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    So the time has come, I need a new digital camera. I have had the same one for years and it is really outdated. I currently have a Canon Powershot A530, it was a pretty good little camera at the time, but digital cameras have evolved quite a bit in the last few years. Here is a list of what I am looking for.

    -Something that can take good macro photos, so I can basically take pictures of toys.

    -Something with a fair amount of custom settings (ISO, AWB etc.), again for toy photos.

    -Something that takes pretty good point and shoot photos, for example if I take my dogs or nieces to the park.

    -Something pretty easy to use.

    -I would like something that can record digital videos, but it is not 100% necessary.

    I am not a photo pro so I have no idea what the heck half of the online reviews are talking about most of the time. Price is not a super big deal, but I am not looking to go over the $400 - $500 range. I considered getting a DSLR but they are way more advanced than what I am looking for. Basically I am looking for something like my old camera, but newer if you understand what I am saying. I am not brand loyal to Canon or anything either, so I am open to other brands.

    Thank you :) 

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