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    Future kanto Nuzlocke : Rocket Redux.

    R.Admin: Sir we have a report on the Cerulean Operation.

    G II : make your report.

    R.Admin: yes sir, the Operation is a total failure, One of the grunts was rendered unconscious and is in custody of the international police. The other fled from a Nidoqueen which evolved in an odd manner.

    G II: An odd manner? Explain.

    R.Admin: according to the grunts that escaped the target's Nidorina deployed it's self from its pokeball. An unusual occurrence in of itself. Then it took a moonstone from the bag ofthe target and evolved itself. I have been unable to find a single report of a similar occurrence. It then pummeled the grunts and they had no option but to flee.

    G II: very strange .... I wonder ....was an observation team in place?

    R.Admin: Yes sir. they had something odd to report. -scrolls down on a tablet computer- After the grunts were chased off the target hugged her Nidoqueen and it glowed with a soft light and gave off the scent of freshly tilled earth. Also they reported a Pikachu in a tuxedo was responsible for the incapacitation of and capture of the grunt.

    G II: -nods- I see. The grunts who escaped where are they?

    R.Admin : they are being held in the detention cells until you decide their fate.

    G II: leave them their for five days on half rations then assign them to the saffron city operation as security. Now the captured grunt does he pose a security risk?

    R.Admin: To a certain degree yes. He was part of the squad that transported the high level captives to the temporary holding facility so he could certainly implicate the organization in that operation. That being said our covert agents have reported that the International police are all but certain that we are responsible for the kidnapping of Selina and the others.

    G II: an acceptable risk then. leave the fool to rot. I will not waste resources on an easily replaced grunt. Nowthis Pikachu i suspect he is an agent sent to guard our target. Send my Garchomp, Jaws to deal with nuisance. Leave me.

    R.Admin: it will be done . -leaves-

    G II: So she has found one but has no clue yet of her potential. -considers- For now i shall let her be, in the mean time I need to put Petrel in his place as he is getting too big for his boots. -pets his albino Persian then hits a button- Prepare my transport I need to check our Celedon operation.
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    X nuzlocke day 2 [HI, SIS!!!]

    *four hours after sera left*

    tareca: lets try this way!....*looks behind*....aw....
    *a bunnelby named ilbuny fufu is poking an unconscious Oen*
    tareca: *carrying Oen like a baby* you REALLY need to work on your cardio, buddy....
    Oen: [yeah...i know...]
    tareca: what you need is motivation! if you can get us to sera, i'll give you...A SPICY DONUT!!
    *Oen's favorite snack*

    *meanwhile, in santalune city*
    sera: *polishing gym badge* i swear if he makes tareca late LIKE him, i'm going to hurt him.
    *bush shakes behind her, she looks*
    *murkrow flies out*
    sera: *sighs* that scared me a bit- *Oen jumps from bush* AGH! *punches Oen*
    Oen: *covering face* [OW!!! THE HECK?....oh!] *pulls tareca out of bush*
    tareca: ..warped through a bush in 2 seconds...i need a better way to phrase that... *hands over donut, eats in one bite*
    Oen: [off to catch pokemon!] *zips off cartoon-style*

    Oen caught a litleo named toasthead, since it had the smell of buttered toast, and a skitty named angry cat, since he was so angry....

    *gym battle*
    viola: Welcome, challenger! it ls nice to make your acquaintance!
    Oen: *tips a fedora* [milady!]
    viola: ...where did that come from?
    Oen: *wearing normal hat* [...somewhere...]

    since his team was 50% fire types, Oen won with ease..on the way towards lumiose city, angry cat got so angry, he left...only to be scene in internet memes onwards....

    *gets to sycamore's lab, with more carrying*
    sycamore: hello, young trainers! ...i'm used to there being at least 5 kids, so you each get another start-
    Oen: [DIBS!!!]
    *about to pick bulbasaur*
    *squirtle pushes bulbasaur and puts on sunglasses*
    Oen: [Thug life!]

    *ouside, while sera and teraca are still choosing*
    *petting foxicoot*
    foxicoot: WOAH! *looks forward*
    katrina: hello, Oen. it's been a while *Oen hugs, catches by surprise* uh....it's...nice to see you?
    Oen: [KATRINA!!! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!! We didn't know what happened, and a few years later, you're suddenly champion of kalos and alola! DAD SAYS HI, AND- ]
    katrina: HOLD IT!.... look....i'll see you again...bye....*pops*
    *sera and tareca finally walk out*
    sera: wasting time like always?
    tareca: why must you be mean to him?

    *katrina pops into her base's office*
    katrina: *looking at knife*...why is my chest feeling like this?....i'm going to beat up chad again... *pop*
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    Future kanto Nuzlocke: detective work

    Looker: -watching the interrogation video of the captured team rocket member. - well we have confirmation of Team rocket's revival and that they have the missing champions. Anabel have you followed upon the new information?

    Anabel: yes sir we have. The lab boys went over the building with a fine toothed comb and a few things were found. First there is this. -hands over an id card belonging to Chad- It was found under a discarded sleeping bag. In a garbage can se found two things of note , first there is this, Selina's pokedex and a camera , an old film camera. It was covered in fingerprints, some from the recently apprehended prisoner but most were found to be We G's. Also we found a hat belonging to Red it was covered in his dried blood.

    Looker: -examines the items - So they were definitely there, confirming the story the rocket gun gave us. The hat is highly worrisome.as it indicates the rockets likely tortured or murdered red. Likely in retaliation for his defeat of Giovanni. Was there any film in the camera?

    Anabel: I had come tot he same conclusion for Red. No other blood was found so its the opinion of the lad boys that red is likely living though potentially has an untreated case of severe head trauma. Yes there was. Most of it was ruined but the lab techs recovered one image and it is both telling and troubling. -hands over a photo-

    Looker: -examines Photo- it's hard to be sure but it looks like a Dragonite ? But Black? It seems to be attacking D.B. I have a bad feeling the rockets are playing god again and mixing pokemon genes. We are lucky WE G apparently likes his cameras old school.

    Anabel: We cannot say 100% but the lab techs ran a comparison can and its an 89.99 % match to a Dragonite. I agree the black color is troubling as there is no rational scientific explanation for it. Our on staff pokemon experts are certain some level of genetic manipulation has taken place. we certainly are otherwise the rockets surely would have checked or seized any digital cameras. No signs of the abductees phones or other electronic devices were found save what I reported.

    Looker: -nods thoughtfully- Likely the rocket just threw it thrash not knowing it had film inside. Did you check on ownership of the building forany leads?

    Anabel: yes sir and its a dead end . it was originally built by Hideo Kojima as a cardboard box factory, he has since moved the factory to Orre and sold the building to a real estate developer. By testing the blood on Red's hat we have an approximate time when he was in the building and during that time a group of model rocketry enthusiasts rented it for an exposition. The name of the group was Missile Squad. Rather ballsy if i do say so myself. The rent was paid in cash for the three months it was rented so no paper trail.

    Looker: Indeed. Right under our noses. I suspected as much the rockets have shown too much intelligence to slip up on something so obvious. Keep the building under surveillance. Alert Agent Chu to go to danger protocol 3.

    Anabel: yes sir. I also suggest we put Anne's mother and brother into the special protection program to protect them from possible retaliation by the Rockets.

    Looker: Do it . we have more than ample evidence to show who ever is running Team Rocket is capable of violence and murder. Also Prep Agent Lax in case we have to activate the heavy hitter.

    Anabel: yes sir. -departs to carry out orders.-

    Looker: First katrina now this. This business is getting out of hand.
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    X nuzlocke day 3 part 1 [please stop yelling...]

    *giovanni 2's base*
    *persian hisses*
    g2: not only did you abandon your post, but you almost killed one of our key sources to victory...explain yourself...
    katrina: i have no excuses sir. i acted on my own, and will accept the punishments...
    g2: i'll let it go since this is your first slip-up in all these years...any updates with the kalos sites?
    katrina: everything is going smoothly, aside from the infini-tree. it seems the power we took from it isn't stable anymore. the scientist are looking into it.
    g2: and the children?
    katrina: from what the can tell, Oen's ability is like ethan's, only he needs shrubbery to do so. still no confirmation on the abilities of subject X's offspring.
    g2: very well...just remember we need them alive. you may proceed.
    katrina: of course, sir. *salutes* hail giovanni! *pop*

    *meanwhile, in castelia city*
    *tareca and sera are yelling at each other*
    *Oen watches on like a sad puppy*

    *transitions to route 5*
    *continues yelling*
    *a skiddo and gogoat nearby*
    goat peace: mom, look! those humans are fighting
    goatmom: don't look at them honey, i don't want you to be influen- oh arceus no!
    goat rekt: *wearing biker coat* too late, mother. i've seen everything!
    *runs over to oen, gets caught*

    sera: I HAVE ME REASONS!!
    Oen: [guys? stop fighting for a second]
    sera: THAT'S ONE OF THEM! HE'S 17!
    Oen: [GUYS!] *waving sign frantically*
    *Oen blares foghorn*
    sera: WHAT DO YO-
    Oen: [look at our wrists!] *pointing to his as well*
    *tareca, Oen and sera have the order, lock, and chaos O-powers respectively*
    sera:...does that...mean....

    valerie: *over skype* don't worry, your dad's alive.
    *group sighs*
    sera: could you explain what's happening?
    valerie: notice how dim your O-powers are compared to yavi's *holds up a picture, there is a HUGE difference*
    tareca: i remember he could brighten a whole room with his.
    oen: *looking at wrist* [i bet it could make a great nightlight, though!]
    sera: *facepalms* continue, please.
    valerie: *in hero of kalos encyclopedia* this happened once before with a hero named yana. she was put under SO much stress and pressure that the O-powers started to fracture out and find new hosts. in yana's case, she shared it with three lookalikes. it took a bit of time, but the fractures DID return to her.
    tareca: so is sera going to become some psychotic villian now?
    valerie: not if she has Oen nearby. he can nuetralize the chaotic effects with his lock O-power.
    sera: ...how close nearby, and for how long?
    valerie: about 10 yards for....4 months?
    sera: CONSTANTLY?!?!?!
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    a Biker skiddo :lolol 
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    pokemon X nuzlocke interlude
    my 3ds' hinge finally broke this morning (been surprised. a part snapped over 8 months ago) and i bought a 2ds (i don't mind the downgrade?) and transfering the data now.

    *route 5*
    tareca: *on last donut box*...hmm...
    sera: let me try....oen. see that park?
    oen: [yes]
    sera: for every 100 yard increase in you walking distant average, i'll buy you a whole box of donuts.
    oen: [DEAL!] *starts running, faints after 16 yards*
    sera: heal him...
    tareca: okay! *heals, oen runs, faints after 17 yards* again?
    sera: we'll keep going until he's ready.... (he's almost like a rockruff...maybe with training, he'll be a gentleman...)
    *oen faints at 18 yards*

    *meanwhile, katrina's office*
    grunt: ma'am! there's been an update on the trainers! the one named tareca can heal others using her hands!
    katrina:...you better mean magically or something....
    grunt: yes, ma'am. also, all three have been spotted with the O-power symbol on their wrists. research revealed it's the result of subject x's strain.
    katrina: hmm...an odd development, but useful. i'll let the boss know *tosses $2 at grunt* ...from me...bye...
    grunt: *walking out, in distance, whispers* "..from me.."
    katrina: *from office* i can hear you! *grunts runs off* ....it's like no one notices these are real cat ears....idiots....
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    Future Nuzlocke Day 5: Ships and revelations.

    Anne woke early and thought about the prior day's incident and wondered why Team Rocket had against her family. The she recalled the ticket Bill had given her and got up and got her butt in gear.

    A half hour later she departed Cerulean heading south where she encounters an exeggcute named Emesh she then caught and added to her team.

    After a morning spent battling she reached Vermillion city and checked in at the pokemon center and then went to see this Lady Crysta aboard the SS Anne. She found her in a first class cabin.

    Crysta: Come in child, you are expected.

    Anne: -enters- My name is Anne. Bill said you wished to see me. Anne was surprised by the youth of Crysta as Bill had made her seem like an aged seer but she could not be more than fives years older than herself..

    Crysta: I know you you are, daughter of the Bard of Sinnoh, though not possessed of musical talent your self. You expected your greatest struggle would be to escape the long shadow of your famous father but not a far more insidious struggle has come upon you.

    Anne was stunned that Crysta knew so much with out ever having met her. She could not think of what to say so she just nodded.

    Crysta: You wonder why Team Rocket seeks you? You wonder why they took your father? Why they took your father and the other champions is hidden from me. Some dark power cloaks that information. You that i have seen. you like your father posses an O power. His is music yours is Elemental.

    Anne: you mean like the pokemon types? fire,water . grass and so on?

    Crysta: yes and no. Pokemon typing shares names with some elements but the elements I speak of are the primal elements . Earth, Fire,Water, Air or Wind, Spirit or love as some legends make it and Life. Some pokemon types were named for these though scientist believe in correctly the elements were named for pokemon types. An ancient legend exists it has been passed down in my family since ancient times.

    Anne: What is this legend?

    Crysta: The legend is recorded as such " In a time of growing darkness and fear when a beast of shadows steals away the great warriors of the age a maiden will rise and collect the elements and drive away the darkness and lay it's source so low it will never rise again!"

    Anne was taken aback as she recalled the stories her father often told when he discovered the legend of the bard on the ceiling of a cave in Sinnoh. " What can you tell me about this elemental O power I am supposed to have?"

    Crysta: I can. It is the most ancient of the O powers and the most rarely seen. the last time was more than five thousand years ago in Orre. the wielder then stopped a war that left much of that region a desert. When you fully unlock your power you will be able to enhance your pokemon's natural elemental abilities. for example a Fire move would be more intense if you willed it to be so. You must be careful as overuse of the powers can destroy you.

    Anne: O.O That is .. wow ..I do not know if i am ready for this...

    Crysta: you will be child. There is one among those held with your father, Yavi once he is freed and recovers he can aid you in mastering your O power. For now take this. -hands Anne and bracelet with 6 colored crystals on it. It will show you which of the elemental pokemon you have found. you have found one already. bring out your Nidoqueen.

    Anne: -puts on the bracelet and the brown Crystal glows then calls out Atalanta who glows in sync with with the crystal. Atalanta she evolved her self and saved me.

    Crysta: I see, that is how they shall reveal themselves, they will evolve to their final form in a moment of great danger then glow and give off a scent related to their element , fore would be the smell of sulfur for example. Now that you have the bracelet the appropriate crystal will begin to glow.

    Anne: I recall smelling fresh soil when Atalanta evolved. I was surrounded by team rocket grunts and she saved me.

    Crysta: -pets Atalanta- yes it is as a said. The elemental pokemon will seek you out but you will only know them when they reach their final evolutions . with one exception . The wind or air elemental pokemon is always one of the three sacred bird pokemon of kanto: Articuno, Moltres or Zapdos. Which one it shall be I cannot say. However which ever it proves to be it shall call out to you. When it does you must seek it out .

    Anne: I will do so lady Crysta.

    Crysta: I know you shall, go now. Stay strong my little friend.

    Anne: -nods and recalled Atalanta and left the ship then trained a but more then rested for the night.
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    X nuzlocke day 4 part A [now how does that make you feel?]

    *morning, still in park*
    sera: *sleeptalking*....who's the...champ....now...*snores awake* huh? *missingno next to her* AGH! *runs into a moat, caused by oen's constant running*
    *falls about 20 feet, lands on oen's back*
    oen: [...ow...]
    sera: THE HECK WAS THAT THING? WHERE'S TARECA? HOW AM I GETTING OUT OF HERE?!?! *sera freaking out, oen punches dirt* THAT'S NOT GOING TO HELP! *starts yelling up*
    oen: *quick tap* [i made stairs] *minecraft like stairs*
    *they find tareca sleeping on a pile of missingno that sera summoned in her sleep*
    tareca: well before i feel asleep, oen's running record was 1000 yards. anyway, pet these things! they're SOOO FLUFFY!!!! *oen pets them*

    sera was annoyed, but she took the group to get the donuts she promised in camphiere town. once they finish eating, oen sees the flea market and rushed in.

    sera: COME BACK, YOU DOLT! I DON'T WANT TO BE EVIL!! *follows*
    tareca: ....any more evil, in my opinion...
    *a few hours later*
    oen: [I BOUGHT A PLOT OF LAND!] *shows berry farm paper* [$20]
    tareca: ha! that's awesome! i just bought a huge amount of berries!
    *sera attaches leash/cuffs on oen's neck*
    tareca: seriously? that's friggin cruel!
    sera: if he keeps acting like a mindless pokemon, he'll get treated like one! lets go! *tugs. cardboard oen falls over* huh? how? where'd he go? help me find him!
    tareca: i'll find him, but not for you *angered* ...you keep saying you don't want to be evil, yet it's stuff like this that says it's too late.. *walks off*

    *a few minutes later, tareca finds oen hiding in route 6's tall grass*
    tareca: oen...there you are. i'm sorry. she's just jealous or something.
    *oen sits still, only itching his arm*
    tareca: ..oen?
    oen: [...she hurt my feelings...] *pets trendygal, his new oddish* [what's her problem?]
    *bedore tareca can say anything*
    sera: *walks over* oen.. *he turns head*..look. you may be childish..and annoying...but....i haven't EXACTLY been good myself...i'll try to work on that....starting with this.. *hands oen a box* i returned the leash, and got you a sprinklotad for your farm....i'm sorry....
    oen: [...i forgive you...everyone deserves another chance.] *hugs sera*
    *thug life (wartortle) and goat rekt nods*
    *fireworks set off in distance*
    foxicoot (braixen) : WOAH!

    *meanwhile, the powerplant/info rocket base*
    james: *crying* THAT'S SO HEARTWARMING!!!
    grunt:...stay focused!
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    X nuzlocke day 4 part B [ruh-ro rhera!]

    the group started to head down route 7 when a muscle/fat snorlax walked up

    hanz franz: hi! i'm hanz! sometimes franz! and i'm here to buff *claps* you up!
    *Oen looks at sera with "please!" eyes*
    sera:...why not?
    *as Oen is doing jumping jacks, a cloaked croagunk watches on*
    *croagunk calls on phone, both speaking french*
    tareca: that looks like fun! i'll join in!
    *croagunk jumps nearby, holding a destroyed pidgeybot, walks over*
    ezio: Soir, je suis ezio crogatore. Je souhaite apporter mon aide.
    ezio: *coughs* my name's ezio crogatore, i wish to lend my assistance.
    Oen: [awesome] *jumpjacks over* [i like your hood! come on, we'll have an awesome adventure!]

    *in front of zubat roost cave*
    *Oen runs in, quickly comes back out*
    Oen: [oops! sorry! i forgot...] *holding a zubat with googly eyes* [i think googly likes me!] *curls into his arms*
    tareca: i'm not going in there! i hate caves!
    sera: well, we can't leave you here.
    Oen: [i got this! now, close your eyes, and i'll poke you when you can open again!]
    *both closes eyes, one second later they get poked*
    *ambrette town pokecenter*
    sera:....what? how'd you do that?
    Oen: [when i was a smsll kid, my mom's lucario taught me crazy amounts of stuff before he went to live on his berry farm. that's why i bought the land!]
    tareca: yeah... sans, right? our dad had his brother too!
    sera: i miss them..

    before they headed to bed, Oen found a drifloon and named him party hard, since he had a techno dance club beat whenever he moved. me gusta also evolved into a pidgeyotto

    *katrina's base*
    admin: ma'am. the surveillance drone was destroyed. the recording feed shows it was that croagunk from the officer's creed.
    katrina: *hits table, crumbles to dust* damn it! there's a chance looker is aware of our operations then! prepare the group in glittering cave. they'll get company soon! *calms down*..did we get anything else?
    admin: the one named Oen seems to hold more abilities than we expected...
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    Future Kanto Nuzlocke: Grandpa!

    Anne woke early to find a letter inviting her to breakfast on the SS Anne .

    Anne had no other plans so whats she had showered and dressed she headed back to the ship and in for quite a surprise as she spies the captain ofthe ship a crusty old fellow with a highland accent and magnificent facial hair.

    Anne: Grandpa Angus! I thought you had retired?

    Angus: Aye Lass I have this is my last cruise then back home to Unova and spend my days with your grandmum. I heard you were in town so i decided to spend a bit o time with ye. I heard what happened to your Da, You stay strong -hugs Anne close-

    Anne: -hugs her grandfather- Thanks for the invite grandpa. I have missed you lots . I am trying and i will find Dad then you can bring grandma to fuss over him alongside mom. -giggles as she sits down to eat-

    Angus: Aye I'll do just that. you know your gran wants to retire to Alola and i think we will as it will do us good to relax and bake out old bones in the tropical sun.

    Anne: -suppresses a giggle as she imagines her stern grandmother in a grass skirt- you should the cold weather up in northern Unova can't be good for you or gran.

    Angus: nae the cold is no friend to aged bodies, makes knees ache and throb. now enough about me, I have a gift for you, this belonged to your da, he left it with me -hands Anne the HM for Cut- It should be quite handy in your travels.

    Anne: Thanks Grandpa it will!

    After Anne finished her breakfast and said good bye to her grandpa Angus she watched the ship sail out of sight then headed east of town and battled her way out through the route meeting a Noctowl she named Athena, she thought it wise to join her.

    Agent Chu had been watching Anne in a somewhat relaxed mood as it had been days since the rockets had tried anything .it was then he smelt the scent of blood and leapt aside in the nick of time as a huge Garchomp had nearly cleaved his head off. Chu fought his best but he was out matched due to type disadvantage as Garchomp ground type made his best attacks useless. Chu soon found himself backed up against the ocean in route 12 and for a second he thought he had had it. Then the sun was suddenly blocked.

    Agent Lax: Snor!!!!!! -uses double edge knocking the Garchomp unconscious with a single blow-

    Jaws: -drops like a rock -

    Agent chu thanked his comrade for the timely rescue and was informed that a large group of Rockets has laying in wait just north of their current position and Lax had been sent to block the road to divert Anne.

    Chu nodded then headed back to find Anne as relived to find her entering the gym.

    Anne had little trouble reaching the leader as Atalanta cleaned house.

    Cabuuse : Welcome , I am the leader of ...... this gym lets us begin!

    Anne won handily and collected the badge and a tm for shockwave as Cabuuse mumbled something about Erika.

    Anne saw the day was not quite half over so she headed into diglett's cave where she was shocked to meet a very brawny Heracross whop she caught and named Hercules. as she left the far end of the cave she found an unusual piece of amber which she pocketed. As she left Jeros' father Maxim flagged her down.

    Maxim: Anne I got something for you from your mum. -hands over the Hm for flash- She also said she and greg were taking a trip to see your grandmother and might not be able to contact you for a while but not to worry.

    Anne: -accepts the HM- thanks Mr. Oak. Jeros is fine , he was in Vermillion city last I checked.

    Maxim: ah good to hear that boy is horrible at checking in. I'll let you get back to your adventure.

    Anne: why am I not surprised.I'll bug him to check in more often. bye -heads back into diglett's tunnel.

    Maxim watches Anne go and wishes he had not had to lie to her but the police would not let him tell her the truth.

    Anne reached the pokemon center in Vermillion city that evening and decided call it a day and order a pizza . While she waited for it she wrote out an email to her penpal Oen in Kalos telling him about her adventure so far but leaving out the attacks on her as she worried it would scare him . she also added a selfie of her and her pokemon team and sent it off as her pizza arrived.
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    X nuzlocke day 5 [early morning hijinx]

    *around 6:00 am*
    *Oen's phone rumbles with a message*
    *flails and hit sera in the cheek*
    Oen: [I'M SORRY! I DIDN'T MEAN TO!!!]
    Sera: *holding cheek, whispers with hesitation* it's..okay...it hurts only a little bit *looks at time* well, we might as well stay up
    Oen: [i got an idea. can we check out that glittering cave? since tareca won't...]
    sera:...might as well.

    on the way, Oen caught hipotato (he can't spell hippopotas) and a lunatone named chedder. the reflections from the moonlight was beautiful in the cave. they were then interrupted by a loud clang at the end of the cave...

    *oen looks around corner*
    grunt 1: these gems will do nicely! *putting down box*
    grunt 2: so will these pokemon!
    sera: what do you see?
    Oen: *squinty eyes* [not sure if team rocket] [or spelunking cosplayers]
    sera: what? didn't they disbanded ages ago? and why are they here?
    Oen: [lets find out] *pulls out flashless camera*

    grunt 1: i seriously wish we didn't work for admin K. she's a complete jerk!
    grunt 3: hey....where'd that box come from?
    *Oen and sera are under a big "rocket brand bananas" box*
    grunt 2: that's probably jessie's. she's very clumsy. i'll take it and head on break.

    sera: abort...*closes in*...Abort...*oen punches through box*....did you just punch him so hard, he turned into a cup of ramen?
    *looker finishes heating water*
    *turns to see an unconscious rocket grunt where his ramen cup was*

    Oen: [definitely team rocket....huh...think any of them know my dad? ]
    sera: not the time! we have to head back and...*both look up to see grunt holding box*

    sera and Oen took them down, but the facility activated its self destruct sequence. Oen warped sera out before it could hurt them. tareca was waiting for them.

    tareca: where'd you go?
    sera: nowhere....
    tareca: for someone that always sees through lies, you're not good at making them...*looks at dirt on clothes*...oh..my...arceus! YOU WENT TO THE BEACH WITHOUT ME!!!

    Oen tells/signs tareca what really happened, and she was upset she couldn't be there. they headed towards cyllage city and let tareca challenge first to make it up to her.

    *at pokemon center*
    Oen: [oh! my message!]
    sera: i've been meaning to ask. who'd text in middle of the morning?
    Oen: [my penpal anne! she lives in kanto, and her adventure started a while ago!]
    *Oen reads and sees the selfie, shows sera*
    sera: wow. that's a beautiful nidoqueen.

    Oen waited for tareca to selfie everyone together then he texted everything that's happened, including glittering cave and a picture of a rocket grunt's shirt, to anne and wished her luck and to be safe. after that, he cleared the gym with hanz franz, thug life, and goat rekt's help. ezio went off on another mission, but said he'll come back soon. Oen also revived a tyrunt named grimlock, which startle sera and she punched his nose in fear.


    *meanwhile, in kanto's mailing services*
    *a printer prints the message, sealed envelope and all*
    mail lady: must be that Oen kid again.
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    I approve of this Tyrunt.
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    Future kanto: Rocket Rage
    -in Celadon city-

    R.Admin: SirI have some unfortunate news to report regarding the status of Jaws, your Garchomp.

    G II: make your report .

    R.Admin: Yes sir. Some of our grunts witnessed it battling with the Pikachu you sent it out to eliminate. It was closing for the kill when a Snorlax appeared out of the sea and laid it low with a single devastating Double edge attack.

    G II : Was Jaws recovered?

    R.Admin: No sir he is currently being held by the international police in their pokemon holding facility in Fuschia city.

    G II: I will have to arrange his recovery then. -pauses- Those grunt where were they and what were they doing in that location?

    Admin: On route 12 , east of Vermillion city. Katrina sent them to ambush Anne. to use her words "you are not pressing aggressively enough to capture her"

    G II: -slams his hand on his desk- I ordered her to be left alone until i ordered other wise. That damned wilful girl. Issue orders direct from me, Katrina is not authorized to give orders to any agents out side the Kalos region. In addition I want her in my Office tomorrow morning! I do not stand for insubordination from any of my agents no matter how talented they may be.

    Admin: yes sir. -has rarely seen the boss this angry and is glad she is not Katrina-
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    Beacon, NY
    X nuzlocke day 5 part B [O-to-the-POWER]

    *katrina walks out of her "stress relieve room" covered in ashes*
    katrina: *exhales, on radio* ...admins, report.
    admin: the good news, bad news or horrible news?
    katrina: best to worst.
    admin: good news is our scouts in alola and unova succesfully captured the kids you asked. bad news, the croagunk found the golett first, and it handed the book to your brother.
    horrible news, the scouts here and kanto failed and giovanni wants a word with you.
    katrina: and i want a word with him too. he needs to know their threats...send the janitors to my SRR to clean the ashes. *pops out*

    *meanwhile, in geosenge*
    tareca: amazing! this is the oldest book i've ever seen! and it's in mint condition!
    big O: of course! wrote it meself! tried to give it to yavier, but war here were declared and he vanished again after that.
    sera: my goodness! it appears there are various O-powers across the globe! dad's just happens to be kalos' set. *looks around* where's oen? don't tell me he ran off agai-*oven ding*
    Oen: [PIE IS READY! FRESHLY MADE BY DAD!] *puts down pie, using his fresh berries*
    big O: welcome back, Mr. Oen!
    *the group starts eating*

    sera: *reading to herself* it seems they all originate around their region's legendary pokemon. kanto is primal forces....johto is revival.....hoenn is weather.....unova is empathic bonds.....alola is connected to the solar/lunar cycle *Oen puts plate next to her*...hey oen. i hope you don't mind me asking, but why aren't you worried? this whole thing with team rocket, our parents....heck, they took out Me Gusta and chedder...
    Oen: [well, they aren't good, but good always prevails. i'm sure we'll get through it]
    sera: ...you know...i wish i could be as optimistic as you...

    *thug life throws a bit of pie at goat rekt*
    goat rekt: *now a gogoat* i didn't choose the thug life. thug life chose me...

    after a bit of a food fight (with sera ending it) they headed towards shalour city, and Oen warped everyone there, because of reflection cave. in town Oen found a Mr.Mime named mimi, who needed a home. tareca and sera had problems with their challange, but were successful. Oen breezed through with big O's ghost/ground typing. he tried his best to not show off...

    *as they are about to head east*
    oen: [i'm telling you! abridged kai series of the champions would be hilarious]
    tareca: *notices sera stopped* sera? did Oen-*shushed*
    sera: don't you hear it? i recognize that rhythm anywhere.
    tareca: *listens* nope. just silence.
    oen: [i don't hear anything either...]
    sera: it's coming from that tower! we have to go!
    tareca: okay, now i think you're just nuts...
    sera: Oen, please! we need to check it out!
    Oen: *looks at tareca, then sera* [...why not?] *smiles*

    *gets to top floor, sera heads towards a wall*
    sera: it's behind here! help me get there! *starts touching wall*
    *Oen notices a small black circle in the wall*
    tareca: it's a wall. we can't do anything.
    *wall opens up, Oen is standing behind it*
    Oen: [thank you, cartoon black hole!]
    *three rooms. they notice it matches the O-powers on their wrists. heads in correct doors*
    *meets up*
    sera: i found dad's flute!
    tareca: i found dad's sword! *swosh*
    oen: [i found a lucario]
    "the name is gaster, human..."
    *glitches in*
    gaster: and i'm here to help...
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    Future kanto Nuzlocke : dark discoveries

    Anabel: Sir I have the report on the Garchomp that attacked Agent Chu.

    Looker: I understand Agent lax arrived in the nick of time.

    Anabel: Yes sir, according to the video sent in by Agent Chu another couple of seconds and he would have been slain. The Garchomp had him trapped and ready to land the killing blow. Had Agent Lax not arrived on scene .....

    Looker: Yes we would have lost our top pokemon agent. Give me the rundown on the Garchomp.

    Anabel: Well it's registration appears to have been altered to hide its true owner. I sent a team to assist bill to check his system for further unauthorized access to the registration system. Blood samples were taken and a workup done. No genetic modification was detected, however it had been given some manner of performance enhancing substances. I am not talking Protein and the like, the tests show its something several magnitudes more powerful and in full violation of league rules and international law.

    Looker: -rubs his eyes- Lovely just lovely the current Boss Rocket his a real piece of work. other than Mewtwo Giovanni played it straight with his pokemon, by all reports he had respect for them and cared for them properly. The current one seems to see them as tools or worse weapons of war. Do the lab techs think these performance enhancers will have any effect on the pokemon's moods and health?

    Anabel: Yes unfortunately they do. They elevated it's adrenaline level and it's likely it increases their aggressiveness and increase the likely hood it would attack humans. They also said its highly likely to significantly shorten the life span of the pokemon that has been given the substances. The lab techs estimate the Garchomp's life span will be halved.

    Looker: Poor thing. have the handlers at the hold facility made their initial report?

    Anabel: yes, The Garchomp is too aggressive for hand feeding so the automated system is being used and it has repeatedly attacked the door to its holding pen. It will not be able to escape however as it is in our strongest cell, one designed to hold legendary level pokemon.

    Looker: Good if that thing got loose it could great harm. I fear we may have little choice but to euthanize it due to how dangerous it is.

    Anabel: That in fact is the recommendation of the lab techs and the vets at the holding facility.

    Looker: -sighs sadly- have the required paperwork drawn up and i will sign it. -phone rings and he answers it - Yes? Damn it . go over the scene with a fine toothed comb. No i will call her personally . -hangs up- Damn it !

    Anabel: yes sir. whats happened sir?

    Looker: The rockets abducted ROSY G. Daughter of WE. G and Dawn. She was on her Island adventure in Alola, also a child trainer was taken in Unova, details are not yet available. I will call Dawn personally to give her the bad news. She really did not need this.

    Anabel: No she did not , she took her husband's vanishment hard. Now her daughter has been abducted. I think we should send her to stay with Cheryl and her son , Dawn will need the support.

    Looker: Do it. Also have a bulletin issued advising that team Rocket has return and is abducting young trainers and it is recommended that no new trainer be permitted to start their adventures and ones who have started should be called home. I know the professors will not be happy and I am going to get a lot of angry emails from parents but the danger is too great.

    Anabel: -nods- Does that include Anne? if so i will have Agent Chu bring her in.

    Looker: No...... as distasteful as it is she is our best chance to track down the Rocket boss. Send Agent Glace* to backup Agent Chu they have worked together before so they make a good team. If Anne is taken i will take full responsibility and step down and name you to succeed me.

    Anabel: yes sir. It will be done and i hope it does not come to pass.

    Looker : Nor do I , go I have a phone call to place -dials dawn's number- hello dawn I have some bad news....

    Anabel heads off to carry out her orders.

    *Glaceon femme fatale
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    X nuzlocke day 6 part A [a whole lot a news]

    *giovanni's office*
    katrina: *rage mode* NO!!! HOW DARE YOU!!! I JOINED YOU WILLINGLY! I'M NOT YOUR MINION! I CAN RENDER YOU TO ASHES JUST LIKE THOSE FAILED GRUNTS! IN FACT- *shatters bomb collar* I THINK I WILL!!! *grabs giovanni's throat* there isn't enough room for weaklings like yourself.
    g2: the only weakling here is you, for being impatient.
    katrina:....i know you're playing me...but you're right. *puts down* i AM impatient. therefore, i'm going to set team rocket to the wind while you watch....and when you wallow from the blazes....then you have my permission to die....
    *pops out*

    *the next day, coumarine city*
    *sera's laughing hysterically*
    gaster: now that i've returned the O-power fragments to Mr. yavi. i'll train you young humans...
    *15 minutes later*
    gaster: your training is done for now.
    Oen: [that was fun!]
    *foxicoot's a jean-wearing delphox, Thug life is a blastoise with a punk turtle shell, Big O is a gundam*
    tareca: it actually was! from what dad told us, training was supposed to be horrendous.
    gaster: i apologize about that. my students misunderstood "training is most effective if you enjoy it".

    the training worked fantastically. all three cleared both the coumarine and lumiose gyms with ease...well...

    *lumiose gym*
    *signs asks 2 + 2*
    Oen: [FISH!]
    *wrong buzzer*

    *at pokecenter*
    tareca: i honestly thought you'd run off by now. *swallows food* what changed your mind?
    sera: honestly, it has something to do with Oen *tareca starts singing k.i.s.s.i.n.g.* not like that! well, maybe....it's like whenever he's near, i feel...better....does that sound right?
    tareca: actually, yeah. remember how i was before i met Oen?
    *flashbacks to bully tareca*

    TV 1: The international police have issued a warning to current trainers as well as prevention of new trainers, due to the resurgence of Team Rocket.
    TV 2: -several kidnappings across the globe, these trainers-
    TV 3: -an explosion in varios sites around the world, now revealed to be tied to Team Rocket-
    TV 4: -The power plant in route 13's explosion didn't affect local power-
    TV 5: -our current champion had this to say-
    katrina: DON'T WORRY, MY FANS! I'LL PROTECT YOU FROM THOSE MEANIES!! in the meantime, i wish to find my little brother! Oen! if you see this, continue your adventure and meet me alone at Anistar city! We'll figure this out together!

    *as Oen gets up to begin*
    sera: hold it! *grabs Oen's arm*
    tareca: what now?
    sera: you know how i can see through lies...and i think your sister is lying.
    Oen: [what? why'd she lie?]
    sera: i don't know, but you're not going alone!
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    Future Kanto Nuzlocke supplemental: Rockets Red Glare

    G: II -rubs throat then presses a button- get in here now!

    R.Admin: -races in- yes sir.

    G II: put all rocket bases on alert, Katrina has gone rogue. Do not attempt to apprehend her.

    R.Admin: -nods then types up the orders on her tablet and send them out and puts a hand to her ear piece and grimaces- It's too late she has already struck. the orange Island's base has been leveled. she was last heard to say Hoenn was next.

    G II: curses.... There is no choice prepare to activate the Omega protocol. Prepare Mewtwo for deployment after ensure the mindlink controls are in place and in full control of the creature.

    R.Admin: yes sir. any further orders?

    G II: yes go to Omega level security procedures for the high level prisoner facility, have the newest captives transferred there. Katrina has no clue where it is but I will take no chances. Also report on the progress of operation Rubicon?

    R.Admin: -sends out the orders on the special encrypted channel- it is at 70%. The administrator reports they are still unable to break subject X. Also subject D has begun to sing and cannot be silenced. It is making Caesar act unpredictably. They have tried drugging and gassing the subject but neither affects him any longer.

    G II: Move the subject into isolation in a soundproof chamber. leave me.

    R.Admin: -nods and leaves-
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    X nuzlocke day 6 part B [sidequest galore!] [...katrina?]

    the group headed north through route 14, and were entrusted in finding out why the building there was haunted.

    Oen: [I found a clue!] *holds out a stunfisk named footprint*
    tareca: now let's see who you REALLY are! *unmasked*
    *an exeggcute*

    Oen promised to listen, and they joined his group. onwards toward laverre city!

    *gets to gym door*
    valerie: YOU'RE HERE! *pulls them in* come on! show me the O-powers!! i wanna see!!! *explan'n* of course...first team rocket, now this...
    Oen: [yeah. the news is goung crazy about it]
    valerie: really? they heard about the pokeball factory already? that was an hour ago.

    *gets there*
    james: AND MAKE IT DOUBLE!
    *after they finish up*
    *oen is smiling estaticly*
    Goat rekt: BAM! *send them flying*
    tareca: GET BLASTED!!!!

    on route 15, they calmed down an angry mightyena named doge, and helped clean dendemille's windmills. Oen caught a haunter named jumpscare in a local cave, thanks to sera punching it's nose....then later found a delibird oen named Santa bird!

    the girls were inside the alistar gym when katrina found Oen.

    katrina: *after oen hugs* have you.....been safe?
    Oen: [of course! but what's going on? why did you vanish back in lumiose]
    katrina: i...wasn't...feeling well.
    *tareca and sera lean against a nearby wall*
    katrina: listen. team rocket is trying to tear up the world. i've been trying to stop them for a long time, and-
    *as sera realizes the lies, a snowstorm suddenly appears*
    Oen: [the heck?]
    *a modified abomasnow lunges at katrina*
    *rage mode activates and she incinerates it with a punch*
    Oen: [...katrina?] *shocked face*
    katrina: you see, Oen? this is team rocket's doing. we need to end them...just like that monster! together, we can end this madness!

    sera: STOP LYING TO HIM!
    tareca: sera!
    katrina: i TOLD YOU TO COME ALONE! *sees the sword and flute* YOU FOUND HIS WEAPONS! GIVE THEM TO ME!
    Oen: [STOP YELLING!] *turns to katrina with concerned look* [what's going on? tell me the truth..]
    katrina: (this feeling is in my chest again..)
    sera: the truth is she's working with team rocket!
    katrina: so you're the living lie detector....i'll keep that in mind. *pops, knocks down tareca and grabs sera* Oen! join me. i'll wait until sundown tomorrow in geosenge town for your response. don't keep her waiting too long *pops*
    tareca: SERA!....
    Oen: [..what just happened....]
    *gaster appears from pokeball*
    gaster: ..i was hoping i wouldn't have to explain....listen well, humans....

    gaster explained everything that katrina has done, from helping take the champions, to killing people and pokemon...including sans and papyrus...Oen is feeling lost right now, but he'll get into shape to confront his sister....
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    Future Kanto Nuzlocke : dark tunnel , darker news

    Anne woke late and grabbed a sandwich and ran out ignoring Nurse Joy shouting something at her and rushed out on to route 9 where she battled her way along and as she did she began to notice it was emptier than she thought it would be.

    Anne: this is off the guidebooks all say this route is popular with local trainers. I have a bad feeling about this.

    A few minutes later she met a Samurai Ninjask named Hachiman who joined her as he lacked a master.

    Agent Chu continued his vigil and was soon joined by Agent Glace and they silently trailed Anne as she moved on to 10. where she met Logi a Magmar who had migrated from the north. Logi joined up and continued until she reached the pokemon center just outside the Rock tunnel.

    When she came in she saw a dejected looking Jeros. she walked over sat beside him

    Anne: Jeros what wrong?

    Jeros: dad is making me come home. -grumbles-

    Anne: why is he doing that?

    Jeros: Are you kidding me? Team Rocket is kidnapping kids, they took one in Kalos, and they took your friend Rosy in Alola! Dad and mum freaked and want me home where I am safe!

    Anne: No! Poor Rosy! -takes out her smart phone and checks the news feeds- O.O Holy Guacamole! I better call mom -does and gets no answer then truies greg with the same result- I dunno what to do now...

    Jeros: Well i can't tell you what to do but you best decide fast cause i'm betting if my dad finds you here with me he will demand you come with us back to Pallet.

    Anne: -nodded then took a deep breath and said " I am continuing , i can't contact mom. dad is missing and i am betting team rocket has him so I am going to get strong and stop that deplorable bunch of ( censoreds)."

    Nurse Joy: we do not allow that kind of language in here young lady!

    Anne: Sorry! -blushes-

    Jeros: you can do it Anne! Nice vocabulary -high fives- Now get going before my dad arrives.

    Anne Hugs Jeros and kisses his cheek then dashes out after healing her team.

    Jeros: @.@ aye yi yi what a girl.

    Anne wasted no time entering the rock tunnel which Aphrodite lit up using flash. she quickly battled her way though catching a Magneton named Thor as she blasted her way through. she never noticed a pair of pokemon following her.

    She reached Lavender town as night fell and thought the somber environment fit the mood of the region since the latest new about the Rockets hit.

    Anne reached the pokemon center and crashed for the night and checked her messages and found Oen's which made her smile then she replied with pics of her new team members and a request for him to be careful.

    That night as Anne slept Chu and Glace traded watches over her as they had orders to maintain a 24 hour watch.

    Not far away a squad of Geodudes and Chanseys lead by a female Graveler were wetting up a hidden base in a secret cave between lavendar town and Celadon city.
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    Beacon, NY
    X nuzlocke day 7 [the day after white katrina]

    *shauna, emma and ethan listening to the group*
    ethan:...well...that explains the call Dr. burnet made an hour ago
    shauna:...yeah....i'm lost...
    emma: me too. care to repeat?

    *recalling, tareca is walking back and forth as oen listens*
    tareca: so that's the plan. got it?
    oen: [..but you'll lose your pokemon..]
    tareca: if it means saving sera, i'm willing...in a minute! *runs into bathroom*
    *five minutes later*
    tareca: *holding pokeball* OEN! i dropped my dad's sword and this popped out! i think it's my dad's *cardboard Oen falls down*...oh no.....

    *geosenge town, sera is tied to a tree*
    katrina:.......hungry?......*sera looks angrily*......yeah, i thought so....*walks off into forest*
    *Oen warps in front of katrina*
    Oen: *distraught look* [i don't understand....how could you do this....to our friends...to our families....]
    *katrina watches on* [...tell me...were sans' last words a movie reference.....]
    *katrina nods* [...he said they would be...those last seven weeks with him...were important to me]
    *tear drops* [i miss him every day...hoping he'd come back from his farm....but....you...]
    *stops for a few seconds* [sis....i'm sorry]
    *katrina is confused* [all i ever wanted to do was to play with you..but now all i want...]
    *pulls out goat rekt* [is for you to get oen'd]

    *ten minutes later, sera is hearing the explosive battle continue, forest is on fire*
    sera: *struggling* come on! break! you stupid rope!!!
    tareca: hold on! *chops rope* there! where's the flute? *what?* i think dad knew this was going to happen! play it!
    *pokeball emerges magically*
    sera: isn't this-
    tareca: yes! now let's go help oen!

    *back to oen. hanz franz is down, thug life is hanging tough*
    *katrina's only pokemon, tapu pouli is level 100, against Oen's team averaging 50*
    katrina: TAPU POULI! USE THUNDER! (it had no effect) huh?
    sera: Oen! how dare you do this alone! *riding zelous, yavi's zygarde, absorbed attack*
    tareca: YEAH! WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER! *riding absolut zyro, yavi's yveltal*
    *thug life uses water pulse, hits*

    katrina: *laughing* it doesn't matter! I'LL TAKE ON EVERYONE!!! *rage mode, tapu pouli's stats maxed* Z-MOVE! DESTROYER OF ALOLA!!! *laughing as she uses it* (it had no effect)...WHAT?

    *a xerneas took the hit, immune to tapu pouli's draco meteor z-move*
    *it uses moonblast, hits*
    katrina: SLUDGE BOMB!!! (it had no effect) SERIOUSLY?
    gaster: *mega evolved* i won't let you get a hint of hope, monster....

    *xerneas looks at oen, jumps on it's back*
    Oen: [everyone...ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!]
    *thirty minutes later*
    foxicoot: WOAH! *uses psyshock as the final hit*
    *tapu pouli vanishes from existance*
    katrina:...no...No.....NO!!! THIS ISN'T HOW IT ENDS!!!!!
    *she lunges at the group screaming*
    Oen: "KATRINA, NO!!!!"
    *fades to black, Oen feels something on his face*
    *yuck! hypetrain was licking him!*
    tareca: ha! i told you he'd be okay! *Oen begins coughing* oh! healing time!
    Oen: *grabs pen* [what happened?]
    rosy g: first off...your eyes...*holds mirror up* they freak me out....
    *oen blinks, colors change from his standard black to red to blue*
    Oen: [awesome!] *realizes rosy g is there* [where did you come from, rosy?]
    rosy g: oh..um...your lucario helped me.
    tareca: turns out your sister kidnapped trainers to prevent their O-powers from activating. the other kids left as we tied katrina up. speaking of which. *looks over at katrina, next to two other unconscious females*

    sera: let's check their ID cards so we can help them.
    tareca: *gets close* uhh...those ears look very familiar-
    *the females wake up*
    Black katrina: Agh! WHO ARE YOU! WHERE'S HARLEEN?
    Pink katrina: LET GO, GUZMA!!!
    *silence as everyone stares*
    Oen: [uh..hi.]

    *back to current time, white katrina it still unconcious, looker is on the way*
    sera: and that's when we came home.
    shauna: i'm still lost.
    ethan: to sum it up, our katrina was evil, the kidnapped kids were saved, Oen's voice broke open an ultra wormhole, and now we have the katrina's from the stories sans' told us all those years ago...so, *looks at black katrina* we know where pink katrina left off, but what about you?
    black katrina: well, team lulz didn't give up and created a genesect that attacked special trainers like us. it took harleen before i could do anything...then i was here.

    black katrina went on how she developed earrings that nulled special trainers abilities because her "emotional fortune" was taking a toll. they put those on white katrina to prevent her from escaping before looker showed up

    listening to looker's suggestion since white katrina was still a heroic mascot in the public eyes, pink katrina took her spot under the name "kitty" and black katrina took the name "katherine".
    Oen and the group were grounded for a week because they left the parents out of the loop. Oen took advantage of this to learn about his new sisters....he'll continue his adventure once he's no longer grounded.
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