Possible interest in 3rd party G1 toys?

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Phoenix Blaze, Aug 14, 2011.

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    I had a thought the other day....Drift is lumped with the classics lines....and is sort of now supposed to be associated with the G1 world....so wouldn't a G1 toy of Drift be cool?

    Then I got to thinking that maybe seeing a G1 lockdown would be cool, and then the ball got rolling.

    So, this is not just asking "would you buy it!" but also to share ideas of possible G1ification of newer toys/characters.

    I imagine it'd be super niche market as it'd mostly appeal to those who like G1 toys or really like the chosen character, but then some G1 fans might turn away from it as it's not true G1. It'd be quite a challenge, I think, to make a modern day toy that would fit in with a G1 collection and by this I really mean things like the Diaclone molds. And I mean really fit in, not like Crazy Devy with it's G1 add ons but essentially replicating 1980s toy design.
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    I for one would love it. I'd also love to see an Arcee with a true G1 toy aesthetic. Something I could actually display with my G1 collection and have it fit in.

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