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    So this is thread will be running a very basic idea and outline by a [hopefully] constructive crowd of critics. I like to write, it's a general hobby of mine, plus I'm actively trying NOT to spend money for the next few weeks, so I'll have some time to kill.

    Anyways, just to preface some of this I'll give you some background.

    I've been a Transformers fan for quite some time now, even had an account here I think it's more than likely been deactivated, or the e-mail I used for it is long gone. Anyways, I've always wanted to write a continuation to G1. I wrote an entire season that would have bridged the gap between Rebirth and the start of Beast Wars, and I always thought I'd make some sequel movie. Include characters like Nightbeat and Landmine, but I always got stuck, and never could think of what they'd follow up Unicron with...who is worse than Unicron?

    Then the idea hit me...

    Why not a prequel to the G1 show.

    So I have this story in my head, and it basically started with this. I never really liked "War Dawn", but the story had potential, and I just bought "War for Cybertron" and I really liked their take except I wanted to try different characters.

    Here's the idea:

    The Autobots at the beginning of the story are very different than those at the end. Much like the cartoon, the story indicates the Autobots are "Consumer Goods" while the Decepticons are Quintesson "Military Hardware" [descendents]. The Autobots feel they are more intelligent and more thoughtful than the Decepticons, in part because they were designed that way, so they become essentially the Philosopher kings who control the Planet's main supply of Energon (housed in the Crystal City). The Decepticons are labelled as dangerous, and live mostly in the Pits (in Polyhex) under their leader, Straxus. Straxus, and his second in command, Starscream, believe a warrior named Megatron to be powerful enough to destroy Sentinel Prime, the Autobots powerful (and arrogant) leader.

    There are two core groups of Autobots. One is Sentinel Prime and Alpha Trion, who are currently in the Crystal City. Alpha Trion is an old scientist and former rebel leader who works for Sentinel Prime. He has been commissioned to make a body for Sentinel Prime's cloned spark. In that body the spark will mature, ensuring a suitable successor for the Matrix of Leadership. Alpha Trion calls his (currently) lifeless creation "Rodimus", although the character never sees life before the story's end.

    The second group is Ironhide's trainees: Jazz and Prowl. Jazz is the older, more experienced of the two. Prowl is young and brash, despite being a tactical genius, and constantly grates Ironhide's nerves with his irresponsible behavior. Jazz is somewhere in between. His laid back personality allows him to sympathize with Prowl, and is probably the only reason Prowl has not washed out yet.

    In the beginning of the story we find that Straxus has a spy amongst the Autobot Elite Guard, a gray robot in charge of security named Shockwave (seen in purple towards the end). Shockwave disables the security grid on Crystal City, and the Decepticons attack. Megatron finds himself in a showdown with Sentinel Prime whom he kills easily. The battle destroys Crystal City, and the Autobot fuel reserves within. Ironhide's and his Autobots companion's survive the attack, along with Alpha Trion. While searching for Sentinel Prime they find a book keeper named Orion Pax, who also survives. Alpha Trion entrusts the Matrix to Orion Pax, Ironhide, Prowl and Jazz. They must return it to Iacon, and tell no one else of it's existence.

    Straxus however is aware of the fabled Matrix, and orders Starscream to hunt it down.

    As the Autobots make the long journey to Iacon, they find themselves caught in the erupting War. Prowl convinces them to take shelter in the peaceful city of Praxus, his home. Starscream and Straxus tracks them there but decides to destroy the entire city rather than hunt the Autobots individually. Prowl, Orion, Ironhide and Jazz all survive, but witness the destruction of Prowl's home firsthand. Orion manages to save Prowl from Straxus, but the event leaves Prowl cold and emotionless.

    A band of Elite Guardsmen, led by Roadbuster show up called "The Wreckers" and drive back the Decepticons. Orion Pax hides the Matrix inside his chest to keep the Wreckers unaware of it's possession. He begins to hear voices in his head, and experience great pain. The Autobots tell the Wreckers he was injured. The Wreckers return the Autobots to Iacon, where they are placed underneath the supervision of Shockwave. Shockwave is well aware these three were witness to Sentinel Prime's death, and believes they know where the Matrix is so he captures them. Shockwave reveals to them the Decepticons true plans: destroy the Autobots fuel supply, and then takeover Iacon so they may use the Ark to plunder other parts of the Universe while the Autobots slowly die of starvation on Cybertron. Shockwave has already lowered the security grid at Iacon, and the Decepticon fleet is bearing down upon them.

    Jazz, in the meantime, has managed to sabotage his restraints and breaks free. He frees the others, but Orion Pax's pain is too severe now and he is unable to move from his cell. The three Autobots manage to stop Shockwave, but not before he activates several Guardian Robots to bolster the Decepticon forces against Iacon. Ironhide thinks he can override it, but someone will have to buy them some time. Inside the cell, the pain has overtaken Orion Pax and he begins to transform.

    Optimus Prime emerges.

    The city erupts in violence. Prime walks out into the battlefield with Jazz and Prowl. They fire away, taking out seeker jets left and right. Optimus finally meets Megatron again, after witnessing him kill Sentinel Prime. The two fight to a standstill while Ironhide manages to override the Guardian robots, who are now defending Iacon. The Decepticons, along with Shockwave, enter a full retreat.

    Starscream, who had been leading the Decepticons on Iacon returns in failure. Straxus appoints Megatron second in command. At the ceremony where Straxus appoints Megatron as second in command he is shot dead by a sniper. The sniper is Prowl. Jazz confronts him about it when he returns asking him why he did it and he replies "Straxus was too dangerous to live, it was the only logical choice".

    At Iacon Alpha Trion meets Optimus Prime for the first time. Optimus Prime vows to protect the Autobots and sends out a Cybertron wide message for all those seeking protection and peace may come to Iacon.

    ---This is just a skeleton outline, so critique away. There is definitely a lot missing, and I'd like to do a little more with Orion Pax.

    Characters so far are

    Sentinel Prime
    Alpha Trion
    Orion Pax/Optimus Prime
    Springer (small role)
    Topspin and Twin Twist (non speaking)
    Ratchet and Wheeljack (cameos)

    Constructicons (Disguise and infiltrate Crystal City - no Devestator)
    Thundercracker and Skywarp (cameos)
    Seeker Jets

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