Perfect Effect PX-03 Backpack, PE-07 The-Sun, PE-08 The-Night Reviews

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    Fansproject's City Commander armor was a huge hit in the 3rd party accessory world. It was so huge, other 3rd party groups designed add-ons to compliment this specific piece. This is where I introduce you to a group called Perfect Effect. Their introduction to the Transformers world was via Shadow Warrior. This little guy was an homage to Soundwave's Mini-Cassettes, but fit for Fansproject's Shadow Commander armor. To bolster the good guys, Perfect Effect has come up with homages of Sundor and Garboil (a Decepticon) in the form of The-Sun and The-Night. Perfect Effect also came up with the Backpack; an accessory required to fully enjoy the two. I have these in my hands for review.

    PX-03 Backpack


    Overall: The first place to start is with the Backpack. The backpack starts off as a chunk of color-matched plastic that's in the shape of a briefcase. I don't know what to do with this mode, besides have it sit around. I'm sure the modern Transformers have hands that can hold this, but City Commander definitely can't really use it much. I was never too keen on the Perfect Effect accessories, because they were overly complicated in design. When compared to the simple design for City Commander, it just looks off. Either way, it's designed to be functional... and not necessarily fashionable. To use this, you simply unfold a few tabs that perfectly fit onto City Commander's back. This allows you to attach different accessories to the armor... including the cumbersome BFG. I will say, the connecting tabs on my sample were slightly gummy. The soft plastic felt like it could break after a few hundred transformations. I was too lazy to transform this into alt mode, but from pictures it serves as a means to use Perfect Effect's Ejector and Rewinder set. Let me repeat myself, the Backpack is necessary to get full use out of The-Sun and The-Night. As a stand-alone product it's completely irrelevant. There is no point in purchasing it if you don't own either City Commander or DIA Commander sets. Though the price-tag is steep for a small piece of plastic... those that are accustomed to 3rd party purchases will find it acceptable.

    PE-07 The-Sun & PE-08 The-Night


    Rocket/Weapon Mode: The-Sun and The-Night are identical toys. The only thing that differs between them are the color palettes. I'll refer to them as the Bird for the sake of brevity. The Bird actually comes packaged in rocket mode. As you can tell from the pictures, it looks like a typical rocket exhaust. The paint apps aren't done too precisely, and you can tell that there is something off about the plastic quality. The feel of the plastic is very similar to most 3rd party products, but the pieces just don't seem to fit together as well as it should. The first step on the instructions sheet say that you can connect the two missile pods onto the Bird's neck, but I had a lot of trouble closing it all up afterwards. The plastic definitely doesn't sit flush on these products. Let me remind you that you need the Perfect Effect Backpack to even use this on City Commander, though there are a few Transformers that conveniently have empty 5mm ports on their body. Even when plugged into City Commander, it really doesn't add much to the toy. It's really just more stuff to throw on the toy. It does, however, also come with energy effects parts which double as exhaust flames and beam sabers. These parts are made of solid clear plastic and are pretty sharp. In order to use these as weapons, you have to use an extra adapter piece that plugs onto City Commander's arms. This looks badass. Without the effects parts though... not so much.


    Jet Mode: Since both toys are the same identical mold, they both transform into the same things. The first animal mode is called Jet mode on the instructions. First of all... it doesn't look like a jet. Secondly... it doesn't even plug onto City Commander. This Jet mode is actually just an intermediate step to the toys true secondary form: Bird Mode. Either way, with enough imagination this form looks like a land mammal. I want to say it's Perfect Effects amalgamation of Steeljaw and Ramhorn. These little pups are unarticulated bricks, so they're only good to look at.


    Bird Mode: The Bird Mode is a near perfect update of the bird Mini-Cassette mold. Both the wings and head are articulated for movement. That head... it's spot on. The only fault I can give it, is that this mode is where you can truly notice the flaws with the plastic. I can't say that the paint apps are great, because it isn't. Like the Jet mode, these have no way of clipping onto City Commander... but at least they can fly.


    Overall: The-Sun and The-Night aren't perfect toys, but they're not bad either. Perfect Effect has definitely designed great toys, but I feel as if the execution could be a little better. I admit, Perfect Effect toys are on the pricy end of the 3rd party spectrum... but they are a smaller company (in more ways than one). I can say that these guys are cool to own, but they're definitely not necessary.

    For more pictures for this review: The Rabbit Haul

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