Possible Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde Cast/Director ideas?

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    I had read the book recently and started to watch clips of the BBC show Jekyll which now I wish I could find full episodes for but that's besides the point... It made me realise there isn't really a new "popular" Jekyll and Hyde movie to my knowledge, Or atleast one set in the actual time of the book or faithful to it. I was talking about possible casting for it and I had a few ideas so feel free to pitch in your own.

    Director: Tim Burton.
    I thought about the description of the house Hyde lives in from the book and how out of place it was in such a nice neighborhood. I thought of Tim Burton being able to pull off ol' England with the surreal twist when Hyde is around.

    Dr Henry Jekyll: Johnny Depp.
    Well, Okay I could see him being chosen because of how often Tim tends to put him in his movies, As the lead man no less. Personally, I think he could pull off a good Jekyll. It would be better than his Willy Wonka atleast.

    Mr Edward Hyde: Either Gary Oldman or Willam Dafoe.
    What I have in mind for effects in a new version is the good ol' makeup effects for the look of Hyde. Something scary and fitting to the book description, Kinda like Dracula's effects in Bram Stoker's Dracula movie. So it hit me, What about Oldman? He played Dracula, He might be a good choice for Hyde. I also considered Dafoe for his Green Goblin. He can play crazy very well, And Hyde is a nutcase as we know. Perhaps if he did a more serious kind of Green Goblin kinda thing, He can pull it off.

    I have forgotten a few of my choices at the moment, But I did remember that I thought of Hugh Laurie as Utterson and Michael Caine as Poole. I thought a cast with mostly actual English actors would be a good plus for the film.

    But anyway, That was just my thinking. I would love to know what you guys and gals would do if you had the chance to make an adaptation of the book onto the big screen.

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