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    With the search for Iacon relics well underway and with both sides searching, I've thought of one possible 'relic' that could be on earth that would be of tremendous use if the following scenario plays out...

    As was suggested after 'Triage' aired, it's entirely possible that the virus Ratchet and Raf created and uploaded into Lazerbeak is providing a two-way conduit, which would possibly provide the Decepticons coordinates to the Autobot base. Should the 'Bot's discover this and the 'Con's are ready to invade, they will have to evacuate the base (cue grabbing up every scrap of data, equipment, the recovered relics, etc.) which leads to them tearing out of there just as the 'Con's show up. The 'Bot's are forced to bridge to an unknown location, which just happens to be one of the sets of coordinates Optimus managed to translate.

    After arriving and searching, they discover the 'relic'.... Metroplex.

    The idea; Metroplex was sent out sometime during or near the end of the war for the purpose of establishing a safe haven for any and all Autobots who may find themselves on Earth. He's lain dormant for centuries, half-buried under earth and rock, part of him sticking out, but covered by vegetation. Due to both his location and condition, he's remained undiscovered by humans. Needless to say, his discovery is a boon for the Autobot's who now need a new base of operations.

    Metroplex is also able to block out any kind of radio signals and tech that may be used to discover his location.

    What do you think? Could Metroplex be one of the numerous 'relics' to be dicovered? Will a similar scenario like I described play out?

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    I like the idea. There's always a possibility. You never know with the prime writers. One thing can be for one episode then bam. A whole nother direction.
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    I'm not closing off on the idea since anything is possible in TFP.

    But I don't see Metroplex being a relic but a TFP flashback or a shout out instead.

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