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    Gone on about it long enough, right? An alternate scenario featuring Airachnid, the Insecticons and the Autobots/Decepticons.

    Warning; there will be rather nasty themes in this, courtesy of our favourite helicopter and her delightful friends.


    "Sure the scanners weren't malfunctioning? Because I'm not exactly spying any Energon spikes out here."

    Bumblebee twittered an indignant reply, and Arcee snorted: "I'm not doubting you. I'm simply musing on the lack of evidence."

    His reply prompted her to snicker slightly, but she did not respond. Better to leave him to figure out the similarity on his own.

    The muscle car and the motorbike were casually driving down the long forest road, maintaining an side-by-side pace that allowed them to view the green and beautiful environment around them, yet fast enough to reach the supposed location of the pitifully small Energon signal that Bumblebee had assumedly found on the base's scanners.

    Normally, Ratchet or maybe Optimus may report such a phenomenom, but since those two were busy with a meeting, courtesy of Agent Fowler, Bumblebee had been the one to fiddle with the console and discover this new development. So, leaving Bulkhead in charge, he and Arcee had headed off.

    Hopefully, Bulkhead wouldn't be stuck on the Nemesis again when they got back.

    The sun shining brightly above them, flickering occasionally as trees leaned over with sparse patches of shade, and birds fluttered around, singing sweelt to one another. Bumblebee gave off his own twittering noises, and Arcee chuckled as the birds tweeted louder in response.

    They were nearing their destination, at last, and they veered off the road and onto foot, shifting seamlessly into robot mode. Bumblebee stretched out slightly, and Arcee set off at a brisk pace, the car quickly darting after her.

    Bringing her tracker to bear, Arcee observed the coordinates. Much to her bemusement, there was indeed an Energon signal around here. How odd. There was no desposits here, and the Nemesis had not been sighted in this area recently.

    Not that they had much sightings of the elusive warship to begin with.

    Regardless, the signal was coming around eighty metres, in the more dense foliage. Arcee nodded at Bumblebee, and the two moved on, more silently now, just in case it was some kind of trick.

    Forty metres, and Bumblebee suddenly froze and held out his arm to stop Arcee, his wide pupils constricting slightly in wariness. She raised a brow and asked: "What is it?"

    He raised a finger to where a mouth would be, a gesture to be quiet. So she was, and so she realised what he meant.

    There was no birds here. No twittering, no singing. Nothing. The forest had fallen silent.

    Arcee narrowed her eyes: "Decepticons."

    Slower now, cautious, they continued onwards. Thirty metres onwards, Arcee shoved through a rather large bush, and the tracker peaked. Bumblebee fumbled through the plant, and almost bumped into Arcee. All too nervous now, he was about to ask why she had stopped so suddenly, when he saw it for himself.

    A Vehicon, sat back against a tree. The Decepticon was dead, though, and the fact it was missing a leg, not to mention a ragged hole and claw markings on its abdomen, suggested that whatever killed it had not been one for precision. Both of them had killed their fair share of Vehicons, but never to such a.... messy degree. Energon was splattered around it, and its head was hanging on by only a few slivers of metal and wire.

    Both Autobots understood why the signal had been so small to begin with; a mutilated corpse had enough Energon to attract attention, but hardly enough to warrant a more intense investigation.

    Arcee bent down to inspect the corpse, and noted the scars on the purple plating. Slim, quite familiar, considering she herself had once had similar wounds on her abdomen. She figured it out and muttered: "Starscream. Some scout found him, so he covered his tracks the only way he knew how."

    Bumblebee hesitated, unable to tear his gaze from the Decepticon, before beeping a query.

    "Optimus is busy right now; we'll contact him later." She replied.

    Another beep, and Arcee glanced at him, looking quite shocked at his question. He twiddled his fingers, giving her a pleading look. She stared at him a moment longer in disbelief, before shuddering and reluctantly inspecting the hole on the Vehicon's side, glancing into its innards. A flicker of surprise when she noted the familiar golden glimmer of a curved organ.

    "Huh. The T-cog is still here." She said. "Wonder why he didn't take it. Maybe he forgot in the rush of actually being competent in a fight."

    She chuckled slightly at that, amusing as it was for the grounded idiot to forget such a vital piece in vain pride, and she felt a little insulted that Bumblebee didn't chuckle with her. Surely he would see the humour in that, the cheerful chap he was.

    Regardless, she turned to ask: "So, shall we take it back to base in case-"

    She stopped talking, eyes widening as her words froze in her mouth.

    Bumblebee was gone.

    The motorcycle was surprised for a moment, before deploying her left blaster: "Bumblebee, if you're trying to trick me, I'll tell Raf to leave an ice-cream inside you."

    No reply, and for a moment, she wondered if Starscream had returned to the scene of the crime. But that was impossible; she would have heard him coming. Cautiously, calling: "Bumblebee, where are you?", she rose to her full height, blaster ready. There was nothing. The forest was empty.

    Arcee felt a thrill of danger flow through her, and she considered contacting Bulkhead for some back-up, when she saw that a leaf had drifted down nearby. Ordinarily, the actions of a tiny green thing would never interest, but there was no wind, and no animals to have moved it.

    She looked up, and a red visor looked back, attatched to a hulking form, clinging to a sturdy tree, a soft growl breaking the silence. A second thing, higher up, had an offline Bumblebee clutched to it. Terror flowed through her, shock and rage, and her gun aimed upwards.

    In her moment of focus upon the two monsters above her, concentrating solely on the best way to attack without harming her fellow Autobot, she was utterly ignorant of a third one, crawling up behind her.

    Well, ignorant until pain exploded into her and the forest turned dark.


    "Why is it that all the worst things in life happen to me?"

    Starscream was musing on this as he gazed, sickened, at the sight of a mutilated Vehicon. A walk in the forest, a filthy place composed of leaves and dirt and the white stuff that the birds excreated, was bad enough. Not being able to fly was bad enough.

    But now he was finding dead people lying- or in this case, sitting- around. Of course, he wondered what had killed the dumb drone. Maybe Megatron got angry about something or other, or that eight-legged wretch had found an unlucky scout.

    Either way, Starscream decided it would be best not to hang around here.

    As he turned to leave, he noted something on the floor. Curious, he bent down and picked up a tracker, presumably the Vehicon's one. Clicking it on, he noted that its coordinates were locked right on the signal of the dead drone's Energon.

    "Huh, odd. Am I supposed to assume this drone predicted his own death and locked this on his signal?" He considered that, before sniggering. "Nah. Oh, it could be an Autobot's tracker! Maybe I could use it to find their base!"

    Chuckling to himself, delightfully ignorant of what may have caused a presumbly healthy Autobot to have dropped this in a hurry, he waved the device around cheerfully: "Oh, Starscream, your day is looking up!"

    Amusingly, as he looked up at the device, he noted something upon the tree in front of him. Something big, dark, with a red visor and lots of sharp teeth.

    All hopes of a good day vanished as an Insecticon lunged at him, and he whimpered, just before collision: "Scrap."

    To be continued :) 
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    Good job so far...:popcorn 
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    interesting :popcorn  please do more :thumb  !!!
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    :popcorn  Can't wait until Airachnid gets busy.
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    “So, when Bumblebee and Arcee failed to return from their scouting run, you did not automatically call Optimus and myself to inform us of this event?”

    Ratchet’s rage was hidden behind a façade of forced calm, but Bulkhead knew it was there, hence his nervous quiet and awkward shuffling of feet, utterly unsure of how to proceed.

    Optimus stood behind Ratchet, maintaining his stoic expression, but he at least was not simmering in anger, unlike the medic, who had his hands on his hips, his posture tense, his eyes narrowed in accusation.

    Finally, hating the fact that both of them did not relent in their stares, Bulkhead murmured: “I, um, didn’t call you guys because, well….. I wasn’t in here when the scanners lost their signals.”

    Ratchet let out a sigh that was crossed between ironic amusement and utter disbelief: “Of course! So, Bulkhead, what was so important that you weren’t monitoring the scanners?”

    His stare, if it was possible, became even more cold, and Bulkhead, despite being larger than his comrade, shrank under the brutal gaze, and glanced at Optimus for some kind of help. Alas, the Prime offered no sympathy or response, simply waiting for an answer. The Wrecker gulped slightly, and muttered: “I-I was… er, training. In the training room.”

    Ratchet did not react for a moment, before he whispered, menacingly: “Training. What were you training in?”

    Bulkhead twiddled his fingers nervously, feeling the pressure building from Ratchet’s inevitable meltdown. “Just t-target practice.”

    Optimus raised an eyebrow, as the ambulance snorted: “Really. So if I went to the vault right now, nothing would be missing?”

    He turned to walk there, but the Wrecker squealed: “Wait!.... Y-Yes…. I was trying this out.”

    The compartment on his chest split open, and he slowly, in defeat, pulled out the polarity gauntlet. Ratchet moved in an instant, snatching the device back with one hand and shoving Bulkhead with the other: “BULKHEAD! YOU FRAGGING IDIOT! HOW DARE YOU USE A DECEPTICON WEAPON, WHICH HASN’T YET BEEN FULLY SCANNED FOR FAIL-SAFES, FOR STUPID-“

    “Ratchet, calm down.” Optimus said calmly, as Bulkhead seemed ready to leak every inch of transmission fluid in his body and Ratchet seemed ready to turn the Wrecker into a public toilet. “While I myself am not pleased with Bulkhead’s priorities, we must focus on our own. If Arcee and Bumblebee have gone missing, it is vital that we find them soon. Bulkhead, call Wheeljack; we will search for our comrades. Ratchet, maintain the base, see if the scanners can’t find a trace of them.”

    Thrilled to be free of the medic’s evil glares, Bulkhead all but danced over to the console and popped out an Autobot message: “Anyone out there who’s not awesome, don’t answer this.”

    The reply was almost instant:"Watch your tone, buddy. Don't forget who saved your exhaust pipe back on Sandogan."

    “My bad. Listen, Jackie; me and Optimus need your help. Arcee and ‘Bee went on a mission, but we can’t find any trace of them.”

    "Well, that's what happens when you let the kids out to play without a grown-up."

    “Hint. Hint.” Ratchet snarled, waving the polarity gauntlet accusingly at Bulkhead. Ignoring him with a brief flinch, Bulkhead continued: “Yeah. We’ll rendezvous with you outside their last recorded coordinates. See you in a bit.”

    See you soon, Bulk."

    The communications was shut off, as Ratchet pulled down the level, the Ground Bridge flaring into life.

    “If you don’t find them, I’m blaming you, Bulkhead.” Ratchet said menacingly, the weapon in his hand glowing slightly in warning, earning another flinch of fear. Optimus ignored his medic’s pettiness, and declared: “Bulkhead, roll out!”

    The two were in vehicle mode and off in a flash, as Ratchet watched them go. When they vanished, and the bridge closed down, he muttered to himself: “Why is it that the people I like vanish and the people I dislike don’t?”


    The wide view of space on one side, the white and blue sphere on the other, the sun blazing in-between and the dark of the moon was visible just on the Earth’s horizon. Indeed, space was quite beautiful to view, but the Nemesis, hovering idly above the planet, held no care for the view, as its inhabitants had other matters to attend to.

    When his Master nodded his head, Dreadwing began his report: “Lord Megatron, I regret to inform you that the results of the search ended in failure, and the loss of another Vehicon. Whatever has done this is very elusive.”

    “As previous searches have proved.” The warlord responded coolly, seemingly bored with the subject. The Seeker carried on: “The corpse bore a similar cause of death to the other bodies; mutilation, missing parts, decapitation. Thus far, it is clear that whatever has performed these kills is hardly one for restraint.”

    “Whatever, you say?” Megatron asked. “You believe the Autobots are not behind this.”

    “It is not their style, even with the addition of the Wrecker, Wheeljack.” Dreadwing replied, before nodding to Soundwave, whom proceeded to show his Lord a list of troop deployments, the names of the dead soldiers being marked with red code. “Random attacks on our scouts, miners and artefact-hunters, all with the same gruesome results. There is no pattern to the kills, no consistency in time or place. The Autobots are responsive to our actions, but they do not operate on such a random basis. I have reason to believe the killer can be shown to be one of two suspects.”

    Soundwave brought up two images; one of Starscream, and the other being Airachnid. Megatron raised a brow as Dreadwing went on: “Forensics procedures on the corpses are clear cases of ambush, followed by evisceration and removal of body parts. While Starscream is indeed a desperate loner, it does not fit his style. He is the knife that finds the soft spot, not the saw that rips and tears. Thus, I believe it is Airachnid is responsible for the murders. Her sadistic tendencies certainly suit the random motives and the state of the bodies.”

    “So, Airachnid is hunting down my soldiers.” Megatron snorted, turning his back on the Seeker to gaze at the sun. “I never would have guessed that.”

    Dreadwing seemed flustered at the dismissal, but ploughed on: “Master, hear me out. There is one thing that does not add up. The fact that there appear to be…. Bite marks upon the bodies, and the fact that quite a few of our soldiers were killed in different places, yet similar times. Airachnid could not possibly travel so swiftly. I believe she may have some form of assistance.”

    He waited for the Decepticon leader to acknowledge his insightful report. Finally, Megatron turned and smiled: “I think I may have the answer to that. You recall the Insecticon she summoned to fight me?”

    “Yes, my liege. But you killed it.”

    “Indeed. But think; where did the first one come from?”

    Dreadwing had no answer, and glanced at Soundwave, who remained impassive.

    Megatron smirked and continued: “Where she found one, she may have found more. A swarm of Insecticons hidden on Earth. Considering the other surprises this planet has, I would not be surprised if she has indeed secured a task force.”

    There was a moment of silence as his second-in-command processed the scale of such a statement. The sadistic traitor, possessing an army of monsters? That was far from reassuring in any way, and indeed, Dreadwing felt a trace of unnerved fear tingle in his struts.

    The Decepticon leader now said: “Soundwave, recall all scout teams. Increase security to the Energon mines. I would prefer not to have any further inhibitors to my plans.”

    The communications officer nodded once, before he stalked off. Dreadwing cast a glance at his leader, whom addressed him: “You are dismissed, Dreadwing. Maintain a close watch on the scanners in case a clue to her location reveals itself.”

    He bowed to his leader, and exited the bridge.

    However, it was not to the ship’s main computer he journeyed, but instead the med-bay.

    Knock-Out was overseeing the dismantling of some of the Vehicon corpses for spare parts, and looked up at the Seeker’s entry: “Ah, Dreadwing. Can I help you?”

    Dreadwing hesitated slightly, before replying: “Ominous news, Knock-Out. We have reason to conclude that Airachnid is responsible for the recent murders on our doorstep.”

    “Yes, that wretch has had a lot of fun recently.” The car snorted, his hands subconsciously clenching into fists, clearly stung at the reminder of his partner’s killer.

    Dreadwing ignored this and continued: “We also believe that she may have uncovered a form of assistance; specifically, Insecticons. Hence the additions to security that are to put in place.”

    The medic froze for a second, casting the Seeker as a disbelieving glance. “Insecticons. You’re kidding right?”

    “No. I am not kidding. But that is merely a warning. This is my true purpose.” With that, he stepped over to the medic, glanced over his shoulder, and muttered: “Cover for me. If Lord Megatron asks, I am on a personal errand. Understand?”

    “I suppose so. But where are you going?”

    Dreadwing turned from the medic and headed for the door, but not before replying coldly: “Hunting the huntress.”


    It was painful to wake up, and Arcee groaned at the throbbing ache in her head. There was an unnerving blackness to her surroundings, and an unnerving sensation to her body, as if she were in stasis lock. Another groan as her eyes adjusted to the scene; the large expanse of a cave, apparently, judging by the earthen texture and the darkness. The stiffness and the ache refused to let up, so she slumped slightly against the wall. It took a moment to adjust herself, for the pain to die down enough that there was a logical coherence to her thoughts. Bumblebee in the forest had vanished, after they found a body, and there had been a monster, an Insecticon. Two of them, and then blackness....

    Arcee gasped slightly: “B-Bumblebee? W-Where are you?”

    No answer, and her voice echoed tauntingly. She made to move an arm, get back on her feet, but it didn’t budge. She tried again; still nothing. Looking down, she saw the reason why, and her spark seemed to freeze in fear.


    “Well, look who’s woke up.”

    Her head turned so fast at the voice, her hydraulics squeaked. The brief moment of panic that had entered her died down when she saw it was not the murderer, but instead a nervous Starscream, strapped with web to the wall next to her. He looked quite affronted to be in such a situation, and she muttered:


    “In the metal.” He replied, glancing around nervously. “I have to say, I do appreciate the company. Being alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially with these things clicking. I can hear them clicking, waiting….”

    The ache in her head throbbed again, prompting a lack of care, and she groaned slightly, before muttering: “Whatever. Where’s Bumblebee? Tell me where Bumblebee is.”

    “He’s right next to you. Are you blind?”

    She turned her head, and sure enough, the car was there, just as trapped as the other two were. Her brief relief vanished instantly when she saw his eyes were black, and she didn’t know if he were unconscious or-

    She gulped, eyes widening with fear and worry, as Starscream hissed: “Not going to lie; I’m honestly quite terrified here. There I was, minding my own business, when a fragging vermin attacks me. Next thing I know, I’m hearing this laughter, and here I am, stuck like a fly with two Autobots-”

    The ache throbbed, and she hissed: “Shut up. Bumblebee, are you okay? Please, please answer me!”

    He did not stir at her words, but something else did, a faint rustling. She looked up, but saw nothing through the darkness.

    However, what she did see came from in front of her, emerging from the shadows, a slim form sauntering slowly, purposefully, a cruel smile on her face. Starscream whimpered at the approach, and Arcee, upon seeing her, froze in fear, her mind suddenly pulsing with memories of the lab-

    “Hello, Arcee.” The cold voice purred, as purple eyes narrowed cruelly, one finger raising up to face-level. “Ever heard of déjà vu?”

    The bike had no time to react; the finger glowed bright-green, and stroked her cheek, leaving a searing trail of corrosion, burning pain, utter agony, that caused her to yelp in pain.

    “Because we’re going to experience a lot of it today.” Airachnid purred. “The train is leaving for memory lane, and you’re our first-class passenger…”

    To be continued....
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    this is really good :thumb  !!! can't wait for the next part :popcorn  !!!
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    Here it is! :D 

    The mountain range where the legendary of Forge of Solus Prime had been found was devoid of any suspicious activity: Dreadwing scouted the entire area with a dedication that many would envy, but it yielded no results. Two members of a scout team had been killed here, but Airachnid, or any Insecticon, was absent. His next destination was one of the Energon mines, where one of the miners had gone missing, and had been found with his lower half torn off. Though the mine had been stripped, a few meagre crystals remained, and Dreadwing took a large chunk with him when he left, once again finding no evidence of any hunter. No suspicious tunnels, no signals, no tracks. Nothing.

    Not to be deterred, his search took him to one of the forest regions on the planet, where the scout had gone missing. Flying above the area, he transformed and landed with a heavy crunch where troops had found the body. Moving forward, always wary in case any of the suspects were nearby, he advanced to where the dead Vehicon had lain, scanning for any clues. Finally, a relief after the previous failures, he found something; a tracker device. Picking it up, he turned it on, and noted that the coordinates were pinpointed on where the corpse had lain.

    It was fairly obvious that the device belonged to the Autobots, and Dreadwing wondered what had prompted them to drop it. He considered the possibility that they too had been investigating activity here, but had been attacked. And at last, as he looked around for further clues, he found what he needed; footprints. Or rather, the imprint of a slim figure with wide wings upon the softer dirt, as if whoever had made it had been slammed into the ground. Subtle grooves in the dirt indicated claws, and Dreadwing understood; Starscream, the first of the rogues, had been in the area, when he had been rammed by a large creature, presumably an Insecticon, and thus either killed or captured by the beast.

    The Autobot device and the Starscream-hole allowed him to understand a motive; Airachnid was gathering those who ventured out on their own as trophies of sorts. Lord Megatron was correct; she had indeed procured more Insecticons, and she was putting them to good use. Most ominous.

    Narrowing his eyes, Dreadwing cast a suspicious glare over the forest area, before leaping upwards into jet form, soaring off into the sky with unrivalled speed. As he vanished into the sky, he was thus ignorant of the flare of green, and the rumbling of engines as a red-and-blue truck and a green SUV drove into the clearing. The vehicles swerved to avoid a tree, before unfolding into Optimus Prime and Bulkhead.

    Rearing to their full heights, they glanced around, before Optimus noted: “When will Wheeljack reach us?”

    “In about five minutes, if he puts metal to the pedal.” The Wrecker replied, before asking: “So, we look for clues.”

    The Prime nodded, before turning his optics on the area. The forest was relatively quiet save for the occasional tweet of a bird, and there didn’t seem to be anything amiss. But then he looked down, and noticed the imprint of a figure upon the ground. Judging by the wing shapes and the slim groove, it could only have been Starscream who had been slammed into such a hole. And it would take something quite large and powerful to have knocked him down with such force.

    Narrowing his optics, Optimus turned to Bulkhead, who was observing a tree nearby. Noting his leader looking at him, Bulkhead pointed up, and he was what he had been looking at; faint carvings on the tree, similar to claw marks. Large claw marks.

    He remembered the mine where Megatron had been attacked by an Insecticon, and Optimus felt a sliver of unease, before he stated: “It appears that the culprit behind the disappearance of our friends is an Insecticon, potentially more. And only one person on this planet could possibly have access to them.”

    Bulkhead hesitated, before asking: “Airachnid? But Megatron took care of the bug!”

    “Where there was one, there were more.” He noted coldly, before gesturing his soldier to look at the imprint. “And it would seem our resident rogue has also been on the wrong side of the ambush.”

    “Poor Screamer. If what Arcee said was true, then Airachnid’s going to have a lot of fun making him pay.”

    Optimus nodded in agreement, before stating: “If Arcee and Bumblebee are indeed in Airachnid’s custody, then we must move quickly. I will not stand to lose more of our number….”

    The sound of an engine broke the silence, and they turned to see a white sports car weaving through the trees. When it reached them, it transformed into Wheeljack, whom walked over to the other two and said: “Commander, Bulkhead, nice to see you. So, what’s the situation?”

    “Wheeljack, evidence from this scene has indicated that Arcee and Bumblebee were ambushed and kidnapped by Insecticons.” Optimus said gravely, ignoring the flicker of shock over the Wrecker’s face. “Not only that, the rogue Decepticon Starscream has also been taken, and we-“

    “Wait, Starscream? I thought he was lording it up on the warship. What made him ditch old Megs?”

    Bulkhead leaned over to his friend and whispered: “Long story, Jackie.”

    Optimus continued: “It stands to reason that the Insecticons have taken their catches to Airachnid.”

    Another flicker of surprise, and Wheeljack exclaimed: “Airachnid, the hunter? Last I heard of her, she was hunting fauna on other worlds. You telling me she’s here on Earth, and with a bunch of those vermin helping her?”

    “Yep.” Bulkhead said sadly, fiddling with his fingers in idle nervousness. “She joined up with the ‘Cons for a bit, but then went rogue and tried to kill Megatron. She’s still out there, and she’s found company.”

    “We don’t know how she can do it, but Airachnid has the ability to coerce Insecticons into serving her. Which makes it the utmost priority for us to find our missing friends before she indulges in her role during the war.”

    “Torture-technician.” Wheeljack snorted coldly. “I remember when Bumblebee and the red guy brought in Arcee. She was a wreck, even by my standards. I’m not forgetting those screams she made anytime soon….”

    The Autobots were silent, each one fearful of what their friends might even now be undergoing at the hands of the helicopter. Finally, Optimus said: “No matter the cost, we will find them. Search the forest, and stay together. Transform and roll out.”

    With that, the three were in vehicle mode and drove off through the trees, determined to rescue their friends from a fate worse than going offline.


    Starscream was shaking, his eyes wide and stricken, in fear, Bumblebee still unconscious and Arcee venting air in pain as the acidic burn on her cheek persisted, as Airachnid paced back and forth before her prisoners, smiling with chilidish delight as she cooed: "Oh, luck has been on my side today; my two most favourite characters, along with a freebie to go with it, all in one perfect strike! It is difficult to think of something that felt as rewarding as this."

    "You're insane!" The jet snapped "You're a twisted little wretch!"

    "What he said." Arcee grunted, glaring at Airachnid with such hatred that, if looks could kill, the helicopter would have been vaporised into nothingness. "You won't get away with this."

    "On the contrary, Arcee-" Airachnid replied, adopting a cruelly sweet tone, clearly revelling in her position. "-Your oh-so-great Prime will never find you. None of your Autobots will."

    Ignoring the defiant glare, she leaned towards Starscream, whom attempted to tilt his head away from the killer, but was hampered by the webbing binding him to the wall, she added: "And we all know that no-one will come for you."

    A spider-like limb darted forward, and Starscream yelped as it jabbed into his shoulder, drawing a sliver of Energon. Airachnid leaned back, smirking slightly: "You'll die as you've lived, Starscream; begging, screaming, pathetic."

    "Y-You filthy piece of scrap!" He screeched in anger, as Airachnid condescendingly wiped the Energon off her leg onto the still form of Bumblebee. "You're a freak, a psychopath-"

    "The humans have a phrase. It believe it is, the pot calling the kettle black." She sneered, baring another limb at him as a threat, which shut him up immediately.

    "Enough about him. Where did you get the Insecticons?" Arcee hissed, causing the helicopter to smirk proudly as she answered: "A funny story, Arcee. You see, when this delightful jet here shot me off you in the forest, I stumbled into an entire hive of the beauties, waiting in stasis. I awakened them, placed myself at their helm, and sent them to do my bidding; to capture prominent figures that I wished to play with, and to instill fear with murder and disappearance. Shall I show you?"

    She snapped her fingers, and suddenly, the chamber was alight with red. Bands of optics glowed in the darkness, and Arcee and Starscream stared up at them, a grave horror growing in their sparks as rumbles and alien snarls sounded all around them. The entire room was host to an grand swarm of monsters, and several dropped from the ceiling, landing before them in feral poses, growling with what could only be hunger.

    "I think I may have sprung a leak somewhere." Starscream whimpered, terror riddling his voice, as Arcee muttered: "Impossible. There couldn't have been a hive here!"

    "Nothing is impossible." Airachnid replied cheerfully, kneeling down to be on face level with the bike, as the Insecticons slowly advanced towards, ignoring Starscream's futile struggles. "Well, except you three surviving. You'll all be so wonderful as my new trophies. I'm building a new collection, you see, but rather than alien fauna, I've decided on pesky enemies. A nice change, don't you think?"

    "You're insane." Arcee spat.

    Airachnid smiled sweetly as she flicked a finger torward her nemesis. Instantly, an Insecticon reacted, baring a third arm, spindly and sharp, and jabbed it into Arcee's stomach as punishment, the motorcycle gasping in pain as a tint of blue fluid stained the webbing.

    "I would appreciate no mean words right now, Arcee." Airachnid snickered in a sing-song tone, turning her attention to the unconcious muscle car. Glancing at the Insecticon, she ordered: "Wake him."

    The beast raised its arm and smacked Bumblebee on the side of his head. Instantly, the blow jolted awareness back into him, as he jerked out of stasis, blue optics sparking several times before stabilising. Dazed and confused, Bumblebee glanced around, trying to make sense of his dark environment, when he caught sight of the monster before him. His pupils shrank to an impossibly small size in terror, before he let out panicked beeps, desperately struggling to free himself and escape the Insecticon.

    Airachnid merely laughed, the sound causing Bumblebee to freeze in shock and turn his eyes to her, as Arcee snarled: "Don't you dare touch him, you filthy vermin!"

    The Insecticon hissed threateningly, echoed by its bretheren, but Airachnid simply said: "Welcome to the party, bug. I'm so glad you're awake to see what I have in store. A word of advice; I suggest you try not to scream too much. My new friends here might get too exictable and, oh, I don't know, tear you apart."

    Arcee's frenzied shout caught both their attention: "You leave him alone! It's me you want, isn't it? Leave my friend out of this!"

    "What about me?" Starscream protested, but Arcee and Airachnid ignored them, the femmes challenging each other with eye contact, before the spider said: "I would, but your yellow friend cost me the Immobiliser. I do not forgive easily, Arcee. But the real reason is this; as memory proves, you are quite resistant to pain. You just aren't fun in that regard. Oh, but I remember this; you can't handle the loss of your friends."

    Arcee all but shrieked: "You won't touch him! Do what you want to me, but leave him alone!"

    Airachnid's claws flashed, and Arcee gasped as two more scratches hissed at her, forming the corroded outline of an A on her cheek with the third wound.

    Bumblebee's eyes widened in horror, before he beeped a savage insult at his captor, who remained unfazed, as she leaned towards Arcee, Starscream looking quite alarmed at what was happening before him: "And believe me, when all of your friends are here at my mercy, I will make you watch as I tear them apart bit by bit, feed them to my pets, make them scream, make even your Prime yield before me. You'll watch them suffer and perish, and then, when you have nothing, NOTHING, left, I will do the same to you-

    -And believe me..... I WILL make it hurt."


    The clouded skies were a beautiful sight, and Dreadwing flew at an idle pace to appreciate them. Organic planets had many intriguing features to them, features Dreadwing enjoyed seeing. He idly wondered if he would have chosen the path of an explorer had the war not occured.

    Regardless, other than the tracker, he still had no lead on any activity of the rogue. Luckily, there were still plenty of recorded incursions, and he was quite sure, on monitoring the Internet, that there had been reports of humans going missing as well. Eventually, Airachnid would leave one too many trails, and he would find her and make her pay for these outrages. He would avenge Breakdown and every other Decepticon she had killed, and he would present her head as a trophy to Lord Megatron.

    Speaking of which:

    "Dreadwing, where are you?"

    The jet dipped somewhat in surprise, but quickly stabilised and responed: "Merely a personal venture, Lord Megatron. I was visiting the place where the Autobots had buried my brother."

    "A noble excuse. Soundwave has already informed me that you have been searching the notable sites."

    Scrap. Of course the UAV had been tracking him. Dreadwing cursed his lack of foresight, and decided to be honest: "I.... apologise, Master. But I cannot allow these insults to remain unchallenged. I will find Airachnid, and make her pay."

    "I appreciate your motives, Lieutenant, but not your deceptions. Return to the Nemesis immediately."

    The jet sighed: "As you wish, Lord-"

    BANG! A laser struck his hull, and Dreadwing let out a growl of pain as he dipped again. An ominous rumbling was behind him, and his radar locked onto a large form behind him. Suddenly, laser fire was raining down behind him, and he swerved to avoid it.

    "Dreadwing, report! What was that?"

    "An ambush, my Lord!" Dreadwing snarled. "It can only be the Insecti-"

    Before he could finish, a second one dropped out of the clouds above him, ramming into the F-35 with frightening force, cutting off the communication and his balance. The jet jolted at the impact, and fell downwards, struggling to regain his air as the two monsters followed him, laser-fire glancing off his wings and back.

    Fear gripped him as the unrelenting ground came up faster than he would like it to, but finally, his wings caught the wind, and he elevated in time to transform and land safely atop a cliff. Wincing as his minor injuries sparked, he unsheathed his cannon and opened fire at the approaching Insecticons, whom swerved to avoid his retaliation. Thankfully, one shot caught the fluttering wing of one of them, causing the creature to spiral downward, shreiking in horror, before it crumpled upon impact with the cliff, dropping down into a heap. The second one transformed and landed nearby, roaring a challenge to Dreadwing, who copied its motion and fired at it as it did at him. Red blasts flew between them as both parties swerved to avoid the other's attacks.

    Finally, alas, the Insecticon scored a hit on his leg, Dreadwing losing both aim and balance as he fell to one knee, dropping his gun as he attempted to catch himself. Growling in frustration and pain, he looked up as the beast charged forward, and managed one gasp before its fist collided with him-
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    Next chapter! And this time, there will be a special newcomer, courtesy of the Toxicity Promo!

    Her head was aching horribly, and Arcee had her eyes clenched shut, barely restraining the desire to gasp in pain. The scratches on her face, the wound on her torso, the unbidden images of a dark prison, filled with death and the monster that cut and poisoned her. It all hurt, hurt so much, and she wished to the Well of All Sparks that Cliffjumper could burst in and save her like he did so long ago.

    But he couldn't, because he was dead. And how convenient it was that the one next to her was the one responsible for that. Speaking of which:

    "Oh, we're dead! Scrapped, doomed! Airachnid will leave us as battered wrecks, and have this Insecticon armada rip our broken husks aparts and eat us! AND I'M PROBABLY DELICIOUS-"

    "SHUT UP." She snarled, as the horrible pitch seared her audio. "Just shut up. Whining about it, crying about it, won't help us. Shut up."

    The jet seemed ready to make a retort, but he was silenced when Bumblebee, casting a lethal glare on the Seeker, tilted his head towards the vast expanse of the earthern chamber, indicating the red glows of Insecticons optics, all on the walls and the ceiling, watching them. With that, he beeped softly at Arcee, whom looked up with a sombre gaze.

    "I don't know, 'Bee..... but I hope so. By Primus, I hope so...."

    "Hope won't do us much good now." Starscream hissed. "The Autobots have no chance of finding us; we may be miles under the ground, and not even Soundwave could detect transmissions from such depths-"

    Bumblebee beeped angrily at him, but the Seeker refused to have it: "No, YOU shut up! It's your fault I'm down here, your stupid transmissions! Not only that, but your incessant beeping will only aggravate the vermin and-"

    As one, the Insecticons rumbled with a threatening hiss, causing all three to tense. For a moment, there was a spark-rending eternity of fear that they would fall from the darkness and consume them, but thankfully, the horde fell silent again. Except for-

    "We are not vermin."

    The voice was cold, deep, guttural, and it echoed around the chamber, and as one, the prisoners gasped in horror as an Insecticon fell from the ceiling, the faint light illuminating the hulking body and the lethal claws. But what was most striking of all were markings on the body; white slashes, throughout the torso and across the face, whether tattoos or scars, indicating that this beast was not like the others.

    If he were an organic creature, Starscream would have paled. Nevertheless, his expression froze in utter terror, and he whimpered: "H-h-har-"

    "Hardshell." The Insecticon rumbled, and Bumblebee and Arcee exchanged a shocked glance; the freak could speak? And indeed, it continued: "You remember me, Seeker, and I remember you."

    "Y-Yes, I do!" Starscream squeaked, wishing he could vanish through the floor right now. "I also remember what an absolutely brilliant warrior you were! You made it your mission to wipe out as many Wreckers as you-"

    "Silence, sycophant." Hardshell snarled, and Starscream instantly fell silent. With that, he turned his attention to the Autobots, and rumbled: "Yes, Arcee. The one that got away."

    "I don't know you." She spat in defiance. "All I know about you is that you're a pathetic bug, like the rest of them."

    The Insecticons rumbled again, as Starscream and Bumblebee exchanged a shocked glare at her lack of tact, but Hardshell laughed it off: "I speak of your lucky escape from the controller, Airachnid. Of course, you came away with less scars than the yellow one here."

    He sneered cruelly at the car, whose eyes had dilated in fear: "Yes, Megatron's scratching post. I was hoping you would be within our grasp again. It will be enjoyable to remove this second, less appealing voice of yours-"

    "You won't touch him." Arcee snarled, causing the beast to turn his gaze at her. "None of you freaks will."

    He moved faster than a brute his size should be able to, but Arcee gasped as the secondary leg unfolded and slashed at her shoulder, leaving a bright blue wound on the dark metal.

    "Defiance is not appreciated." He said, the other Insecticons rumbling with amusement. Before Bumblebee or Starscream could protest against such treatment, Hardshell continued: "I have dealt with many Autobots more savage than you, femme. For each Wrecker, for each warrior, I have marked myself with their death." He gestured to the white tattoos upon himself, and added: "And know this; all of them put up more of a fight than you ever could."

    Before Arcee could hiss some sort of retaliation, a delighted squeal arose, along with the sound of rotors, and with a flicker of mechanics, the helicopter that flew in assumed robot mode, and Airachnid cried: "My horde, this day has improved most profusely!"

    The Insecticons rumbled with antipation as Hardshell, sinking to his knees in a respectful bow, asked: "What news, controller?"

    Airachnid smiled as she addressed her prisoners: "Why, another addition to my collection! And not another measly Autobot; none other than one of the most loyal Decepticons to exist!"

    Starscream gulped in worry as the Autobots simply glared at her, but any response they had was drowned out by fluttering wings; Insecticons flew into the chamber and dropped something on the floor; a huge blue form with wings.

    Arcee and Bumblebee stared at it in confusion, and Starscream whimpered: "S-Skyquake? But, but he's dead!"

    "Not Skyquake. Are you colour-blind?" Airachnid sneered, gesturing for Hardshell to secure the unconcious Decepticon. When he was propped up next to Starscream, Airachnid cheerfully glued the new trophy to the wall, and announced: "Prisoners and minions, I present to you, the Decepticon second-in-command, Dreadwing."

    "What?! Second-in-command?! THAT WAS MY POST!" Starscream screeched in outrage, but a snarl from Hardshell silenced him. Bumblebee gazed at Dreadwing, remembering him as the twin of Skyquake and the guy Wheeljack fought, before beeping softly at Arcee, whom replied: "Doesn't matter. We're all in the same boat."

    Airachnid was ecstatic, giggling like a human school-girl: "Oh, this will be fun! I hope Dreadwing will be as fun to break as the rest of you! It's so rare to see a Decepticon with a delusion of honor, and I will enjoy tearing down that illusion he has."

    With that, she addressed her army: "Now, my minions, go forth and search for more! Remember your targets, and feel free to engage in any subtle pleasures you have."

    The swarm rumbled in delight, and in a flurry of movement, were transforming into flying insectioids and speeding out of the tunnels. Hardshell asked: "Controller, if it pleases you; it would be my greatest delight to devour the spark of this one-"

    He pointed a sharp claw to Starscream, whom give out a minute yelp of terror.

    "-and to rip out the crude voice of the yellow one."

    Airachnid pondered for a moment, than smiled: "Of course, but only on my order. At this rate, I will have plenty of bodies to spare, my pet. Remain here and watch them. I will return soon."

    With that, a final mocking smile to Arcee, she was a helicopter again, and left. Hardshell rumbled with delight: "Excellent. What fun awaits!"

    "Leaking transmission fluids here...." Starscream whimpered, as Hardshell retreated into the darkness. "We're dead, so dead-"

    "Shut up." Arcee hissed. "Just shut up."

    Bumblebee, staring at the unconcious Dreadwing, beeped something, and Arcee murmured: "I don't know....."

    Her head was throbbing again, and at this rate, it wouldn't be Tailgate's innards splattered before her, but Bumblebee's.


    "How ominous." Megatron drawled, watching the clouds pass as the Nemesis circled the globe. "Dreadwing goes missing, and his final message depicts an attack by Airachnid or her minions. I suppose I have been neglecting the situation long enough."

    With that, the warlord turned to Soundwave and Knock-Out, the former stoic, the latter unnerved, especially when he asked: "Lord Megatron, if it is true that Dreadwing has been taken by Insecticons, than how do we expect to find him? Airachnid has eluded us for this long, hasn't she?"

    Megatron nodded: "Indeed. But I intend to be more proactive about it. Or rather, Soundwave is."

    Knock-Out glanced at his comrade in surprise, whom didn't react at all to the statement. Megatron carried on: "Soundwave, you will go and search. Track her down by any means necessary. See if you can't rescue our wayward leiutenant. And when you find her, bring me her head."

    Soundwave nodded and turned to leave. The jet then turned to the car and said: "Knock-Out, until Dreadwing returns, or if he doesn't survive our renegade assassin, you are in command. Oversee fortification of our operations."

    Knock-Out swiftly bent into a bow, a smile breaking out on his face: "Of course, my Lord. You are too kind."

    Megatron simply gave a cruel grin, before turning back to the screens before him, watching the UAV vanish into the clouds.


    "We've been driving for two hours straight. What are we looking for?"

    Wheeljack was somewhat frustrated by the lack of progress, as he flanked the red and blue truck through the forest, the green SUV right behind him. It was bad enough that two Autobots had vanished, it was bad enough that a genocidal huntress and a swarm of monsters were hanging about, but now he was driving through some dirt-ridden organic scrap-sack filled with birds and their unholy excretions.

    "A wide sweep of such an area is necessary." Optimus replied. "Airachnid is notoriously mobile, and any sign of her presence is vital in searching for her."

    "Well, I ain't seeing any holes in the ground." Bulkhead chipped in. "But I'll tell you what I do see; a cabin."

    All three vehicles ground to a halt and swept their scanners to the left. True enough, there was a wooden cabin in a nearby clearing, an isolated human habitat. It was odd, but perhaps there was a clue here.

    The Autobots transformed and walked towards it. Their scanners weren't detecting any human presence. The cabin was abandoned. And for good reason; when they got close enough, Wheeljack noted the giant hole in the back of the building, a ragged tear that would certainly deter any living arrangements.

    "What did it?" Bulkhead asked, and Optimus simply replied: "Insecticon."

    It was obvious one of the beasts was responsible; the brutal nature of the damage, the faint impressions of claws and similar markings on a nearby tree. Optimus felt a twinge of sadness for any human that might have been here when the monster had attacked.

    Inside the cabin, there was nothing but a single bed, some cooking supplies, chairs, a table and other meagre items. No sign of human injury, at least.

    "Why would an Insecticon attack some random human house?" Bulkhead asked. "I mean, what's to gain from it?"

    "Nothing but fun." Wheeljack sneered. "You know what Airachnid is like."

    "Wheeljack is right." Optimus added. "She is a cruel being, even by Decepticon standards. Her actions regarding torture and hunting is motivated solely by joy in pain."

    The other two exchanged a glance, somewhat unnerved by Airachnid's motivations in life. But Bulkhead's nervous expression changed into shock, and he leapt forward, shouting: "LOOK OUT!"

    He tackled Wheeljack to the floor just in time, as a massive form flew over them. Optimus was already prepared, dodging backwards, unsheathing his blasters. The Insecticon that had attempted to attack the Wreckers let out an angered screech, before lunging at the two, who were still recovering from Bulkhead's reckless dive.

    Optimus leapt forward and kicked the beast off-course, before peppering its backside with blaster fire. It roared in fury and turned on its attacker, whom dodged its wild swipes and fired back his own punch, which caught it across the face.

    Optimus punched again, but the beast blocked it, and swiped at his chest with lethal claws, sending him staggering back. Before it could follow up on the attack, Bulkhead rammed into it, slamming the creature to the ground, as Wheeljack vaulted over his comrade and landed on the other hand, assissting his fellow Wrecker in restraining the squealing Insecticon.

    Optimus moved forward and declared: "Decepticon, tell us where Airachnid hides, and we may spare you."

    The Insecticon roared in fury, and kicked Bulkhead off of it, before rolling onto its front and grabbing Wheeljack, whom retaliated by kicking the monster in the head. In the brief second it was stunned by the attack, it suddenly let out a gurgle of pain, before falling limp.

    Optimus pulled his sword out of the corpse, sheathing it, before helping Bulkhead back to his feet. Wheeljack huffed with disgust, and disdainfully pulled out his own sword to behead the Insecticon.

    "That was crazy." Bulkhead muttered, rubbing his head. "Came out of nowhere."

    "It's not doing anything anymore. Never will, either." Wheeljack snorted, prodding the body.

    Optimus did not engage in the same topic of conversation, instead ordering: "Bulkhead, return the corpse to base. Perhaps Ratchet may harness some information from its remains. Wheeljack, we will investigate the cabin further, then return to base to plan our next location."

    The sports car seemed annoyed at the idle nature of the plan, but nodded, as Bulkhead messaged Ratchet to send the Ground-bridge. As the green portal opened, Bulkhead, dragging the corpse by a leg, tossed in the disembodied head. They faintly heard a yelp of shock from the portal, and the two Wreckers chuckled. Optimus raised an eyebrow.

    When Bulkhead was gone, the two turned back to the cabin and began scanning it, flipping through several spectrums of wavelength.

    "I got something." Wheeljack said, currently on thermal vision. "Heat build-up under the floor." With that, he readied his sword, aimed it at the concentration of heat, and stabbed the floor.

    Optimus watched with interest, as Wheeljack twisted the blade slightly and pulled out a wedge of wood; a hidden trap-door. The Wrecker tossed it aside, as the two switched back to their normal setting of vision, and peered into the hole.

    Instantly, they recoiled.

    "So, this is why they were hanging out here." Wheeljack snarled in disgust. "A fragging stockpile."

    Optimus closed his eyes for a moment, attempting to comprehend, before forcing them open and looking into the pit of corpses. Human corpses, all gruesomely decapitated, their heads hanging on the pit's walls, preserved by a dilute form of Energon, their bodies left to rot.

    "It's sick." Wheeljack continued. "Fragging sick. Airachnid's gonna pay for this."

    He glanced at Optimus, somewhat expecting the noble Prime to say something softer, but instead, he noted the blue eyes harden somewhat, and a tiny hint of anger tainted the stoic voice: "Yes. She will."

    For a moment, they were silent, but then the sound of jet engines interrupted the gruesome scene, and both of them looked up in time for a new arrival to land before them;


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