Possible atlanta tf:rotf premiere!!

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    Hey gang. A couple years back when STAR WARS EPISODE 3 CAME OUT, Atlanta had a one week early Premier. It was for the Hughes Spalding Children Hospital. My friends and I had passes. I made a friend that night with one of the nice ladies that spoke to Lucas directly about making that premiere happen. Well, she just so happens to be involved in all the fund raising events.

    I wrote and e-mail explaining the fandom, the movie, and just how BIG TF:ROTF will be. I just received an email back that they are going to consider this to see what will be involved. It seems very possible to have the same type of event in ATLANTA!!!

    Please let me know by giving your thoughts. I plan on sharing this tread with the comity.

    In case you do not know, I have been involved in quit a few fund raisers in Atlanta. I have offered my time to maybe paint a car or a bike for an auction. If you would be willing to help raise some money, please post it!

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