**Peter Cullen in Houston, TX This Weekend 4/27-4/29**

Discussion in 'Transformers Conventions and Get Togethers' started by Badman Forever, Apr 27, 2007.

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    My friend's from Planet-Zero in Houston, TX have launched a new anime convention 'ANIME MATSURI' that starts this weekend at the George R Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston, TX. It goes from friday morning to sunday evening. There will supposedly be 'new footage' from the Transformers movie that has not been released in any of the online teaser trailers you have seen. Peter Cullen will be there in person signing autographs. I know another member posted a thread on this in the general section, but it didn't get the proper attention. Reps from other TF fan sites will supposedly be there.. I say we get TFW peeps there too!? PM me if you think you can make this. Maybe we can get a group to go!

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