiction' started by Shatterpoint, May 15, 2010.

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    Heres some ideas


    Sam's father's job is being an electrition at a construction site and Sparkplug is his nickname.

    New color schemes

    The Autobots revert to darker,more realistic colorschemes to try to be less noticeable by Anti-Autobot Activists(AAA)

    Megatron's master plan (dun dun dun)

    Megatron is using Galloway's point of veiw on the Autobots being on earth to his advantage by attacking humans and making it look like it's the Autobot's fault due to them bringing the war to earth,eventually the Autobots are kicked off earth "forever" and Megatron eventually attempting a full on invasion of earth to rebuild the harvester.

    Jazz into Runamuck and Runabout

    NEST drops the dead bodies of the rest of the newly killed Decepticons into the abyss, the fallen's corpse,however,is still flowing with raw energon.When his corpse is dropped into the abyss,the energon flows into the other dead bodies.The energon proceedes to create new transformers ex.Cyclonus,Scourge,Tankor,Blitzwing. Jazz,who is split in two, gets oppisite halves for his two halves,creating a new set of twins,Runamuck and Runabout.

    Vector Sigma

    Well they already destroyed every other peice in Transformers history :lol 

    Next guy that looks like Blackout

    Rotorstorm :confused2 

    Thats all for now,
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    Uhh... more?

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