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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Scrapper6, Dec 4, 2006.

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    I have a strange idea; ok maybe it's not so strange. I want to take the character profile information I created for all of my Transformers Universe Fanfiction and create my own personal version of a More Than Meets the Eye Profile Book using publicity artwork and the like for all of the characters.
    I figured I could just scan the pages in from my Dreamwave Armada MTMTE Profile books in order to get the kind of background I wanted, but the scanned image is a tad on the shrimpy size to work with and it would be easier if I had a larger artwork absent copy of the background pages used. Would such a thing exist? Could someone help me get that artwork for my project or is this like breaking the rules of copywrights and all that?

    I mean; I might want to share the pages freely when their done, I suppose it depends on wheter or not Hasbro or someone like IDW would feel like I was breaking the law or something.

    But I still want to make my own copy for my own use; when it's done completely I could then print all the pages up and bind them together into a comic book format for my personal collection, but in order to get started on this I need some minor assistance on where exactly to find the artwork I need for the backgrounds. (Most of the other art is probably a sinch to find thanks to Google.) Technically I think I should say page design shouldn't I? :lol 

    Anyway; if someone could help me out then I'd really appreciate it, and Mods if this thread is in the wrong then let me know and such, quite frankly I doubt it is I mean Dreamwave went under and other fans probably use that page design themselves in their own projects... Er anyway; thanks in advance to any and all who check out this thread even if you can't help, and here's hoping my plans aren't too grandiose or shady. :D 
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    seems like a good idea

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