Possible Narrators for Future Transformers Franchises?

Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by Grimwave, Nov 27, 2011.

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    Ok, so the title says it all. In G1, they had a whole lotta shiz ion line with what it should be. And one of those things was the show had it's own narrator, that was not the voice of a character from the show, therefore allowing the character focus to change easily and at the will of the writers. So, what celebrity and/or voice actor would you like to see narrate a future Transformers cartoon/movie?

    So here are my most likely choices, feel free to add any comment or additional narrator you see fit.

    Morgan Freeman - This guy is for real. He is an experienced actor and narrator and has a LOT of street cred. So a whole series is unrealistic, but possibly a movie, huh? This guy just sounds like he knows what he's talking about. Powerful yet subtle in a way that could lead to some very good story telling in future movies. And, it would be HUGE for Transformers to get a celebrity actor like this to narrate a movie! How EPIC would that be?

    Gary Sinese - This guy is more of a TV actor and not as famous as the previously mentioned, but still a really convincing, powerful voice. His voice also emulates that of the original narrator and could be a great stand-in for him!

    So, what do you think and who else?
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    Jeffrey Donovan- I love his Burn Notice voice overs
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    Nah, Morgan Freeman has been done as far as narration IMO ('Into the Wormhole', War of the Worlds...) and Gary Sinise is too nasal for my liking to carry off a role like that. I'd rather they use someone with a bit of timbre and gavitas to their voice if - and I mean IF - they were ever to replace Prime as the narrator for the LAMs.

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