Poll: Should the stunticons be ancient Decepticons like Fallen or Jetfire?

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Should the stunticons be ancient Decepticons like Fallen or Jetfire? Post a Poll

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    I currently write a Fanstory in german, dont Know if it ever will be for englisch speaking People, cause my Englisch sucks and i dont think a Translator would translate my Story, cause it is long.. When it is finished it is maybe long enough to make a an 4 Hours Transformer Movie.

    In my Fanstory the Stunticons are planned to be ancient Decepticons, they were created from the Allspark like the Primes, the Seekers had the mission to search Suns, but the Stunticons once known as the Groundseekers or the Explorers, had the job to search for the Lifeforms on a Planet, they saw many many Creatures and early Alien Civilisations, they tried to not destroy the Balance of an ecosystem. But then when the Earth was found by Jetfire , Fallen commands to destroy before they increase too much. The Groundseekers doesnt want to kill these Beings ebcause they are so much weaker, until they saw that early Humans also kill small Creatures like Rabbits, now the Groundseekers also attacked the early Human Population. But they could be stopped from the Primes, the Primes had a hard Battle, but they managed to deafeat them all, they deactivated the Stunticons and jail them into in a high secrurity prison, cause they are deactivated the dont age like Jetfire did. In the next 10.000 Years the Explorers are just known as a Mythos, until Shockwave found them in the Ruins. The War was so heavy, that it even destroyed the Prison. Shockwave started a reprogramming on them, all Stunticons have new Personalities. But they also have their Ancient Knowlege, they can use telekinesis and teleport, but they dont Know how to use these functicons.

    For me the Stunticons are much more apokalyptic, i mean they are Robots which are thousends of Years old, but they are still more advanced than every Human Robot.

    sorry for my englisch.

    Please vote. If you want, write back.

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