Playstation 3 Cloud Black Final Fantasy Advent Children Edition for sale.

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    Hello and thanks for looking.

    Please read!

    1. Payment through paypal only. As a gift or add 3% for fees.

    2. Shipping not included in prices. Please be aware that I am shipping from Japan. This means shipping may be a bit higher than expected. Shipping will be between $50-80 US depending on where you live. I will calculate a shipping cost once I know the buyers location. Will ship worldwide.

    3. Please feel free to ask questions and of course, pics available on request.

    4. May also be willing to trade. Please take a look at my wants list and let me know what you have!

    I would trade this system straight up for a Fort Max (white body, no missing pieces, both ramps, dual barrel gun, and Cerebros) from a member with a large amount of feedback.

    Up for sale is a Playstation 3 160 GB Cloud Black Edition (Japanese system).

    Also included is an extra controller.

    This system was produced in very limited numbers about 4 years ago. I paid 50,000 yen ($625 US) for the system new when it came out. As you can see by the listing on Ebay, these now sell for quite a bit on the second-hand market.

    The system is in great condition. The system was used, but infrequently. It was always turned off when not in use and kept clean of dust. The limited edition cloud black controller was rarely used as well. I made it a point to only use my extra controller.

    Comes with everything that was included when I bought it.

    I'm looking to get $600 US for the system.

    I also have the following games (all are the English versions):

    Dark Souls
    Demon's Souls
    Sega Collection -- includes ~20 old sega classics
    Half Life Orange Box

    I would sell these 4 games and the system for $650. However, the prices are not firm. Please pm with any reasonable offers.

    Here's a link to the only one listed on Ebay.

    It's a beautiful system and deserves the loving home of a collector! Don't miss you chance to own this amazing and rare system! I would like to keep it, but I'm moving back the the US next month and the amount of stuff I can take back is limited.

    If you have any questions or would like pictures of the actual system, please let me know.

    I also have a large number of Japanese Sega Saturn and Dreamcast fighting games. If you are interested, please let me know and I will send you a list of what I have!

    Thanks for looking!

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