Planet X Summanus Hip Fix

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    The hips on Planet X Summanus tend to be very loose, to the point where it some people say theirs can't stand up.

    The hips are actually on a ratchet joint, but either the piece was molded too small or there was some warping during the manufacturing process, because the tooth won't catch on the gear and it feels more like a swivel joint.

    That's easy to fix, though!

    Just take the hips apart with a screwdriver, then take the toothed piece out.

    We want to extend the height on that, so that the tooth presses up against the geared hip. I had originally just used a piece of paper to do this (which you can kind of see in the picture), but @amd098 suggested using a rubber band and I think that would be a lot better for it. It gives extra height while also helping to maintain the springy nature of the toothed piece.

    So just cut a rubber band into pieces, and put some in the hole where the toothed piece fits. Then put the piece back in and reassemble the hip section.

    Do a test fit before you put the screws back in! Depending on the thickness of the rubber band, you may need to adjust the amount you put in there.

    It's a really easy mod to do, and should look a lot more simple once you have the parts in front of you.

    I hope that helps!


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    Note you can do this for many other ratchet joints, I did this for the joints in MMC Leo Dux legs so they are tighter and feral rex doesn't topple over at the upper knee joint. Same for MP Star Saber elbows.

    You can also surround the rubber band with thin card [styrene or even credit card plastic cut up] and wrap it with masking tape to reinforce joints.

    This is how I did it for Leo Dux.
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