Possible alternate Australian Transformer Vault cover?

Discussion in 'Transformers News and Rumors' started by Starscreamer69, May 30, 2011.

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    Hey guys, sorry if this has already been posted but today I picked up the Transformers Vault book from my local Target. I was pretty suprised to see that the cover was different from the one I had seen on the net. Instead of the hard case, the one I have is transparent plastic with the Autobot insignia on it. And on the cover, instead of Megatron and Optimus Primes' carnations from popular generations, there is the Decepticon insignia on the front, and a blurb on the back.
    Also, I might like to add that the woman at the counter gave me a complementary 3D Bumblebee card for my purchase. So make sure you don't miss out on that! :lol 

    I must apologize for the images, sorry that they are of a really terrible quality, I'll try find the camera tomorrow so I can take better ones for you guys, but right now all I have is my laptop's webcam. Sorry!
    Asides from that, I was wondering if any one else has the same cover as I have, particularly Aussies out there, or am I the only one?

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